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Seriously Underrated Drama, Two Outstanding Performances!
FiendishDramaturgy7 June 2007
This is a love story, of sorts, which conflicts the viewer in that it tenderly presents this tragic heroine and then shocks the audience by eloquently demonstrating the ins and outs of the moderate-to-severe bi-polar disorder, with which the heroine attempts to live.

(The mother states her daughter suffers from depression, but Drew's depiction does NOT indicate depression alone. There are extreme highs and bottom-dipping lows, which would be more indicative of manic depression or bi-polar disorder than depression alone. Not to minimize the life-changing effects of clinical or chemical depression, because I'm not.)

Drew generates a stellar performance here, and fully sells the range of emotions her character experiences. Her portrayal is dead on perfect; in not just the disease itself, but her depth and range here is nothing short of phenomenal.

Chris O'Donnell is not as lacking as some would make one believe. He contributes an adequate performance as a young man without a clue; therefore, his character is vastly disliked because he comes off as clueless, and movie-goers associated him with the character. Go figure.

This work is seriously underrated, primarily due to the unsatisfactorily heart-wrenching ending, but also due to the audiences inability to conceive of Drew as anything but bubbly and intelligent. She customarily takes parts in which her character is put in a sweet (if rose-colored) light, whereas her role herein is quite edgy and tragic.

The screenplay itself is not solid. The flux is very fluid within this story. The only solid thing here are the performances by Drew and Chris, and the profound sadness and sense of loss experienced by its viewers via the execution of the story line.

I actually enjoyed this, though the ending IS unsettling and fails to satisfy.

It rates an 8.4/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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The Girl from Chicago
claudio_carvalho10 May 2016
The high-school student Matt Leland (Chris O'Donnell) lives with his twin brother and sister and his father in a house by the lake. When the teenager Casey Roberts (Drew Barrymore) moves to the house on the other side of the lake, Matt snoops into her room with his telescope. They meet each other and soon they fall in love with each other. One day, Matt is taking a test at school and Casey activates the fire alarm to stop the test. She is suspended and her father decides to check her into a psychiatric institution. However Matt breaks her out of the hospital. They travel in Matt's car and have lots of fun until the day Matt discovers that Casey has bipolar disorder with periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. When she tries to commit suicide, Matt realizes that she needs specialized help.

"Mad Love" is a road movie with a tale of madness and sort of teen version of "The Girl from Trieste". Matt Leland is a good student and son that changes his behavior when he falls in love with the maniac depressive Casey that has arrived from Chicago. When she is interned in an institution, he believes that her family is unfair with the girl. But when he realizes that her mental illness is serious and dangerous, he contacts her family and they find the solution for her treatment. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Amor Louco" ("Mad Love")
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Bad movie, excellent acting...
The_Core15 May 2003
Like many other reviewers, I feel this is a poor movie (screenplay), but Drew really captures the feeling of mental illness. I've known some people who are manic depressive (and a few schizophrenics) and I have to say that Drew must have some personal knowledge of severe depression to be able to pull off a performance like this. She really elevates the movie from a 2-bit teen romance and makes it worth watching. I'm not generally a fan (*hated* Donnie Darko) and I usually find her childish "damaged goods" image rather irritating even though it may be her real personality, but in this one she just embodies the part. 6/10.
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Mad Love - An Interesting Drama/Romance
kola_dom16 November 2004
Chris O'Donnell heats up the screen and Drew Barrymore is at her sensual best in this motion picture about two teens who take an adventure together against parental wishes. I admit the first time I saw this movie last summer I didn't like it at all. But when I gave it a second try, I actually found it was really good. Because the movie isn't packed with laughs or memorable quotes, I had missed a lot of what made the movie such a good one in it's subtle, yet charming way (the first time I saw it). When I watched it a second time, however, I payed a lot more attention to the movie itself and saw that it did have delight, great acting talent and other positive notes. As well as this, the directing was fine and there were some really good shots through the characters' road trip in the movie. This is one interesting picture. A must-see! Rating: Three out of Five stars.
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Permalink any other name
echolalien30 June 2003
It seems like the title of this movie was chosen at the last minute by the guy in the business suit. "So it's about a coupla teenagers, let's say they're 'in love', and one of them has mental problems, let's call her crazy..." The film itself though, I think, resists cliches, especially the fact that the four letter word (love) was avoided, which has a tendency to suck dry any useful plot content that might be found in a movie, opting for some different ways of illustrating their relationship. The two main characters are well portrayed, and believable. I think Barrymore and O'Donnell hold together something that may not have great elements like soundtrack, plot originality etc, because despite the fact that Drew's eyebrows really annoyed me, they both did a good job.
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'90s nostalgia romance
HotToastyRag18 December 2018
If you think driving a car with your eyes closed is fun, go ahead and rent Mad Love. For those of you who are over the age of sixteen and know better, there's no reason for you to see this movie. This quirky, reckless romantic movie starring Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell is one giant teen-fest. Parents are strict and don't understand anyone else's problems, safety isn't an issue, and true love can be proved by raging hormones.

