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Sharon Stone: Ellen



  • Scars : I need a woman.

    Ellen : You need a bath.

  • Ellen : [female gunslinger walks up behind a preoccupied bartender]  How about a room?

    Horace : Whores next door.

    Ellen : [carefully sets her cigar down]  Say that again.

    Horace : I said whores next door.

    Ellen : [kicks the stool out from under him, catches his liquor bottle as he falls, & pours herself a drink]  Now, do you have a room available?

    Horace : Uh, room and bath, yes, ma'am, coming up!

  • Cort : Last night, The Kid. Tonight, Herod. You're a busy woman. Any man in this town you're not interested in?

    Ellen : Yeah. You.

  • Scars : You're purty.

    Ellen : You're not.

  • John Herod : I was married to a beautiful woman. She was unfaithful.

    Ellen : Where is she now?

    John Herod : I told you, she was unfaithful.

  • Ellen : In case you forgot, Preacher, I saved your life last night.

    Cort : No, I think you just stretched it out a bit. I might've even gone to heaven if you'd let me die.

    Ellen : Sorry.

  • Ellen : Don't you even want to fight back?

    Cort : Sure. I'd like to kill them all for what they've done. But I won't. Killing people is wrong.

    Ellen : Some people deserve to die.

  • Ace Hanlon : You wanna play poker with me, little lady?

    Ellen : Looks like you're having a pretty good time playing with yourself.

  • John Herod : You're not fast enough for me!

    Ellen : Today I am.

  • Kid : I'm worth $3,000 in four states. Seventy-five offenses and no convictions. My name's Fee but, uh... everyone calls me the Kid.

    Ellen : Congratulations.

  • Blind Boy : John Herod owns that house. He gets fifty cents of every dollar in this town.

    Ellen : What's the town get?

    Blind Boy : Huh... they gets to live.

  • John Herod : I could give you more money than you could ever spend.

    Ellen : I wouldn't feel like I'd earned it.

    John Herod : [Knowingly]  Oh yes, you would.

  • Ellen : Some people deserve to die.

  • Ellen : What can you possibly get out of this? What do you want?

    Kid : All I want is his respect.

  • Ellen : [after Herod accepts the Kid's challenge]  You would fight your own son? I'm gonna kill you if I have to ride all the way to Hell to do it.

    John Herod : Do you have some particular problem with me?

    Ellen : I'll let you know.

  • Ellen : You stole my life.

  • Ellen : How about a room?

  • Ellen : Say that again.

  • Ellen : Now, do you have a room available?

  • Ellen : Looks like you're having a pretty good time playing with yourself.

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