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5 Jan. 2004
When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People
Matt wants to drop out of medical school after Sarah leaves him. Rabbi Glass talks to Matt about Sarah. Kevin's ex-wife is in town and wants to have dinner with him and Lucy. Martin's aunt wants Martin to move with her to New York.
12 Jan. 2004
The Prodigal Father
Paris meets up with her ex-husband Vic, who wants to be part of the life again. Paris does not want him back, and Peter is afraid it would affect his relationship with Chandler. Eric tries to find a way to help Vic.
19 Jan. 2004
Major League
Martin wants to drop out of school when a sports team recruits him. Lucy wants to move out after an argument with her mother; Kevin tells her to apologize and be more active in their finances. Chandler is the executor of his father's estate.
26 Jan. 2004
Healing Old Wounds
At a Camden party, Roxanne and Betsy get into an argument about the war in Iraq. When Martin's father shows up, Roxanne is attracted to him. The twins want to spend more time with Ruthie.
9 Feb. 2004
Don't Speak Ill of the Living or the Dead
A school project gets Ruthie & Peter in trouble as they write a newspaper article about two presidents containing false information. Annie's half-sister visits to discuss information about their father, but Annie does not want to listen.
16 Feb. 2004
The Anniversary
Matt and Ruthie get together to share a special anniversary date for something they share, but Matt does not want others to know he is in town. Martin takes Cecilia on a date. Vic wants to spend time with Paris because he wants to propose.
23 Feb. 2004
Two Weddings, an Engagement and a Funeral
Love and marriage seems to be on everyone's mind as Annie's sister is planning her wedding, a mentally challenged couple wants to get married after just one date, and a couple has their premarital counseling with Chandler.
1 Mar. 2004
Annie's father has died, but Annie seems upbeat. Perhaps she is in the denial stage of grief. Chandler is still upset over losing his own father, and breaking up with Roxanne. Eric suggests he adopt a child.
19 Apr. 2004
There's No Place Like It
Lucy & Kevin look for their first home, as does Chandler. Turns out they are looking at the same place. Annie and Eric decide to buy their home from the church. Ruthie has plans to move to the garage apartment when Lucy and Kevin move out.
26 Apr. 2004
High and Dry
Chandler has Jeffrey for the night since his grandmother is in the hospital. Lucy and Kevin celebrate their wedding anniversary and discuss starting a family. Cecilia makes plans for going to college and discusses her relationship with Martin.
3 May 2004
Lost and Found
Ruthie & Peter get lost from their classmates on a school field trip. Kevin and Roxanne go undercover for a police assignment. Chandler struggles as a new parent.
10 May 2004
Little White Lies: Part 1
Lucy thinks Kevin's partner is keeping secrets from him, such as she is trying to become a detective. Matt is having problems in his marriage. Martin learns that everyone thinks he is having sex with Cecilia.
17 May 2004
Little White Lies: Part 2
Cecilia breaks up with Martin because she wants to be with Simon. Matt continues to run into a former girlfriend and is concerned about his marriage falling apart. Ruthie's foreign exchange student visits and is now living with the Camdens.
13 Sep. 2004
Dropping Trou
It's a big day for the Camden's as the twins start kindergarten. Lucy is pregnant but does not want to get maternity clothes yet. Simon and Georgia may be having sex. Ruthie gets in trouble at school.
20 Sep. 2004
The Best Laid Plans
A pregnant Lucy & Kevin learn they are going to have a girl. Simon tells his parents he is having sex with Georgia and is on probation at college. Eric decides to set up an abstinence pledge group at church, and Ruthie signs it.
27 Sep. 2004
Song of Lucy
Lucy is promoted to Associate Pastor at the church and faces the task of writing her first sermon. Simon starts going to a therapist and realizes he has been suppressing his guilt of a previous car accident. Ruthie wants to go on a date.
4 Oct. 2004
Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do
Simon is still an emotional mess, but is ready to return to school when he meets Justin Smith, the brother of the boy he accidentally ran over. He finds he's finally off drugs and even grateful that the trauma repaired his family rift; closure becomes possible before he moves to college. Harry is determined to let the Camden parents tell Ruthy it's over. He decides to find a family of his own by marrying a girl in the Social Services home they're both desperate to get out of. Both Kevin and Martin play the protective big brothers. There's also a bird which fell out of...
11 Oct. 2004
The presidential election is approaching. Martin is too vocal in his opinions and Ruthie realizes she does not have any. Annie and Eric might be on different sides of the political ticket. Lucy and Kevin have not registered to vote.
18 Oct. 2004
Lucy and Kevin see a new doctor for their pregnancy and they have different opinions of her. Ruthie becomes interested in Martin's friend and starts wearing makeup and acting older. Charlie, the new father of Leanne's baby, is having a hard time and wants out of parenthood, so Eric enlists the help of an old, dear family friend.
25 Oct. 2004
Regret to Inform
When Martin and Mac go play darts in the pool hall with Kevin, he naughtily leaves without telling they are being mistaken for new police rookies, so notorious Venus picks up physically mature Martin, who gives her a ride home on request -even stranding Mac- but stays aloof until they discover both their fathers are Marines on war theater missions. Lucy makes sure dad finds out so Kevin starts calling round for Venus's phone number, which starts the rumor he's two-timing Lucy, who stupidly takes it seriously even from an amused petty criminal Kevin just arrested, ...
1 Nov. 2004
Why Not Me?
Simon calls Lucy and Kevin to borrow money. They turn to Eric for advice. Simon has been told to leave the dorm after breaking rules by having his girlfriend spend the night in his room.
15 Nov. 2004
With Thanksgiving approaching, everyone seems to be planning something different. Lucy wants to host the big meal, Simon wants to stay at college, Mary is staying in Puerto Rico, and the others also have different plans. Annie is upset.
22 Nov. 2004
Shortly before Thanksgiving, the parents are still not home with the twins, who also are difficult now Eric has a cold and Annie somehow already blames him for ruining the family Thanksgiving again. Simon has brought his pregnant fiancée Georgia Huffington home, but she refuses to tell anyone else before they tell his parents. Later she tells him she lied not to lose him. Pregenant Lucy takes advantage of her condition and is moody, driving Kevin (who desperately tries to dress for a drug undercover job), and Matt, mad. Martin canceled camping because of the weather. ...
29 Dec. 2004
Waynes World
Lucy is home from the hospital but is irritable, confined to bed rest. Kevin tells her to finish her studies. Martin is having problems at school and Ruthie learns his father's tour of duty is extended. Wayne Newton makes an appearance.

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