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Brings back so many memories
Smells_Like_Cheese1 November 2007
1994 was the year of the Might Morphin Power Rangers, I was only 9 years old and was such a huge fan. I remember the summer of 1995 my friends and our parents took us to see The Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and we thought it was the greatest movie ever made. I know that's sad, but we loved the show and the movie lived up to a great episode with an even better budget. I hadn't seen the movie since '95, but my boyfriend and I went to Target and found this movie on the $5.50 shelf and I grabbed it for old times sake since he was also a Power Rangers fan when he was a kid. We watched it and I have to say that despite how bad it is and how mega cheesy the lines and acting are, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is what it is. It was aimed at kids and was terrific for them, the story was so bad that it was actually good.

The rangers are living their lives in the fast lane, they're sky diving and roller blading, I mean is there anything they can't do? But anyways, all that is put on pause when Zordon warns the rangers of Rita and Zed's evil plan to raise Ivan Ooze. Ivan is planning to take over the world when he shrinks Rita and Zed and is putting all the kids parents under a powerful spell to make them do his bidding. Ivan then visits the command center and destroys it leaving Zordon in bad shape and now the rangers have to save the world on top of saving Zordon and become the powerful ninjas to regain their powers and defeat Ooze.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is extremely silly and cheesy, but I don't know what people were expecting when they watched it that it got such a bad rating. It's one of those movies that is so bad that it's actually good. Although Zordon's face will haunt my dreams for a long time, it was classic the way the "actors" who played the rangers presented their lines, I loved how they would fight and do back flips, yet could say their lines perfectly without sounding out of breath. Also how they replaced certain rangers with people who looked like they were picked out of a kick ball team line. But Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is a classic film I think in a sense and will be a true time capsule of 1995.

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In Morphin' Teenagers We Trust
Slarkshark15 July 2021
Starting a movie off with Red Hot Chili Peppers is always a recipe for success.

Either you grew up with the Power Rangers or you didn't. If you didn't, this is one of the stupidest movies out there, but if you're like me and were a kid through the nineties there's a good chance you watched Power Rangers. As a result, I watched this movie a lot as a kid, and so even now it's packed full of nostalgia.

Ivan Ooze was a pretty good villain too with clever dialogue. After all, Paul Freeman was the villain in the greatest adventure movie of all time, that of course being 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

The CGI is pretty rough, but again it's 1995 and Power Rangers, so just enjoy it for what it is.
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First movie I saw in theaters, 5 years old
Quantom-X3 October 2018
Lots of nostalgia here. I grew up watching the TV show. And as far as I can remember, I believe this was the first movie I saw in theaters. It has it's ups and downs, the acting is on par with typical Power Ranger acting, but it has it's greats. Jason David Frank as Tommy is amazing as ever. And Ivan Ooze is one of the all time best Power Ranger villains period.
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At the end of the day, it is actually mindless fun!
TheLittleSongbird4 August 2009
Okay, if you forgive the banal dialogue and the plot contrivances, plus the fact the film tends to become silly and cheesy, it is really mindless fun aimed at kids. Yes the script is weak, and the story is suggestive of an extended TV episode, and does get very silly at times. Despite all this, it does have a sense of fun, and not as bad as the rating makes it out to be. The music is good, and an unrecognisable Paul Freeman as the villainous Ivan Ooze is surprisingly good, with some excellent delivery of the film's best lines. Ooze is not only scary but incredibly funny as well, and Freeman the great actor he is nailed that on the head. The performances on the whole are decent, certainly not Oscar worthy material, and there are some well staged fights, even if the effects are nothing special. I will confess I don't like the TV show that much, but despite the failings that this film has, it is fun to watch. 6/10 Bethany Cox.
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Major guilty pleasure
jhaggardjr29 May 2000
I hate to admit this, but "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" is one of my major guilty pleasures. I really shouldn't like this movie since it's aimed squarely at kids. But to my astonishment I did. It's no classic to be sure. It's mostly ridiculous. It's absurd in many ways. However for some odd reason, it entertained me. The thing I liked best about the movie is the six young actors who play the Power Rangers. They're all good, although I wish the screenplay would have let their characters delelop better that it did. Then this movie would have been better. I wish this movie, as well as the TV show, could have been aimed at teenagers instead of kids. Then some of it wouldn't be so juvenile. However, this movie is nowhere near as childish as the terrible second movie "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie". One good thing about "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" is that you don't see much of two of the most brainless characters in the history of show business, Bulk and Skull. Cut those guys out! The six actors who play the rangers (Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, and David Yost) give far better performances compared to the two actors who play those goofballs (Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier) in this movie and on the TV show. Of all of these actors, only Johnson has gone on to some fame (on TV's "Felicity"). "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" has better special effects than on the show and in "Turbo", and that helps alot. This is one odd picture. It ain't all that good, but it's not all that bad either.

