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MPAA Rated R for language

Sex & Nudity

  • A boy repeatedly mouths the word "Fuck you" to a girl while both are in detention and then blows her kisses and suggestively licks his lips.
  • A teenage boy gets a letter from a girlfriend and we hear her say that while her mother agreed the experimental sex is a good thing to do before marriage, that's only the case if there seems to be a commitment. (The girlfriend then breaks up with him.)
  • A teenage boy tells his sister that a teenage boy is "horny" and will go out with any girl if "she's willing to go all the way" with him.
  • A girl tells another girl that she and teenage boy "finger fuck". Later, while looking at herself in the mirror, the girl curiously looks at her fingers. She then tells the teenage boy that she sprained her finger, implying that she might have been trying something with it.
  • A girl trying to cast a spell on teenage boy, says, "You'll fall in love with me. You'll make love with me".
  • A boy has centerfold in his locker and the woman's bare breasts are seen.
  • A boy threatens to rape a girl, but it turns into them thinking about having consensual sex, but nothing happens.
  • A girl finds a teenage boy in the garage, his shirt unbuttoned, with a shirtless girl whose bra has been partially taken off.
  • A girl goes to visit the boy, his father asks, "What'd he do? Knock you up?"

Violence & Gore

  • Some older boys hassle a younger boy in the hallway and then punch him in the stomach as they leave.
  • A girl stops another girl from leaving the girl's bathroom until she uses it, and holds the stall door to open to watch her.
  • A girl cuts off the head of one of her sister dolls with a saw.
  • Boys shoots spit balls at a girl and when she finally fires one back, she hits a teacher in the eye.
  • A boy and his buddies hassle a girl and another boy and hit the younger boy on his head.
  • A boy threatens a girl, telling her that he's going to find her after school and rape her. He later pushes her against the wall, holds a knife to her throat and tells her to strip. When someone happens by, she runs away.
  • A boy calls the girl on the phone and threatens that he'll rape her the next day after school. The next dau he pulls the knife on her again, and then leads her out to a remote section of town. (She does go along willingly at this point and the tone changes from a threat of rape to that of having sex).
  • A boy knocks a girl to the ground as she chases after him.
  • A girl takes the tape of her parents wedding anniversary party and smashes it with a hammer. She then walks over to her sister and raises the hammer, but can't find it in herself to strike her sleeping sister.
  • A little girl is kidnaped by a neighbor, but he doesn't do anything to her, and she seems no worse for the wear.


  • 16 "f" words (2 used sexually), 17 "s" words, 2 slang terms for female genitals (the "c" word), 6 "ass" words, 2 hells, and 1 uses of "Oh God" and "For Christ's sakes" as exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Older students are seen drinking out of brown paper bags while sitting on their parked cars.
  • The principal announces over the loudspeaker that drugs were found in the bathroom. Later the police take a boy away and the other kids think he's dealing drugs. He tells a girl, however, that it was someone else.
  • A boy smokes cigarettes twice and offers one to a girl, but she declines.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A girl won't let another girl out of the girl's bathroom until she see her "take a s***".
  • A boy threatens a girl several times that he's going to rape her, and does grab her twice and used a knife to keep her quiet.
  • A girl doesn't get along with her mother and this escalates when her mother wants to tear down her clubhouse, but the girl doesn't want to.
  • The family must deal with a little girl being kidnaped and the father appears to have a nervous breakdown.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl is kidnapped by a pedophile, who videotapes her dancing; there is discussion of whether she's been sexually abused, but this isn't the case.

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