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Mind your own business, Camdons!
Smells_Like_Cheese26 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit that when I was younger, I used to love watching this show, I actually thought it was very realistic and that it had a good plot each episode. Now of course, I was only 11 when I was watching the first season and I guess since it had grown up's in it, I assumed it was true to life. I grew up missing later seasons after Mary went to Buffalo to be with her grandparents. So years went by, not watching the show, not even missing it, but then one day I noticed on ABC Family that they were beginning to show the re-run's, so I figured I would watch the series again and give it another shot.

The plot is basic, a minister's family has daily problems, usually mediocre and over blown. We have Eric, the dad and husband, he's also a minister at the local church. Annie, his wife and mother of 7, she's a home maker, tries to do little jobs here and there, but I guess Eric prefers her living at home. Matt who is the oldest brother, he's also throughout most of the series in college studying to be a doctor. Mary, the second oldest, a basketball star in high school, but goes onto "evil deeds" later on, the rebel of the family. Lucy, the third oldest, the drama queen sister. Simon, the fourth oldest, who is the bank to his siblings and is always having girl problems. Ruthie, the fifth oldest, the little know it all who gives advice and goes to special school for her talents. And lastly, the twins, who are the youngest, don't really get much character development on the show.

Now we have major problems with this show that I realized, first off Aaron Spelling casts unbelievably good looking teens(who look nothing alike, when they're supposed to be siblings), not to mention their unrealistic reactions to their problems. I have learned from this show that you can heavily make out with guys, but it'll never lead to sex. If you're a smoker, you're a bad person. You can easily turn anyone else's problem into your own. When horrible problems occur that have nothing to do with you, guilt yourself, it's your fault somehow, even if you had no clue what was going on. If your wife is on hormones and drives you beyond insane(understandably), you remain patient and tolerant. Also, if you have a few financial problems, have one beer, don't go to college because you wanna figure out what you would like to do, oh, no, you can't do that in the Camdon family, they'll just ship you off to Buffalo.

I think another problem I have with this show is that it's somewhat sexist, Annie is a house wife who really is more of a nut case than a strong female. If Lucy and her husband, Kevin, got into a fight, he just kissed her off and wouldn't talk to her about the problem. And in later seasons, Ruthie got some kind of a boyfriend at a young age, and she said she would die without him, it was just ridiculous. Another thing was how annoying an episode would be with a problem, some how everyone in the family had the exact same problem going on of some sort. The twins finishing each other's sentences was not cute, it showed a lack of material for them.

I don't mean to complain so much about the show, it just had horrible acting and unbelievable situations. While it might be good for pre-teens, this is sadly not an adult show, it's insulting to the mind. I would love to say something good for this show, but I can't really, because it's hard to think about one good thing that I could say, it doesn't really have anything good. None of the characters are lovable, like Ruthie, who was supposed to be the wise one of the family was more annoying than tolerant. It's just a silly show when you really look at it, all I have to say to this family if I met them is to start minding their own business and take care of their own problems.
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Heavy-Handed but Entertaining
blue_jean21 August 2001
If you read through the comments already posted (and there are many), you'll see that most people are very strongly polarized... people either love this show or hate it.

I, for one, am somewhere in the middle of the road about it.

It is heavy-handed. It takes an 'issue of the week', and involves each member of the family in some aspect of that issue... fidelity, drug use, abstinence from sex before marriage... then wraps everything up in a nice neat package before the end of the episode.

The way the issues are dealt with are both shallow and heavy-handed. You never have any doubt in your mind what issue the writers are bringing up this week; you never have any doubt what they thing the "right" thing to do is.

At the same time...

We're looking inside of a family that seems to genuinely care about each other. There's a father who's involved with his children, siblings who look after each other, and a mother who obviously loves her children... and her husband, even after seven children.

Yes, Matt needs a punch in the nose. Mary could stand a valium perscription. Lucy needs a little more maturity. And so on. But...

But I keep watching this show, episode after episode.

