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Season 2

18 Oct. 1997
Heart and Soul
Sinbad and his crew are captured by a beautiful vampire who demands that Sinbad bring back her heart from her husband, the evil Baron Orloch, or else his friends will be slain.
28 Feb. 1998
The Beast of the Dark
When Sinbad's ship gets damaged in a freak storm he and the crew take refuge on what seems to be a deserted island. They meet a teenage boy named Mutaro who says he is the sole survivor of a shipwreck. The boy immediately takes a shine to Bryn while the rest of the crew are repeatedly attacked by a mysterious, invisible monster. Sinbad begins to suspect that there is some connection between boy and beast.
7 Mar. 1998
Survival Run
The Sultan at Dafar has asked Sinbad to bring him a prisoner accused of murdering the Prince of Kauna. The prisoner turns out to be a beautiful young woman named Dara who maintains her innocence. She also warns Sinbad that they will never be allowed to reach Dafar alive.
2 May 1998
The Minotaur
Sinbad and the crew try to free the people of Alcyone from the oppressive rule of Garrick, who terrorizes his subjects by feeding innocent victims to a minotaur.
23 May 1998
Hell House
Demonic Scratch lures Sinbad into his hell dimension and traps him in there until he agrees to join the dark side. However, mysterious friend Mala appears to help Sinbad overcome Scratch's hellish gauntlet.

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