Now, since I am a proud '90s kid, I did see this movie when I was in high school. I'm not judging anyone who saw it, or even anyone who liked it. We all have nostalgia movies that remind us of our first loves, and if this is one of those movies for you, that's fine. Then again, since Drew Barrymore's character is crazy, maybe it's not fine and you need to figure out why you like this movie if it does remind you of your first relationship. My recommendation, since the 1990s are unfortunately over, is to take this movie with a grain of salt. If you didn't grow up in the decade where standing up in a moving car was a good idea and falling in love with a lunatic was just considered "young and reckless" then there's no way you can take this movie seriously. Just realize that Chris O'Donnell is going to be enormously stupid and Drew Barrymore is going to be enormously crazy, and let it go at that.
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My favorite bad movie
leona-531 March 2002
"Mad Love" isn't one of the all time great films, however it is my favorite bad movie. I think that Drew Barrymore is charming and this movie allows her to be a little crazy and very beautiful. Chris O'Donnell is definately eye candy in this little gem. The filmmakers tried to use colour and imagery in an artistic manner. Watch the blue and whites of the film, and check out the symbolic use of butterflies. Although the usage isn't necessarily intellectual, there is a valient stab at being artistic. I think that another interesting aspect of this film is in comparing it to "Scent of a Woman". I feel that these two films are essentially the same, with the notable exception of Al Pacino vs. Drew Barrymore. Really though, "Scent of A Woman" has Chris as a good boy who goes on the lam with Al. Al does all sorts of crazy things, such as driving despite being blind, and eventually holds a gun to Chris. In "Mad Love", Chris is a good boy who goes on the lam with Drew. Drew does all sorts of crazy things, such as covering Chris' eyes while he is driving, and eventually holds a gun to Chris. Coincidence??
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Not BAD, but...
Jodie-428 December 1998
This wasn't necessarily a bad movie, but it wasn't that good either. It desperately tried to cash in on the teen audience, with a "hip" cast and soundtrack, but as a teenager I couldn't really relate. Chris O'Donnell's performance was pretty bland, but Drew spiced it up a bit. It started to get better towards the end when we finally got to see the extent of Drew's depression, but the first 3/4 of the movie was such a paint by numbers approach to a romance that I'm not sure that it was worth the wait. Leaves little to criticize, but even less to praise.
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Classic story, GREAT soundtrack!
BWil11 February 2007
This is the classic tale of young love gone all wrong. Bad girl, Casey (Drew Barrymore) good guy (Chris ODonnell) fall MADLY in love with one another. She's got problems(oppressive parents, emotionally disturbed). Naturally, after she creates a series of events that screw up Matt's plans for the future & both sets of parents forbid their relationship, they RUN away together. All is going well & good until Casey completely loses it.....But the END of the movie is what satisfies. It's not your usual tragic tale with a happy ending that you're always hoping for & expecting. & as always...a great soundtrack does a lot for a movie. If you're into the early 90's grunge movement/alternative rock deal, you'll love the music & the scene with the band, Seven Year Bitch. They rock!
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I can relate...
goescrunch10 November 2004
Well, I have to say I really did like this movie. I went in expecting to hate it. I really tried hard to hate it. Normally I hate the "romantic mush" type films, but... this movie actually transcended that. Instead of focusing mainly on the love, they focused on the mental illness. Heh, I have some issues myself, so I was able to relate quite a bit to her character. I'm severely agoraphobic, so I'd never run away, lol. I love Drew Barrymore. I think she's sexy through and through, absolutely adorable to boot. I will give any movie with her in it a chance. Some I loathe, some I like, some I love. "NEVER BEEN KISSED" is one that I loathe... But oh my, she was so cute! - I say everyone should give this movie a chance. Ignore the "violent" behavior and the irrational behavior, because you can't properly portray such a mental illness without it. I also don't think a movie dealing with mental illness to this depth should be rated R. I love that this film showed that those of us with mental illness are people too. We too have feelings. I wish I'd watched it sooner rather than just assuming I'd probably not like it.
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Drew Barrymore is excellent
DavidYZ15 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a teen romantic drama road movie. It stars Drew Barrymore as Casey and Chris O'Donnell as Matt. She's from Chicago, is new at his high school in Seattle and has moved near to him.

