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Kind of fun
preppy-39 January 2005
Some scientists working for the government tamper with a DNA sequence they got from a message from outer space. The subject turns into a little girl with amazing superhuman powers. She escapes and turns into a beautiful woman (Natasha Herstridge) who wants to mate and produce others like her. A team led by a head scientist (Ben Kingsley!) try to track her down.

OK--it's kind of silly but this moves quickly and is well-done. There are many excellent, if gruesome, special effects and the SIL creature at the end is truly astounding. The script is good (considering) and it actually makes sense...if you don't think about it too much.

Acting varies--Kingsley is TERRIBLE in his role. Michael Madsen is pretty good as part of the team as are Marg Helgenberger and (especially) Forest Whitaker. Herstridge is certainly beautiful but can't act--but the role doesn't call for acting.

I'm giving it an 8. It's no classic but it moves quickly and I was never bored.
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Natasha Henstridge Was Perfectly Cast
Uriah4328 April 2015
Using information received from an extra-terrestrial radio transmission, scientists on earth are able to reconstruct alien DNA and then inject it into a human egg in accordance with the instructions from their source. The scientists are then shocked by the rapid rate of growth from the humanoid creature and fearing that they may have rushed too quickly into this experiment decide to destroy the young female before it can mature. Unfortunately, she escapes and within just a matter of days has attained full adulthood. It is at this point that the scientists realize that they have created a true monster with little concern about destroying anyone who gets in her way. They also discover that she wants to mate. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie and risk spoiling it for those who haven't seen it I will just say that Natasha Henstridge was perfectly cast as the beautiful but psychopathic creature named "Sil". I also liked the performance of Forest Whitaker (who played the empath by the name of "Dan Smithson") and Marg Helgenberger (as the micro-biologist named "Dr. Laura Baker"). In any case, I thought this was a pretty good Sci-Fi/Horror film and I have rated it accordingly. Above average.
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Kind of cool and pleasant.....
gridoon29 September 2001
"Species" has a hopelessly derivative premise that makes it a completely unnecessary view for anyone who has ever seen "Alien" or "The Predator" (or their sequels), but it does have some things going for it. To be short and specific: Natasha Henstridge is dreamily, extraordinarily beautiful; the rest of the cast is distinguished, with a very cool Michael Madsen stealing the show; the special effects are convincingly yucky; and the pacing is fast and unrelenting, with the "search-and-destroy" team being always only one step behind the pursued alien "monster". A forgettable film, but not nearly as bad as many reviews have suggested. (**)
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Silly, trashy, but fun b-grade exploitation. If you loved 'Lifeforce' you'll enjoy 'Species'.
Infofreak19 April 2004
Is 'Species' a groundbreaking, visionary SF movie? No, of course not. Is it silly, trashy, but FUN b-grade exploitation SF in the tradition of Tobe Hooper's 'Lifeforce'? You bet! It isn't quite as entertaining as 'Lifeforce', the original naked space chick movie, but it's a still pretty good way to waste an hour and a half of your life. Why it gets slammed so much is beyond me. Maybe people just don't have a sense of humour. The opening of the movie is terrific. In a lab we see a cold scientist (Ben Kingsley) overseeing the murder of a young girl (Michelle Williams), imprisoned in a glass case. Only she escapes by showing some super human strength. She is immediately pursued by dozens of soldiers, but manages to elude them. We then learn she is in fact a genetic experiment, a mixing of extraterrestrial and human DNA. Kingsley heads up a task force consisting of Michael Madsen, Alfred Molina, Marg Helgenberger and Forest Whitaker, each a specialist in a different field. Pretty soon our alien fugitive mutates into a gorgeous blonde (Natasha Henstridge), who spends most of her time topless. Kingsley and company face a race against time, they must capture the horny alien girl before she screws guys to death(?) or something... Who knows. Henstridge is great to look at and the above average cast give it their best shot with the lame dialogue and cliched scenes. Whitaker's empath character quickly irritates with his constant stating the bleedin' obvious, but I always get a kick out of watching Madsen, here in stereotypical tough guy mode. 'Species' is big dumb fun.
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Sexy B-movie thriller, great fun!
The_Void10 July 2006
Species is like a meeting between an amateur low budget film, and a big budget horror movie. On the one hand; the film has a great cast and is professionally produced, but on the other - the special effects wouldn't have looked out of place in an eighties film, and the plot concentrates mostly on its sleazy and often silly by-products. That being said, however, the movie is lots of fun; and overall I wouldn't hesitate to call it one of the best horror films of the nineties. The film takes obvious influence from a range of similar films, such as Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce and Jack Sholder's 'The Hidden', but it brings all of it's elements together well and somehow manages to feel fresh and inventive. The plot is pure hokum, but it works well; as alien-human crossover 'Sil' escapes from a testing lab with a team of professionals, comprising a psychic, an action hero, a woman etc, on her tail. Sil's ultimate goal is to reproduce, and to complete that aim she must find a man. So basically, what we have here is a sexy, horny, naked chick being chased around before she can have sex with someone. Sounds good to me...

