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Season 2

22 Jun. 1997
A Streetcar with Desire
Remy investigates the murder of a prominent, but debauched lawyer on a tram street car where he tries to link a mysterious blond waitress to an exterminator company that the lawyer represented sometime back. Meanwhile, Remy is not too pleased when he is paired with a new trainee, the ambitious, but naive Janine Rebbenack who transfers to the squad, and she quickly annoys Remy with her by-the-book ways of handling the case. Elsewhere, Smiley asks Remy for financial assistance as he prepares to open up his own jazz and blues club.
29 Jun. 1997
Heavenly Body
Remy is approached by a young woman, named Eve Davenport, who claims to be looking for her missing sister which is connected to the discovery of a body in the delivery van driven a half-witted old friend of Remy's named Joey LaVern, who claims to be working for a shady coffee manufacturer whom is seeking a large sum of stolen money that someone took from him.
6 Jul. 1997
Moscow on the Mississippi
Remy and Janine team up with a shady, alcoholic Russian agent whom is in New Orleans looking for a missing challis which was stolen from a local Russian Orthodox church resulting in the murder of the caretaker. But there's more complications when an equally shady female American Interpool agent, named Mariel Rigg, also arrives looking for the challis and has her own agenda.
13 Jul. 1997
Platinum Blonde
The discovery of a dead drug dealer in the car truck leads to the arrest of an attractive blond, named Grace, who claims that she was framed. Remy thinks that Grace is hiding something about a romantic connection to a hopeful senatorial nominee whom is being blackmailed by an unseen third party. Remy discovers that by trying to uncover the blackmail scheme involving Grace, the political candidate Francis Hurley, and Grace's boxer older brother may lead to a political scandal the city may not be prepared for. Meanwhile, Smiley becomes angry when Remy cancels their ...
20 Jul. 1997
Yellow Queen in the Fires of Hell
While investigating the murder of a philandering fiancée on the eve of his wedding, Remy becomes acquainted with a former flame, a police psychologist named Dr. Wanda Fallon, who wants in on the case which she thinks is the work of a serial killer. Despite that nobody, but Remy, trusts Wanda, he must take it on himself to find the killer as well as a mysterious scruffy man following him who may be connected to a local tarot reader who may hold a clue.
3 Aug. 1997
Night Music
Remy becomes acquainted with a former police academy friend, named Tony, while investigating the murder of a high-stakes gambler shot by a sniper though his apartment window in which a local street musician, named Peter, finds himself the only witness to the crime and who also has a crush on the murder victim's fiancée, while Remy thinks that a gambler friend of the murder victim may be the next target.
10 Aug. 1997
A Perfect Day for Buffalo Fish
Remy, Janine, C.D. and the team investigate the shooting spree at a local restaurant where the owner apparently died from sheer fright. But when Remy learns that the victim was in fact poisoned, he sets out to find the culprit. This leads him from the shooting culprit, Angela, who's father was in competition with the murder victim, which leads to a shady produce entrepreneur, whom was in feud with the victim.
17 Aug. 1997
The Gospel According to McSwain
Smiley becomes reacquainted with his former flame Cassandra, a gospel/blues singer, whom is the suspect in the murder of a record company mogul that Remy is investigating. When evidence clears Cassandra, Remy puts his focus on other suspects whom include the doorman LaRue as well as a Cassandra's sleazy manager, Dominick, in which Janine decides to go undercover to look for evidence against him.
7 Sep. 1997
Son O' McSwain
A mysterious woman leaves her infant child on the steps of the police station with a note claiming that the baby is Remy's. He is stuck with the infant while Janine, Smiley, C.D. and others takes turns looking after it as he goes out to look for the birth mother. He thinks the mother of the child might be connected to a murdered man found behind the station house.
21 Sep. 1997
Remy is kidnapped by three female escaped convicts whom force him to help them look for a half-a-million dollars in cash from a bank robbery in which Remy must try to use his seductive charms to stay alive long enough to stall for time while the ringleader of the female trio, another ex-con named Cyrus St. John, holds a grudge against Remy for putting him away years earlier.
28 Sep. 1997
End of the World
When a bomb explosion at a local health club kills a patron, Remy and the team must find the bomber before he strikes again. But when Janine is taken hostage by the bomber after she accidentally stumbles onto his identity, Remy must race against the clock to find her as well as the bomber's identity, with the help of Smiley's psychic friend Zoey, before he can detonate a much larger bomb, while the captive Janine must try to survive the bomber Luke's physical and mental mind games.
5 Oct. 1997
Shrimp Stew
Remy investigates the murder of a truck driver in a suspected hijacking of a fish truck containing several pounds of illegal shrimp for distribution. But Remy begins to focus more on the owner of the seafood wholesaler, Kristen Mullen, whose company is facing bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Smiley deals with a young Japanese woman, named Yuki, who arrives at the Blue Spot claiming to be his new mail order bride that one of his regular customers ordered in his name.
12 Oct. 1997
The Black Bag
Investigating the hit-and-run of a teenage transient, Remy asks Janine to go undercover as a fellow street person to keep an eye on a young teenage runaway, named Maura, whom stumbled upon a mysterious black duffel bag containing $25,000 in cash and who may be targeted by the shady thug whom is connected to a larger plan. Meanwhile, Smiley continues to deal with Yuki running the Blue Spot in her own way. When Yuki decides to return home to Japan, but does not have the money to go back, Smiley decides to throw farewell party for her as part of a fund-raiser for the ...

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