**1/2 (out of four)
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Don't see how it deserves a 3.2
aptrapani6 December 2005
At least a 5 would suffice. Like come on this movie is meant for kids and those whom love that little nostalgia yeah it was corny, and yeah, it was really stupid. But fellows, that is the power rangers. Many teenagers such as myself grew up on it. We fed on the corniness of having huge robots to make one mighty robot. It's just sad how people will judge a movie based on power rangers because power rangers aren't cool anymore. Most of these people believe it isn't because society tells them, "hey you kid, you're what, 10? Yeah... well, f.y.i. you;re a loser for liking power rangers still, move onto anime." What else is sad... is how critical people are. It's a KID'S movie. Yeah, sure, "Finding Nemo" was funny for everyone but, Power Rangers was never meant for adults. Simply, children. If it was for adults I'd say hell yeah, a 2 is out of remorse, but since i remember the good old days. I'm giving this movie a 5 because yes, there is much better movies, but this movie is good for its purpose. Or at least was.
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They call this a movie... and it shows.
dtm66630 April 2001
When I first heard about a Power Rangers movie (long ago), I was thinking, "Japanese footage on the big screen." When the movie came out, I decided to check it out.

The MMPR movie doesn't have much of a groundbreaking plot (bad guy is free, Rangers must kill bad guy, save world, blah blah) and the special effects aren't exactly awe-inspiring, but at least you know those are movie effects, not like Turbo's "big-screen television episode." The first film was clearly superior because of the time, effort, and money these people has put into making a film look better than the TV show it is based upon. Some of the fight scenes are better than on TV. The impressive final battle made up for an ugly Megazord (well, I thought it was ugly). The orchestrated soundtrack wasn't reused on television. And there were only two instances where we had to hear that damned "Go Go Power Rangers" theme song in the whole movie.

The MMPR movie isn't the greatest piece of work out there. It doesn't have any major elements that will introduce new fans into the world of spandex-wearing heroes fighting rubber monsters from Japan, but it makes for an enlightning ninety minutes.
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Very cheesy kid stuff
perni26 September 2002
I saw this thing in the theaters, people. Can you believe it? And I actually took the material seriously and thought it was probably the single coolest thing I would ever see in my lifetime. Thank God I went on to my 11th birthday. One of my friends still digs all things Ranger, so he started playing it during play practice breaks. After having it sit on my shelf for so long (yes, we actually own the video...shut up), I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten. The horribly obvious wire work with Billy, the 'cool' new plastic suits (as opposed to the cheap spandex suits of ye olde television era), the offensively dumb Ivan Ooze villain, and especially the giant foam skeleton of a triceretops that attacks our heroes (wow, this movie has EVERYTHING!). The whole thing just screams Early 90's, when all kids could think of to do for fun was pretend to be Tommy and break their buddy's arm while pretending he was Lord Zedd (crap, I actually remember who Lord Zedd is!). Things are just corny from start to finish here, like the new and improved Ninja Rangers with their spiffy Early 90's Computer Animated Zords (gotta love the Frog Zord). From what I remember, Turbo was even more insipid than its big brother, so if you have to choose which one to watch during your Elementary School Nostalgia-Thon Fest Bonanza, go with this puppy. Trust me, even though it's Grade-A junk food, it will make you laugh with the memories. 2/4 Stars
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A childhood favourite, still fun even if it's silly
Christopher_Reid4 May 2021
Like about 20 movies in total, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was for some period of time my favourite movie. I really liked the style, the colours, the energy, the basic concept, the action, the comedy, etc. Much of that still holds up today although it's very flimsy - not much is to be found in deeper meaning or originality.