I'm not quite sure how director Roger Donaldson managed it, but he's managed to get quite a few names to appear in his film; and most of them do well with their roles. Despite the fact that she probably isn't really, Natasha Henstridge looks clean and pure in the lead role; and this both ensures that she looks the part, and the film is great in that it carries off the juxtaposition of having a sweet-looking virginal woman act like a prostitute. Ben Kingsley is the biggest cast surprise, as the former Ghandi actor looks slightly out of place in a B-movie like this. Michael Madsen is absolutely great in his typecast action hero role and the cast is completed by a memorable performance from Alfred Molina, and a rather annoying one from Forest Whitaker. Marg Helgenberger fails to make much of an impression as Madsen's love interest. The two plots that run concurrently are played out well, and climax nicely. The special effects are key in a film like this, and even though they're cheap throughout - they do look fairly realistic. It's not until we get to the end and the director decides to spoil it with some abysmal CGI that the effects become a problem. But even so, Species takes its plot well and isn't too serious, and I've got to rate this as a really fun flick overall.
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Alien in a pretty package
SnoopyStyle26 April 2015
In 1993, SETI program receives a transmission documenting how to splice alien DNA with human DNA. Xavier Fitch (Ben Kingsley) leads a secret government project to do just that. They created Sil (Michelle Williams). Her growth is extremely rapid. When Fitch tries to destroy her, she escapes. She metamorphoses into a grow woman (Natasha Henstridge). She learns quickly in a world she doesn't know. Fitch gathers a diverse team to find and kill the potentially dangerous creature. Dr. Stephen Arden (Alfred Molina) is an anthropologist. Dr. Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger) is a molecular biologist. Dan Smithson (Forest Whitaker) is an empath and Preston Lennox (Michael Madsen) is the mercenary.

There is enough backstory to justify it. I really like the idea that she's interstellar weed to kill off humanity. It's Alien in a pretty package. Alien is one of my favorite movie and I certainly don't mind the pretty package. Natasha Henstridge is a little more than simply pretty. She shows both wide-eyed innocence and a bit of murderous spark. The empath is ridiculous but I still like the hunt and the thrills.
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Not just a ha-wt body...
johndog-125 June 2011
Species, for its time, was an extremely well executed Sci-Fi Thriller, with action packed WoW-in special effects work. It is extremely underrated as most people's first recollection was that they were taken aback at how much skin Henstridge's shows throughout the movie. I mean, c'Mon... she's a horny alien, trying to propagate, for chrissake... and yes, your husband was thinking about alien sex later that night with you, ladies.

Okay, I'm losing my train of thought, let alone my focus...; This is what most people do when you bring up this movie, most viewers soon forget how awesome, by definition of the term... that the movie really is, and therefore, it's NOT just some trashy R-rated B-movie, like so many were from the mid '80s to the early '90s.

The story balance is very well kept from beginning, with solid character development... throughout the crazy plot, to the climax, and quickly to a unexpected, yet fitting finale. Natasha played the role to a "T", with her almost, perfect appearance, and bright, and justly glowing & huge green, also already (alien-ish), eyes.

