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At the end of the day, it is actually mindless fun!
TheLittleSongbird4 August 2009
Okay, if you forgive the banal dialogue and the plot contrivances, plus the fact the film tends to become silly and cheesy, it is really mindless fun aimed at kids. Yes the script is weak, and the story is suggestive of an extended TV episode, and does get very silly at times. Despite all this, it does have a sense of fun, and not as bad as the rating makes it out to be. The music is good, and an unrecognisable Paul Freeman as the villainous Ivan Ooze is surprisingly good, with some excellent delivery of the film's best lines. Ooze is not only scary but incredibly funny as well, and Freeman the great actor he is nailed that on the head. The performances on the whole are decent, certainly not Oscar worthy material, and there are some well staged fights, even if the effects are nothing special. I will confess I don't like the TV show that much, but despite the failings that this film has, it is fun to watch. 6/10 Bethany Cox.
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Brings back so many memories
Smells_Like_Cheese1 November 2007
1994 was the year of the Might Morphin Power Rangers, I was only 9 years old and was such a huge fan. I remember the summer of 1995 my friends and our parents took us to see The Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and we thought it was the greatest movie ever made. I know that's sad, but we loved the show and the movie lived up to a great episode with an even better budget. I hadn't seen the movie since '95, but my boyfriend and I went to Target and found this movie on the $5.50 shelf and I grabbed it for old times sake since he was also a Power Rangers fan when he was a kid. We watched it and I have to say that despite how bad it is and how mega cheesy the lines and acting are, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is what it is. It was aimed at kids and was terrific for them, the story was so bad that it was actually good.

The rangers are living their lives in the fast lane, they're sky diving and roller blading, I mean is there anything they can't do? But anyways, all that is put on pause when Zordon warns the rangers of Rita and Zed's evil plan to raise Ivan Ooze. Ivan is planning to take over the world when he shrinks Rita and Zed and is putting all the kids parents under a powerful spell to make them do his bidding. Ivan then visits the command center and destroys it leaving Zordon in bad shape and now the rangers have to save the world on top of saving Zordon and become the powerful ninjas to regain their powers and defeat Ooze.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is extremely silly and cheesy, but I don't know what people were expecting when they watched it that it got such a bad rating. It's one of those movies that is so bad that it's actually good. Although Zordon's face will haunt my dreams for a long time, it was classic the way the "actors" who played the rangers presented their lines, I loved how they would fight and do back flips, yet could say their lines perfectly without sounding out of breath. Also how they replaced certain rangers with people who looked like they were picked out of a kick ball team line. But Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is a classic film I think in a sense and will be a true time capsule of 1995.

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Remember the Show? Well Guess What? THIS IS EVEN WORSE!
MovieAddict201631 January 2003
If you liked the popular children's show that fame showed some light to for a year or two, then you'll probably like this flopperoo.

When I say it's bad, it's not just bad. It's ba-a-a-ad!

So before you snuggle into bed tonight, remember... The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are watching you. Well, maybe not, but it sure does sell for the toy market, doesn't it?

1/5 stars -

John Ulmer
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my notes
FeastMode24 July 2019
This movie is laughably terrible, but i still like some of it. major nostalgia. and these ninjas in cool suits fighting is pretty awesome. it's also hilariously bad. nothing makes sense. the writers must have said this a lot: "who cares, it's for kids, they won't notice," the stuff on the other planet was hysterical. the whole parents plan was hysterical. but the power rangers are still awesome lol. and i still heart kimberly. and tommy is still a bad-ass... sort of. and billy is still lame. the CGI at the end was astonishing. i couldn't believe it. why would you include that if that's what it looks like. maybe they ran out of money when they were creating these images post production. this movie should really be a half star. but... go go power rangers (about 3 viewings)
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66618 June 2017
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

When you manned a vehicle in the 1990s that fused together to become an enormous robot everyone just called you Voltron.

Luckily, this fantasy film assuages any similarities between the super robots.

When the witch Rita and her master Lord Zedd unearth an ancient egg, they unleash the purple despot Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) on Angel Grove: home of the Power Rangers (Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, David Yost)

Ooze promptly imprisons his evil benefactors before stripping the Power Rangers of their morphing abilities, and setting his own agenda on how to rule the Earth.

Not only does this feature-length version of the popular TV show feature the original Ranger line up, but also their inept high school tormenters: Bulk and Skull. Faithful but with a cinematic edge, this adaptation provides more than adequate camp.

Besides, morphing into a giant robot only looks cool when both legs show up.