Ebert is right that the characters don't have much individual personality, but that hardly matters. Their teamwork and positive attitudes shine through. Even though it's cliched, at least it's a good message for kids. They do fun things like skydive and roller blade (something I've recently been learning in my mid-30s), all while being safe and wearing their assigned colours. I don't see why they need issues to be more interesting. Nor do I think they need majorly different roles to play. As it is, we at least get Tommy who is a leader and Kimberly who is more sentimental.

The action is enjoyable, especially with some good music to go with it. It's harmless fun with many ridiculous physics-defying moves - a lot of flying kicks and spinning.

Visually, the movie holds up well. The costumes are cool - all different and shiny, including the goodies and the baddies. The special effects are dated but the designs of the zords and robots are cool, all of them newly introduced in this movie.

The music is surprisingly good and underused if anything. The action songs are decent, fit the choreography and don't disrupt the flow, but the orchestral score is even better.

The plot is very thin and full of holes. Apparently the Rangers can casually teleport to other planets and Ivan Ooze's bird monsters can also fly through space with ease. And I didn't know that comets were fireballs which you could throw enemies at. At least the movie hits the right beats and we don't get buried in melodrama or exposition - the story just keeps moving and focuses on the action, comedy and excitement.

Paul Freeman is clearly having fun as the main villain. He gets many funny lines including one he apparently ad-libbed - that he was disappointed to have missed The Brady Bunch Reunion (he likes being around for disasters). As an adult, his performance is the main highlight although the action and some of the comedy is also sincerely entertaining.

I can see that the movie isn't quite as flawless as it felt when I was 10 years old, but it was good enough to engage me and still generate some laughs and smiles. It embraces its goofy, safe, feel-good action and does it well.
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"Just throw it in their faces!!!" Warning: Spoilers
I never got to see this at the cinema back when it came out but I wish I had because at that point I was a pretty big fan of the show, and when I did see it I thought it was the coolest movie ever and it was a total masterpiece to my young adoring eyes, I watched it several times a day for about a month when I got the VHS tape for my birthday and drove everyone crazy! Time makes fools of us all though and over time I liked it less and less..but now I've come around and love it again, but in a much different way. I find it to be the very definition of camp, guilty pleasure, and so-bad-it's-good all in one package, and I see now that it's definitely not what you would call a "good" movie in any conventional sense even if it was made for kids. It's very poorly written and badly acted, and is a terrible and stupid movie, I know, but I don't care and I like it anyway! It has a special kind of place in my heart and I could never genuinely hate it. To me all of the faults just fit into the overall fun campy aesthetic of everything. It's a very silly and light movie but it feels like it knows how goofy it is and sort of revels in its own cheesiness at times and it never feels like it's taking itself all that seriously. Everyone's so peppy and upbeat, with the majority of the Rangers' dialogue consisting of rapidly-uttered bad puns and jokes while they're fighting opponents, but I enjoy that about it too, because that was pretty much how the characters acted in the series except that they also felt like more well-rounded real characters. It's cool how it stayed true to the show's core audience that way and didn't differentiate too much from its source material. But there are times when this picture fails to know the limits of its own strength and it falls flat on its butt when it's trying to go for an epic feel, case and point: Planet Phaedos. Everything on it feels cheap and artificial, with obviously fake mountains, backdrops, and just a noticeably fake atmosphere all around in a set that even the original Star Trek series would have passed on. The Rangers' first theatrical outing does up the ante, but barely. And get a load of what they did with the villain! Okay so I suppose that you could hardly expect a bad guy to be seriously dark and complex for a Power. Rangers movie, but surely they could have thought of something just a little more threatening than Ivan Ooze. He's a casually wisecracking and vaguely sinister old quirky wizard peddler man who's 'evil', and who's made out of ooze! Ivan looks more silly than scary and his big evil scheme to take over the world is ridiculous as well, for his grand plan is to give away magical ooze to kids and convince them to throw it at their parents, which will change them into mindless zombies that he commands to excavate the two powerful giant insectoid robots that are basically his evil versions of Zords. He's so lame but I love Ivan, unlike our beloved Rangers as far as this movie goes, he at least had a personality! Paul Freeman brought a joyfully wicked delight and energy and he clearly knew what target audience the movie he was playing a villain in was meant to target and he made his crazy role fun and memorable and he stole the show. His design reminds me a little bit if Freddy Krueger and he plays it like one of the villains from the 60s Batman TV show, and is really not menacing at all because it's impossible to take him seriously even when he's wrecking Zordon's lair, but he's so entertaining to watch that to me he makes the flick worth watching singlehandedly. He doesn't have all that much to do in the story after dispatching Zordon except for hanging out with Goldar and the pathetic pig character until he becomes enraged after the Rangers manage to destroy one of his Ecto-Morphicons, which monstrous cgi or no, were much cooler looking than the crappy new animal Zords, and he combines himself with the surviving one to become a gigantic Ivan-Morphicon thing right at the end! The rather awesome Lord Zedd and space harpy witch Rita are made to look like even bigger buffoons than usual and are zapped and miniaturised into a snow globe by Ivan where they sit out the rest of the movie, instead of having their power made use of by, oh I don't know, being sent after the powerless Power Rangers to deal with them instead of the useless tengu warriors! And in the end, Ivan proves to be no more competent than they were.. In the final big climactic battle in outer space the Rangers don't use any special mystical Ninjetti skills that they learned on their 'epic' quest, no they just fight dirty and beat him with the old emergency space knee in the balls manoeuvre that sends him hurtling into the path of an incoming comet where he promptly goes kablooey! So while I may laugh at its foibles, I still love this movie, it's a lot of silly fun and it makes me feel nice and nostalgic. Thank you indeed for all the fun Power Rangers, it was quite a ride. X
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The Power Is On, The Big Screen
Terryfan1 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As a kid I was one of those who was crazy about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers if you grew up in the 1990s you know everyone was crazy about the series.