And I'm not entirely sure why.
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Please make the pain stop
sabrial0229 September 2003
I understand the need for shows like 7th Heaven. Shows that can help kids comprehend the very complicated world that we live in. Shows that can teach as well as entertain. Shows that an entire family can watch. And while an entire family could sit down and watch this show; I have no idea why they would want to. This show is so bad on so many levels that it is hard to know where to begin. Almost all the shows problems stem from the ridiculously trite and unrealistic plotlines. Not only are some so ludicrous as to border on the bizarre, but quite a few are downright offensive. The misogynistic overtones aside, who are these people? Why does nothing make sense on this show? Since when does painting situations in black and white ever convince kids to follow the better path? Kids are smarter than that; they know it isn't that simple. And by refusing to show the other side or simply misrepresenting it will not sway any impressionable youth.

Most people don't get engaged/married within a week/month/day of knowing each other. Everyone over the age of 6 knows that smoking is bad but that doesn't mean all smokers are bad. The same with drinking. The same with sex. Its unrealistic to portray all of the kids as virgins with all the heavy making out that gets shown. And further more its detrimental because it gives the impression that that heavy petting doesn't lead to sex with most people. Why is there never an episode that deals with these complicated problems in a realistic manner? Why does an associate pastor drive a BMW, is it really that lucrative of a job? Why do the Camdens have expensive bottled water if they're so poor? Why do the girls on this show so often need the approval of men? Why? Why? Why? This show and countless others like it merely perpetuate unrealistic notions concerning appearance, romance, and income. So really is this what you want your children watching? Something that will make them feel ugly now, lonely and depressed later because its been two days since they've had a date, and broke because for some reason their income doesn't allow them live up to a "poor" family's standards. If you want quality time with your kids, buy them some books and read with them.
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Laughably bad, yet oddly mesmerizing
EricRous19 October 2005
This series has all the qualities that should go into a horrid sitcom. The acting is beneath sub-par--with kids who were clearly picked more for their "look" than their acting abilities. The writing is so syrupy and pedestrian as to make "Martha Stewart's Living" look edgy and sophisticated by comparison. And the production quality looks like that of a 5th-rate syndicated show from 1987.

And, yet there is something oddly mesmerizing about this show. Maybe it's Aaron Spelling's knack for populating a world with such pretty people with such simple, easily solved problems. Maybe it's part of a secret desire to live in such an uncomplicated world where good guys are soapy pure and every house has a picket fence. Or maybe I just like to ogle Jessica Biel.

But what I really think is so appealing about this show is its camp value. Like a really cheesy B-horror film, 7th Heaven is at its best when it's at it worst. The hokier the story-line, the worse the acting; the more you have to laugh at it. It's like a train-wreck that you HAVE to watch--to find out who will introduce the next groan-inducing plot point, who will utter the next over-rehearsed bit of "spontaneous" dialogue, or what guest star has sunk so low this week.

7th Heaven is must-see TV, if for nothing else than watching desperate sup-par directors' constant cutaways to the family dog (to cover bad edits and, presumably, even worse dialogue). And the great thing is, the dog is actually a better actor than most of the kids on the show.

So, check it out. Get some popcorn, and have a good laugh.
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What the hell...?
thomas-36027 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw an episode of this series, it seemed quiet funny to me: a sexless-Christian-perfect-family-universe with countless daughters who are each engaged for about the 20th time while not ever having married, and in the end, the parents ly in bed and cry because their son wants to marry a Jewish girl. I thought it was a wonderfully satiric piece of work.

But some days later I saw another episode and another, and soon found out that the first one was not satiric - their serious with this terribly unrealistic drama stuff!!! I don't know if that's the way young Americans see the world, but every single episode of StarTrek is so much more realistic than this 'praise-the-lord-and-love-your-neighbor' show.