Yellow Light

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Uh-Oh! The movie is in trouble. Somebody came along, and burst their bubble! Still, it was alright fun. It's Morphin' Time!
ironhorse_iv30 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When you think of the 1990s; the kid's television series 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' come across as one of the biggest pop culture phenomenon of that decade. It was so popular, that in 1995, a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie directed by Bryan Spicer was made. Much like the television season that followed the release, the film used concepts from the Japanese Super Sentai Series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. The film is about, a group of teenagers turn superheroes fighting off evil monsters with robots. This time, they have to stop a terrible villain Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) who wreaks vengeance on their mentor Zordon (Nicholas Bell) for imprisoning him years ago. With Zordon dying and their powers lost, the Rangers head to a distant planet to find the mystic warrior Dulcea (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) and gain new powers to help them stop Ivan Ooze. The film stars the regular television cast of the TV Series, post-season 2, pre-season 3, made out of Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart (The Pink Ranger), David Yost as Billy Cranston (The Blue Ranger), Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park (The Black Ranger), Karan Ashley as Alisa Campbell (The Yellow Ranger), Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos (The Red Ranger), and Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver (The White Ranger). A lot of things had change since the first season. First off, the original cast had an African actor as the Black Ranger and an Asian actress as the Yellow Ranger. Because of the controversy of their descent, respectively, they were recast with a black actress as the Yellow Ranger, and Asian actor as the Black Ranger. Another problem was that, Jason David Frank's character got way too popular as the season 1 villain, The Green Ranger. He got so popular that the producers face-turn him in Season 2 as the new leader of the Power Rangers as the White Ranger. This lead to the original actor that play the original leader, the Red Ranger, leaving due to having a smaller role. Still, the people of Angel Grove still lack logic here. I like, how nobody knows that these teenagers are the Power Rangers. They wear the same colors, everyday like their power suits, and seem really good at martial arts. The movie had such a dramatic departure in visual style from the TV series, it's almost like seeing a completely different product altogether. I like how the power suits look like armor, than stupid those cheesy spandex jumpsuits. Sadly, they don't wear it, much. Another change was the Zoids AKA the robots, they used. I was deeply disappointed that the original Zoids didn't have a bigger part in this film. I wish, they could had at less, had one battle or something in the beginning. The power is ON! ...Perhaps someone should shut that off. It's running up the electrical bill. Anybody hoping to see them in the big screen had to be disappointed. Sadly, they run out of both Gosei Sentai Dairanger & Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger footage to use for the show, so they wanted to introduce the Ninja Zoids as soon as possible in the film. Still, season 3 of the power rangers just ignored the events of the movie and just create its own storyline of how the power rangers got their new powers. So, this movie isn't canon to the show, at all. While the movie did get the big budget treatment, the CGI were awful. Even for 1990s standards. I like the new zoids, but the machines were so fake looking with the bad CGI. While the Zoids battles were just bad, the martial arts fight sequences in the film were pretty entertaining. I love each one of them. The fights, while a bit cartoony, and unrealistic with the wire works; did have some really good stunt work, cool flipping and funny one-liners puns. The best fight had to be them against the rock monsters. The fight choreography in the show is much more impressive that in this big budget movie. Granted, the show had some cheese, but nowhere near to the extent they used here. The supporting cast were hit and misses, too. I love how Ivan Ooze look and feel. What a memorable villain. Paul Freeman was great in this film. Still, hate that the original TV show villains were made into not-threaten jokes by this film. I hate the men in the bird like suits henchmen. Looks like something dated like from 1939's Wizard of Oz. While, a very short cameo, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick indeed was very sexy Amazonian type character. One character, I can care less is Fred Kelman (Jamie Croft) who was plainly added for Kid Appeal. Fred was treated as someone who had always been part of the cast, despite never being in the show. He had a very annoying sub-plot of trying to rescue the brain wash adults from Ivan Ooze control. I really felt, every scene with him, could had been cut. It's nice to see Bulk (Paul Schrier) & Skull (Jason Narvy) from the TV show again, play the comedy relief, but they weren't really needed. The movie pacing is awful bad. The movie really did try to catch the attention of X-Sports demographics with lots of pointless sequences of skydiving and inline skates stunts. Honestly, these sequence really slow down the movie. Without spoiling it, the ending is a pretty bad cop out. For those who possess the Great Power, all things are possible. Such BS! The soundtrack was so-so. Shampoo- We're in Trouble was simple just annoying one-repeatable lyrics, but catchy as hell. The main theme was alright for the most part. It did had some epic tones in it. Overall: This movie is so laughable now, but back then, it was a good time to be young. So it's hard to hate the kid movie too much. Great watch if you want a nostalgia trip.
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Doesn't Understand The Meaning Of "Camp"
zkonedog12 April 2017
The last time I saw the first "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" movie was as a 10-year old in the theater in 1995. I remembered it being rather disappointing, and upon a recent re-watch (inspired by the new PR film in theaters) it had much the same effect. Unfortunately, the producers of the film don't understand that the appeal of "Power Rangers" lies in camp humor, not witty wisecracks.

For a basic plot summary, this film introduces new super-villain Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) whose goal (as usual for this show) is to take over the world. The first part of the plan? Trash the Rangers Command Center and leave Zordon (Nicholas Bell) close to death. This forces Rangers Tommy (Jason David Frank), Rocky (Steve Cardenas), Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch), Billy (David Yost), Kimberly, (Amy Jo Johnson), and Aisha (Karan Ashley) to search a nearby planet for a secret power force that can restore Zordon (and thus their powers) to full health in order to defeat Ooze.

You know, the sad thing is that there is a kernel of something decent planted early in this film. The idea of Zordon being central to the "rescue plot" is intriguing, and I will admit it is kind of cool seeing a totally Americanized version of the Ranger outfits (no Super Sentai footage here).

Alas, the biggest problem with the film is that the filmmakers don't seem to understand that "camp humor" is a big part of the Power Rangers draw. I think of it like the only 1960s Batman episodes: Batman and Robin play ridiculous situations totally straight...and that is much of the fun! As soon as the Dynamic Duo starting winking and nodding at the camera, the jig is up! That's exactly what happened in this film. Without the Super Sentai footage and structure that powered the first two seasons of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" on television, the approach here was to insert wise-cracks and (dumb) humor whenever possible. The worst offender was the Ooze character. Even as a 10-year old I could easily see how stupid of a villain he was.

Not helping matters is that, to be frank, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha cannot hold a candle to the Rangers they replaced (Jason, Zack, & Trini). I don't think there is much debate about this among fans of the show. Also, the whole "ninja costume" Ranger sequences fall very flat, while the Zords battling Ooze's "monsters" would have been better served by Super Sentai, I think, as they were so so poorly conceived.

