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How DARE this show be given 3 stars out of 10??
CaughtInTheAct9 May 2006
I am at a lost for words at how ONE vote of ONE can bring down the rating on this show so much! I've seen how many people absolutely adore this show, and I'm one of them. The show definitely deserves a better rating and definitely a better glance. I've watched this show for about 11 years now (I'm 17 now), and I'm still absolutely attached. Of course when I first watched, it was the DiC English dubbed version. Curiosity got the better of me though, and to this date I've seen 85% of the Japanese episodes. It's really a shame how this show was butchered when it was dubbed, and how so many people still dismiss this show as a "kid's show". Sailor Moon is so much more though. It's relatable in a lot of ways, like self consciousness and relationship problems, and it covers a lot of issues, such as homosexuality, sexuality in general, violence, etc. there's even swearing for goodness sake. I wouldn't really consider those "kid's show qualities".

Not only is it relatable though, it's got so many positive ends. It's HILARIOUS (EVERY character has their moment), the dialogue is great, it's absolutely touching at points, and it's just incredibly feel good.

And in my most humble opinion, the characters are so easy to love and relate to. You've got the hugest klutz with a heart of gold, Usagi. You've Ami, the genius with a sweet disposition. You've got Rei, a firey but sincere friend. You've got Mako-chan, the tough-on-the-outside-but-feminine tomboy. You've got Minako, the loyal but ditzy soldier. Mamoru, who is Tuxedo Mask, absolutely HOT. Then you've got the talking cats, Luna and Artemis. And those are the very main characters.

What I also love about Sailor Moon is how unique it is, and how it doesn't exactly follow a specific formula like a lot of other shows do. It seems simple, girl with magic powers kills monsters and saves the day. It's got a million subplots though that make you want to keep watching. And every season is a new villain, so you don't get bored, and it can also suit whatever mood you're in.

And also, it doesn't hurt that the music is dead on catchy. I've had some of the transformation music stuck in my head for days. And wow, I've just been going on for a very long time haven't I? I guess that's my review then.

Sailor Moon IS an AMAZING show, so before all you Sailor Moon haters who've only ever seen the dub version of Sailor Moon give this show a rating out of one (*COUGH*), I recommend that you watch it a bit of it in Japanese first, and then come back and vote. You might change your mind. ;) If not, then well, hopefully it'll still be higher than a one. ;) I've turned some of my friends over when they watched it in Japanese. :P

So yeah, Sailor Moon is an AMAZING, HILARIOUS and ADDICTIVE show. Honestly don't miss out on it, and don't judge is so quickly. You might love it if you gave it a chance. ;)

Definitely 10/10.
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A certified classic in my eyes
xcal26 February 2006
When i think back on what got me into Anime i instantly think of Sailor Moon. I've been watching Anime now for 12 years now and i would have never known about it,if it wasn't for this show. The characters are lovable and enjoyable. I like the main character, Serena because almost in ever anime the characters are self righteous or arrogant but Serena was Goofy and a klutz and i fell in love with the character just for those things. The comedy was well balanced out and the show had some pretty funny moments! The comedy was added to balance out the drama and romance and it worked well. That brings me to the romance...i just got to say this show has some of the best hook ups and heart breaks EVER! The action was great! I loved how as time passed the characters got better and learned more and more about they're hidden past and where they came from. I also liked how the show let you get to know the villains unlike most shows where the villain is there just to further the plot by telling his plans or attacking the hero of the story! Sailor Moon really let you get the chance to know who the enemy really is! In short Sailor Moon is a certified classic and a personal favorite of mine.
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There's something about Sailor Moon...
IkuharaKunihiko28 February 2005
"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" was a hugely popular anime based on the Manga by Naoko Takeuchi. It's 200 episodes are a hermetic fantasy that many don't like and never will. But I like it and I can't help myself!

I remember how it was the first time I saw it. I was in trans, completely overwhelmed by its magic. I loved all characters, especially the clumsy Minako and Usagi, whom are sometimes almost acting as twins. There was one very funny episode in which Usagi and Makoto were both in love with Motoki but Makoto found out that he already has a girlfriend, Reika. But Usagi didn't know that and started asking Makoto questions: "You look so sad! Do you need an advice in love?"-"Yes."-"Tell me whom have you fallen in love with?"-"...with...Motoki."-"Noooooo!( Scene of Usagi falling into a dark pit)"-"Calm down! I thought you liked Tuxedo Kamen!"-"...well, I like them both!"-"Unfortunately, Motoki already has a girlfriend."-"...He has?! That must!"-"NO!!!!Its Reika!" The thing that everyone is complaining the most are the demons. Many regard them as a completely abstract thing in this other vise realistic drama/comedy about adolescence . But you can also make that complain for "Shin Seiki Evangelion's" angels that Shinji is fighting against. You just have to regard them as a metaphor, maybe as a symbol for Usagi's low self esteem. That's why the more demons she beats, the more mature she gets. Also, they sometimes work like a Greek chorus, progressing the story and changing Usagi from a clumsy child to a grown and mature woman.


Some episodes are hilarious. For example, the 5 girls are fighting over who should play Snow White in a stage show. Makoto, whom has the biggest breast, just simply brags with them and says "I should get that role. I have the biggest...talents." In another episode in season 4, Minako is trying to seduce a kindergarten teacher with these words: "Mr. Honyo...How many children would you like to have? I would like 2, but if you want so many to fill a whole soccer team...I wouldn't mind!"