She has borderline personality disorder and is sectioned after taking a drug overdose. He helps her escape from the psychiatric ward where she is being held, and they drive away in his SUV. She's likable, but her behaviour becomes more bizarre and dangerous - and he realises that she has to go back to hospital.

Barrymore's performance is brilliant, giving a very good portrayal of a BPD sufferer. It's the best performance I've seen from her.

How was this largely ignored - yet the very boring The Fault in Our Stars (which is also an American romantic drama film which deals with ill teens in a new relationship) was massively successful?
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'Romantic' adventure
Tracy_Terry_Moore25 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Drew Barrymore is committed temporarily to a mental ward and everything is fine for awhile until her idiot boyfriend Chris O'Donnell gets the bright idea to 'rescue' her and take her on the lam with him.

The two fugitives begin their journey in Seattle and decide to head for Mexico. (Note to Chris: the Canadien border is only a few miles to the north - never mind).

During this time, our 'heroes' drive blindfolded on a dangerous cliff, Chris steals a man's truck, and Drew gets the urge to play Russian roulette in the desert. Before long, Drew is in the ward again and Chris goes back to being A GUY DREW WOULD NEVER WASTE HER TIME ON.

Aimless and stupid, but Drew is totally cute.
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Is it a Love story?
morrisonliz15 July 2018
Hard to buy this as a love story when Matt is in love with crazy. He doesn't love her. Doesn't know who she really even is. All he knows is her crazy behavior. Showing his happy memories of her at the end is silly. Her actions and feelings weren't real. Oh, and this is not Depressive or Bipolar behavior and I'm bipolar. You don't talk to yourself like you're autistic (in the car as she's driving). Scene in the hotel room is not bipolar either. In any case she's out of her mind and not sure how anyone could want to be with that. Hard to buy but character was a kid so I'll give it a pass.

I liked the actors a lot. Plot could have been better.
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Best Movie?
TheShadow2222 September 2001
Although this might not be everyone's favorite Chris O' Donnell movie, I believe that this is one of his bests. It is a story when a High School Senior, (Chris O' Donnell) falls in love with another Senior, (Drew Barrymore) who is a little crazy. This movie ends in a questionable ending. This is a movie you should see if you are a Chris O' Donnell fan.
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howie738 January 2006
This film feels like an indie set-up but the mainstream stars (Chris O'Donnel and Drew Barrymore) give it a false sense of Hollywood glamour. Donnel's character is as bland as a blancmange, leaving Barrymore to seize centre stage in an even yet watchable performance as a depressed young woman. The problem with the film is we never know why she suffers. Not much is revealed about her parents or her upbringing. The film seems to have lost its way. what should have been a quirky indie film is spoiled by an obtrusive rock soundtrack that mocks the serious subject at hand. The cinematography is pretty poor too. All in all, a wasted opportunity for all concerned.
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Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell Make A Great Team,In This Romantic Comedy!
famousgir131 December 2000
Drew Barrymore is one of my favourite actress' and she never fails to disappoint me in her films,this one was no exception.The same goes for Chris O'Donnell,who was a great co-star and both of them,were brilliant playing the troubled couple.This film,has a couple of good laughs and a very sweet story-line,which i enjoyed alot.Go see it now!
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Teen rubbish
moonspinner5518 June 2006
Just when you thought movies in the 1990s couldn't get any worse, along comes this lumpy stew of a teenage romance. Boy meets girl at school; they flirt, they date, they run off together--the dramatic conceit being that she's mentally unbalanced. It isn't a fresh spin, although the filmmakers and the cast proceed like they're doing something new...and who knows, maybe the young audience targeted for this picture actually believes in these sentiments? I wasn't sure the picture could actually sink any lower from the ludicrous opening sequence (scored with an abominable rock song); unfortunately, it does. To those of us over 30, "Mad Love" is pretty excruciating--not to mention terribly irresponsible--and not quite the "wild and sexy adventure" advertised. NO STARS from ****
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Excellent Example of Borderline Personality Disorder
indiefilmslover15 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Although in the movie she is diagnosed with clinical depression that is not what the character has. Drew Barrymore's character displays the perfect diagnostic criteria for a Borderline. She is reactive to certain situations and rapidly changes moods with overwhelming emotions, she is exactly like me.