Surely every conservative loves it, just as the catholic church would surely do. But as a more or less modern and open person living in the 21st century, all you can do is laugh and cry...
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This show couldn't be any more complicated...
perni2 November 2003
I used to be a regular viewer of 7th Heaven, but after a while there were so many convoluted subplots that I just had to give up. The main family itself is huge, but when you add about 15 side characters the relationships become a bit too hard to follow. Also, I really got tired of how every episode became some political preaching about the latest controversy or hot button issue. In one episode, Ruthie writes letters to a U.S. soldier who is stationed in Afghanistan. Then she gets all worried when the guy stops writing back, and the preacher father ends the episode by reciting a sermon about America's heroes. Now, I'm all for being patriotic and all that jazz, but that entire episode seemed to be written in about five minutes and tacked onto the season just so the staff could win an Emmy. I'm willing to bet money that the writers just open up the paper to the Opinion section, close their eyes, point at a random story, and then write a script based on the issue. Going back to how complicated the show has gotten, I'd just like to note that it is very frustrating when the characters have boyfriends and girlfriends so many times in a season that you have no idea what's even happening any more. Seriously, you can skip one episode and someone will be married/divorced/pregnant/in a coma the next week. Talk about drastically changing plot lines! Now I'd like to talk about the most unintentionally hilarious episode, AKA the one that discussed the issue of marijuana. I could not believe how politically charged this one episode was, and my jaw was literally on the floor at how exaggerated the story was presented. Basically, the dad discovers a joint in the laundry (correct me if I'm wrong), and instantly starts eyeballing every one of his children. He becomes so paranoid and mistrusting that it's ridiculous. When he sees that Matt is eating more than two or three cookies, the camera zooms in on his sweaty, worried face. Why, Matt must have (gasp!) THE MUNCHIES! Dun, dun, DUN! Then one of the girls is acting tired. Why, she must be (gasp) HIGH! Dun, dun, DUN!! I mean, come ON! He even suspects Ruthie, who was probably 6-years-old at the time. Talk about overreacting. So anyway, the dad drags his wife into the bedroom and they discuss who might have brought the joint home. "Did you see Matt wolfing down those cookies? That's a sure-fire sign of (gasp!) THE MUNCHIES!" the dad whispers, afraid that his Christian neighbors will hear him. We then learn that the wife smoked some pot in college, and the dad literally freaks out. He comes this close to disowning his wife because she hit a couple of doobies when she was younger. Yes, God forbid someone does drugs when they're in college. I say, anyone who smokes weed is evil. EVIL, ya hear me?! So the dad puts the joint in his dresser drawer for safe keeping, and minutes later one of his daughters finds it while looking for something to wear. GASP! She thinks her parents are smoking the wacky weed! Ah, the wackiness that comes with family sitcoms. The show draws to a close when it is discovered that Matt had the joint, which leads to him running off somewhere. The mom and dad search the town only to find that he is praying in church. That's right, he's praying to God and spilling his guts about how he was just "holding" the joint for a friend. Uh, RIGHT. The credits roll after the mom and dad embrace their tearful son, a lesson learned by all. In short, GAG ME. Other issues discussed by Seventh Heaven include: listening to rap music is BAD, having sex is BAD, etc. Sheesh, whatever happened to just running a regular episode? Does every single show have to bery Very Special? Blech. I say this show be canned before the writers create an episode where Simon learns about the evils of homosexuality via a sinister uncle character. 0/4 stars
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Corny, heavy-handed but sweet
kestrelco27 November 2001
I watched this show once to kill time before something else came on, and found myself hooked. Sure the show has some major flaws -- it's heavy-handed moralizing, largely terrible acting, corny plots, a tendency to take itself way too seriously, and with the exception of the Mary-in-trouble story arc, everything is wrapped up in an hour.


Everyone in the family cares about the others (tho sometimes I think mom has just a touch of an Evil Overlord bent on world domination streak), there's no sex, no violence beyond what's required to make a point, and no swearing. We're drowned in that stuff every day of our lives in every other medium we have. It's nice to find one hour during the week that's free of it. And if it moralizes -- what's the harm? Frankly most ppl could use a bit of moralizing. The other thing I've noticed is that while they're a religious family, and they approach their lives by that code -- they don't force it down anyone's throat, and that's pretty nice to see too. While they are tenacious in their own beliefs, they do allow others theirs... except when it impacts their family, which is understandable.

All in all, the irritations of the show are more than balanced by the sweet nature of the show, and the very family friendly spot it occupies. It may not be entirely realistic, but it's not entirely false either -- and if I want realism I can look at my own family which is just a bit *too* real.
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So this is a "normal" family?
laura_laurent4 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If this show is supposed to set the bar for what a normal family is like, then we're all screwed.

