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Why you should never let your stunt team provide a storyline...
nvdw29 March 2005
One of the first episodes of Cobra 11 I can reminisce, featured a police car hitting an anchor hanging down a bridge over the Autobahn. It's still one of the best stunts I've ever seen.

"Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei" is a typical German 'krimi' (whodunnit), with a bit more action involved. Truckloads of cars are scrapped in various action scenes. It's not useful to the story at all, and regularly I get the idea that some stunts are just done for the mere fun of it. Apparently, a simple accident involving only two cars is not enough for Cobra 11's stunt crew, so why not crashing the rest of the entire Autobahn into them? And when all these nutters come to a halt just in time, why not fail the brakes of an oncoming truck so the highway will turn into a scrapyard anyway? To hell with realistic action sequences - who cares that cars don't explode in real life?

Cobra 11 has started another season when I write this, and it seems that the stunt team has taken over the scriptwriting. The two hero-like highway coppers seem to have only one goal in their lives: catching the bad guys at all costs. Shooting at thugs in crowded areas, pushing innocent cars off the road when in a high speed chase, nicking other people's cars to go after thugs, scrapping that very car stupidly so the thugs can flee unscathed, crashing the unmarked patrol car into market stalls, dustbins, billboards or other cars - it's all in the game, apparently. The plot holes are as big as Jupiter, the continuity goofs are innumerable, and so are the clichés: all the gang lords drive American cars or Jaguars, the Yakuza - when featured - drive old Z31 Fairladies, cars with caravans are always fitted with Dutch license plates and all tanker trucks featured are doomed to explode.

(And yet it's still fun to watch, just because of the action.)
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Driven to death
X80s23 November 2002
When "Cobra 11" came up on the TV screen, you already knew that you could expect some great action as well as plot holes wider than the Autobahn near Frankfurt.

Truly great stunts Hollywood would be proud of, sometimes very interesting ideas and funny plots, but in the end, each episode of the series follows the exactly same scheme: evil appears, first (mass) crash, our heroes appear on the scene, evil strikes again, heroes follow evil, grande finale (more crashs). By limiting the scene entirely on the streets and actors who are only the figures behind the wheels of the real stars, the stories are also limited quite narrow on repeating the same plots again and again. Nonetheless, "Cobra 11" is still very successful in Germany - probably the Germans are not tired of seeing the daily craziness on the streets in the real life.

BTW: if you are fond of in the meanwhile pretty rare cars of the 70s and 80s, it's strongly advised NOT to watch "Cobra 11" - your heart might break when you see cars like the Alfa Romeo GTV 6, Audi Coupè, even a Triumph Spitfire Mk I shredded in spectacular crashs.
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Highway to Hell
Mikew30015 July 2002
"Alarm fur Cobra 11" (Emergency for Cobra-11) is a popular German TV cop series that is running on the TV station RTL since 1996 with great success. It shows the cases of two highway patrol officers, played by Turkish actor Erdogan Atalay (probably because many young Turks are into high-speed BMW and Mercedes sedans) and his handsome buddy Rene Steinke, his third companion in this series.

These cops usually meet all the evil men somewhere on the German autobahns which leads to spectacular car chases with big crashes and explosions and people dying at least two or three times during each 45-minute episode. It's all very influenced by modern Hollywood action cinema or Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay and sometimes appears like a prime time TV version of "Speed", "Con Air", "Die Hard" and the "Lethal Weapon" series.

The best about this series are the two main actors, the often funny dialogues (often inspired by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover) and the usually thrilling and sometimes weird plots with plenty of references to well-known movie genres. There are ninja killers murdering innocent victims on highway bridges. There is a handicapped "Phantom of the Opera" living in an empty garage besides a lonely highway, running amok on the the autobahn with guns and bombs. There is a femme fatale, killing Ferrari drivers as she was a rape victim years before, and there is a gang of bank robbers sieging the cops in a lonely forest house just like John Wayne in "Rio Bravo".

At its best, "Cobra 11" is thrilling and sometimes even outstanding German TV action entertainment. At it's worst, it's just a repetition of the same flying BMW cars exploding somewhere on the highways. There are also too many goofs in it, with cars changing it's model and design within seconds or with unreal facts like times and distances.

But during this weekly action overkill, nobody really cares about a BMW 3 changing into a BMW 2 during a salto mortale, so sit back and relax with the autobahn cops meeting the most unusual horrors on the German highways to hell.
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Predictable and unrealistic, but mostly fun to watch.
hradel-miroslav24 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Cobra 11 is undoubtedly one of the most predictable television shows ever produced. Basically every episode begins with an enormous pile-up on the Autobahn and ends with the two heroes chasing the main villain into his or her destruction, which usually comes in the form of a spectacular crash and/or a massive explosion. Coincidences are so unbelievable that they can only occur in one's dreams as far as reality is concerned. If the two heroes are discussing organically produced food, a tanker truck filled with organically produced milk will crash in front of them and they will discover crime related to the company owning it. If they are discussing new technologies, someone will use a revolutionary weapon to sabotage a car driving on the Autobahn. And these are just two of meanwhile a couple of hundred examples.

The show follows the trends set by Hollywood movies, technological progress, consumerism and globalization, relying heavily on them. New cars, pastimes and gadgets are often prominently featured and some episodes look like a mash-up of elements from a number of popular Hollywood films like Speed, Bruce Willis' action flicks, Lethal Weapon or The Fast and the Furious series. Stereotypes are innumerable. The villains are often members of Eastern European, Italian or South American organized crime, truck drivers pick up prostitutes and/or engage in illegal activities to get a raise from a murky boss, lawyers and prosecutors are egoistic and arrogant, bored men sift through Playboy magazines, teenagers are drugged-up as they fool around and make chaos. However, there are also some surprising villains and situations, such as the tenants of a retirement home who smuggle drugs or two preteen boys stealing a dump truck and taking it for a joyride on the Autobahn, unsurprisingly causing a pile-up.