I can remember during the second season I saw a TV spot for the movie at first I thought I didn't believe it then I saw it again and It just made me go what? I couldn't believe that they were making a movie for it. So I asked my dad to take me and he did he took me and my brother to go see it and it's one of the movies I can still recall the reaction and the emotion I felt in the theater and I saw it 20 years ago when I saw it in 1995 in theaters.

The movie centers around the Power Rangers Tommy The White Ranger (Jason David Frank),Kimberly The Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson), Billy The Blue Ranger (David Yost), Rocky The Red Ranger (Steve Cardenas) Adam The Black Ranger (Johnny Yong Bosch), Aisha The Yellow Ranger (Karan Ashley) as they battle against a foe that has been imprisoned by Zordon and now seeks revenge.

Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) has been in a egg for 6000 years and after he is freed by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa he begins to attack the Power Rangers.

After getting the movie on DVD and watch it again it did bring back the memories of my childhood but of course I look at it through an adult point of view and it has been interesting to say the least.

But nevertheless the film is one of the few that ever made me cry in the theater, normally I could handle it but for this one it didn't happen I shed a tear or two in the film and it also made me laugh at the comedy of the film which are still funny as they were back then.

Also the soundtrack and music for the film is pretty well balance with something for everyone from classic songs to a score that helps tell the story of the film and looking at it now it's quite the score that you can't help but respect because it help tells the story of the movie. The music just so well balance for a film targeted to kids.

The stunt and actions scenes were where the film took off for kids as that's what we wanted for I remember in the theater everyone cheer when the Rangers morph.

The story of the film worked for Power Rangers fans. The film is better for those who grew up with the series and for those who are fans of power rangers but some might like to check it out for those who just want to see what was the big thing back than. Nevertheless the film is just a piece of nostalgic. Seeing the movie on the big screen is one of the best times I had at the movies and still feels that way when I watch it

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie is actually an enjoyable film and it would be good for any fan of Power Rangers and the kids might enjoy it.

I give Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie an 8 out of 10

It's Morphin Time!
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It's Morphin' time!
David, Film Freak4 March 2001
As a kid, MMPR was like, my favorite TV show ever (as was every little boy's), and every day I would kung fu fight and punch and kick and have fights with my brother - he would be Jason, the red ranger, and I was Zach, the black ranger. And this was part of the reason I went to see the movie at the cinema.

The other reason was, because of it's violence, MMPR was cancelled here in New Zealand, before the end of the very first season. So, I was naturally interested in the new White Ranger, plus the addition of Aisha, Rocky and Adam, as I never actually saw Trini, Zach and Jason leave.

Okay, so the movie wasn't ever gonna win any Oscars or Golden Globes (maybe a Golden Raspberry, though!), but at the time I saw it (8) it was great fun and I enjoyed every moment of it from start to finish.