Action scenes, and special effects are top notch, as is standard execution by Steve Johnson, who created costumes, robotic structures, prosthetics and effects for this and a cache of blockbusters like Spider-Man 2 (Easily arguable as the pinnacle of the trio), War of the Worlds, the 1989 classic - The Abyss... and definitely not to be unlisted here, Pet Semetary II, the best one in my opinion, and a personal favorite scary thriller of this reviewer. Sorry for the TLDR; run-on movie-geek splashing there.

Check out those Green eyes: http://tinyurl.com/6hntl7q

Overall, Species follows the winning recipe for great Sci-Fi Action Thriller, by combining great complimentary casting in Kingsley, Whitaker, and Molina, oh, and Micheal Madsen... shoot! That's a Sci-Fi cast, what? Something must've smelled good, right! :oD

The acting and follow-through by scriptwriters from story-2-screen, showed balance... extremely important for movies of this genre. It also stands up to the test of time, which for many of these Special FX Blockbusters, expected to explode all over the tail-bone of a 3-day weekend release for maximum payoff and publicity, it usually does NOT hold true. I'm gonna watch this right now! AND, I want you to watch it again for the 3rd time, but you need to pay for it; you can even watch it on Amazon... see the free preview on IMDb first and get your mouth watering for "'Ol Green-Eyes gonna get ya!" - Sir SmokeAlot.

Reruns on FX while cooking dinner for the kids doesn't count. Get your Netflix, OnDemand, Hulu, Meebo, Boxee, Apple Video, Torrent, Direct Download, or Newsbin on ASAP on a cold dark 'n scary night. Don't get raped by a ha-wt-bodied alien sex machine!
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Worth the watch
osnelgro5 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Now I'm not a big Sci Fi buff but species wasn't to bad, it mainly focused on the story of how some alien woman was trying to mate on planet earth and of scientists were trying to stop her. It is just your average story but it was fairly entertaining and suspenseful.

Species is fairly gory and at times is quiet frightening but it all adds to the entertainment of this horrific Sci Fi. At first the audience does believe that the alien means absolutely no harm but as the story goes along you discover that if the deadly alien is not caught then it could very well mean the end of humanity forever, this frighten's the audience and makes you more eager for the crew of scientists to catch the alien before it mates.

In conclusion, 'Species' is at times entertaining and suspenseful but there seems like there is noway to catch the alien after a while which frustrates you.
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Fun and entertaining low-brow movie!
craigh014 June 2017
Not all movies have to be intense and hard to figure out. Sometimes they can just be fun, and this one is.

You have to suspend disbelief on a few technical scientific things, such as sending a message from SETI into outer space, remember that radio waves travel at the speed of light, and the nearest star to use is 4.3 light years away. So at BEST it would take 8 years to send/receive a message, but most stars in our galaxy are 50,000 light years away or so, so the message to one of those would take 100,000 years to send/receive.

Then we can't create DNA of a human, how are we going to create the DNA of an Alien species from scratch given just the data about it? But don't worry about those details, just have fun with it, watch the pretty little half-alien girl kill with much gore.. And the team of experts they send to catch the now fully-grown woman/alien is kind of fun too. Very cliché characters, but still fun.

I like the deep, hard-to-understand movies as well, but this one kept me entertained all the way through. Not the greatest movie ever made but not boring either. A fun B-movie type science fiction/horror movie, but with good actors.

I'm giving it an 8, which to me means, "liked it", whereas a 6 to me would mean "it was OK". It was more than OK so I give it an 8.
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One of the Best Sci-Fis of the 90's
claudio_carvalho22 November 2007
For thirty years, powerful telescopes have been scanning the space searching from signal of alien civilization. In 1974, the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) team sends a message to the space with the human DNA, map of our solar system and other information. In return, they receive two messages: the first one, with a catalyst for methane; the second, a detailed alien DNA together with instructions to join it with human DNA. The result of the experiment is the deadly creature Sil. When Dr. Xavier Fitch (Ben Kingsley), who is leading the research, decides to terminate the experiment, the girl Sil (Michelle Williams) escapes to Los Angeles. Dr. Fitch joins the mercenary Preston Lennox (Michael Madsen); the anthropologist Dr. Stephen Arden (Alfred Molina); the scientist Dr. Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger); and the empathic Dan Smithson (Forest Whitaker) to chase Sil (Natasha Henstridge). Sooner they discover that the predator Sil has grown-up and became a beautiful woman, trying to copulate to generate an offspring.