The tagline is "You can relate", but I don't know of anyone that can relate to anything on this show. This family has the most unrealistic problems I've ever seen on TV. In fact, the characters themselves are the most unrealistic I've ever seen. No one is that good and moral all the time, even if their father is a minister. The creators basically took the most bland, boring people and exaggerated their characteristics.

We have the 'all-knowing father'(is the WB trying to tell us something?)that is ALWAYS right. Always. The kids may contest, but father knows best. He has the best judgment out of everyone on the planet, and apparently, no flaws whatsoever. Except that he follows his children EVERYWHERE, and makes everyone's business his own. Oh, but he's only trying to help.

Then there's the "super mom" who can do everything. The show is so PC that she is the one that's the family handyman(gag). Apparently, she can also fix any situation(premarital sex, alcoholism, terrorism) with a heart to heart chat and a reassuring smile. Mmmmm....that's love.

Then there are the kids. The oldest all knowing brother(with no balls), the good-girl turned bad-girl sister, the sister with no other personality trait but whining and complaining, the blonde brother who at 28 is still sharing a room with his little sister, and the second youngest,and somehow smartest member of the family, sister that hasn't yet been told she's adopted. Oh, and the twins, that no one has realized are mentally retarded.

Said family traipses through generic "troubles" for an hour, but everything is resolved (always in a sappy way), no matter how bad the situation. The end. How the creators can believe that anyone anywhere relates to this family is beyond me. Some of the situations these people get into are so beyond ridiculous that you laugh instead of empathize. And that just makes for awkward television.

Like the episode where Ruthie(no older than 6)wears a hat in class. Her teacher tells her to take it off, Ruthie doesn't listen, the teacher takes this as meaning Ruthie will be in a gang when she gets older, and takes the opportunity to discuss this with Ruthie's parents. WHAT?! Who would ever think that about a 6 year old little girl just because she's wearing a hat?

Or the episode where Simon starts to hang out with a group of skater kids. Older bro Matt comes to his rescue (did he need to be rescued?)and tells him he shouldn't be hanging out with "those kind of people".

Basically the show is telling us that the Camdens are what you and your family should be like. When anyone threatens this perfectness, attack immediately, and don't let them burst the bubble of reality that you live in. The show is actually quite offensive if you think about it. It's saying, these Camdens(who are flippin' crazy)are the model of what is good and moral. Anyone who dresses funny, has a tattoo, smokes cigarettes, or does anything even remotely scandalous, is bad and completely non-redeemable. Don't speak to them; they'll only try to make you one of them. The Camden's know best because they have God on their side.

For the sake of everyone's sanity, end the show. It's beyond repair. Even Momma Cam's heart to hearts can't fix it anymore.
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Lathander18 April 2001
This show is by far the worst example of american political correctness I've ever seen. The message is simple: Be a good citizen by having many children, going to church every sunday (and everytime you have a problem) and discuss everything at length with all your family members. The children are the most unrealistic ever seen on any TV show: They hardly ever argue, the older siblings never terrorize or beat the younger ones (I've got a sister, I know this happens!), and they talk about every problem they have with their parents. But most disgusting is the smallest girl, who at the end of every episode tells us the morale with the wisdom and insight of a teacher of philosophy. C'mon, she's only 6 years old!!!! I recommend this show to everyone who still believes in a perfect world, but don't expect any realism from it.1/10
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"Nice" characters fail to make drama ignite
Kevin-9418 November 1999
Lots of people talk about how "nice" the family in this show is, and that's certainly its most striking feature. Even those who like the show will probably concede that the family in the show is "nicer" than almost any family you'll find in real life. I suspect that the people producing the show were motivated to create an idealized family as a role model, rather than a "real" family most people would recognize as familiar. Whether you enjoy seeing an "idealized" family or whether you prefer something more realistic is a matter of personal preference. I personally don't feel there is anything necessarily wrong with unrealistic. Is "7th Heaven" any more "unrealistic" than "Friends" or "Seinfeld" or "The Phantom Menace"? Personally, I don't have a problem with "nice" characters, but I do have a problem with "nice" story telling.