The directors Junichi Sato, Takuya Igarashi and Kunihiko Ikuhara made a wonderful job, especially in the last season 5. There the wonderful pop group Three lights( Taiki, Yaten, Seiya )appears and almost steals the show. I just loved the idea that they were transfered to Usagi's class where all the girls fell in love with them. Even Minako wanted to seduce one of them, Seiya; she pretended that she had something in her eye and asked Seiya if he can bend towards her face, so that looking from the profile it looked as if he was going to kiss her! At the same time Usagi was hiding and ready to make a photo of them and publish a false story in the newspaper that they are a love couple. Also very interesting characters: Michiru and Haruka, whom are lesbians, but that is always only subtle hinted. Haruka looks like lady Oscar from the anime "Versailles No Bara". The story only gets better from season to season, and has a lot of emotions, imagination and humor. For some reason, that mix worked, unlike some other anime like "Wedding Peach" ( 6/10 ), "Card captor Sakura" ( 6/10 )and "Cutey Honey" ( 6/10 ).

An evil alter ego inside me, the one that always found the bad side at everything, waited for one false move in this anime that could cause the whole story to collapse. But that didn't happen. "Sailor Moon" created its very own world, and in it made itself comfortable. It's guilty pleasure and high art in one. Genius.

Grade: 10/10
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Sailor Moon... brilliant, just...WOW!
anime_sm5 January 2006
OK. Sailor Moon... WOW! I first got into this when I was 8 years old (when it was shown on Fox Kids). This was the American Dub. I waited 2 years after they cancelled the show until I finally decided that it wasn't going to come back. From then until 24/08/05 (around then anyway) I wanted it on DVD. After spending, wait for it... nearly 100 quid on all 200 episodes and the 3 films I WAS NOT disappointed. It's true what everyone says - Japanese version is sooo much better. The jokes are funnier, it's not as babyish, there's a lot of real-life stuff (boyfriends, friends, school etc) that is also really interesting. I bought Sailor Moon S and Super S as the ones with an English audio option (Japanese also though) but when it came to it, the dub was so terrible, the voices also, that I just carried on watching in Japanese with English subtitles. Seriously - the voices are great (they are so believable and fitting the person that I can't even express it in words) and on the American dub they are terrible (sooooo terrible)!!! I have to recommend watching all of the episodes because the best season by far, in my opinion, is Sailor Stars (the 5th and final) so you kind of need to have seen the others. But this season has so much good stuff - the introduction of Seiya, Yaten and Taiki etc just make you watch episode after episode. Also Galaxia comes and the whole plot of Sailor Moon becomes clear. Why everything happened in the first place... It's just BRILLIANT. I'm not saying anymore because it would be spoiling it but the battles between everyone and Galaxia are so intense. And I love the idea that 'everyone shines' but you won't get that unless you've seen it.

So if you are interest... buy the Japanese version and watch all episodes! They may be a bit babyish at first but just wait and you'll be hooked without even realising it! I rate it 10/10 for ideas, plot, comedy, picture, tension, voices... but remember that this rating is for the Japanese NOT the American Dub!!!
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A soon to be anime classic.
Shanqio17 October 2007
What I say about all three versions.

Japanese: There are five seasons, "Classic", "R", "S", "SuperS", and "Sailor Stars". Personally this is were the real Sailor Moon is at. I never liked this show until I saw the Japanese version. Not that I have anything against the dubbed versions, but I can say that this version is better than the dub version. If you want comedy, romance, a great soundtrack, really dramatic moments, and great voice acting they're here. I say if you haven't seen this series yet I recommend that you watch it subbed. I have had no problems with it. 9/10

English DiC: DiC was the first company to bring Sailor Moon over to the English speaking world mid-way through the run on Japanese TV and they dubbed the first 2 seasons of this series, "Classic" and "R". Most fans, including myself, don't like this version for various reasons. The characters are renamed into something American or English rather than using their original names and there is too much unnecessary censorship. Such as, usually entire scenes and sequences being rearranged because there was a Kanji sign in the far corner of the screen, "violent" sequences would be cut even if they were slapstick or for comedic value, pretty much all references that this show takes place in Japan were eliminated such as, various Asian specific religious elements, signs in Japanese, and cars were reversed to look like they drove "American" style. Entire episodes were cut, 5 total from season one and the final two from the same season was merged into one. The second season only had one episode cut. DiC rewrote nearly everything. I can't list everything they rewrote because this review would be like a novel, but they rewrote a lot of things. The main characters have their personalities changed, somewhat. The entire soundtrack is redone. The original soundtrack is much, much better than the dub's music. The dub's music just sounds like one continuous track that's playing throughout the entire episode and has no real redeeming value to it. This coming up next is the worst aspect of DiC's dub of Sailor Moon. There's a segment tacked on at the end called "Sailor Says" to make some sort of "moral of the story" type theme, for every episode. This segment is just stupid, no other words are needed. The voices are either love 'em or hate 'em type of voices. For me at least, I don't care for anybody's voices here but I hate, Luna's and Makoto's(Lita's) English voices. And the girls talk like valley girls too. Overall this dub, currently, is liked by people who like the nostalgia of this version of the series, or if they have something against "reading" subtitles. There's no reason to watch this dub unless you fall into those two groups. I say that if you're old enough to watch a PG movie, and have not watched Sailor Moon then you should watch the subtitled version. Because DiC's dub is on the same level as breaking something then poorly putting it back together. 4.5/10