"Species" is one of the best sci-fis of the 90's. Full of action, sexy and with a great cast, this film introduces the stunning Natasha Henstridge, one of the most gorgeous and sexy actresses of Hollywood ever. Her debut could not be better, and together with the cult Michael Madsen, they make this pleasant movie work. The story recalls those B-movies from the 50's, but spiced with erotic and very sexy scenes. I have just watched this movie for the fourth time, and I do not get tired to this attractive story. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Experiência" ("The Experience")
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It's already a cult-classic.
Boba_Fett113826 May 2008
For some reason I've always loved watching "Species", even though I very well realize that it isn't a particularly good movie. Still due to its approach and handling of a really unoriginal concept and story, the movie can be regarded as one of the best science-fiction movies from the '90's.

If you need to compare this movie to something, you can easily compare it to any of the "Alien"-movies. Of course over the years "Alien" and its sequel "Aliens" have been ripped-off countless times and film-makers often tried to cash in by making basically "Alien" and "Aliens" clones, using the same concept, settings, characters, locations, complete sequences and whatever more that it was that made these two science-fiction movies such an highly acclaimed success. Yes, in my opinion "Species" can definitely be seen as an "Alien" clone but out of all the movies that ever tried to rip off the "Alien" movies in any way possible, this is easily the best movie, that at times even makes you forget how unoriginal it actually truly is.

Also no big wonder that the movie should remind you of "Alien" at times, also since the alien in this movie got designed by the same man who designed the original alien for "Alien" and all of its sequels. So perhaps this is also part of the reason why you so easily can forgive this movie from ripping off "Alien" in parts.

It's a surprising movie from Roger Donaldson, who had never done any science-fiction or horror before and he also hasn't done any ever since. Donaldson is these days mostly known for directing more serious movies.

It's perhaps its horror that also makes this movie work out so well. The movie is not just a science-fiction movie about an alien on the loose but truly knows to create a dark moody atmosphere as well and puts in a couple of true great and effective horror moments, which makes the movie tense and in a way also unpredictable to watch, also since the movie is not too afraid to kill off its main characters.

There is also some gore in the movie that is good looking, with its often graphic killings. Also the make-up effects are great and the movie uses some early special effects, that especially for 1995 standards seem like pretty good ones, even though the movie itself somewhat feels and looks like a low budget production.

The movie makes a choice not to only follow the team that is called in to hunt down the alien but also shows things from the perspective of the alien herself. She's constantly learning things, which she uses to adapt and blend in and to eventually get what she wants. This approach gives "Species" a nice extra dimension. It's like "The Day the Earth Stood Still", only with a not so friendly alien.

The movie also has an amazing cast with actors such as Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Alfred Molina, Forest Whitaker and Michelle Williams involved. Whenever I hear the name- or a thinking of Ben Kingsley, I'm not thinking about "Schindler's List" or "Ghandi" but I'm thinking about "Species". I don't now, I just find it to be a very amusing role by him, despite the fact that he plays his character totally death serious.

I love this movie!


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Severely underrated
bsonnenm6 March 2015
Dennis Feldman's 'Species' is a severely underrated science fiction film from the 90s. The film touches on many themes, including the meaning of life, human desires, specifically procreation, human interaction, kindness/empathy, selfishness, fear, manipulation, intuition, following orders. It does so in a way that is mostly sublime enough that it comes across as genuine. For example there is a fairly believable romance buried in there underneath layers of alien slime. The dialog is mostly well written and to the point, the actors are great and there's lots of attention to detail. Combine that with some great and grotesque visuals, courtesy of the late Hans Ruedi Giger and some Cronenbergian body horror and you're in for a fascinating ride through Los Angeles.

