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Clever and amusing
matlock-624 April 2002
I first saw this on a trip to Europe and was hooked instantly. We don't really have anything very much like it in the US, except perhaps, for "Cops".

If you can manage to see a rerun (the show was canceled some time ago) you'll be amazed at how many things can go wrong in one day at a major airport, and at the fact that the place still manages to function.
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Interesting series
Wayne Huffman1 July 2002
This series is currently (July, 2002) running on the Discovery "Wings" channel, on digital cable. I find it very interesting, and I wonder how a U.S. produced version would fare. I expect there wouldn't be enough action for the "Cops" jaded U.S. action audience.
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Great Reality Series, an addiction for those that love to travel!
JapanGaijin16 August 2006
In the U.S., this show ran under the title "BBC: Airport" as it is a BBC-produced show. It ran on the Discovery Wings Channel which eventually turned into the Military Channel so the show disappeared along with the channel. I was fortunate enough to record the marathon of the show that they aired before the end of the channel.

This show allows one to view what goes on behind-the-scenes at the airport and within an airplane and those who work there. The shows that I saw were mostly focused on Heathrow Airport which is one of the busiest airports in the world. You would know if you have been there. One show consists of 3-4 different stories that they follow and flash back to each story as the show goes on. One particular person that the show follows a lot is a ground staff member of Cyprus Airlines. As passengers, we tend to get sensitive when something doesn't go our way. On this show, we are able to view the staff's perspective on how tough their job really is. Stories on this show usually end on a happy note. As a traveler, it only motivates me to travel more. It also helps me to appreciate the work and care that airport and airline staff gives to make my journey better.

I am not sure if this show still exists because of conflicting comments but it is a must watch, new episode or old episode. Bon Voyage!
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Sadly, not the Seventies disaster movie . . .
Stuart Ian Burns8 June 2001
The programme that introduced the world the Jeremy Spake. Produced in the wake of 'Driving School' when the appetite for docusoaps was at a high, 'Airport' proved that some ideas are possibly best left scrawled on the back of a beer mat. Somehow managed to create gripping television from lost baggage and suspicious looking people with dodgy passports. Superceded in recent times by 'Airline', the ITV clone following the troubles of EasyJet .. .
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