English Cloverway: Cloverway was the second company after DiC to dub Sailor Moon and they dubbed two more seasons "S" and "SuperS". Now this dub is disappointing to fans of the first DiC dub and is still disappointing to fans of the Japanese version. Fans of the DiC dub do not like the replacement actors. This dub changes nearly all of the voice actors and it does not use the DiC soundtrack. Now I can understand the voice actors thing because it's a real pain to get used to voices then they all change and you have to get used to completely different ones. That's very annoying so I can live with that. The omission of the DiC soundtrack I don't see, because that music is just unlikable. I don't see how anyone can like it but oh well. Fans of the Japanese version were promised a more accurate and uncut/unedited dub. Well the only things accurate about that the original BGM is used, it is, in fact, uncut and unedited video wise, and the "Sailor Says" segment is done away with. But the name changes from the DiC dub are still present and some newly introduced characters get their names changed as well. This creates a lot of problems. Since the video is unedited, there are times when their original Japanese names are on things like doors, books, signs, etc. And they aren't in Japanese characters either, they're in plain English. So it's not hard to miss these. Two newly introduced characters are lesbians but they get changed into cousins. You decide if that's bad for yourself, but this was one dumb change. Since Cloverway did not cut anything and the video is unedited, there are still scenes were they act like lesbians. And this change is pretty much forced down your throat. Episodes are still rewritten. There are terrible added jokes and bad attempts to spice up things in the dialogue. There is still stereotypical "girl" talk. But it's even more stereotypical than DiC's dub. And there are too many inconsistencies with this dub, even more than there are in the DiC dub. These inconsistencies either change the story, create plot holes, or just make things plain confusing. Sometimes this dub is better than DiC's other times it's beyond anywhere near good and worse than DiC's. 5/10

"Sailor Stars", the final season, has not and possibly will never be officially dubbed into English. There are a number of rumored reasons why, but the true answer is just that Toei revoked the license from every country around the world. So in the end, Cloverway could have dubbed Sailor Stars but they just didn't.

The best Sailor Moon overall is the subbed version. If you want to watch this show watch it subbed.
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Japanese version, gooood!!! U.S version, baaaaaad!!!
anthy164 December 2001
Gosh darn it all, DiC!! Do you HAVE to destroy everything you touch?!!! See, this series is very good (though sappy at times, a bit annoying when the episodes are badly animated)... but with bad voice-overs and horrid editing (thanks to those narrow-minded, bigoted people who think homosexual undertones and other religions are "occult" and "perverse") this series bites... no wonder so many people hate Sailormoon. It's too bad, though, because the Japanese version is incredibly better. It's funny, sweet, and intriguing at key points in the series. And yeah, the girls are scantily clad... but hey, it's anime. Everybody's scantily clad in most anime. And it takes nothing away from the series unless you are a) a puritan idiot, or b) a perverted idiot who is too busy trying to look up their skirts that you take no time to appreciate the series. This is a good cartoon. Don't knock it till you've seen it... in Japanese.
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Pretty Soldier gets bad rep
medeawilson27 October 2004
Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun (or as known in the States as Simply Sailor Moon) is the story of a normal girl, Tsukino Usagi/Serena (who loves food and hates school--wow, that's so horrible! Sounds like any 14 yr old girl that's somewhat normal), who finds out she's the reincarnation of the Pretty Sailor Suited Soldier Sailor Moon. The show originally ran from 1992-1994 (They showed the first season in the US in 1992 and ran through what we know as the Doom Tree saga, where DiC dropped the show).

In a nutshell, we follow the lives of what starts off as 5, then turns into 9, girls as they grow and mature...and at the same time balance High School entrance exams with fighting off the evil forces that try to take over the Earth--and the rest of the universe for that matter. Dic ruined the first of the show with its obsessive compulsive censoring (when it actually didn't need any) and love of adding in subliminal "Lessons of the day" to appeal to parents. Cloverway took over, giving us the true beauty of the for making a pair of female lovers into cousins. They won't show the final season SailorStars because of more noticeable evidence of the female pair's relationship and the addition of a trio of males that turn into female, scantily clad Sailor Soldiers.

US version is somewhat poor, but the subtitles uncut version is great for everyone from the young to the young at heart.
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The anime that was part of my childhood and that I loved
Lady_Targaryen16 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
''Sailor Moon"'is the anime who was an important part of my childhood. As a kid, I remember that Sailormoon, Yuyu Hakusho and Saint Seiya were the animes I most loved and cared for. ( I have the dolls until today, as well as the video game of all of them!) All the comedy,romance,drama and fantasy presents in sailormoon, as well as so many and different characters, makes a hard thing to not be in love with this awesome anime! We even have the Greek myth of Selene and Endymion here! I only don't give it a ''10'', because in many seasons there are lots of unnecessary stuff only to make the series longer. I suggest to people who watched the anime to also read the manga, that has many important stuff that are not present in the series.
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I love SailorMoon,but DiC killed it...
WavesofSilence30 June 2002
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor of the greatest animes I have ever seen,but DiC butchered it,and I mean seriously. In the original japanese version, Sailor Moon was made for all ages,but the target audience was mostly teens. why? because SailorMoon features things such as : scantily clad fourteen year olds, transsexuality, gender changes (in the Stars season the starlights changed into males when they came to earth then turn female again when they transform) mushy romance, violence, death of the main characters, reincarnation, etc. But in the DiC dub version, many of these things were taken out.