Continuity mistakes are equally omnipresent. In the show's early days, these mistakes were so common and obvious that they significantly contributed to its comedic value, especially in the absence of any meaningful story. I still laugh out loud every time I see the two heroes' BMW being suddenly replaced by its predecessor model - equipped with plastic stickers in the producers' futile attempt to conceal the obvious switch - right before being totaled in a spectacular crash or while being shot at by the bad guys. Meanwhile, it would be too optimistic to expect any meaningful continuity anyway, with the show going on for twenty years and some actors having played up to four or five different villains.

Overall, Cobra 11 is a relatively entertaining show that often features some great stunts and car action. However, one should not expect realistic and unpredictable plots. Additionally, many stories were recycled over the years, but this is nothing to be surprised about in today's movies and television shows. The performances are mostly mediocre and sometimes fairly cheesy.
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Great series
the-ghoul28 October 2005
This series is great! Yes, it has plot holes you could hide a city in. (Not a small one.) Yes, it alway, always starts with a huge, huge crash on the autobahn, were miraculously nobody gets hurt. The acting is often bad, and the subplots obvious, to say the least. But it's fun anyway. It has the sort of charisma usually connected with the shows you watched as a kid (Knight Rider, A-Team) which plots were silly but who where great too watch. And all the Hollywood clichés used- that's just great. Just expect nothing in the line of plot and some great stunts and I promise you'll be satisfied. Most of all, this series is lovingly done, something which isn't always (or mostly) the case with German TV series.
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Really, really cool
andyincolorado9 February 2002
I'm from the German part of Italy, and I used to watch this show every week. I really like it. Of course, some parts are not real (ok, most of the show is not real) but the action scenes are really good. Also, don't forget that most movies are not real either, so don't pick on THIS show.
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Mostly good at the important terms.
board-521 August 2009
Great actions,and great acting,with mostly good story.This is a television series,and this means the creators time after time have to investigate the concept,and this is not work all the time,but we mostly forgive this cause real movie fans knows why is this series is for.

Creators can change in a television series,don't wait all the time the same,they will try to make the same quality,but lot of things depends on you.(what you wait from this)Sometimes it's become routine like every other series,but I still recommend this series.

This series is about great actions,and suspenseful situations,sometimes good plot also can help,give this a try,mostly this won't disappoint you.

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stjepan-colig23 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I live in a small city in Croatia and our RTL television is broadcasting Alarm fur cobra 11 ( Cobra 11- specijalci s autoputa- Croatian title) and I have to say that I am impressed. The story, the effects, the explosions and the crashes, all this is amazing. But, even if this show is awesome it has much clichés. I mean in every episode there is this huge crash on the autobahn, Our heroes Semir and his partner ( there are 25 seasons and in every season there is about 7-8 episodes, and after 20-30 episodes, Semirs partner dies, then Semir is sad, everybody is crying and then in the next Pilot episode ( 90 min ) Semir gets a new partner) are saving lives and then boom, a huge explosion. In the middle of the episode the main suspect is running away and the re is some big shooting going down. Then a car chase and the suspect escapes. And in the end a car chase and again a huge crash and a very, very, very big explosion, and thats it. The pilot episodes are very special. The story is phenomenal, not so repetitive like in the normal episodes, and the action is like in a excellent American movie. Yes, but now in the new 24 and 25th season the story isn't so repetitive, its very interesting. The new episodes are the best if you ask me. Just write in you tube :"Cobra 11 auf eigene faust" and you will see the new pilot episode were Semir becomes a new partner.

So, all in all this show is awesome, it has big minuses but it has big pluses too. One of the best action series ever filmed!!! Watch it!!! You will not regret!!!!!
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Its German
andy-purkart20 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen several episodes on Markíza and i don't get it. Its all about explosions, deaths and Germans. There's this 1,50 cm tall guy Semir Gerkhan, who cant be killed by an exploding car/helicopter/plane/boat/UFO/motorcycle/my real grandpa etc. He had like 10-20 comrades who died from exploding cars and such. Although, Semir is alive and he is on his 11th season with Ben, or someone like that with an completely non German name. If this whole thing was real, their real names would be Muhamad and Hans and they would die on first day in job.But no, they kill and arrest people since 1996. Semirs wife Andrea, who is like 20cm taller than him, loves him and they have a baby, and who knows what he will be when he grows up. Maybe a 1,58 cm tall midget villain, who looks dangerous but he fights for good and he likes sausages. We would call it Kobra 12 (how original). But Kobra 11 is not as good as the sequel should be.
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If this is real police work...
t.hawk10 June 2000
Well, after I watched some episodes of this series, I asked myself why so many Germans watch this TV-series... I mean, in one episode there's a huge crash on the highway, with explosions and obviously heaps of injured people, and the first thing the two "policemen" did was to get out their guns and shoot into this wall of fire!!! Not caring about whether they shoot anybody, not caring about anything! In another episode there was another crash (surprise, surprise...) and the ambulance came. Did anybody notice that the crash took place on the highway near Berlin and the ambulance car was from Wuppertal (which is more than 600 kilometres far from Berlin)? Huh, seems to me that this ambulance car was beamed over to Berlin, eh? Well, at last the makers of this series changed the place to Cologne (where the series has always been made!)... Great work, boys, really, great work...
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