All in all, this was a poor effort pretty much all-around. Probably the only reason I can give it three stars is because I have so much nostalgia for the show that I won't let myself go lower! There are a few hints at what could have been a decent effort here (new villain, Zordon plot, etc.), but none of them are used correctly. Sadly, this movie pretty much torpedoed my fanaticism over Power Rangers during my childhood. I realize that the shelf life wouldn't have been much longer anyway (this stuff is made for kids, and kids grow up and find new things to do), but even sitting in that old theater (probably hyped up on sugar) dying to see the film, by the end I could tell that the bloom was off the rose.
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Losing its "Power"
dee.reid22 June 2007
I've got good news and bad news. Here, there is dual cause for celebration, and dread. The good news: In "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie," the Saban-backed children's television commodity-turned-feature-length movie is pretty much everything fans of the awesome color-coded defenders of good could ever want. The bad news is, that's about it. This big-budget feature-length movie plays out pretty much like an extended version of the television show, and doesn't really offer much - to outsiders or the hardcore fans accustomed to the high-kicking action and special effects.

As a fan of the Power Rangers from about 1994-1996 when I was between the ages 9 and 11 (the movie features the best and most popular cast from the television series, when Power Rangers were at their peak), I was one who eagerly waited in anticipation for a "Power Rangers" movie. I collected the toys, and I watched the show almost religiously on weekday afternoons on Fox Kids. Believe me when I finally saw the movie, I was blown away.

In 2007, I'm 21; I've grown up. But I've still found myself attached to a lot of stuff from my more youthful years; Power Rangers aren't one of them. Some of it's because I haven't watched the show since the cast from the '94-'96 season changed, and a recent viewing of "Movie" offers little to a former fan. Maybe it's because I, like my favorite high-kicking teenagers, grew up.

As a youth, it's easy to fall in love with this stuff. You got cool-looking characters, really bad guys, lots of kung-fu action, crazy plots, cheesy dialogue, and explosions and stuff. If you're an adolescent into things that go BOOM!, you're in the right place. I was one such adolescent with a big imagination and wished he had awesome morphing powers like his heroes. Some parents even got angry because they believed "Rangers" taught kids to fight out their problems rather than talking them out. Please.

If you were into the show, you remember that six teenagers of the fictional city Angel Grove, California, were chosen by the being Zordon to become the hyper-charged Power Rangers, ninja-like warriors sworn to defeat evil everywhere it reared its ugly head, with awesome powers and their Zords - gigantic machines that represented prehistoric animals that could be used to fight their enemies in kaiju-style showdowns. Aisha (Karan Ashley) became the (second) Yellow Ranger, Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch) became the (second) Black Ranger, Rocky (Steve Cardenas) became the (second) Red Ranger, Tommy (Jason David Frank) became the White Ranger, Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) became the Pink Ranger, and Billy (David Yost) became the Blue Ranger; Billy was always my favorite. Together, they defined teamwork and were perfectly suited to fight off the extraterrestrial and domestic evils that threatened mankind.

In "Movie," Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman, chewing up all his scenery) is freed from a 6000-year imprisonment when Angel Grove construction workers accidentally stumble onto his lair. The nefarious Lord Zedd and his motor-mouth wife Rita Repulsa and their two minions Goldar and Mordant go to meet him and allow his revenge on Zordon. But he must first deal with the Rangers. After a few confrontations with Ooze's foot-soldiers, Ooze attacks their base, which leaves robot Alpha 5 short-circuiting and Zordon with only a few days to live. This renders the Rangers without their powers or their Zords, and they must journey to far-off Vados to receive new powers. With help from bikini-clad warrior chick Dulcea (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick), you can pretty much bet your $8 that this trip will be worth it, again, if you're a fan.

For those of us who are die-hards for "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie," screenwriter Arne Olsen and director Bryan Spicer ensure that this is one adventure that won't disappoint. Except for a few minor changes, Spicer and Olsen stay remarkably faithful to all that we knew and love about the source material. This is also the first incarnation of "Rangers" to feature completely original material, instead of stock footage borrowed from Japan's "Super Sentai," the show that inspired "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." The choosing of the show's original stars instead of new actors was also a plus.

Problems abound in "Movie," the simple fact that it seems like an extended of version of the show. A rundown: an evil appears, and the Rangers come together to fight it. The movie pretty much follows the same formula, except it's 101 minutes of your life that you'll either love or want back desperately. Original "Rangers" show was never much for performances (so it's a moot point here to even mention it), and the dialogue never really goes beyond typical Ranger-speak ("Let's do it, guys!" or "You ooze, you lose!").

The one having the most fun, however, is Freeman. Unrecognizable under some heavy-duty prosthetics, he relishes playing the bad guy ten-fold in the best (and somewhat hokey) performance. Comic bullies Bulk (Paul Schrier) and Skull (Jason Narvy) are remarkably underused, and youth Fred's (Jamie Croft) is also underused. Most telltale about how much we've grown up, are the film's CGI special effects, which were brilliant for 1995 but have obviously dated and are yet another reminder that this is a film showing its age from a time when television was so much simpler.

I guess "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" found its audience 12 years ago but will definitely have a hard time finding new viewers. I personally loved the cast and the show, but have a hard time looking at the movie now. Regardless of my misgivings now, 10 years ago this was it and probably about as good as it was going to get for the Power Rangers. Unfortunately, this is all we have left of the glory days when the Power Rangers ruled the world. When they lost their powers in the movie, some people today might wonder why they didn't lose their powers permanently.