*Contains Spoilers* "A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation." In the beginning Drew Barrymore is exciting, interesting, wild, and intense. She falls completely in love with Chis O'Donnell's character and obsessed with him. When he refuses to leave class after she pulls the alarm she doesn't talk to him for days. Their relationship becomes very intense and leads to concern from their parents. Chris really shines in this movie because he plays the perfect responsible and care-giving individual that would be attracted to and give care to Drew. He is innocent and naive which is the type of person a borderline would desire.

"Impulsiveness in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., promiscuous sex, eating disorders, binge eating, substance abuse, reckless driving)." This is the most obvious in the movie. She pulls the fire alarm, she takes a trip with Chris to a waterfall during school hours. She jumps into the lake after she and her parents have a fight. She runs away from home with O'Donnell in fear that their parents will send her away and have her leave Chris. She drives recklessly while turning the last minute only to wreck the car. She attacks the driver that picks her up and steals his car. Drives off after she catches Chris talking to her mother in fear that he is trying to abandon her. Smokes cigarettes. I believe because it was a PG rated movie they did not have her do drugs or have sex with many partners.

"Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, threats or self-injuring behavior such as cutting, interfering with the healing of scars (excoriation) or picking at oneself." She pulls a gun to both of their heads, and attempts suicide. She talks about her parents and her father which makes her upset and she goes into the bathroom and starts crying and having an anxiety attack. Threatens to kill herself and holds a gun to her head. I believe they didn't make her a cutter because of the PG rating.

"Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days)." She pastes pictures of dozens of faces from magazines in an insane sort of of way. The episode in the bathroom also.

"Chronic feelings of emptiness" Her behavior is an example of her feelings of emptiness. When she calls late at night because she just needed to hear from him. It's hard to explain this but as a borderline myself i did the same thing. It's like you fear the person doesn't love you anymore and you need reassurance constantly.

"Inappropriate anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights)." She burns the guy in the car with her cigarette.

"Transient, stress-related paranoid idealization, delusions or severe dissociative symptoms." When Chris is selling his telescope for cash she spaces out and experiences a dissociative moment as if she is seeing the world out of herself. This is a good example because of the camera work and score. She believes he doesn't want her anymore just because he calls her parents.

"Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self." This as with feelings of emptiness, is seen throughout the movie by her behavior in general. I think an example of this is when she posts all of the pictures of women from magazines so they can 'look at her' makes her feel a sense of identity.

Over all this movie perfectly shows the personality of a Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer. Medications can't really help other than treating symptoms like depression or anxiety. The affect on the family and boyfriend also show how real life families struggle with a loved one suffers from it. Chris is often walking on eggshells to avoid offending or hurting her.

What makes this movie so good is the perfect example of a mental illness. This is a rare thing to seen in movies, usually they mix disorder u p and get them all wrong. I recommend this movie to anyone that suffers from or know someone that suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. I suffer from it myself and set my first boyfriend through the ringer like she did. Once I found out what it was, well now I know what i have and am getting the right treatment for it.
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The Stars Make This Worth Watching
Michael_Elliott26 January 2018
Mad Love (1995)

*** (out of 4)

Good boy Matt (Chris O'Donnell) has Casey (Drew Barrymore) move into the house across from his. Matt uses a telescope to check her out and they finally meet but before too long he realizes that she is suffering from some mental problems.

