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My God, this is lame!
Pope-113 June 1999
The makers of this film should be ashamed of themselves! These really stupid kids are being hunted by a slow, noisy and easily confused robot who can't make a single decision with out calling Roddy McDowall on a palm pilot. Fortunately for the kids, one of them has been taken over by an alien sent to help them. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything. This movie is filled with bad dialogue, dumb characters, VERY oddly placed items (like a rifle on the ground outside a Police station). Like good special effects? Don't look here.
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I love it *because* it's trash.
Sarah-neko17 April 2002
I love this movie very much. It should be enjoyed with plenty of alcohol (spirits for preference) and a few witty friends who enjoy making up porno dialogue. It was my sister who pointed out that the lighting and the odd grainy/cloudy look of the film (video?) were exactly like what one sees in late-night soft-porn TV shows like 'The Click' and 'Red Shoe Diaries' (don't look at me, *she's* the one who likes them) and we just went off from there. It should be noted that 'Star Hunter' is complete and utter tripe. No- one in it can act except Roddy McDowell and the stoner guy. There is no sense of pace or suspense whatsoever; we are told at the very beginning (with Star Wars-style scrolling text - or, for Sailor Moon fans, 'From a far away place and time Earth's greatest adventure is about to begin') who the aliens are and what they're up to. The characters are perhaps zero point five dimensional. There is so much that is so cool in an incredibly BAAAAAD way. Like the alien dude with Vulcan ears and a Klingon forehead. And> the device for foiling the hunter using string and tinfoil. And Cooper's origami bird. Actually the origami bird was sort of nifty. A stupid movie which smart people can enjoy very much, if they're in the right mood.
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nerff209 September 2000
Heheheheeee! This movie is soooo bad it's good! It's so funny! One time, this guy turns to his friends and says, "Guys, I think we're in the hood." It's so funny cause the way he says it, he sounds like he's giving his son a talk about sex! The movie's about these dumb high school kids with their even dumber bus driver (she doesn't even know where their High School is!!!) who get lost in "THE HOOD!" They meet this weird guy with white hair and huge sun glasses who collects people's heads. He tells them to go hide so he can play a game, and then this one guy who looks like the Predator's inbred relative suits up and tries to kill everyone. Some great parts are when the bus driver gets shot and some blood pops up on her face, but there's no wound! Another is the first time the Star Hunter is shot, he explodes; next shot, he's just fine! Plus, every time he's shot after that they show the same scene of him grabbing his left shoulder! The best part: the little robot at the beginning!

MST3K fans won't want to miss this one.
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Surprisingly better than expected sci-fi horror
Meredith-720 May 1999
I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this film. It focuses on a group of teenagers who are forced into a strange video game like hell after seeking shelter in an abandoned,well so they thought, warehouse. It turns out that an evil monster has been programmed by his master-Roddy McDowell to kill all the teenagers who are now trapped in an electrical magnetic playground where there is no escape!. This film plays like a video game, there are lots of dark corners and corridors and heaps of unexpected frights. The robot/monster is also quite effectively menacing. This film is actually quite a good example of the horror, sci-fi genre. And its different- which is a big plus. In summary a better than expected sci-fi horror, which you should see at least considering watching.
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One Of The Worst Films EVER!
SataiDelen24 May 2008
I love Roddy McDowell, but, I felt so bad for him being in this movie. It's low-budget, really bad concept, and horribly bad acting. Need I go on? Apparently so. A shame really, since I've said everything that needs to be said about this HORRIBLE movie!!!!! It reminded me of a really low-budget early '80's campy horror flick. It's supposed to be scary, but with all the horrid acting, I was applauding and laughing every time one of the idiot kids got killed! Want a good horror flick? Go watch something else...ANYTHING else! Skip this movie! If I could give this film zero stars, I would! There are so many better horror flicks you could be watching instead of this movie!
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worst film of the year 1995
jabba37 October 2006
i retrieved this films DVD about 2 days ago from supermarket good sale for my every after Friday hangover.

glad i did watch it today cos i didn't waste my time so much.. this film has uncountable glitches and numerous flaw's and most surprising thing is that they even didn't hide those i mean in other awful movies they actually try to hide mistakes and stuff like that.