The dialog doesn't always work, like when they're trying to track her down and are quickly jumping to conclusions about things that the audience already knows. Scenes vary in quality, some feel a bit rushed. While the effects are mostly excellent there are some subpar ones, too.

Overall I highly recommend it if you can get something out of sci-fi horror.
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Amusing Alien Sleaze
Squonkamatic15 August 2009
Let's face it, SPECIES is a B movie with an A list cast & production design to match. It's a deceptive entertainment that finally shows it's hand during the boring, silly showdown in the sewer level from Quake II where you have to find the red key & beat the boss monster without the quad damage. I'd always drown before I could find the biosuit. Why this was never made into an adults oriented video game is beyond me, other than the obvious problem with marketing it to teenagers.

The whole SPECIES franchise was meant to cash in on the success of the ALIEN films, obviously, and go straight for the amniotic fluid in the reproductive cycle at the expense of logic, probability, and science. It's probably a better movie than it had to be and I'm sure that multiple viewings will bring out more nuances, though that's probably not the idea they had in mind when making it. Once will suffice for most viewers.

I enjoyed seeing Natasha Henstridge naked, however, and the H.R. Giger creature designs are fabulous as always. In fact I wondered, is the whole film really a contrivance just to get to see Giger's aliens mating with humans? Why yes, it probably is. And for some people that's enough to warrant watching it regardless of whom the lead body actress is. Giger's designs were sexually suggestive to begin with and with this movie he finally got to see them doing the nasty. I trust he was well paid.

In any event it's a wildly popular film for reasons that have nothing to do with the professionalism of the cast & crew. Which by the way someone should have told them before prodding us with their serious, emotive performances that serve as buffer zones between the sex & ooze scenes. Only Michael Madsen seems to be aware that it was essentially an exploitation film and acts accordingly. He's spoken of his pride in the work and it shows, especially when considering that he turned up for SPECIES 2 with it's bonus deathmatch levels and Capture The Flag mod.

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Wiping out the "galactic weed"
Wuchakk5 November 2015
Released in 1995, "Species" chronicles events after SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) receives a transmission from outer space detailing alien DNA structure, along with instructions on how to splice it with human DNA. This gives birth to Sil, a girl (Michele Williams) who escapes and rapidly grows into a statuesque blond obsessed with mating (Natasha Henstridge). Government agent Xavier Fitch (Ben Kingsley) assembles a team to locate and destroy Sil before she finds a mate and breeds. The team includes a tough mercenary (Michael Madsen), an anthropologist (Alfred Molina), a molecular biologist (Marg Helgenberger) and an empath (Forest Whitaker).

I saw "Species" years ago and, for some reason, developed an eye-rolling attitude toward it; maybe it was due to Roger Ebert's negative review, I don't know. In any case, I'm glad I gave it a fresh viewing because this is a top-of-the-line sci-fi/adventure/horror flick. People look down on it because of the nudity and mild sex scenes, which prompts them to disdain it as exploitive and trashy. While Natasha Henstridge is a good-lookin' woman, she doesn't do anything for me (I prefer shorter, rounder women) so I was able to totally overlook this element and focus on the film's other attributes.

For one, the score by Christopher Young is excellent. Secondly, the A-list cast is a highlight and their characters are increasingly fleshed-out in the story. Lastly, while people understandably write-off the movie as a Grade B plot with Grade A production, there's more here than meets the eye. For instance, Sil is the innocent pawn of the extraterrestrials who sent the DNA (more on this below). Another example is the excellent character of Dan (Whitaker) whom whiners complain about as "always pointing out the obvious" when the movie shows over and over that he DOES know things the others don't and they ignore him to their own peril. Dan is necessary so that the team knows what direction the creature takes on repeated occasions; without Dan we'd see them pursue one boring dead-end after another.