First rant : In the dub,the names were screwed altogether. for those who dont know any of the japanese names,here is what we are looking at : Haruka to Amara (Sailor Uranus) Michiru to Michelle (Sailor Neptune) Usagi to Serena (Bunny in the manga)(Sailor Moon) Setsuna to Trista (Sailor Pluto) Ami to Amy (If I remember correctly,they are said differently) (Sailor Mercury) Rei to Raye (Same as before) (Sailor Mars) Makato to Lita (Sailor Jupiter) Minako to Mina (Sailor V & Sailor Venus) Mamoru to Darien (Tuxedo Kamen/Mask) Chibi-Usa to Rini (Chibi/Mini-Moon ALSO Sailor Senshi (soldier) was changed to Sailor Scout The title,'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon' (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon), is now just 'Sailor Moon' Note that Hotaru(Sailor Saturn)'s name stayed the same,I guess it was because she was in the anime for such a short period of time. I don't know wether or not the cats names were changed,from what I know they havent been.

Second Rant : Haruka and Michiru are what?!?! COUSINS? DiC has sunk to an ultimate low,taking the best relationship of the series and making the two of them cousins just because they are both female.That was pretty stupid considering they left in such parts that showed that they in fact aren't cousins! ie: The two holding hands and gazing lovingly at each other at the pool, The way Uranus freaked out when Neptune's Heart Crystal was stolen,no way would cousins be THAT close! That is ridiculous, they also changed zoicite's sexuality completely. Talk about stupid...and Fisheye..eww...that sickens me,Fisheye used to be a crossdressing gay guy but hey,it was still a stupid move to change him into a girl.

Third Rant : The death of the Sailor Soldiers. Why oh why did they take the death of the Sailor Soldiers out? And when Sailor Saturn died,did she not become a baby version of herself whom Pluto,Uranus,and Neptune took in and took care of? I know for a fact this happened in the manga,but did it also not happen in the anime? And IF it did,did it for some stupid reason not survive the dub? And what about that one time Ruby (I geuss thats his name) killed all the Senshi on those crosses? I'll admit that was a little morbid that played a big part in that episode!

OKAY,I'm getting ahead of myself so I'll just shut-up,but I promise you this..I will be back for more ranting once I've slept a full three hours at the least!
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A favorite among the anime crowd
Tenchi6458931 May 2006
I'm guessing that most of the current fans of anime remember this one fondly... I know I do.

I watched this for the first time not knowing that this was even anime; several years later, I find myself trying to find all the episodes I can of this excellent series.

I'll admit: this show is not without its flaws. The dubbing was pretty bad, but it WAS entertaining, and the monster-of-the-day thing was kind of tedious, but fans remember stuff like that.

Flaws aside, this was an excellent starter anime for the States.

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Sailor Moon ROCKS!!!
x_goddessoffire_x30 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: REFERENCE TO AN EPISODE. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT AND DON'T WANT IT SPOILED, DON'T READ THIS REVIEW! I absolutely love Sailor Moon! I absolutely hate it when people say 'it's for babies' and won't change their opinion even when you say it's not! It's so romantic, as well as being full of action that immediately captures your interest. For that matter, I have an aunt in her forties and she adores Sailor Moon.

I hate it when people say that the English dubbed version is rubbish, because that's the version I watched it in and I prefer it to the Japanese version any day. The only annoying thing is that the characters' voices keep changing.

The music is immense. I can just hear Rainy Day Man in my head right now (it's my fave SM song). The transformation tunes are so catchy and really hold your attention. And I love the transformation sequences.

My favorite character has got to be Lita/Makoto, probably because she's easiest to relate to. Okay, some of you may not agree with me but if you think about it logically: -Serena and Mina are fare too ditzy and clumsy to be humanely possible. It sometimes gets really annoying listening to them being so incredibly stupid.

-Amy, although nice, is far too smart for me. I frankly do not understand how anyone could spend so much time in the library. She's one of those characters with exaggerated cleverness, as well as the exaggerated ability to spend hours poring over books. Most clever people that I know have a decent sense of fun as well. Not that she doesn't, but hers is so limited it's hardly there.

-Rei is constantly arguing with Usagi, and frankly a lot of the time I start thinking she is rather selfish and thinks too highly of herself. This probably isn't true in the end but she certainly acts like it! -Lita, on the other hand. She's sensible and clever enough and has a good sense of fun, can have a fiery temper but not constantly, and cares about other people. I mean, the others do too but in my opinion it seems to stand out more in Lita. Yeah, she's definitely my fave.

Not to mention my fave episode is 43, A Knight to Remember. And that contains a LOT of Lita. I find it so sweet, the story of Lita and Ken, and it really brings out the caring side of Serena when she pleads for Jupiter to go home and rest from the blood transfusion rather than fight. Jupiter comes back wonderfully by saying she has to get the monster before it attracts other people, JUST LIKE IT DID TO KEN. It just goes to show the strong bonds of their friendship, soo sweet!!! Anyway I think I've been rambling on enough so I'm going to stop here. Definitely 10/10 for incredibleness!
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sailor moon is a timeless anime
patty_flanagan22 April 2007
i been an anime freak almost all my life. when i was younger i watched Pokémon and ham taro and was obsessed with them. but the anime that i will never forget is sailor moon.

has beautiful animation, perfect story line, beautiful and well developed characters, comedy, romance, action, adventure, mystery, suspense what more could you ask for? sailor moon just has it all.

i believe that children under the age of 10 should watch the American version and kids above 10 should watch the Japanese version. i think this because in the American version two sailor scouts are cousins and in the Japanese version they are lesbians. (i think that America was better off making the two sailor scouts lesbians because its worse for kids to watch cousins holding hands, looking each other in the eyes etc.) and theirs another homo couple in the Japanese version and in the American version they given one of them a female voice to turn him to a girl.

sailor moon has many great morals and use them very passionately and perfect for young girls

so over all sailor moon is indescribable and should be watched by kids and preteens and older people just so they can enjoy it

thanks for reading my comment and i hope i helped you a bit

(also even though sailor moon isn't on the air anymore you can watch entire series on you they have both American and Japanese versions)
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A fun anime that NEVER gets old
blood_red_roses8713 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so I'm a college student. The run of Sailor Moon - US - lasted from the time I was 8 in 1995 to the time I was 14 in 2001. Sure, there was a lot of issues with the company politics, and it made itself evident in the series - with such issues as voice acting and music, and, to an extent, even the series itself. But that's another day and another rant.