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"Just throw it in their faces!!!" Warning: Spoilers
I never got to see this at the cinema back when it came out but I wish I had because at that point I was a pretty big fan of the show, and when I did see it I thought it was the coolest movie ever and it was a total masterpiece to my young adoring eyes, I watched it several times a day for about a month when I got the VHS tape for my birthday and drove everyone crazy! Time makes fools of us all though and over time I liked it less and less..but now I've come around and love it again, but in a much different way. I find it to be the very definition of camp, guilty pleasure, and so-bad-it's-good all in one package, and I see now that it's definitely not what you would call a "good" movie in any conventional sense even if it was made for kids. It's very poorly written and badly acted, and is a terrible and stupid movie, I know, but I don't care and I like it anyway! It has a special kind of place in my heart and I could never genuinely hate it. To me all of the faults just fit into the overall fun campy aesthetic of everything. It's a very silly and light movie but it feels like it knows how goofy it is and sort of revels in its own cheesiness at times and it never feels like it's taking itself all that seriously. Everyone's so peppy and upbeat, with the majority of the Rangers' dialogue consisting of rapidly-uttered bad puns and jokes while they're fighting opponents, but I enjoy that about it too, because that was pretty much how the characters acted in the series except that they also felt like more well-rounded real characters. It's cool how it stayed true to the show's core audience that way and didn't differentiate too much from its source material. But there are times when this picture fails to know the limits of its own strength and it falls flat on its butt when it's trying to go for an epic feel, case and point: Planet Phaedos. Everything on it feels cheap and artificial, with obviously fake mountains, backdrops, and just a noticeably fake atmosphere all around in a set that even the original Star Trek series would have passed on. The Rangers' first theatrical outing does up the ante, but barely. And get a load of what they did with the villain! Okay so I suppose that you could hardly expect a bad guy to be seriously dark and complex for a Power. Rangers movie, but surely they could have thought of something just a little more threatening than Ivan Ooze. He's a casually wisecracking and vaguely sinister old quirky wizard peddler man who's 'evil', and who's made out of ooze! Ivan looks more silly than scary and his big evil scheme to take over the world is ridiculous as well, for his grand plan is to give away magical ooze to kids and convince them to throw it at their parents, which will change them into mindless zombies that he commands to excavate the two powerful giant insectoid robots that are basically his evil versions of Zords. He's so lame but I love Ivan, unlike our beloved Rangers as far as this movie goes, he at least had a personality! Paul Freeman brought a joyfully wicked delight and energy and he clearly knew what target audience the movie he was playing a villain in was meant to target and he made his crazy role fun and memorable and he stole the show. His design reminds me a little bit if Freddy Krueger and he plays it like one of the villains from the 60s Batman TV show, and is really not menacing at all because it's impossible to take him seriously even when he's wrecking Zordon's lair, but he's so entertaining to watch that to me he makes the flick worth watching singlehandedly. He doesn't have all that much to do in the story after dispatching Zordon except for hanging out with Goldar and the pathetic pig character until he becomes enraged after the Rangers manage to destroy one of his Ecto-Morphicons, which monstrous cgi or no, were much cooler looking than the crappy new animal Zords, and he combines himself with the surviving one to become a gigantic Ivan-Morphicon thing right at the end! The rather awesome Lord Zedd and space harpy witch Rita are made to look like even bigger buffoons than usual and are zapped and miniaturised into a snow globe by Ivan where they sit out the rest of the movie, instead of having their power made use of by, oh I don't know, being sent after the powerless Power Rangers to deal with them instead of the useless tengu warriors! And in the end, Ivan proves to be no more competent than they were.. In the final big climactic battle in outer space the Rangers don't use any special mystical Ninjetti skills that they learned on their 'epic' quest, no they just fight dirty and beat him with the old emergency space knee in the balls manoeuvre that sends him hurtling into the path of an incoming comet where he promptly goes kablooey! So while I may laugh at its foibles, I still love this movie, it's a lot of silly fun and it makes me feel nice and nostalgic. Thank you indeed for all the fun Power Rangers, it was quite a ride. X
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Not the Nostalgia Trip You'd Hope For
bkrauser-81-3110649 May 2016
Oh boo, hiss, yes I know! "Don't mess with my childhood," I hear so many of you ape in unison like teenage fans at a rock concert. When was the last time you actually watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? When was the last time you actually tried to understand the group dynamics, the intricacies of the plot and the villain's head-scratching plot for world domination?

The movie begins with a prolonged skydiving sequence (which granted was cool when you were six but looks silly now). After slapstick bulwarks Bulk (Paul Schrier) and Skull (Jason Narvy) land in a construction site, they discover an alien looking egg which alerts Power Rangers leader Zordon (Nicholas Bell). The Rangers are dispatched to recover the egg but perennial villain Repulsa (Julia Cortez) gets to it first and unleashes Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman), a powerful inter-dimensional wizard capable of usurping untold amounts of energy. He neutralizes the Rangers, forcing them to travel to a far-away planet to find more power I guess. Meanwhile Ivan dolls out his ooze to the masses gaining control of a hypnotized slave workforce to recover his Titan robots. The Rangers return in time for the ultimate battle, suiting up in snazzy new costumes and inexplicably appropriately themed mega-robots.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie upon repeated viewings feels like an overt cash grab, complete with brand-spanking-new animal themed robots meant to sell toys. Everything from the acting to the story is so flaccid, boring and phoned-in that it's borderline insulting watching it as an adult. And lest we forget, even if you forgive all it's faults, there's still the cheap special-effects. While as a young child such ineptitude was forgivable, today the Power Rangers' chintzy miniatures and vapid monster v robot setup conjures memories of Post- Mothra Godzilla (1954) movies.
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"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie"- What was once thrilling as a child is just a little too cynical looking back as an adult...
I was born in the late 80's and grew up a total 90's kid. There were three facts I knew to be certain... the kids who owned both a Sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo were gods amongst men, Ren & Stimpy were the highest achievement in comedy humanity has ever witnessed, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were the world's greatest heroes. Seriously, I was obsessed. I had tapes upon tapes of recorded episodes, owned all the toys and merchandise my parents would allow me to get, went as the Green Ranger for two Halloweens in a row, had a holographic Red Ranger pocket-wallet... I was obsessed. So of course, the second a movie was announced, I was stoked beyond repair. Heck, I even talked my parents into ordering me the movie's making-of scrapbook from my elementary school's Scholastic Book-Club!