In a well written story, be it a TV show, film, novel or play, you have a character faced with a series of seeming insurmountable problems. At some point in the story, the character will generally feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they have to deal with. There's an escalation of tension in all good story telling. An element of chaos.

I find that missing from "7th Heaven". Solutions to problems are thought of the moment the problem occurs. The solutions are instantly implemented. Problems never pile on or overwhelm the characters. Everyone is in touch with their feelings, and can articulate whatever they feel. No communication problems exist. Everyone gets along just fine. There's no escalation of tension in a "7th Heaven" episode. In an effort to create a nice tone and positive role models, they have robbed their stories of all tension and conflict. They've made them dull. Nice is OK but dull is not.
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atthen17 July 2006
This show is so full of double standards, hypocritical characters, and holier the thou attitudes. I can't even watch a commercial anymore.

The way the parents spy on their children and their ridiculous over the top reactions is laughable.

It they are "moral", than I don't know if I want to be in that category.

It is kind of scary to me to think some people actually think these are good people with good morals.

I am not surprise that most of the children have flown the coupe as fast as they could.
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Boggles my mind...
dg3-122 February 2005
...not simply that this show is still on the air, but that it is the WB's highest rated show. That says something about what the WB has going for it.

I get dragged in occasionally because my girlfriend watches the show--something soothing and mindless at the end of a long day, I guess--and I can honestly say that this is the worst show in the history of television. All the way around. 10-minute plot lines repeatedly stretched into an hour, pregnancy after pregnancy, enough wholesome family goodness to make you sick... and worst of all, the acting, my God, the acting! I think the director specifically asks the entire cast to act as poorly as possible, because somebody walking in off the street with no experience would do better than these people hands down. Even the father character, who has experience, is flat-out awful.

What really bugs me about this show is that it is really marketed as the "wholesome, family alternative" to mainstream drama, and people watch it ostensibly for that reason, and then the show proceeds to turn their brains to mush with insipid plot lines and acting so bad it is an insult to our intelligence. This show does a disservice to the country, and the world, and should be banned moreso than something like "Sex and the City" or "Sopranos".
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hey did they manage to make 242 episodes of crap?
g_rudge22 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
i cant believe this show - it has to be one of the worst things i have ever seen. The basic plot line follows a reverend and his wfire raising 7 kids up to be perfect and god fearing. But the main intention behind this show is to educate and in a way brainwash you into never doing a few certain things including - underage sex - underage drinking - drugs - to vote and many many others.

The story lines always involve the vicar or whatever he is intervening in peoples lives and meddling in their personal business. I cant believe it lasted 10 years and 242 episodes - thank god it was cancelled.
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xxxxbrokenheartxxxx24 October 2004
I hate this show. It's not entertaining at all. All the people do is complain about how hard their lives are and then in the end, everything is okay because, alas, they have each other. Puh-lease. It's like watching a stereotype on TV. I once watched an episode where a guy was talking to Lucy and she called him a "pimp." When Ruthie asked what a pimp was, Lucy replied that a pimp "is someone who hates women." Uh...how about no. This whole show sucks. Plus, the dad cries in just about every episode. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. Ruthie is an annoying little brat who's so conceited, it's sick. Lucy is an obsessive, smart aleck, low grade cow. Matt is so naive, I don't think it's healthy. Simon is a pushy, try-too-hard jerk. Mary was so full of herself. The parents are totally clueless. I think it's pretty sad when the best actor on the show is the dog.
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Not 7th Heaven.....Self Rightious Heaven...That's It!!
marleymom-220 July 2001
That should be the real title for this nauseating ensamble of morality and christianity. Occasionally I watch this show for the same reason I look at a car crash. Human nature, you know, things that repulse us sometimes draw us in. From the semi-slutty Mary flirting with the dangers of POT SMOKING. To the middle "bug eyed" daughter who looks like a space alien and can't stop tossing her hair. And the little girl with the curly hair doesn't look like anyone in the family. Did the mailman give Mr Pastorman a break from his procreating duties? Who knows!! What we do know is, here is a family that can do no wrong while the whole world goes to hell around them. And why the f*** can't they just call grandpa, GRANDPA, and not COLONOL???
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The_Crys23 July 2007
No, really, that about sums up my opinion of this show, but I guess I'll elaborate.