Now I'm back to watching it - mainly to watch the series that I missed out on as a lame American child (But the rest of the world seemed to get it) - Sailor Stars.

So now for the review.

English DiC DUB - The dub work, while not true to the Japanese version, is still surprisingly decent. In fact, it is BETTER than the Cloverway dub. Unfortunately, they opted to drop the Musical Score and do a lot of editing - anywhere from cutting out episodes, to merging episodes, to even changing the gender of one of the Shitennou. Still, it's quite fun to watch, and is a total guilty pleasure. 6/10

English CLOVERWAY DUB - The dub work in this one is horrendous. Period. I've heard better fansubs. However, their decision to retain the music, the episodes and some of the content actually eclipses the bad dubbing. Which is to their benefit, because the musical score in Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S was actually better than Season 1 and the R season. This is also where my fondest memories lie. 7/10

Japanese - This is where the good stuff comes in. Edit free, with lots of mature themes, such as violence, innuendo, nudity, homosexuality and guys turning into chicks. The themes are much more heavy-handed here as well, but the music is downright amazing, and very few animes can rival BSSM's score, even to this day. This is the one that older people getting exposed to BSSM should be introduced to. 9/10
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I Love Sailor Moon
anime-luver25 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
it was one of my favorite shows as a kid and once I grew older I kind of forgotten about it but then out of nowhere I remember the song My Only Love which is the song that was played when we find out that Serena is the princess of the moon kingdom which then my friend had that episode and I remember being a kid again and remembering all the good times with this show and now I am planning to see the Japanese version as well which I never knew there was till I did research of the show and the things that I found interesting about the Japanese version is: -Sailor Neptune and Uranus are lovers instead of cousins which I kind of had a feeling that they were and I guess I was right -Zoicite and Malachite were homosexuals and in love -Zoicite was a man which shocked me like crazy you wouldn't understand -The music and the extra scenes that wouldn't show in the American version because of the children (for example: how Darian chokes Serena when Darian was in Queen Beryl's control -Extra episodes such as if the parents would keep Luna in the home and so much more I have finished the first season of the Japanese version and it wasn't bad at all but I like the American version abit better and its not just cause American version they spoke in English or anything like that its just when I watched it I just couldn't get into it like I got with the American version I ain't saying that the Japanese version is bad they are both good and I am still gonna watch season 2 of Sailor Moon in Japanese to see more I hope they put back Sailor Moon on TV so I can see season 5 in the American version to see what that would be like and what else I liked about Sailor Moon was the relationship with Serena And Darien from the beginning the fight,pain,love,trust,lost,gain that I always wanted a relationship like that which is so beautiful

Serena + Darien=(K)(L) Sailor Moon!!!! <3
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Sailor Moon The Best And 1st Female Anime
sailormoonfan444 July 2005
Sailor Moon The Best And 1st Female Anime! It's about an air-headed crybaby, named Serena, and her friends Amy, Rei, Lita, and Mina. Using special powers, they can transform into Sailor Scouts. They become Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus respectfully. They fight for love and justice against the evil minions of the Negaverse. To help them in their quest, they heed the advice of two talking cats, Luna and Artemis, and also the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. WOW why would anyone hate the series sure it has the same formula but who hates it?! If you hate it like Gal-5 I hope you like some whoop butt from the Sailor Senshi if you know what's good for ya! If it wasn't for Naoko Takeuchi my user name wouldn't be Saliormoonfan44. Please don't listen to him! He's just a brainless twerp with no good taste with girl power. Last words go see it now!
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This is my favorite cartoon (after Snoopy)
Clariztbel12 August 1999
(First, I want to ask for your forgiveness, my English is not perfect since I'm not a native speaker)I have to warn you I'm not talking about the DIC version. Here in Panama we were lucky enough to have the Japanese Version shown on our screens. Yes, it was translated into Spanish, but I guess it didn't lose too much of the magic it must have in its original language for I really enjoyed it. And I really think that Serena is a nice example for girls. The only thing I don't like about her is her feelings about school; but you can see all along the story that she matures, and at the end (when she finally wins over Sailor Galaxia) Serena is a much stronger girl who will continue growing and who will be prepared when the moment comes and she has to take her place as Neo Queen Serena. It is somehow funny for me to think that here in Panama we are more open to deal with such themes as homosexuality that in your country (personally I believe that Haruka and Michiro form the most beautiful couple in the series). I don't think it is true. What I believe is that you, citizens of the United States of America, have to get real, and that you have to stop trying to convince yourself you are so innocent. Believe me, I don´t have anything against you, I believe you have a wonderful country which I plan to visit some day, but sometimes I really don't know who are you trying to deceive. You say one thing, but the rest of the world through the movies, the T.V. and the Internet is looking at a very very different truth. So, to conclude, I just have to say that if you can, watch the original version. I haven't seen the DIC version, but I'm pretty sure it can't be equal or better. Don't do it because I'm telling you, do it because Serena really deserves it!
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The funniest, most exciting, most addictive, most romantic, most interesting, the most powerful, and the best anime I have ever seen.
montagrappa13 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is definitely the best anime I have ever seen. No other anime could hold a candle to it. In fact, with the sole exception of Transformers, I would say this is my favorite cartoon series of all time. This is a bit strange because there's not a lot of good anime out there. There are some good ones, even a couple great ones (besides SM), but I find most anime is too cutesy (Pokemon), too stupid (Dragonball Z), or just plain wrong (I don't even want to think about them). Anyway, I've loved this since I was 7. I'm not surprised that it lasted 5 seasons - Sailor Moon (dubbed as Sailor Moon Classic by fans), Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon Super S, & Sailor Stars. Even as a kid, I knew Sailor Moon was a real classic. My mom even liked watching it with me. That was the dub, and that's still the version I prefer. In the original, there was a lack of humor, the dialogue was often confusing, and the voices, while not bad, were hard to tell apart. Although Stars was never dubbed, and it was still great (the first two complaints don't apply to Stars).

