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Sarah Freeman: Hannah



  • Sid Phillips : Hannah! Hey, Hannah!

    Hannah : What?

    Sid Phillips : Did I get my package in the mail?

    Hannah : [shrugs]  I don't know.

    Sid Phillips : [demanding]  What do you mean, you don't know?

    Hannah : I DON'T KNOW.

  • Sid Phillips : [referring to Hannah's Doll]  Oh no Hannah, look at Janey! She's sick!

    Hannah : [as Sid snatches her]  No she's not!

    Sid Phillips : I'll have to perform one of my... operations!

    Hannah : [chasing Sid up to his Room]  Sid, gave her back!

    Hannah : [as Sid closes the Door]  Sid!

    [Sid throws his bag with Woody and Buzz onto his bed, and gets out a plastic face mask] 

    Sid Phillips : No-one has ever attempted a double bypass brain transplant before.

    [Woody and Buzz watch in horror as Sid places Janey's head into a vice. He does the same to a toy pterodactyl's body] 

    Sid Phillips : [now with the Pterodactyl's head on Janey's body]  Doctor you've done it!

    Sid Phillips : [walking to the door with Hannah waiting outside]  Hannah! Janey's all better now!

    Hannah : [Hannah shrieks in horror at the sight of what Sid did to Janey and runs downstairs]  Mum, Mum!

    Sid Phillips : She's lying! Whatever she says is not true!

    [throws the toy onto the floor, as the pterodactyl's head falls off] 

  • Sid Phillips : [In Panic]  The Toys! The Toys are alive!


    Sid Phillips : Nice Toy!

    [Hannah holds her New Sally Doll out at Sid in Fear, and chases him upstairs] 

    Hannah : What's wrong Sid? Don't you wanna play with Sally?

  • Hannah : [after Buzz falls to the floor while trying to fly out the window; his arm has fallen as a result]  Mom! Mom, have you seen my Sally doll?

    Sid's Mom : [as Hannah picks up Buzz and his arm]  What, dear? What was that?

    Hannah : Never mind.

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