While snobby film critics love to hate "Species" it's a thoroughly entertaining sci-fi adventure with an interesting moral and a great cast of characters. If you like films like "Alien," "Aliens," "Terminator," "Terminator 2" and "Predator" you'll probably appreciate it. It may not be as good as "Aliens," "Terminator" and "Terminator 2," but it's on par with "Alien" (and marginally better IMHO) and superior to "Predator." Then again, it depends on what you want in a sci-fi blockbuster. As far as I'm concerned, "Species" delivers the goods.

The film runs 108 minutes and was shot in the areas of Los Angeles and Brigham City, Utah.


***SPOILER ALERT*** (Don't read further unless you've seen the movie)

The theory is postulated by the mercenary and biologist that the alien DNA was sent as a biological weapon, a "weed killer" from outer space to wipe out the galactic weed of earth or, more accurately, the human race that inhabits it. It's a fascinating concept and the film compellingly realizes it.
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Not as original as you may think!
uds329 September 2002
Admittedly you would either need to be 50 plus with a good memory, or to be a well-versed student of older sci-fi but in 1961 Miss Julie Christie made her screen debut in the British TV Sci-fi serial A FOR ANDROMEDA. The plot? Signals are received from deep-space seemingly the blue-print for the creation of human life. Scientists of course find the opportunity way too tempting and before you can say "Told you that was a dumb move!" we have a genetically engineered, rather stunning young blonde walking around the lab, causing all sorts of political and scientific unrest.....sound familiar?

Yep, SPECIES was a total conceptual rip-off and to my knowledge, either no-one has ever noticed the fact OR has failed to put such view into print. Certainly not a solitary film critic worldwide that I read at the time was aware of the fact! That said, SPECIES wasn't a total flopperoo although Ben Kingsley looked majorly uncomfortable, if not stunned for the greater part of the flick, as the head science honcho really wanting his creation (the delectable and statuesque Miss Henstridge) dead on sight....a task he bequeathes to Mr Madsen who always enjoys work of this sort!

Never really scales the heights. Neither a major gore-fest or a jaw-dropping ALIEN-wannabe. It labors on beneath its own mediocrity and when it finally finishes, about the only emotion left to the viewer is.."Hmmmmm, OK, now I've seen SPECIES....what's for dinner?" Compared to its sequel however, it remains a rare masterpiece!
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Not bad
Kingslaay9 May 2017
Species has a somewhat decent plot and primal fun. A lot of the allure is the beautiful and seductive Natasha Henstridge and her primal goal of becoming impregnated to conceive. This sees her have relations with a number of married man which can be satisfying but watching them die after the encounter was even more satisfying.

The plot and hunt for this alien is interesting and manages to capture the attention throughout. As a child we see her different, unusual but still dangerous. Her intentions and dangerous consequences juxtapose nicely with her radiant beauty. This makes her dangerous and harder to kill.

If you want an interesting flick which is easy to follow and contains some good primal action then Species is recommended.
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Not all that bad!
DomNickson84313 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked how they got the female as the main villain of this film. I also really enjoyed most of the acting. The only person that had no point in being in this film was the worst actor ever, Forest Whitaker! He had absolutely no point in this film! He should of got killed I think because otherwise his character had no meaning at all being in this film! There's this one scene he says, "She walked over there!" Then I said, "No duh you stupid idiot!" My god I don't know how he ever got in the acting business because he is the dullest and worst actor I have ever seen in my life! I hope to never see him in a film ever again because he really destroyed the film for me. I liked everybody else though because they all were very believable scientific characters. It's a 7 out of 10 due to all the violence that happened all because a female alien just wants to have kids.
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Cliche science fiction with confused messages
Alan One18 October 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Species follows a team of scientists and killers in their attempt to capture a home-grown alien. Most of the time the alien, called Sil, looks identical to a regular human woman (well, okay, a regular supermodel), making her a difficult target to locate. The team is concerned that Sil is out to breed, and they're main goal is to stop her before she does.

One of the members of the team, Dan (Forest Whitaker), is an empath who "feels things deeply." He provides intuitive commentary on what Sil is up to and why. His presence creates the impression that there is more to this alien than breeding and destroying humans, and that there is more to this movie than finding the alien and blowing her away. But, as we find out when the credits start rolling, the alien really has been only interested in breeding and destroying humans, and the movie was really only about finding the alien and blowing her away. A movie doesn't have to be about more than that, but it shouldn't pretend to be something it's not.