A large part of what made the series so great was the lovable characters. My favorite was Darien, AKA Tuxedo Mask. I thought his razor-sharp roses were so cool. It always made my day to see him help Sailor Moon out, plus he was often very funny. My 2nd favorite was Serena, AKA Sailor Moon herself. Sure, she started out immature, but by the start of the 2nd season, she accepted her destiny as Sailor Moon, and each season after that she gets better & better, until by the end of the series you know that when the time comes for her to take her place as queen of Crystal Tokyo, she'll be ready for it. And, she & Tuxedo Mask are my favorite couple in a cartoon, aside from Silverbolt & Blackarachnia in Beast Wars Transformers. Also up there was Rini, Sailor Moon's & Tuxedo Mask's daughter from the future (now you know why they're my 2nd favorite couple). She's very cute, especially when she gets to fight alongside her future mom as Sailor Mini-Moon in season 3. And there's the Inner Sailors, Amy/Mercury, Ray/Mars, Lita/Jupiter, & Mina/Venus. They were all perfectly balanced. There are also the talking cats Luna & Artemis. They were cute & funny. And guess what? They get to have a daughter (named Diana) in the future too (who only appears in season 4 and the first part of season 5). She was more surprising than Rini, because I knew Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask truly loved each other, but the cats were content with just being friends, or so it seemed. And, last but not least, the outer Sailors, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto, who appear in seasons 3 & 5 as well as the 2nd & 3rd movies (except for Pluto who appears in all that and a bit of the last part of season 2). They were good, but not as good as the Inner Sailors.

The villains are just as well-done as the heroes. There are way too many to mention, but suffice to say Sailor Moon has some of the most evil, unique & definitely the scariest villains I have ever seen in a cartoon. They face a different group of villains every season who are destroyed at the end (with the exception of those who turn good), so it never gets boring (unlike Pokemon, where they face against those Team Rocket losers in every single stupid episode & movie).

Of course, the stories were excellent too. All 5 seasons each had a complex story that unfolded over individual episodes. Sure, there's a lot of filler, but it fleshes out the characters on both sides, & it's often funny, several times hilarious, & almost always so fun that you don't mind it. But as the series goes on, there are several rather serious moments. As the fun & often funny stories that each season starts out with slowly turn into the dark, sometimes painful final struggle against the villain of the season, you really care for the heroes, wondering whether they'll survive or not then rejoicing when everything turns out alright (at least, that's how I felt). More so than any other series, I have trouble picking my favorite season. Classic was a perfect introduction to the series (even as a kid I thought it was the start of something big), R was the most romantic season (The R can stand for either return or romance. Guess which one I think?), S was the darkest, Super S was the funniest & the cutest (I can't believe so many people hate it), and Stars wrapped up everything neatly and with a bang.

One last thing, Sailor Moon has the best in-show music I have ever heard (the Japanese music, . The creepy theme for the villains, the dreamy transformation music for Sailor Moon & the other Sailors (I had the music for her transformation in S stuck in my head for days), the exciting theme when they battle the monster of the day, the totally kick-butt theme for Tuxedo Mask, & all the other tunes as well.

In conclusion, Sailor Moon is recommended to anyone who wants a funny, romantic, thoughtful & engaging story. I also recommend all 3 of the movies.

10/10- 2nd best cartoon ever.
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Jem! Jem is excitement!J em! Ooh Jem is outrageous! Glitter and glamour and fashion and FAME...wait wrong show.
royharrop15 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
*Waring; this review may contain slight spoilers, I wouldn't know, I haven't done this before* Despite the sarcastic title, I really liked this series, but I can't really review this show as a whole. To those just joining us, there are two versions of sailor moon; a Japanese version, and an English version.

I shall review each of these versions separately.

English version: Not bad actually. If your looking for mindless fun or a guilty pleasure, this is your thing. The plot is fairly engaging, the characters excellent, the animation is not as good as it could have been, but if you are forgiving, it won't bother you.

The dubbing, I am going to admit, makes me cringe. I mean, I know they were going for a more light-hearted feel, but silly voices don't add much to that. In episode one, hearing Serena screaming 'moon tiara magic' made me want to crawl under the couch and die.

I've read the other pro-Japanese version reviewer's and I hear what they say about the whole cultural freedom thing, but I do understand about editing out the sexual material. I mean it's the parents choice to decide whether or not their kids are exposed to that sort of thing. (And my parents wouldn't let me watch it.) I'm less understanding about editing out the violence. I mean kids are exposed to that kind of stuff everywhere. Not much is seen anyway. Maybe this is just me, but I don't find cartoon blood to be all that disturbing. So don't freak out over violence, cos your kids know worse stuff anyway.

The lesbian/gay stuff; Fine by me, but if you don't like your kids knowing until they are older stay clear. But the way I see it, gays are people living in the world, and kids should learn to accept that.

