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I thought this movie was ok.
lisasweetangel17 September 2001
I thought this movie was ok. The acting was kind of lame though. However I do recommend that you see it for Gail O'Grady and maybe not the acting. I also recommend that you see Another Woman's Husband. It's excellent!
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HIgh School kids
cynkat19 November 2008
This movie brought up such painful memories for me. My high school years were tainted for me by the same kind of false rumors and character assassination as this teacher, only I was a student and did not have anyone to support or defend me. I was subjected to the worst kind of bullying and insulting behavior that can be imagined. I figured the best way to defend myself was to not defend myself at all, to just mind my own business, make good grades, and get the hell our of there as soon as I could. I still don't know what these boys had against me - I didn't even know them, and they were going around telling the worst kind of lies imaginable. Of course, everyone believed them. They didn't stop until I started dating the captain of the wrestling team, first of all because I was "suitably taken", and secondly they were afraid of him. I am all grown up now, but it still hurts. I don't understand why high school boys do this to innocent girls.
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