Graphic and quality is under any level of mention, when i started to watch i thought that there's a mistake and its not DVD but CD.. after checking i realized its the movie its self so inequality... Special effects are just a joke.. a eye cutting kind of joke.

at first i toughed that 1.5 Eur's for that film is cheap but after watching it i was like god damn why dint i buy 2 beers or pack of smoke instead..

but there's 1 positive thing about my DVD... subtitles were extremely wrong...first 10 minutes it was fun then after 15 minutes it was annoying and after 20 minutes i turned subtitles off.

a real pearl for my B-category crap movies collection.
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The Predator's cheap cousin.
DigitalRevenantX72 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Plot Synopsis: A group of teenagers are being driven home from a losing football game by their assistant principal when their van breaks down in a rough part of town. Looking for help, they come across Reicher, a blind man who claims to be a hunter & collector. Reicher, as it turns out, is actually an alien who has come to Earth in order to continue hunting other life forms as some kind of game. The teenagers try to escape, but find themselves sealed in by a force field that covers a few blocks. Reicher unleashes his hunting tool, the Star Hunter, an armoured robot. Faced with overwhelming odds, the teenagers attempt to fight back.

Film Review: In 1924, Richard Connell wrote a short story called The Most Dangerous Game, which was about a man who was forced to rely on his bare hands & wits while being hunted across an island by a Russian aristocrat who considered hunting humans as the ultimate thrill. The story has since been filmed a large number of times, beginning in 1932. Star Hunter, a cheap science fiction / horror hybrid made in the mid-1990s, takes the story & transplants it into a sci-fi setting (although that was already done by the much superior PREDATOR eight years earlier).

Unlike Predator, which was a combination of The Most Dangerous Game & the classic poem Beowulf, Star Hunter has clearly been construed as a cheap genre flick. The script does have some good ideas, most notable being Roddy McDowall's blind alien who has a collection of human heads in his hideout, as well as a robot which hunts by sensing movement. For a low-budget genre film, Star Hunter is awfully ambitious.

But while it has the occasional good idea, the film suffers from a script that has been written by amateurs. There is no reason why a blind person should take up hunting (the alien's 'blindness' is also suspect since we see him pressing buttons on a hand-held communicator), even an alien (although he could be like the Daredevil). There are plenty of flatly staged shootouts & some painfully poor acting – Roddy McDowall plays his villain's role with as much campiness as he can muster. The robot, when it appears, looks cheap & has only a shotgun for a weapon (the script tries to pass this inadequacy off, by having the alien preferring the native weapons of its prey for a real challenge). There is some comic relief with a pair of cops who are drawn into the game, something that has obviously been inserted into the film to pad out its running time, as well as a couple of scenes involving the parents of one of the teenagers.

As for the action scenes, Star Hunter drops the ball by having the shootouts poorly staged – how can a blind robot use a shotgun? The creature also has a weakness that seems like lazy writing – surely the robot's regeneration system ought to be placed in the robot's body? The film makes a mistake by killing off Zach Ward's stoner – although it makes up for this by having Ward possessed by an alien.

Prolific genre director Fred Olen Ray has had a hand in making this film, using the pseudonym "Sherman Scott" for his work in finishing the production.
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Less than 1 star
onefuncapt-5-63986323 March 2011
The only reason I gave this movie 1 star is because I couldn't give it any less. An absolute, total waste of time. The special effects were extremely cheesy (flashing lights on the screen for no apparent reason), the acting was horrible (the kids I could understand, but when Roddy McDowell acts "down" to a movie like this, it was really sad to see), the aliens were a total rip-off of Predator (and a bad one at that), the "tracker" was a ridiculous rip-off of the Star Wars Stormtroopers. Stella Stevens looked pretty good but her part was hard to watch as well. It looked as if the entire film was filmed by an eighth grader with a 20 pound shoulder held video camera from the 80's. I usually like anything science fiction, but this was beyond anything I could stomach.
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