And while, the only ranger that seems to behold any acting talent behind those heavy-looking power helmets is Kimberly, the Pink ranger (Amy Jo Johnson - who also came to become part of the core cast for 'Felicity'), they're basically just fighting in it, so they really don't have to act an awful lot.

I've seen it quite a few times since my naive 8th year, but still like it (perhaps I'm in a state of reminiscing, or extreme denial) - it's fast-packed, funky and a good 90 minutes to keep kids quiet.
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Power Rangers on DVD wow!!!
gorillez15 May 2005
When I was 8 I used to rush home from school to watch the Power Rangers fight their new baddie of the week. I thought it was great! And then the movie came out and I was able to see them on the big screen. I've gotta tell you that it was fantastic! As an 8 year old I fell in love with Tommy (my first crush) and couldn't help but laugh at all of the jokes. 10 years later I found it sitting on a shop shelf, WHAT! POWER RANGERS ON DVD??? NO WAY! SO, as you do, I bought it and it was just as good as I remembered. Perhaps not for the same reasons though. Some of the jokes have worn off but as a now 18 year old I am understanding all of them now. I still find Tommy to be absolutely adorable and I have found this trip down memory lane to be quite an exciting adventure. I would recommend this movie to anyone who was a fan of the show as it is quite funny to see them talking with their fists all of the time no matter the context and the different fashion back then. How often do we see teenagers dressed with their shirts tucked into their jeans with a nice brown leather belt? Ha ha ha. I thought this movie was great for a laugh. POWER RANGERS ON DVD??? WOW!!!
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ADFman31 March 2004
Ok i admit it i was into the power ranger thing back in the day. This is a fairly decent big screen adaptation of the TV series. dont get me wrong but at the time Power Rangers was the Biggest thing in Childrens Entertainment. I went and saw this movie. i enjoyed it. nothing negative that i can say about it, i think its a Quirky film appealing to the tween market. This movie is better than the series when they get their Ninja Powers. but that was about it. BTW the new series is looking like it is back in stride with the originals. It nice looking back on this film as what childhood meant to me. Turbo, isnt that nice of a movie by all means. out of the two Power Ranger Feature Films pick Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Cast is from the TV series. enjoyable adaptation
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This Movie is the Shiznit!!
greenglowstick15 May 2005
This film is not meant to be at all meaning full to an adult audience. I however saw this film as a child and loved it. I wish that children's films were still like this today instead of that animated junk. This film was terrific it has a pretty great story lovable characters and great villains. I fell bad that this terrific series has gone down the poop shoot with about 9 remakes of the characters. I think that a lot of people that were children when this came out would agree here. Not to mention the film had an amazing soundtrack. All in all for a children's film i think that this film was worth the money and i suggest this movie for the newer generation of children too!
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Randyconrad17 August 2006
This could possibly be the best movie in cinematic history. It is well made. there is a good story line, and of course it gives you the erg to run out and break some ones arm, or leg, or ribcage. No, but in all seriousness the movies pretty horrible, but its a good horrible. the kind of horrible you watch with you're old buddy's and roar about how impressionable you were when you where, oh lets say six? what really got me going was how when they talking at the same time and do the same arm movements. How ever i must admit, i think i have a crush on the pink power ranger again... You have to love the nineties and I'm sure we will look back at the 2000's in ten or twenty years time and laugh the same way we are now.
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Back when I was a sucker on franchises like this.
emasterslake7 December 2006
I was obsess with the Power Rangers when it first came on back in the mid 90s. The show already hypnotized me, so I was looking forward in seeing this movie. I remember there were hardly any people in the movie theater when I saw it.

It's much different from the TV series I knew from. Starts off with the discovery of an egg pod containing ooze that's been imprisoned on Earth for quite sometime. Lord Zed and his minions come to awaken the the egg pod which has this Ooze dude named Ivan Ooze who's going to create chaos and crush the Power Rangers with his very hands.

Only to discover that this foe is much more challenging than he appears to be. And the Power rangers will need upgrades in order to defeat him.