In honor of Saban rebooting the franchise with the upcoming big- budget, big-screen 2017 film, I decided to nostalgically revisit the original 1995 movie that the series spawned after its first few years on-air. I haven't actually watched the film start-to-finish in darned-near close to twenty years. (I drifted from the series just a few years after the movie came out.) What would happen? Would I relive my childhood thrills? Would it be a nostalgic blast from the past? Or would it falter and fail to live up to those great memories of mine growing up? Would it just feel like a cynical cash-grab?

Sadly, thought I know many a fan still enjoys the film, my feelings upon revisiting it do definitely fall back on the later feelings above. While it is a fairly competent aesthetic and tonal transition for the series from the small to the big-screen, the story presented feels wholly manufactured exclusively to bring in the big box-office and merchandising dollars without really pushing the series forward or even really making an effort to connect with it. (Heck, the movie isn't even feasibly canonical with the show given all the ret-cons and continuity errors!) And while it is far from a terrible film, this former Rangers fan feels sadly let-down looking back at a movie I once loved, now that I see it for what it is.

The Power Rangers Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Billy Cranston, Aisha Campbell, Kimberly Hart, and Tommy Oliver are in for the fight of their lives when their foes Lord Zed and Rita Repulsa unearth and resurrect an ancient and vile villain known as Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman)- a "morphological" being with a wide-range of powers. When Ooze destroys the command center and gravely injures the Rangers' leader Zordon, the super-powered teens will be forced to travel to a faraway alien planet in search for a "Great Power" to save their master and find the inner strength to defeat this new threat!

To give the film the credit it deserves, there are some definite positives to be had. The actors portraying the Rangers all do about as well as they do on the small screen, and they're all pretty likable. Freeman makes for an entertainingly over-the-top villain with some great riffs and gags that I'm assuming were his additions. (A hilarious joke where he lists the things he missed out on before being brought back by Zed and Rita in particular is uproarious.) And the film does a nice job updating the Rangers for the big- screen. The then- cutting-edge CGI, brighter and more detailed costuming work and grander scope are definitely appreciated. This is the best the original Rangers ever looked, and everything feels a lot bigger and more bombastic thanks to the higher budget.

Unfortunately, the rest of the film falls very flat in my opinion, and comes off as little more than a mindless cash-grab. The script by Arne Olsen and John Kamps hits every note that you'd expect a cynical kids movie to hit. From the addition of a never-before-seen child "sidekick" who needs to assist the Rangers by helping them save the day (a common trope in children's entertainment, and always an unwelcome addition), to adding in plenty of new villains and heroes and robots and costumes to drive up toy-sales, to constant eye-rolling banter and catch- phrases that stink of 40-something writers trying to emulate their teenaged children... it's all so lazy and trite. Direction courtesy Bryan Spicer is barely passable, with his structuring of scenes feeling overly suspect and standard. And the film can barely even try to hide the fact that it's an expensive, 90-minute commercial. Each and every scene shows off new products to buy, blasts new music for kids to beg their parents to buy them, shows us the shiny new versions of last years toys that parents must now re-buy... it's kinda shameful, to be blunt.

I keep seeing a recurring theme in the positive reviews claiming that this is all fine because it's "just a kids movie"... no, sorry. We as adults need to demand more from the entertainment geared towards our children. It's completely not OK to just give them bad entertainment and justify it by saying it's "just a kids movie." There are plenty of good, high-quality kids films out there. Stop enabling what is nothing more than inherent laziness on the part of filmmakers trying to make a quick buck off of children.

Look, I still love my memories of the Power Rangers. And I'll never regret my time spent with the franchise. Heck, I'm probably gonna see the new movie in theaters when it comes out. But we have to admit... it's not the perfect pop-culture relic that we pretend it to be, and some facets of the series- including this film- are little more than cheap merchandising tools.

I give "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" a sub-par 3 out of 10.
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The Power Is On, The Big Screen
Terryfan1 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As a kid I was one of those who was crazy about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers if you grew up in the 1990s you know everyone was crazy about the series.

I can remember during the second season I saw a TV spot for the movie at first I thought I didn't believe it then I saw it again and It just made me go what? I couldn't believe that they were making a movie for it. So I asked my dad to take me and he did he took me and my brother to go see it and it's one of the movies I can still recall the reaction and the emotion I felt in the theater and I saw it 20 years ago when I saw it in 1995 in theaters.

The movie centers around the Power Rangers Tommy The White Ranger (Jason David Frank),Kimberly The Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson), Billy The Blue Ranger (David Yost), Rocky The Red Ranger (Steve Cardenas) Adam The Black Ranger (Johnny Yong Bosch), Aisha The Yellow Ranger (Karan Ashley) as they battle against a foe that has been imprisoned by Zordon and now seeks revenge.

Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) has been in a egg for 6000 years and after he is freed by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa he begins to attack the Power Rangers.

After getting the movie on DVD and watch it again it did bring back the memories of my childhood but of course I look at it through an adult point of view and it has been interesting to say the least.

But nevertheless the film is one of the few that ever made me cry in the theater, normally I could handle it but for this one it didn't happen I shed a tear or two in the film and it also made me laugh at the comedy of the film which are still funny as they were back then.