In all honesty, I actually found the English version to be funner than the Japanese version, but that's just MY opinion.

Overall opinion: Fun stuff; best watched by a five to seven year old at seven in the morning on a Saturday, or at seven in the evening on a Saturday, by a fourteen to sixteen year old who is depressed because he/she has no date.

Japanese version: Now this is where it get's interesting, campers! Some sexuality, lots'o'violence, death and rebirth, suffering and heartache; we are certainly dealing with the big boys now! This version of sailor moon takes itself more seriously than the English version, with much more adult themes. Most of the warnings for it have been dealt with in the review of the English version, and I'm getting tired.

(Though I will say that the nudity didn't offend me, because it was supposed to represent rebirth, and vulnerability.) By the way: To the guy/girl who said that fans of the Japanese version are perverts; we don't like it just because it has adult content in it, we like it because it's serious anime, and thats the kind of stuff we're into. (Though some of us do just watch it for adult content, and those people ARE perverts.) Overall opinion: Best watch by any girl (or boy) aged thirteen to nineteen, at midnight under the covers, with bowl of chocolate ice cream.

So in summary: Excellent anime, and though I personally prefer the Japanese version, the English version I found enjoyable too. And PLEASE no more fighting between what I call 'the two factions.' Sailor moon is a great anime either way, can't we just leave it at that? Sorry for the crappy review, I'll go now P.S. I actually like Jem; the joke was just THERE.
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Highly Addictive!
Pero211 July 2004
This was a show I initially had no intentions of watching or even remotely paying attention to. However, it's funny how certain events can come around and make you change your entire plane of thought.

It all started about eight years ago, as I was preparing to take my sister to summer camp. While I was waiting for her to get ready, I decided to watch something besides SportsCenter in the morning. During my mad dash of flipping the channels, I ran into a cartoon that I could only begin by classifying as...different. I didn't intend on paying it that much attention; instead, I considered it an amusing diversion.

Imagine, if you will: Some guy is getting bullied by some monster that comes out of a camera, these three fourteen-year old girls come and try to save the guy, then, they transform into girls with sailor suits, short skirts, and long legs. After that, they try to fight the monster, but end up getting beat up, and two of them are actually sucked into the camera. After a saw that, I almost went on a trip to Delusion-ville, but I decided to stick around to see the end of this. In the end, some overdressed guy in a tux and cape throws a rose at the monster, and this girl with unbelievably long pigtails zaps the monster with a wand. Then, some loser guy with a bad perm job comes and vows vengeance on the girls. Now, after watching this, the first thing that came to my mind was "What the hell was that?"

Initially, I would've watched something like that and immediately write it off, but it appeared that something about the show stuck around in my subconscious, and I just had to see it the next day to see if the show was this weird. So, I watched it the next day, then the day after that, then the day after that, and pretty soon, I began to understand the big picture, not to mention the fact that I was actually enjoying it. I started taping episodes, and before I know it, I was hooked.

Sailor Moon is one of those shows that will grab hold of you and not let go because it's so entertaining. I don't regret I ran into it, and I will continue to enjoy it for a very long time.
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Super Sailor
SHB_735 May 2001
I'm not the biggest fan of anime but this series I've always liked. I've only seen the English version of the series so far, It's very entertaining. The storyline is about a schoolgirl named Serena who is granted superpowers to protect the earth from the evil Queen Beryl of the Negaverse, an evil other dimension. Along the way more Sailor scouts show up to help fight alongside her (Sailor Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury Uranus, Neptune etc.) While the animation is sloppy and scenes are constantly recycled, it makes up for it with it's story lines and characters that grow on you. I know a lot of people are upset because of the heavy editing of controversial subjects surrounding the show, One in particularly that catches me is the supposed lesbian relationship between Amara and Michelle (Salior Uranus and Sailor Neptune). Granted it raises a few eyebrows, but to people who have never traveled out of the U.S.A. They wouldn't understand. In foreign countries such as Japan, Italy, etc. Sailor Moon has become a cultural phenomenon throughout the world. Movie star Geena Davis almost got the green light to produce a live-action feature film with her playing the evil Queen Beryl. But currently that project is in limbo right now, I do hope it get's made in the future. Sailor moon is one of the best animes to come out of Japan
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Silly Fun! (Warning: Contains Spoilers!)
Cheetara10 January 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I have a love-hate relationship. If it weren't for the dub, I probably would not have ever been exposed to the cartoon that is Sailor Moon. Since I don't know were to get fansubs, the dubbed cartoon and the internet are my only ways of gaining information on the show. I admit, I am a Sailor Moon purist and do wish they'd aimed for an older audience instead of going for the Y7 crowd. Perhaps had it been geared towards teenagers, things like lesbian relationships and violence would have been less shocking. Already with the dubbing, twisted little things have sneaked through. (Hey Moonies, remember DIC's euphemism for breasts?)Male characters were changed to women ("Oh no we can't have gays! We musn't have gays in our show). As you can tell by the above comment, one of the biggest changes is the one I find the most unnecessary. Come on DIC, we are going to meet gay people in our life. You aren't protecting us from anything.