I've seen this movie so many times right until I lost interest in the series years later. Been years since i've last seen this film. But since I'm no longer a fan of it, I don't really consider it a cult classic. The die hard fans might enjoy it a lot. This is one of the examples of low budget movies that lure me, way before I knew the difference between a good and bad movie.
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Fantastic Fun!
dnjlifestyles22 April 2005
This movie was released when I was a kid, and I was already a huge fan of the Power Rangers television series (the original series is still the best!). This film had all the right ingredients from the series, with added fun like new costumes, villains, locations, etc. And of course, all the stars look fantastic in it, and if you're a fan of the series, you'll be amazed at how much better the film comes across on screen. The action scenes are well set out and of course, there is lots of cool graphics (bigger budget means bigger looks!). But don't just think it's all about the action- there is a lot of fun mixed into it all as well. Lots of fun, and can appeal to a large range of audiences. Sure, it may just be a 'kids' film, and is not exactly Oscar material, but it is perfect for what it is! Remembering that this series is one of the most successful children's series in the last 20 years, the film is a definite must for all fans.
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A mighty fine mighty morphin offering!
frank-mc-gowan-official23 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Although this film differs to the main story arc from the series as a stand alone, its still a great in the eyes of many! MMPR:TM hit the UK around the time the white ranger was introduced and even before we knew three rangers (Jason, Zach and Trini) had left the show. The story focuses on Ivan Ooze, an evil villain who wants to get revenge on Zordon for imprisoning him 6,000 years before. Zordon refers to "a group of young warriors like yourselves (the power rangers)", so we'd assume that the rangers of that day were responsible.

Ivan is freed by Rita and Zedd, but overthrows them and begins an assault on earth immediately, disabling Zordon and his command centre, and destroying the rangers powers at the beginning of their first battle with his Ooze warriors.

The rangers must travel to Phaedos to get new powers (similar to what happened when they travelled to the desert of depair for the same powers in the TV mini-series "Ninja Quest"). While they are away, Zordon is dying and the earth is being overrun by Ivan. Just as they arrive from the planet with their new powers the rangers meet Ivan's giant mechanised warriors and must call their new zords into battle. Phwoar! Will the power rangers succeed? Of course they will, they always do! ;) Great performances from all including the new additions to the team Steve Cardenas, Johnny Young Bosch and Karan Ashley. Kim has a few great one liners, and Ivan is just evil! A must see for all ages... a great fantasy adventure even if you didn't care for the series itself.
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The Power is On
jasonmichaeldickinson5 December 2022
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie is a fun ride from start to finish the acting is really good the story and plot is good the cast did a great job in this movie I always loved watching this on vhs what a blast to watch the villain is great yes the effects are dated but this movie is still enjoyable to watch I really never understood why this movie gets so much hate it has everything you want in a power rangers movie most of all Rest In peace Jason David Frank always in our hearts and memories Thank you Jason David Frank for making my childhood fun and being my childhood Hero PR 4 life. Rip.
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An extended episode of the TV show but still a fun movie
filmfan199118 April 2017
Growing up in the 90s, I like others on this site used to watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on TV. When the movie came out in theaters, I never saw it until it came out on VHS. When I did watch the movie I thought it was one of the coolest things I ever saw and I watched it many times whenever I got the chance. How could any kid in the 90s not like this movie? It had great production values, great action (at least to my seven year old eyes), and a fun villain to boot in the form of Ivan Ooze. Looking back now the movie isn't as good as it was when I was a kid but it still has it's charms.

MMPR: The Movie takes place some time after what I would assume to be season two of the TV series since it was released during that time period. After the rangers have participate in a charity event involving skydiving, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa release a morphological being named Ivan Ooze whereupon he wreaks havoc upon the Rangers and Angel Grove.

What can I say? The movie is still fun enough but it feels more like an extended episode of the show rather than an actual film. What does make this work somewhat for regular audiences only scarcely familiar with the show, is that it takes place outside the continuity of the show which is both the film's strength and weakness. The higher production values are refreshing with better fight choreography and makeup effects but it makes the film feel like an alternate universe rather than being in continuity with the show.

One big gripe I do have with the film and I know that I am not alone with this is that the CGI used in the film is really bad, especially during the Zord fight sequences. It looks like something out of a CGI cartoon made for TV in the 90s and it is very distracting when watching the film. And considering that this film was made four years after Terminator 2: Judgement Day, which had revolutionized CGI in blockbuster films is kind of disappointing. I personally think that they should have stuck with miniatures and models like the TV show did.

Acting by the actors who play the Power Rangers is fine all across the board and the characters are likable enough like in the TV series. But the actor who steals the show and keeps this from being a terrible movie is Paul Freeman who plays as Ivan Ooze. The guy underneath all that makeup just lets loose and has fun with the role making him very entertaining and fun to watch.

