Toy Story (1995) Poster


R. Lee Ermey: Sergeant



  • Sergeant : [about the second present Andy opens ]  It's... it's bedsheets!

    Mr. Potato Head : Who invited that kid?

  • Sergeant : Molly's first present is... Mrs. Potato Head! Repeat, a Mrs. Potato Head!

    Hamm : Way to go, Ida-ho!

    Mr. Potato Head : Gee, I'd better shave!

    [pulls off his moustache] 

  • Sergeant : [he and the other green soldiers leap out of the bucket onto Woody]  There he is, men! Get him!

    Mr. Potato Head : Let's string him up by his pull string!

    [he and the other toys, apart from Slinky and Bo Peep rush on over toy Woody, and attempt to throw him out] 

    Bo Peep : Would you boys stop it?

    Andy : Okay, Mom, I'll be right down; I've gotta get Buzz.

    [all the toys return to their places as Andy enters his room, looking for Buzz] 

    Andy : Mom, do you know where Buzz is?

    Andy's Mom : No, I haven't seen him.

    [Mr. Potato Head looks grimly from behind Etch, having drawn a hangman noose] 

    Andy's Mom : Andy, I'm heading out the door!

    Andy : But Mom, I can't find him!

    Andy's Mom : Well honey, just grab some other toy; now, come on!

    Andy : [picks up Woody and heads to the car]  Okay.

  • Sergeant : [he can't see what Andy is holding up]  It's a...


    [Rex shakes the table, inadvertently knocking off the TalkBoy and causing the batteries to fall out] 

    Rex : Oh, no!

    Mr. Potato Head : Oh, you big lizard! Now we'll never know what it is!

    Rex : Way to go, Rex!

    [moves forward] 

    Woody : [as the toys struggle to put the batteries back in the TalkBoy]  No, no, turn 'em around! Turn 'em around!

    Hamm : He's putting them in backward!

    [to Mr. Potato Head] 

    Hamm : Hey, you're putting 'em in backwards!


    [jumps down] 

    Sergeant : [downstairs, into the Baby Monitor]  Red alert! Red alert! Andy is coming upstairs!

    [Woody puts the batteries back in properly and picks the Talkboy up] 

    Sergeant : ... juvenile intrusion, repeat! Assume your positions now!

    Woody : ANDY'S COMING! Everybody back to your places! Hurry!

    [mayhem breaks out] 

    Mr. Potato Head : [in a panic]  Where's my ear? Who's seen my ear? Did you see my ear?

    Rex : Out of my way! Here I come, here I come!

    [Rex bonks his head with bucket] 

  • Minesweeper soldier : [after Andy's mom has stepped on one of the soldiers, they get up and make their way to a plant, but the stepped-on one struggles and is crippled]  Just... just go on without me!

    Sergeant : [goes over to him and helps him up]  A good soldier never leaves a man behind!

  • Woody : Sergeant, establish a recon post downstairs. Code Red. You know what to do.

    Sergeant : Yes, sir!

    [jumps down] 

    Sergeant : All right, men, you heard him! Code Red, repeat: we're at Code Red! Recon plan Charlie: Execute! Let's move, move, move, move, move!

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