MAD LOVE pretty much came and went from theaters without making too much of a splash. By today's standards, it was probably a big disappointment as you had two hot young stars and the film just didn't catch on them and it really hasn't gained any sort of following in the years since, which is too bad and especially if you're fans of O'Donnell and Barrymore.

Look, this film is rather stupid in its simple view of mental illness but at the same time there's no question that the two leads are quite good together and both of them deliver fine performances, which makes this film much more watchable than it would have been otherwise. If you're a fan of the two stars then the film is worth checking out as long as your expectations aren't too high.

The biggest problem with the movie is that the O'Donnell character is a bit blind and does a few too many stupid things. The film has a somewhat far-fetched story but it's really trying hard to be a tragic love story ala Romeo and Juliet, although certainly not on the same level. The romance between the young stars work and Barrymore certainly steals the show with her performance as the damaged young woman.
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lesser 90s teen melodrama
SnoopyStyle4 February 2016
Matt Leland (Chris O'Donnell) has talkative best friend Eric (Matthew Lillard). Matt is taken with new girl Casey Roberts (Drew Barrymore). They begin a wild relationship. She gets suspended and her parents put her away. He helps her escape the psych ward and they go on a road trip. However, her manic depressive state gets more volatile and beyond his ability to help.

I never bought Chris O'Donnell as a romantic lead. He's too white bread and doesn't have the passion. This is love at first sight and who can blame him. Drew can do that to many men but I don't see them as Romeo and Juliet. Drew is convincing with mental illness but it is a little overwrought. I'm not really that invested in this relationship. This is a lesser 90s teen melodrama.
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Mad Overdrive
wes-connors17 April 2015
Shirtless in Seattle, handsome blue-eyed Chris O'Donnell (as Matt Leland) has his telescope trained on jiggling blonde Drew Barrymore (as Casey Roberts). Later, the sexy high school seniors go to a concert by themselves, which is strange, and do some head-banging. They skip school and have fun driving her yellow Volkswagen around town. These two are attractive, affluent and in love. However, something seems wrong. To be with Mr. O'Donnell during a test, Ms. Barrymore pulls the school fire alarm. "What are you, nuts?" asks O'Donnell. "Yeah," she replies. This turns out to be true...

Director Antonia Bird gets all her spark plugs in line for a fine sequence involving traveling salesman Liev Schreiber...

Barrymore seems emotionally disturbed, with a confidential diagnosis. After a suicide attempt, she is committed. O'Donnell helps her bust out of the mental hospital and they go on a joyride to Mexico. Barrymore's road "games" are so obviously over the top, it's a stretch to believe O'Donnell doesn't catch on faster. Possibly, it would have worked better if writer Paula Milne gave him some substance abuse; the character seems too level-headed. Barrymore and O'Donnell look great together, but are unconvincing as an amateur "Bonnie and Clyde". Besides, it looks like car theft is legal in the southwest.

***** Mad Love (5/26/95) Antonia Bird ~ Chris O'Donnell, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Dunn, Liev Schreiber
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Useless, Simply Useless (Sorry To Say, But It Is That Bad)
Mr_Sensitive24 February 2005
Even though my comment might not be like everyone else, this comment of mine is purely justify. I just not, not like this movie, I Hate it. It is my most pointless movie I have ever seen.

A high school couple run away from home after her parents put her into the mental hospital for clinical depression and trying to commit suicide.

Sorry to say but the movie suck big time. It have no plod (at all), it took over one third (or more) before they start run away and even on the road trip, it is damn boring. I see no chemistry between the two characters and the acting is dragging on and on. And the worst is definitely the ending, it seem the writer is tired of writing so that it, he put it to an end.

Reason To Watch: 1. Drew look great.

Reason Not To: 1. The movie has nothing (I really meant it). 2. Every thing about the movie is slow. 3. It simply suck. 4. One of the worst pointless movie, I have ever see.

------ ------ ------ ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ ------- ------ --

Rating: 2/10 (Grade: F)
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For those who enjoy dreamy romantic dramas. (spoilers)
vertigo_1427 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Mad Love probably generated as much of a viewer ship as it did because of the likability of the two principal, Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell. I never thought of the movie as anything special, and figured that this would probably survive obscurity by fans of the cast or those who appreciate a decent dreamy romantic drama every now again, for which it is quite abundant.