The plot itself is cheesy and not all that different from what's seen in the show, just with better production values.

All in all, MMPR: The Movie is a fun, cheesy, extended episode that you can turn your brain off to when you don't have anything better to do. It does have it's flaws and it is not the type of movie that wins awards or wins the approval of critics. But for what its worth, its just a fun nostalgic movie that takes me back to a simpler time to when I was a kid and Power Rangers was in its prime.
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So much nostalgia.
Adam-the-tall-129 June 2021
This movie is stupid. It's meant to be stupid. As stupid movies go, there are certainly worse picks. If you ever need to kill 90 minutes and you have an odd urge to see a ninja robot kick an alien robot in the crotch, launching them into space, there's no better way to kill two birds with one stone.
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go go power rangers
bradleygranz27 April 2018
L love powers rangers snice i was 6 years old power rangers the movie is a better good i love watching it power rangers forever
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Op_Prime9 April 2001
This movie came during that time when Power Rangers was corny and not very serious. The movie, however, is more like what the later shows would be. This had a more dark tone to it and was more entertaining. The plot was kind of weak, but this movie was made for kids. Also, the movie is really out of place with the series continuity, but I believe that was intended. The acting is far from perfect, but okay. Personally, I would say the villains did a better job though. The special effects were excellent! Overall, this movie had a lot of interesting elements and proved to be a fun ride. Way better than the sequel.
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This is, without a doubt, one of the cheesiest movies ever made. But, does that make it good or bad?
TheHonestCritic23 August 2020
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" (1995), I remember when I was a kid, I used to watch the different "Power Rangers" television series, created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. So far, there have been 20 different incarnations of "Power Rangers" TV shows. My top favorite ones are a tie between "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" (1993-1996) and "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue" (2000). When I first heard there was a "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" movie, I got excited. Now, of course I didn't see it in a theater, I was three years old at the time of it's release! I first watched it on VHS and I loved it right away. It's just as good as the original TV series, if not better in some aspects. This movie has a great story, great acting, great sets/locations, and a great soundtrack. The only real flaw in this movie is the special effects. For the most part, they are good. But, a few of them are bad and have not aged well, particularly the CGI animation for the Megazords and the robot villains. To be perfectly honest, the Megazords in the original series look more realistic, and those actually look like toys! How ironic, the toy-like Megazords and robots look more realistic than the CGI for this film. Plus, the effects for the exterior shots in outer space look a little bit cheesy. Other than those particular special effects, the rest of them are actually very well done because of the higher budget for this movie compared to the original TV show. Now, let's get into the positives for this film. The story is a lot of fun from beginning to end. It is cheesy and a bit corny at times, but then again, so are the TV shows! This film gives fans of the TV series, including me, everything that they expect to see, and then some. Also, there are several one-liners uttered throughout the movie. Usually, one-liners can make or break a movie or TV show. However, in the case of this film, they are all clever, funny and they do not slow down the plot whatsoever. Overall, the storyline is a lot of fun and if you're willing to suspend your disbelief, anyone can enjoy it. As far as the acting goes, it's fantastic from all of the actors and actresses. They fire on all cylinders. It also helps that the majority of the actors and actresses from the original show were cast in the movie. They all retain their chemistry with their respectable characters and really help bring the film to life. There are a couple of new actors introduced. The yellow and black rangers are played by different actors than the show. They do not hurt the movie in any way, and both of them play those characters flawlessly. Aside from all of the actors and actresses playing the Power Rangers, the biggest standout performance is from Paul Freeman as the main villain, Ivan Ooze. He really makes this movie! His performance is just as funny as it is sinister. That's definitely a rare combination to pull off in a villainous character. All of the sets/locations are nice, it looks like the actual TV series has been transported onto the big screen. Which really gives the film a great atmosphere! Finally, the soundtrack is excellent. Overall, this movie is a lot of fun and is definitely worth watching, especially if you're a fan of "Power Rangers". Even to this day, I still watch this film once in a while and enjoy it every single time. I give it 4 out of 5 stars on my personal scale, which equates to 8 out of 10 stars. If you're a fan of cheesy or corny films, then this is the movie for you! I honestly don't see anyone watching it, and not at the least bit enjoying it for what it is. Yes, it is bad, but it's so bad that it's good!
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