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  • Poison Ivy II is the second movie in the Poison Ivy series, preceded by Poison Ivy (1992) (1992), and followed by Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1997) (1997) and Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (2008) (2008). The screenplay for Poison Ivy II was written by Chloe King. Edit

  • Poison Ivy II very loosely relates to the original Poison Ivy in that a geeky girl from Michigan, Lily Leonetti (Alyssa Milano), comes to California to study art. She finds a box containing pictures of Ivy, along with Ivy's diary. Intrigued by Ivy's sexual confidence, Lily slowly begins to remake herself in Ivy's image. Edit

  • Crying, Lily rips up everything having to do with Ivy, wipes off her sexy make-up, and takes a shower. Gredin (Johnathon Schaech) stops by to tell her that Daphna (Camilla Belle) is going to be all right. As he turns to leave, he is suddenly knocked down. Donald (Xander Berkeley), obsessed over the idea that he's losing Lily to Gredin, tries to force himself on her, but Gredin pulls him off. Donald knocks him out. Lily stabs Donald with a scissors and tries to get away from him by running up to the roof, but Donald follows. Robert (Walter Kim) pokes his head around the wall and says that the police are on the way. Donald knocks down Robert and continues to pursue Lily onto the roof. He grabs her and pulls her to the edge in a seeming attempt to die together, but Donald slips and falls off the roof while Gredin grabs Lily and saves her. The next day, Lily seeks out Gredin, who is busy working on his sculpture. Lily explains why she took on Ivy's image, intoxicated as she was by Ivy's sexiness and fearlessness. Gredin says not a word. Lily ends her monologue by telling him that she loves him, then turns to walk away. Gredin calls her name and adds, "I love you." They fly into each others' arms. Edit

  • Both versions are featured on the US DVD by New Line, and the unrated version features some extended erotic scenes. Altogether the unrated version runs approximately 75 seconds longer than the R-rated Version. Edit



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