Also the soundtrack and music for the film is pretty well balance with something for everyone from classic songs to a score that helps tell the story of the film and looking at it now it's quite the score that you can't help but respect because it help tells the story of the movie. The music just so well balance for a film targeted to kids.

The stunt and actions scenes were where the film took off for kids as that's what we wanted for I remember in the theater everyone cheer when the Rangers morph.

The story of the film worked for Power Rangers fans. The film is better for those who grew up with the series and for those who are fans of power rangers but some might like to check it out for those who just want to see what was the big thing back than. Nevertheless the film is just a piece of nostalgic. Seeing the movie on the big screen is one of the best times I had at the movies and still feels that way when I watch it

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie is actually an enjoyable film and it would be good for any fan of Power Rangers and the kids might enjoy it.

I give Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie an 8 out of 10

It's Morphin Time!
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Opening fight scene makes this film simply great!
Angelus224 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Power Rangers arrive on the big screen...The plot is simple...5 teenagers are the protectors of Earth, by using their Kung-Fu skills on the evil monsters...Here they must unite to fight against the Ivan Ooze, who has been released from his prison, by the evil Rita and Lord Z...Only Ooze decides he wants to take over.....Now only the five Power Rangers stand in his way.

Yes, the dialogue isn't the greatest...But you know what? From the perspective of the child that watched this movie years ago...It was was amazing! The monsters were all so scary and more importantly the opening fight scene between the Power Rangers and Ooze's men was simply amazing..Even as a child I felt that the whole 'Power searching' mission was a waste of time..The whole dinosaur bone monster scene was un-called for...The one thing made this show amazing was the re-designed suits...Armoured with great gadgets which we never saw again, in the series...
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Op_Prime9 April 2001
This movie came during that time when Power Rangers was corny and not very serious. The movie, however, is more like what the later shows would be. This had a more dark tone to it and was more entertaining. The plot was kind of weak, but this movie was made for kids. Also, the movie is really out of place with the series continuity, but I believe that was intended. The acting is far from perfect, but okay. Personally, I would say the villains did a better job though. The special effects were excellent! Overall, this movie had a lot of interesting elements and proved to be a fun ride. Way better than the sequel.
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Back when I was a sucker on franchises like this.
emasterslake7 December 2006
I was obsess with the Power Rangers when it first came on back in the mid 90s. The show already hypnotized me, so I was looking forward in seeing this movie. I remember there were hardly any people in the movie theater when I saw it.

It's much different from the TV series I knew from. Starts off with the discovery of an egg pod containing ooze that's been imprisoned on Earth for quite sometime. Lord Zed and his minions come to awaken the the egg pod which has this Ooze dude named Ivan Ooze who's going to create chaos and crush the Power Rangers with his very hands.

Only to discover that this foe is much more challenging than he appears to be. And the Power rangers will need upgrades in order to defeat him.

I've seen this movie so many times right until I lost interest in the series years later. Been years since i've last seen this film. But since I'm no longer a fan of it, I don't really consider it a cult classic. The die hard fans might enjoy it a lot. This is one of the examples of low budget movies that lure me, way before I knew the difference between a good and bad movie.
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Good thing it was meant for kids only!
Beta_Gallinger14 July 2007
The "Power Rangers" franchise began in the early 1990s, with the original TV series, "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers". Without a doubt, although it may have been highly criticised by those past their childhood, the show turned out to be a huge hit with kids. In addition to that, two years after the series began, young fans finally got to see the superheroes on the big screen, in 1995's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie", which didn't seem to disappoint most of those fans.

The evil and despised Ivan Ooze is finally released from captivity after six thousand years, so the Power Rangers have a new enemy! The superheroes soon find that their power is gone, and when they go to the command centre, they discover that Ivan has destroyed the place, and Zordon is dying! In order to defeat Ivan and rescue Zordon before it's too late, the Rangers must travel to a distant planet, the only place where they can retrieve their powers! Meanwhile, Ivan begins his attack on the city of Angel Grove!

Being in the right age group at the time, I remember the heyday of the original Power Rangers series very well. I was a big fan for a while, but never saw this movie. Basically out of curiosity, I finally just watched it, years after losing all interest in the entire Power Rangers franchise. Early in the film, I found that it was so bad that it was sort of funny, with its cheesy lines and action sequences, so it looked like it would be mildly enjoyable, as an unintentional comedy. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay this way for long, it soon changes, and for the rest of the movie (which is most of it), it's both cheesy AND boring, that is, for those who have left their childhood behind. The Power Rangers franchise was made strictly for kids, and this full-length feature is no exception. I might even give this movie a lower rating than 3/10 if it wasn't for the fact that I probably would have LOVED it if I saw it when it was first released, and probably even three years later!

Although it appears they're still making new Power Rangers shows of different names, the days of the original are now long over, and those who were kids in the 1990s and were fans are now much older. Some TV shows and movies that one enjoys while in their childhood could easily still be enjoyable for them when they grow up, but clearly, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" is not one of those. With the ridiculous name of the main villain (Ivan Ooze) and the "ooze" that comes out of him, as well as the childish lines (such as "Go get 'em, booger man!"), the poor quality characters, and so many other things (most of which you would probably find in the show as well), I'm sure it's VERY hard for an adult to take this movie seriously. So, for adults, I don't recommend "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie", even if you're looking for a movie that's so bad it's unintentionally funny. However, looking at how many kids this movie has impressed, I guess it deserves SOME credit.
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One of the worst movies I have seen by far.
vip_ebriega19 February 2007
My Take: One scene of awe-inspiring ineptitude and stupidity after another.