Of course, some even more bizarre things, things that DIC had probably not planned for. Why is Serena, a middle school student, dating someone who is in college? Last time I checked there were laws against this sort of thing. I suppose I can let them slide on this one; dubbing out Serena and Darien's relationship would have completely destroyed the show. Here's another one: Why does Molly, a Japanese schoolgirl, have one of the most ear-splitting Brooklyn accents around? Of course among the most bizarre changes would be those to Fisheye, Haruka (Amara), and Mirchiru (Michelle). In Japan, Fisheye was a gay cross-dressing male whose peferred victims (He is a villain) were little boys. These sort of things don't go well in a country that is predominantly WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. So they dubbed him into a female with a voice so high-pitched it might be able to beat out Molly's for the most annoying voice on the show. After first hearing that voice my thoughts were "Are they trying to prove something?" and "Who the heck does it's (I can't tell he's male or female, so I will refer to him/her as an it) voice and where can I find them? I will end this review on one note: It may sound like I hate Sailor Moon with every cell in my being, but I don't. I love the show; I has somewhat of a camp value to it. I admit even though I'm beyond the target audience they had in mine, I love watching it and will continue to watch it.

Keywords to remember Moonie: Sailor Moon Fan Purist: Someone who wishes that, in the dub, they had not changed anything about the show Puritans: Those who have a problem with anything vaguely offensive P.S. To all those puritans, who complained about the characters unrealistic figures, we have a better sense of reality than you think.
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rinichibiusa4 November 2003
I just love sailor moon. I have tons of collectible items. I can't find any toys any more though. I always got up at 6.00a.m to watch it. I even nearly missed an episode because the clocks went foward and I ended up watching it at 7.00a.m on fox kids plus. I hated fox kids for not airing it so I entered loads of comps to win video's/dvd's and have told my parents I want video's from Amazon or E.Bay for my birthday. Overall I am sailor moon's biggest fan.
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TheMan30512 July 2002
Like with most of these Japanese cartoons (Animes) the American version is enormously censored and a lot of times they leave a lot of obvious stuff behind which just makes you want to make fun of it. I've never seen the Japanese version so I can't compare but with the story lines this cartoon has and with what I've heard about the uncensored version I'm sure it was pretty cool but this version is only good for making fun of it.
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The first anime I ever watched and I loved it!
vivifan23 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sailor moon is one of the most famous animes of all time, it and Dragon ball Z made animes more popular to the western audience. I was never into anime as a kid the only ones I saw bits of where Pokémon and Digimon. I have heard of this anime when it came out in the west but little did I know they complety messed up the English translation for this anime( Plus I didn't watch it that often as a child). There are three versions of Sailor Moon and I am about to talk each of them.

Original Japanese version 9/10

As Said previously I never watched to much of this anime when it got aired on TV in English. But I am very glad I watched this version of the show because it's much better then the Dub. The animation is the same in both versions but they are no Edit cuts like boobs and blood. The music in this version is great, The voice acting is believable, the writing is very good, The characters are funny, interesting and well developed with there own personality's, The Japanese version also has no cuts in episodes and has all of them from Season 1-5. This version is also the only one that had Season 5. If you haven't watched sailor moon Watch this version since you will get everything in it and it does everything better then the Dub from the comedy to the drama and romance. (Plus it's a lot more Mature)

English Dub DIC Seasons 1/2 3/10

This is a very bad dub and it isn't what sailor moon is about at all. The voice acting is bad, the writing is bad, there are missing episodes, cuts in episodes, The storyline and names are different but worse, the only ok thing about it is that some of it's music is good but most of it is bland. Not to mention they kept changing the main character Usagi's (Serena in the dub) voice a few times throughout both seasons. Plus what was up with Sailor Says?! Avoid this version Like your life depends on it!

English Dub Clooverway Seasons 3/4 5/10

While in certain ways I do think this Dub was better then Dic's dub due it having no cuts in episodes, Keeping the same soundtrack as the Japanese version and having the same storyline. What makes it meh is the voice acting, not only did they change them again but they sound awful! every character is ear grating to listen to with the writing still being pretty bad also. They also made this one huge change where Sailor Uranus and Neptune are now cousins in this version! In the original Japanese version they were lesbians. This version is also where the Dub ends to. Since Season 5 never got an English translation. This version isn't worth your time either but it is better then Dic's dubs tho.

This is an anime Classic that everyone should watch and it holds a special place in my heart because it's got me interested in anime. But make sure you watch the Japanese version with English Subs.
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Great for kids, but not for adults.
yokoyakamori28 April 2017
Sailor Moon had a thing going for her back in the 90s. With its catchy theme song, beautiful art, and colorful cast of characters, it is quite easy to see why it was so beloved by children back then. However, I couldn't possibly recommend this for any adults unless they grew up with it as a kid. The first time I watched it, I was in high school. I thought it was pretty good...until I revisited it just recently and my thoughts of the show definitely changed.

Each episode was just a copy and paste of the previous. From the recycling of animations, which just padded out the time for the episodes, and the lack of any real action (Characters using their attacks only once and that's it), it became an incredibly boring experience after the first few episodes. Most of the episodes consist of dialogue and hardly ever show movement, making it very stale after a while, despite the fact that this is a story about sailor warriors fighting villainous characters.

After the first story arc, the rest of the arcs become absolutely predictable. Sailor Moon herself is the most boring and uninteresting character out of the whole cast. She never really develops and when she does, her development resets after each arc is finished. She also becomes annoying when she literally refuses to fight and instead pleads and begs for the villains she is fighting to stop being villains, which they turn good or some sh*t. Other times, when she is not being lame, she uses the power of love to ultimately win, just like that power of friendship bullsh*t in shonen anime.

Overall, it has good music and beautiful art, but the main lead is no one to care for, really. The stories are formulaic and predictable, and the action scenes are incredibly scarce, if they ever existed at all. Like I said before, this is a show that children can like, but for adults, may not be your cup of tea if you dislike chessy story lines and things along those lines.
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