I'm so sick and tired of these so-called 'morality' shows. If I had kids and wanted to teach them a thing or two about life, I'd tell them to read a friggin' book or ten, not subject themselves to this mind-numbing piece of steaming crap.

I've noticed most people who defend this show are Christians, and as much as I'd love to do some well-placed bashing, I won't, because I happen to have a lot of friends who are Christians and yet laugh themselves silly at the idiocy that is "7th Heaven". Kids who ask their parents permission to have sex? Daughters who ask their mother to find them someone to date? Are we living in the same planet here? Let us please refrain from extremities... Things in life aren't all black and white. The way this show presents it, you're only a nice person if you believe in a personal god, NEVER touch alcohol, NEVER swear, NEVER smoke, and --of course- have sex only after you marry. Everyone else is scum and should either revert to the 'righteous path' or burn in Christian hell. Can ya scream "Get off your high horse?" To add insult to injury, this show isn't even worth your attention despite the forced-upon morality. The plots are recycled and uninspired, the characters are two-dimensional cardboard cut-outs, and the writing is horrid and contrived.

And to all those people who defend this show by saying that it teaches kids a thing or two when compared to other shows... F*** that. Since when did mediocrity, denial, misogyny, propaganda and bigotry become good examples for your children?
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Pray for something better.
vertigo_1422 March 2004
7th Heaven is one of the pinnacles of insipid shows. I don't think it started out that way, usually emphasizing some meaningful point here and again about common issues, though mostly concerning a long line of teen and parenting issues from the very benign (teen dating) to most severe (eating disorders) in addition to other vital topics such as hate crimes. However, as the years went on, 7th Heaven fell victim to the vapid nonsense themes that plagues most of the WB's teen-based dramas.

7th Heaven, for those who have never seen it, is basically about the Camden family. Eric, a minister, lives with his wife and what used to be only five kids--though that number has become indefinite as people move in and out and more surprise pregnancies occur to try to comepensate for boring storylines. So, basically, it's just a show dealing with various family crises that arise.

I never thought of the show as much of a role model for young girls, who seem to be a large part of the show's audience, particularly because of the young teen cast (i.e. Barry Watson, David Gallagher, and others). And the show fails as a model for young girls because it either never did, or at one point ceased to address anything valid as far as female independence, intelligence, and the like. Especially in being that every episode eventually became to depict the daughter's as always eagerly in search of dates and nothing else. Mary, the oldest daughter, wanted to get married. Then, it was Lucy (perhaps the most vapid character of all, next to the youngest daughter. Even while at work, the female cop friend of what would soon be Lucy's husband, also a cop, would spend most of their time talking about their love lives and not much else. And though not as drastic as other television dramas such as FOX's The O.C., which seems lax on it's portrayal of rampant teen sex, nearly every female character on 7th Heaven suddenly became a stereotypical boy-toy type of character while the male characters, though also lacking any substantive value, were written to be the more interesting of the characters, nonetheless.

As the years went on, the show became terribly less interesting as the characters had less to offer and as the writers kept trying to pull a magic rabbit out of their hat, seeking to hype what was sooned to be revealed as stupid plotlines in an effort to reinvigorate whatever it was the show once had that made it decent to begin with. It think the show has been around far too long and is running out of steam. But, I suppose to make up for that, they'll write another pregranancy into the story (to make yet another couple of annoying characters that you have pay attention to).
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Not Exactly Mad About It
UACW3 December 2005
Incomprehensible that BH was a supervising producer on Mad About You. And I liked SC in Jumping Jack Flash. But what could one have known?

You know, I sort of like the Horst Wessel song. It has a subtle ring to it. And not to forget Wagner: the way Rikard puts those sevenths (no pun intended) on the bottom. Majestic stuff.

But I know where tripe like this leads. And I am aware this kind of trash could only work in one place. And we all know where that is.

The Land of Intelligent Design.

