Der Bulle von Tölz Poster

(1996– )

Episode List


Season 1

21 Jan. 1996
Tod im Internat
At the luxurious boys only boarding school Schloss Lohenstein the 17-year old Anna, daughter of the caretaker, is found dead. Her death is surrounded by mysterious circumstances and Benno Berghammer (Ottfried Fischer) soon has the entire village against him. The Headmistress Victoria von Lohenstein (Gila von Weitershausen) as well as the local police officer Pfeiffer (Udo Thomer) obstruct his investigation anyway possible. Pfeiffer intends to close the case as soon as possible, insisting that it was nothing but a tragic accident. Headmisstress von Lohenstein is ...
22 Nov. 1998
Berg der Begierden
Kaspar Schoder is found dead and perforated by a ski stick inside a ski-lift and his soon-to-be daughter in law Vroni Röckl has enough financial and personal reasons to wish him dead.
15 Jan. 2003
Freier Fall
The owner of a construction company dies at sky diving. Soon it is discovered, it was murder. His parachute was manipulated. Lateral, historische janitor dies, Too. Somebody opend the gas in his shack. Has the local "witch " something to do with it?