O'Donnell, though never a spectacular lead, carries well himself well as the good-natured, soft-spoken high school teen, Matt Leland. Upon meeting flamboyant, rule-breaker Casey Roberts (Drew Barrymore, working with the type of characters that always seem to suit her), Leland falls in love with the rather tragic character and goes through one of those earmarked defiances and coming-of-age experiences. That is because Casey is an emotionally unstable character because she is bipolar.

As their relationship furthers, free-spirited Casey grows rather obsessive in the relationship and a bit too detached from reality. After a few minor incidents, or at least what you might consider relatively minor while the characters in the story might not, Casey's parents want to commit her to a mental institution to undergo therapy. Destined not to let his first true love being lobotomized and unnecessarily drugged, Matt and Casey hit the road like fugitives in love. The material is very routine, but there is something at least, from the principal actors' ability to carry it out well and, for the most part, believably (save some of Barrymore's poor delivery at points) and with minimal corniness. Best of all, it does a good job with getting you to stay connected to the characters. You feel a bit free-spirited yourselves when (if you're enjoying the movie, of course) Matt and Casey endure their hijinks. You get that connection when Casey is forced into the hospital; the uneasiness that Matt feels when he runs away with Casey; and the pressure that he faces throughout. At least they had effectively done that much.

Not an impressive or all to memorable movie, though, as I said before, you should be pleased if you generally enjoy O'Donnell and Barrymore, or, if you're just a sucker for dreamy romantic dramas.
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Mad Love on 4k ultra hd
jucsetmai16 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Good movie good love of the run now on upgrade Native 4K and Dolby Vision coming soon on kino 4k ultra hd release march 2021
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The bird that should have flown away
khatcher-217 November 2002
Ever since Chris O'Donnell appeared in `Scent of a Woman' with Al Pacino in one of his best rôles, I have been looking forward to seeing this young actor in more good parts. Am still waiting ……………… An old saying of mine says that where a lot of noise comes out, not much goes in; this would seem to be the case with most 18-20 year-olds today, if what we see (and hear) in this film and many others of like ilk are anything to go by.

`Mad Love' is obviously aimed at noisy 18-20 year-olds who do not have much stuffing inside their craniums, and so are easily worked up into all kinds of fathomless feelings, usually caused by lack of any emotional stability, either within or without their families.

The fact that Drew Barrymore leaves me as cold as a haddock on the fishmonger's counter is a good point to start from: she has not done anything to draw my attention (on the screen) and off it she has shown herself to be rather subject to some rather stupid behaviour; I presume this `whacks' with uncountable teenagers in innumerable towns and cities across the wide continent of North America, as well as in places dotted all over Europe. Despite more than 60 films in her curriculum, she has yet to show that she has the intelligence to be an actress of any standing. I suppose any actress has only to feel or seem to feel any emotions the director may require of her, and that these feelings must appear to be sincere: in this respect Ms. Barrymore cannot be reproached too much. However in this film you rather fancy that she has learnt a couple of things from watching other actresses in other films. There were moments in which I suddenly thought of `Thelma and Louise' – That is a real drama to be going on with.

The soundtrack should be called the noisetrack: basically made up of rock of doubtful parentage and a perfect lack of any criteria of selection. Very briefly interrupted by a soprano singing a fragment of an aria, which meant going south-west to Mexico. Now, if it had been `In The Ghetto' they may well have gone to Chicago – so much sense all this makes. However, not even a great big enormous truck loaded with 500 tons of timber can put and end to their/our misery, unfortunately.

Without a doubt, Antonia Bird and her writer Paula Milne tried to tell us something with this film, but if their intention was to make another of those folklore road-movies, they were derailed from the outset.

This film can only be of any interest to all those who write praising it with all kinds of grammatical, syntactical and orthographical faults: evidently, to pursue the point, the film has the same intellectual level – or lack of it.

Would you be so kind as to put a zero on the voting scale, please? No, O'Donnell's tears at the end must make the film worth 2 out of 10; but don't nark me in case I take them off. Who cares ……..?
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