Does it get ratings? That's what's scary. And add to an already volatile mix the incomparable ASHLEE and you have the ultimate formula.

Be nice to the rest of us: shun this travesty.
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Beyond belief
Antagonisten13 May 2006
I saw this on afternoon TV a while ago and i sat the whole show with my mouth open with disbelief. From the theme song to the styled kids and the cutesy acting this has got to be some of the most awful television i have ever seen.

The most surprising thing i guess is that this is even shown on television outside of America. I guess there are parts of the world where this would still qualify as entertainment, but i have purposely kept myself very far from those parts. Besides being moralizing garbage this also has some of the most unbelievably shallow characters i have ever seen. Just looking at them tickles my gag reflex. I mean, what's up with that little girl? She's like six years old, wearing a ton of makeup looking constantly like she's the star of an ad for toothpaste.

This was seriously awful stuff. Heavy-handed medieval Christian morals packaged into a family-oriented afternoon entertainment format. Seeing that this show actually ran for ten years is... beyond belief. Seeing this i wonder what the shows are like that never even make it outside America.
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Spelling attempt at family oriented drama
lvirden14 May 2004
While many have lots of concerns about the relevancy of this series, it continues to be one of the few television series still in production which does not feel it necessary to fill the hour with murder, mayhem, violence, sex, and ridicule. This makes it a safe choice for many families who want a bit of entertainment together as a family. It is the only choice for the family on UPN, as far as I am aware.

For a period of time, 7th Heaven was doing 'topic of the week' episodes in the after school special vein. Some people like that style; others do not. The current season has focused more on the lives of the various family members, which is something that fans of the series wanted. However, as time has gone on, at least three of the actors playing the family's children have moved on to college and film work. This leaves many of the fan based frustrated. There's basically 2 of the original 'children' left in the series, and one of them is no longer a child. The addition of the twin boys 4 years ago as babies will probably pay off next season (if another season is approved) as they will be 5, about the age of the youngest child during the first year of the series. More antics of kindergarteners - multiplied by two - are expected.

Can 7th Heaven survive another season? I expect, due to the limited competition in this demographic, that it can. But SHOULD it survive, or should it bow out as gracefully as possible? That remains to be seen.
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Parenting Through Relationship
eyne881301 August 2010
This show has been a real source of healing for me. I grew up in a highly abusive household, particularly emotionally so. The parents in this show set a healthy set of boundaries, and do their best to enforce them via relationship. You can see the parents struggling through their own imperfections to parent, but deal with them honestly the best they can. When their own "honesty" isn't so honest, it's usually brought to light, sometimes over a period of time.

I don't find it "religious" at all, as other reviewers have commented. Religion suggests a set of rules, regulations, without relationship. This show has relationship to the hilt. Sometimes the parents are overly involved with what their kids are doing. I wish my parents had been more interested; the only way they were was to find out what I was doing "wrong", and never failed to tell me how bad I was. These parents do it primarily out of concern and love. It does get addressed by the kids when the parents are sometimes overly so, etc. and the parents were usually able to hear what the kids were saying, so I see the dynamics of healthy relationships. One trademark of health in a person is the ability to say "I'm sorry", and/or "I was wrong" - you see this over and over here. It was totally refreshing.

