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  • Yes. She was born around 1595 in Virginia, the daughter of Chief Powhatan, and named Matoaka. "Pocahontas" was a nickname meaning "Little Mischief". The explorer Captain John Smith (c.1580-1631) claimed that he was captured by Powhatan hunters and was about to be executed before Pocahontas saved him, but this story is thought to have been invented. Matoaka/Pocahontas married a Powhatan man named Kocoum some time before 1612. She was captured by English soldiers in March 1613 - they hoped to exchange her for English prisoners, weapons. and tools held by Chief Powhatan. Powhatan returned the prisoners, but failed to satisfy the colonists with the number of weapons and tools he returned. A long standoff ensued, during which the English kept Pocahontas captive. While she was imprisoned, Alexander Whitaker taught her about Christianity and she was baptized "Rebecca". She reportedly rebuked her father for valuing her "less than old swords, pieces, or axes," and told the Powhatan that she preferred to live with the English.

    Rebecca married the widower and farmer John Rolfe on 5 April 1614 and bore him a son, Thomas Rolfe, on 30 January 1615. The marriage created a climate of peace between the Jamestown colonists and Powhatan's tribes for several years. The Rolfes went to England in 1616, where "Pocahontas" met King Charles I. She died in Kent on March 1617.

    Also Pocahontas would have been topless in real life but this could not have been portrayed in this disney film for obvious reasons. Edit (Coming Soon)


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