I guess the biggest conceit of this movie is that someone who looks like Natasha Henstridge could wander around L.A. for a week without finding someone to have sex with. She eventually hooks up with one of the team members (Alfred Molina), pushing credulity even further: so, the team has been looking for a beautiful woman who supposedly acts like a nymphomaniac because she needs to breed, and some stranger shows up in my hotel room and starts removing her clothing. Am I the only one who hears alarms going off at this point?

Species also contains what must be the grand-daddy of all science fiction cliches: the overnight transformation of a child alien into an adult alien. This trait is so advantageous (especially to the plots of poorly-written science fiction movies), you wonder why humans didn't develop it eons ago.
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Ultimate bloke film
hellholehorror1 October 2017
This is the ultimate bloke film bar none. Well except maybe Predator (1987). I love the way that this is full of topless women, violence and aliens. Absolutely perfect. Here, take a handy hint: fill your belly with beer and then almost pass-out from the awe that is generated from every second of this killer alien-human-hybrid movie. I never get tired of watching Natasha Henstridge as an alien. Never ever.
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Seductively, sinisterly clever and deadly!
GOWBTW18 February 2005
This movie puts the "S" SULTRY, SINISTER, SLY, and SEDUCTIVE! And don't forget, "Species". Playing with mother nature is always one thing, but playing God is more severe. When you work with with a doctor who tries to make the perfect person, the consequences comes in at a price. The cast of the movie were great, but the main focus is on the ever sultry Natasha Henstridge. After all the stages Sil went through, being the beautiful blonde she is, she wouldn't have any trouble find a mate right? After buying the clothes and finding a club, she would find someone, after she kills one woman in the ladies' room, then removes her sweater out in the open virtually shameless. I'll have a hard time waking up. Knowing she's a fast healer and a master of changes, she can give the law a slip just in a snap! The other made this movie worth its while, Ben Kingsley, Marg Helgenberger(China Beach, CSI!), Alfred Molina, and most of all Forest Whitaker. The Empath who remains alert for all his teammates, except for Dr. Arden who fell for Sil seductive trap, who not only impregnated her, found out too late it was her! It was a very intense movie and the plot was great all the way I wouldn't ask for anything else, except it's a HUGE keeper in the video/DVD library. Rating 3 out of 5 stars.
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why such a low IMDb rating?
LinkGoku1 August 2010
i remember when i was younger and my parents had the VHS of this movie and i was always asking them if i could watch it but they said i was to young, i instead watched the copped up version on TV, now recently i found this on DVD and i decided to buy it, i watched it again, and i realized that this movie was brilliant, especially for saying that it was made fifteen years ago.

Michael Madsen and Marg Helgenberger play a convincing couple, Forest Whitaker deserves an Oscar, Alfred Molina does very well for his small but somewhat funny role, Ben Kingsley does great as a crochity old fart, and new comer Natasha Henstridge is/does beautiful(y) as the "Species." I here a lot of people put this movie down because they think that its just filled with sex and nudity, but really if you think about it its reasonable, thats SID's mission in the movie.

also the special effects are astonishing for fifteen years ago, though sadly i feel it's just a matter of time until they remake this gem of a film.