It's the parents' jobs to install morals in children. The trick is to do it as honestly as possible with the willingness to admit your own faults; and this show does it beautifully. Neither the kids nor the parents were perfect, and I found that refreshing. You can see by the longevity of the show that it was a terrific one. It's served to give me the parenting I always needed in a terribly imperfect world.
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Is this show for real???
Sinemah_Freek21 September 2012
This show is without a doubt a burlesque of a television show about a family. As to the quality, "Father knows best", "Leave it to Beaver", and Andy Griffith" have NOTHING to worry about. They are great. 7th Heaven is NOT great. NOT good. Just passable. The ONLY reason that I gave it 1 star is because of the nice looking Beverly Mitchell. I will mention three problems with the show that I had. First off, the Father, the "Reverend" is not very reverential. Sure, clergy are human, of course, but certainly, MOST clergy cope with their families a LITTLE better than this character did. Number two, why in the world are these children SO snotty and SO whiny ALL THE TIME? All they do is whine and complain. They are NEVER happy with ANYTHING. And, number three, the dialog sounds like it was written by a first year film student who is getting a D+ in class. Also, the acting is really SUB-par, just about two steps above the movie "Plan Nine from Outer Space". All of the actors were obviously chosen for their looks number 1, and for their acting ability number 4 or 5 at best. The entire show is almost like watching the stepford wives, except that EVERYONE acts like a Stepford wife in the show. My recommendation: if there is NOTHING ELSE on TV, this MIGHT be a way to kill an hour. Otherwise, steer clear of this, unless you like good looking whiny, spoiled, pretentious people, attempting to act. And, the dialog, well, that is NOT good, period. All said, the BEST part of the entire series might just be the dog, but it has an attitude, also! Sheesh !!!!!
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The worst moralist crud ever to disgrace the screen!
OttoVonB24 January 2007
Having made superficiality and spoiled rich kids hip with the dismal 90210, and forcing his mediocre daughter on us, Aaron Spelling gave us this cloying series, pushing the boundaries of sappy moralizing.

These nice characters live in their massively nice house with their nice children. The father is a nice and sensitive pastor who weeps at least once per episode and the adorable children learn the real value of life, such as virginity, political correctness, moral activism and that beer is evil - never mind cigarettes, who is this even made for anyway? - Everybody is so suspiciously nice and pure... And therein lies the problem.

The sentimentality is so cloying that it smothers the talent of the probably quite capable cast. Often, things become downright risible and you'll winder whether we have finally found a worse writer of human emotion than George Lucas. The series' shameless political correctness and insistence that you can overcome any obstacle through the power of love - and piety - feels forced, meaning that, of course, very real social problems are completely overlooked in favor of minor incidents that are dramatized to the nth degree: one of the kids has been seen drinking one beer too many? The community shun him until he can be redeemed trough love and prayer. This excessive fluffiness can be dangerous for your health. In fact, it even drove one of its heroines insane, as Jessica Biel ran off and posed in the nude to cleanse herself of all this retched religiosity. She has since moved on to bigger and sometimes better things, but the series has just kept on marching toward the abyss of mediocrity.

The best TV shows - not including satire, which, if done correctly, never runs out of ammunition - get canceled after a while, because the good ones know when they've explored all there was to do (see: The West Wing, Deep Space Nine, The Golden Girls). This is because there is a perceivable limit to what a series can positively achieve. On the other hand, mediocrity knows no limit, as evidenced by this never-ending trash! And so it goes on and on...

Everyone deserves a product that caters to their tastes, and the most frightening part about this dreadful show, if one can judge it by its success, is that it does just that.
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is there a vote lower than 1?
greenbayfan111414 May 2006
My mother for some reason has been hooked on this show since I can remember. The first episode I ever saw, was so mind numbingly horrible I could hardly believe this lasted one season. But how in God's name did it ever last ten seasons? The theme song is bad enough to make you run away in fright. The actors were chosen strictly because of their faces, which makes me wonder if the guy who hired Lucy was blind, or retarded. Or both. The acting is horrible. I've seen the acting compared to B-movies, but that's just insulting to B-movie actors. The characters are unbelievable. Seeing as their father is a pastor, it would seem that he wouldn't put up with their crap, but the father is as conniving as the kids are. Also, isn't this show supposed to be Christian? These people are about as secular as a druggie. Sex, lies, and video tape. Trust me, if you are looking for a Christian show, don't look at this.
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I had to comment..
jurajkopsa29 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I know - it's so sorry to comment a series after it's of the air for like 10 years, but I have decided last week I will give it a try for two or three episodes, and I didn't make it... I made it through two and a half, and tried not to throw everything in my reach into the screen. They should pass out insulin with this over sweetened piece of crap... I'm feeling sorry for the American people that are judged in the rest of the world on the basis of shows like this one... On the other hand - I'm sure there are trailer parks over there, where this one was a blockbuster. The only positive thing that I have heard about this show, is that Jessica Biel is in it - didn't see anything interesting in the episodes I was watching, and probably it will stay that way, because I don't think it's worth it...
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