I haven't watched this movie since I was a kid. Back then, I was a real fan of the Rangers, maybe because back then, I was a Dinosaur fan (and Dinosaurs were some kind of symbol for the Rangers). But When I grew up, I began to realize how awful it really is. Well, you know, when you're a kid, you like anything flashed in to your screen. But now, I have watched a variety of movies, and know how to distinguish a bad one from a good one. And "Power Rangers: The Movie" is baaaaad!!! I mean the plot is lame, the acting atrocious, the special-effects are low-budget, the slapsticks are corny and the heroics, come on, are they really heroes? Still, it's kinda good for camp laughs sometimes, but don't even think that this is a popcorn movie, it'll spoil your appetite (for popcorn). If they actually tried to do what needs to be done, and done right, it would have been better, waaaaay better. You may rent it for the kids, maybe even watch it with them. But never watch it alone, it's no mature movie, everything is childish, no stupid.

Well, this may be one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of movies. Now, do yourself a favor and avoid it. Maybe watch a Looney Tunes head-banger and be amused.

Rating: 0 out of 5.
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Not so "Mighty"...
Mister-630 March 2000
The TV show is bad enough; a bunch of teenagers dress up in fluorescent primary and secondary colors to beat up a bunch of guys in old Toho monster movie costumes while talking about being good citizens, caring for the environment, whatever's politically correct.

The really bad thing is someone thought it should be made into a movie.

I don't know: does "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" appeal to anyone outside of its targeted demographic (i.e. - pre-teens who are too old for the Ninja Turtles but still like seeing people get beaten up faux-Shaolin style)? Don't see how, since there is next to nothing worthwhile in this movie. I heard that in an interview one of the actresses compared this to "Star Wars" and "The Wizard of Oz". I call BLASPHEME!

In fact, the ONLY good part of this debacle is Ivan Ooze himself, as performed by Paul Freeman. He is the most aware, most expressive, most intelligent and, by far, gets the best lines. For example, when beset by the MMPRs, he squeals, "Ooh, where's my autograph book?!!" Now right there is one entertaining moment more than you'll witness from any of the good guys.

If they had just made "Ivan Ooze: The Movie", that would have been something worth seeing. However, teen violence as shown here is about on par with the "Friday the 13th" flicks. At least there, the teens got theirs.

One star, for Ivan Ooze, but for the rest of MMPR:TM - less "Power" to you.
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Two versions: English and Japanese!!!
stephenchase-635048 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The English version is easier to understand!! LOL and ROFL
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"Go Go Power Rangers!"
The_Movie_Cat10 January 2001
Warning: Spoilers

Yeah... just go. What a terminally bad film this is. It starts off with a ropy, would-be Star Wars scrolling narration voiced by an uncredited female. This mystery lady sounds alternately drunk, not comprehending what she's saying, and like she's got a large cactus stuffed up her rectum. It doesn't get any better.

The Power Rangers are the six blandest teenagers you'll ever meet, colour-coded so you can tell them apart. Here's an impossible task: find a single personality among them. For some curious reason, whenever the Power Rangers do, well... anything at all ... they have to describe it to everyone. "Activating power beam!" yelps the token black girl as her helmet light comes on. Their one-liners are even worse: "Have a nice trip! See you next fall!" one says as she yanks a villain off his feet. Who wrote the script, Oscar Wilde? The Rangers fly by what looks like a felt tip pen on the film – and that's one of the more expensive effects. The budget seems to be as cheap as the direction is flat – which is a lot. Okay, expense isn't the be all and end all of a movie, but one such as this demands it. There is nothing beyond the mindless zap-pow of the visuals to recommend it, meaning its sole purpose is flawed. Particularly risible is the "we've really ran out of cash now" CGI of the finale.

This is the sort of film where feeble, not even remotely funny "jokes" are met with "hearty" laughter. It's like the years 1940-1994 never happened. The jarring exposition and lame "would even a hyena raise a chuckle?" humour do act as a refreshing change from the otherwise banal dialogue, however. There's not a single iota of originality in the whole thing. We get the death of a mentor scene, the quest, the resolution... all set to generic rock music. We also get the moral of the story, the strength of a person being within them, etc., etc. Paul Freeman tries to inject a little fun to proceedings as Ivan Ooze, though is let down by the witless script. That said, the words "Oscar" and "Nomination" were never heard around this movie.

Other things that irritate me: why is it when someone's dangling hundreds of feet in the air, someone always tells them to "hang on"? Like the person in question was considering letting go and falling to their death as an option before hearing such an adroit suggestion? In fact, this timely advice is said three times throughout the movie, showing how fundamentally lacking in ideas the dialogue editor was. Awful lines, clichés ("You play with fire and you're gonna get burnt"), the Rangers moving their arms every time they speak so you know which one's talking... the sort of kids that say only things like: "Whoo! Awesome! Aw-right! Way cool! Give me five!" and Ooze's final defeat by a knee in the crotch seems inappropriate for a family film.

Having said all this, the movie is probably great fun for it's target audience of pre-schoolers, and someone my age shouldn't be watching it in the first place. But don't you remember a time when children's films were made with at least some care or love for their craft? The Jungle Book, E.T., Willy Wonka... all children's films that have some appeal for adults, meaning Turbo, the inevitable Power Rangers sequel, would not be desirable to the bored grown-up who had to sit through this one. Power Rangers The Movie is just one long, joyless advert for action figures.

