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Sex & Nudity

  • Early in the movie Mr. Potato Head rips off his own lips and taps it on his own butt, indicating that another toy character is a butt kisser or a suck up.
  • A pair of naked doll legs are glued onto a plastic toy fishing rod with a hook on the end, and this creation walks around. The joke is that it's a metaphor for a hooker, but kids will most likely not get it.
  • One of the toys makes the reference "laser envy" when Woody was jealous of Buzz. This is a Freud reference and will go over kids' heads.
  • Woody and Bo Peep romantically converse in one scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Woody slaps Buzz in the face with his dismembered arm.
  • Some toys (which, in this film, are known to be sentient) are injured and one is destroyed.
  • Woody and Buzz get into a fight.
  • Some toys had obviously been horribly mutilated off-screen.


  • At one point Mr. Potato Head says "Son of a building block" in replacement.
  • At one point Hamm says "something's screwy here"
  • Swine is used once by Mr. Potato Head.
  • At worst, "idiot," "stupid," "bozo," "dirt bag" and "creep" are used as insults. Woody does tell Buzz he'd have a choice word or two for him, but he can't say them because there are preschool toys present.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Sid's father is seen sleeping in front of the television surrounded by empty cans. It's unclear whether these are soda cans or beer cans.
  • Buzz's packaging sort of resembles a can of Bud Light. Woody also calls Buzz "Mr. Light Beer." Children will likely miss this.
  • Buzz acts as if he's drunk after drinking tea.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Scud Phillips (Sid's dog) may scare younger viewers.
  • Some younger viewers may find Sid and his messed up toys scary.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At the end of the film, Bo yanks Woody under a mistletoe. When he notices it, she proceeds to pull him off-screen and we hear kissing noises. Woody later returns, covered in kiss marks, looking very bliss.

Violence & Gore

  • R.C. (the plastic car) collapses after running out of batteries, and is later carried back to the moving van as Buzz and Woody fly. He is thrown in and slams into Mr. Potato Head, knocking the latter toy apart. Played for laughs.
  • A boy makes his sister scream in terror after he rips off her new ragdoll's head and duct-tapes the head of a plastic pterodactyl figurine onto it instead.
  • A small plastic soldier is crushed under somebody's foot but the soldier is rescued and returned upstairs to Andy's bedroom.
  • A toy known as Combat Karl has a rocket strapped to its back and is blown to pieces.
  • The Philips family owns a large pit bull dog which often appears quite scary. In one scene it bites into an alien doll and tears it apart while the toy (which is sentient) squeaks repeatedly. In other scenes the dog chases Woody while drooling and barring sharp teeth.
  • There are multiple cars which crash into each other. Although nobody is injured, Sid's dog is nearly hit and gets trapped in between the cars. The dog is not hurt but gets berated by the angry drivers.
  • Early on in the film, woody knocks buzz out of the window causing all the other toys to turn on them. Mr potato head briefly shows a sketch he made showing a noose as a threat to murder woody.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • At one point Buzz loses one of his arms just after attempting to fly and falling instead.
  • The character Sid is a disturbing and demented character for Disney standards.
  • While Sid's toys may seem scary, they turn out to be friendly and help Woody and Buzz escape.
  • The scene (with Randy Newman's "I Will Go Sailing No More") where Buzz realizes he is a toy (and is clearly heartbroken by it) is a very emotional scene. Even his last-ditch effort attempt to fly and prove he's a Space Ranger, resulting in falling and severing his arm, makes it more heartbreaking.
  • In one scene, Woody manages to turn Sid's toys against him and then rescues Buzz, where he warns Sid about what will happen if he continues torturing toys and, while surrounded by his toys, Woody then says: "We toys can see everything." while spinning his head into a complete 360 degrees (similar to "The Exorcist"), unnerving Sid as Woody comes to life in front of Sid to tell him: "So play nice.", scaring and traumatizing Sid. This is easily the scariest scene of the entire film.
  • The scene where woody meets a cyclops like baby as well as other toys under Sid's bed may frighten younger viewers

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