i give SPECIES a 10/10 because i cant think of anything that i didn't like about this movie.
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Great Thriller
springsunnywinter16 April 2007
Finally a decent sci-fi movie this is the only film I liked with an alien in it. Most of them are all rubbish e.g. Alien part 1-4 and ET a lot of people liked them but I didn't. I was beginning to dislike having aliens in films but not after watching Species. Natasha Henstridge acting was terrific for her first film she was the best. It has a really good story-line about a half woman half alien Sil who is more intelligent than beautiful seeking unsuspecting males to mate and spawn more species to destroy mankind. The whole movie is charged with pulse-pounding suspense, ingenious special effects and riveting performances from a first-rate cast. Definitely the one of the best sci-fi movie ever! The sequels are OK but the first one is the best out of all three of them.
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"You Created A Monster, Now You Want Us To Kill It!"
gwnightscream10 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Ben Kingsley, Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Marg Helgenberger Alfred Molina and Forest Whitaker star in this 1995 sci-fi film. Kingsley (Gandhi) plays scientist, Xavier Fitch who creates a deadly, alien-human hybrid, Sil (Michelle Williams). Soon, she escapes and he recruits a team of experts, Laura Baker (Helgenberger), a molecular biologist, Stephen Arden (Molina), an anthropologist, Dan Smithson (Whitaker), an empath and Preston Lennox (Madsen), a mercenary to hunt her before she tries to reproduce. Henstridge plays the adult Sil and this is her debut film. This is a good sci-fi flick featuring a great cast, neat effects and great score by Christopher young as usual. I recommend this.
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Enjoyably Scary Sci-Fi/Action/Horror Yarn Of Escaped Alien Seeking A Mate
ShootingShark2 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A secret US government lab receives a transmission from space of a coded DNA strand and grows a female alien, which it names Sil. Sil's growth rate is fantastic, and when the nervous eggheads try to terminate her, she escapes and makes it to Los Angeles. A team comprising the head boffin, an assassin, an empath, a biologist and an anthropologist are scrambled to track her down before she can reproduce …

I really like this movie, but then I'm a sucker for this type of material - it's got mystery, action, clandestine operations, sex, scares, gruesome special effects, intriguing characters and most important of all, a terrific and quite original monster. It may be an Alien knock-off but it has more than enough variety in its premise and depth to the people to justify itself. Sil is a fascinating protagonist as she is forced into a desperate situation, must use all her predatory instincts to survive but also has to confront who she is and the point of her existence. Henstridge is terrific in her debut role, wisely keeping Sil's dialogue pared down but still exploiting the pathos of her monster, not to mention handling the frequent nudity and action scenes with aplomb. The team of experts are a great bunch of character actors, with Madsen the quintessential tough guy, Molina a great comic foil who meets a gleefully sticky end, and best of all Whitaker in another great twitchy oddball part as the guy who can sense people's feelings. I must admit I think this film has a liability though, and it's the third act. For ninety minutes it moves admirably fast, setting up and exploring the story and the character dynamics without any chaff and moving logically on with the chase. The finale though, as our heroes hunt an impregnated Sil through a gloomy sewer system with guns and flamethrowers and all decide to wander off in different directions is much too familiar from every other such picture, starting with Them! forty years earlier. Donaldson's touch slips a little here and this sequence lacks focus and suspense, so for me the movie fizzles out a little. Nevertheless, it's still great science-fiction / action fun, with brilliant special effects by Richard Edlund and Steve Johnson, and horror music fans should savour another fantastic choral string score by Christopher Young. Extremely well scripted by Dennis Feldman, who also wrote The Golden Child and the delightfully crazy Real Men. Whilst not in the top drawer of alien monster movies this is a fun flick, and would make a great double-bill with Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce, which also features a sexy young woman out to destroy the world.
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Interesting idea, weak story
ro-244 September 2000
Watched this movie on video, and I found it entertaining. 5 years after its release, the genetic engineering is even more scary as humanity has now (year 2000) discovered properties of the DNA that makes the movie more believable in the beginning. The monster's resemblance to the monsters in the "Alien" movies is striking, although more human in design (Giger).

The storyline is weak, but it still is an entertaining movie. I don't think this movie appeals to the viewers intellect. It is a cross-breed (as is the monster in the movie) and draws on elements from Sci-Fi, splatter-movies, thrillers and soft porn movies.

The special effects are not as impressive anymore, and is where the movie shows its age. Although the end is almost a pure "Alien" rip-off, it fails to provide the suspence of the "Alien" movie. The cliffhanger-rat at the end is a little funny, but contributes to the impression of a weak script with intellectually cheap solutions.

All in all an entertaining, almost-no-brainer movie based on a very interesting idea.
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