Post-Script: Seven years on, and maybe this review was a little like shooting fish in a barrel. Having been forced to sit through the vaguely better sequel (4/10) then I can only conclude that I was in a snarky mood when I wrote this and that the world of the Power Rangers is just not meant for me.
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Go Go Power Rangers
KalKenobi8322 March 2017
Throwback Review:Watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movies starring Jason David Frank(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) as Tommy Oliver,White Ranger ,Amy Jo Johnson(The Eddie Files) as Kimberly Hart,The Pink Ranger, David Yost(Lady Killer) as Billy Cranston, The Blue Ranger. Karan Ashley(Hangin With Mr Cooper) as Aisha Campbell,The Yellow Ranger, Johnny Young Bosch(Akira) as Adam Park, The Black Ranger ,Steve Cardenas(Power Rangers Zeo ) as Rocky DeSantos,The Red Ranger, Paul Schrier(Eagle Riders) as Bulk , Jason Narvy(Masked Rider) as Skull .Also Starring Gabrielle Fitzpatrick(Fire) as Dulcea , Nicolas Bell(Skytrackers) as Zordon, Peta-Maree Rixon(Ni Hong) as Alpha 5 , Mark Ginther(Babylon 5) as Zedd, Juilia Cortez(The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert) as Rita Repulsa and Paul Freeman(Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark) as Ivan Ooze. This was my first my introduction to The Power Rangers also really enjoyed the Story also great character in everyone also really enjoyed great villain in Ivan Ooze I can't still after several years I enjoyed it release I can't fault all though I would've like to seen there dinozords prior Ivans Take Over of Zordon. amazing costume design from Joseph A.Porro(Stargate) Score By Graeme Revell(The Crow), and Cinematography By Paul Murphy (Dallas Murphy) ,Amazing Direction from Bryan Spicer(SeaQuest 2032)Go Go Power Rangers 8 /10
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Cheesy Nostalgia
swilliky24 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
With cheesy costumes, cheap special effects, corny dialogue, amateur acting, and a simple plot, the Power Rangers took to the big screen with a mix of new cast members and some from the show. I don't recall much of the Power Ranger lore but I do remember highly enjoying this edition of the morphing teenagers and their strange villains. This story begins with the colorful gang jumping out of a plane leaving behind their bullies. The new leader Tommy (Jason David Frank) the White Ranger has a complicated history. From what I remember he was the Green Ranger for a bit and a bad guy, then he was good, and then he became the White Ranger. I recall this story arc capturing my imagination as a kid.

Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) was the Pink Ranger and had some romantic relations with whoever the leader was, at this point it is the White Ranger but I think there was something going on with the Red Ranger at some point but that might have been different than Rocky (Steve Cardenas). Billy (David Yost) is a returning member as the dorky Blue Ranger. Rounding out the team are the Aisha (Karan Ashley) the Yellow Ranger and Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch). They each have an animal power: the Red Tyrannosaurus Rex, Yellow Sabertooth Tiger, Black Mastodon, Pink Pterodactyl, Blue Triceratops, and the White Tiger. These are especially confusing as they get new animals when they travel to a far off land like Black Frogs, Yellow Bear, White Falcon, Pink Crane, the Blue Wolf, and Red Ape.

Check out more of this review and others at swilliky.com
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This made no sense at all
Min11111 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't understand why a movie was necessary considering the success of the show. The show was great, but this movie was awful. Made no sense. The plot wasn't remotely interesting. Personally, not a fan of the white ranger. I use to own the sword when I was a child. I like the black, blue, pink, red and yellow rangers. I don't like the monster - Ivan Ooze. Thought it was a bad choice. They could've come up with a better monster. Let's not forget about Bulk and Skull who happen to be funny. I like them two. Imagine the show without them. It would be boring. It's still better than that Turbo movie, but there's really not much difference to separate the two. One thing I did like about this movie was the fact you could see Zordon in his actual state - that scene was emotional. I also liked the scene at the start where the rangers were skydiving, and rolling in their skates, but it seemed like the movie got worse and worse since that moment. If you are a Power Ranger fan, you should see this movie otherwise it's really not worth the time. Once is enough if you ask me - fan or not. The movie is like one long episode. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers didn't need a movie. All these episodes was more than enough. There's plenty of action.
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S10 Reviews: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)
suspiria107 March 2005
Ivan Ooze is uncovered after 1,000 year slumber and only those Power Rangers can defeat him. When Ooze destroys their layer and leaves Zordon to die, the Power Rangers must travel to a distant planet to find more powerful Zords to defeat Ooze….before he enslaves the human race. I'd hate to live in Angel Grove, the school's suck.

By all accounts the film is pretty lame, much like the series but for some reason it was enjoyable. It moved pretty well and the corny action and screwball jokes elicited a guffaw or too. Pretty similar to the Masters of the Universe movie and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. They were all OK popcorn moochers.
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Major guilty pleasure
jhaggardjr29 May 2000
I hate to admit this, but "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" is one of my major guilty pleasures. I really shouldn't like this movie since it's aimed squarely at kids. But to my astonishment I did. It's no classic to be sure. It's mostly ridiculous. It's absurd in many ways. However for some odd reason, it entertained me. The thing I liked best about the movie is the six young actors who play the Power Rangers. They're all good, although I wish the screenplay would have let their characters delelop better that it did. Then this movie would have been better. I wish this movie, as well as the TV show, could have been aimed at teenagers instead of kids. Then some of it wouldn't be so juvenile. However, this movie is nowhere near as childish as the terrible second movie "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie". One good thing about "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" is that you don't see much of two of the most brainless characters in the history of show business, Bulk and Skull. Cut those guys out! The six actors who play the rangers (Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, and David Yost) give far better performances compared to the two actors who play those goofballs (Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier) in this movie and on the TV show. Of all of these actors, only Johnson has gone on to some fame (on TV's "Felicity"). "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" has better special effects than on the show and in "Turbo", and that helps alot. This is one odd picture. It ain't all that good, but it's not all that bad either.

**1/2 (out of four)
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