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Peaky Blinders series 4 episode 2 review

Louisa Mellor Nov 22, 2017

Peaky Blinders series 4 introduces yet more threats to a grieving Shelby family in a terrific plot and character-building episode…

This review contains spoilers.

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Fighting in Wwi changed the Shelby men, but true to the age, they rarely talk about it. We see the legacy left by War on Tommy and Arthur, but hardly glimpse the thing itself. We’re shown the bonds between its survivors—Tommy’s protection of Danny Whizz-bang (to whom all this trouble with the Italians goes back) and his implicit trust of the tunnel-digging clay-kickers last series—but war stories? No.

It can’t be a coincidence then, that with the Peaky Blinders waging war between themselves, and with Tommy leading an army against the mafia,
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Kenneth Branagh to direct Murder On The Orient Express

Kenneth Branagh looks set to follow up Disney's Cinderella with a bit of Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot...

Trying to guess what film Kenneth Branagh is going to plump for next is no easy task. His last three movies as director have been his three biggest blockbuster projects to date, namely Thor, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Cinderella. The latter has grossed over $500m for Disney thus far, and arrives on disc in August.

So: is Branagh the man to bring Thor: Ragnarok to the big screen then? It certainly doesn't look like it, as instead he's circling a big screen take on Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express.

20th Century Fox is putting the project together, with Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg and Mark Gordon set to produce. Michael Green, who has penned the script for Blade Runner 2, is working on the screenplay for this one.

It's early days,
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Kenneth Branagh interview: Cinderella, audiences, Statham

Kenneth Branagh chats to us about directing Cinderella, Cate Blanchett, Patrick Doyle and his favourite Jason Statham film.

With an opening weekend that topped $70m in the Us, Kenneth Branagh may have the hit of his movie directing career on his hands with his live action Cinderella take. It's a strong film too, that finally makes it to the UK this week. And ahead of its release, he spared us some time for a natter about it...

I think I've worked out what you're up to. I've worked out your ruse. You do Thor, Cinderella and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Three different juggernauts, aimed at three different segments of the market, opening your work up to an audience that may otherwise not be familiar with it.

This is all about selling DVDs of Peter's Friends, isn't it?

[Laughs] That would be a lovely by-product.

Were you consciously looking for different audience subsets,
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Box-Office Alternatives: Dead Again

I've always found Kenneth Branagh's directorial career to be one of the most wildly unpredictable and diverse of any filmmaker around. Each project he takes on yields impressive and fascinating results. Who else could successfully pull off the Shakespearean power of Henry V (1989), the heart and terror of Frankenstein (1994), the comedic charm of A Midwinter's Tale (1995) ... and the operatic comic-book action of Thor (2011)?

This week, Branagh adds yet another footnote to an already remarkable directing career with his live-action feature adaptation of the classic fairytale Cinderella (2015), starring Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter. Knowing Branagh's respectful approach to well-known material, not to mention a collection of positive reviews and solid audience interest, Cinderella will no doubt turn into another cinematic victory for the actor/director.

With the release of Cinderella this week, I couldn't resist the opportunity to write about my favorite Branagh film, Dead Again (1991). Made on the
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Thor: Kenneth Branagh reflects on directing the movie

Kenneth Branagh on making Thor, and why he never directed Thor: The Dark World...

Kenneth Branagh's latest film as director is the incoming live action take on Cinderella, that Disney is releasing later this month. That's likely to become his biggest hit to date, a title that is currently held by his sole contribution to the Marvel cinematic universe, Thor.

His Thor film introduced Chris Hemsworth into the role (as well as Tom Hiddleston as Loki), and was a success for Marvel. However, when it came time to shoot Thor: The Dark World, Branagh's name wasn't on the credits. Instead, Alan Taylor - now finishing up Terminator: Genisys - directed the film.

Chatting to The Hollywood Reporter, Branagh didn't rule out returning to do another Marvel movie. "What I found was that I enjoyed the process of working with those people and I loved the boys and the girl.
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Cinderella: new trailer for live action movie

Kenneth Branagh's new Cinderella movie lands next month, with Lily James in the title role. Here's one last trailer for it...

We're just over a month out now from the release of Disney's latest live action retelling of a classic fairytale. This time it's Cinderella, which sees Lily James taking on the title role, although early signs suggest that Cate Blanchett's turn as the wicked stepmother looks to be one of the film's highlights.

Also in the cast are Hayley Atwell, Helena Bonham Carter, Holliday Grainger and Derek Jacobi. Richard Madden is taking on the role of Prince Charming.

Kenneth Branagh directs this one, and Disney has double bagged the film's box office chances by pairing it with the new Frozen short film, Frozen Fever.

Cinderella - and Frozen Fever - arrives in cinemas on March 27th. And here's what we suspect is the final trailer for the film.
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Cinderella: new footage lands in extended trailer

Disney's live action take on Cinderella - which will come with a new Frozen short - has a fresh international trailer right here...

Disney will have high hopes for its next live action take on a fairy story, not least given the numbers that the likes of Alice In Wonderland and Maleficent have done in recent years. For next year, director Kenneth Branagh is bringing a new take on Cinderella to the screen for the studio.

This one stars Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Hayley Atwell and Helena Bonham Carter, and we've already had a trailer or two for the movie. Still, now we have another. This is an international trailer (that's arrived via Belgium), albeit in English, and it boasts some new footage of the movie that we've not seen before.

Cinderella is set to land in March, and it's been confirmed that it will come with the Frozen Forever short film before it.
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Films paid for almost entirely by a wealthy(ish) benefactor

Without the help of some brave investors, or the pockets of their makers, the following films would never have existed...

It's now a fairly common mantra that you'd be a fool to put up all of your own personal money into a feature film. By all means invest, but share the risk, or throw a few quid at Kickstarter.

Paying for the bulk of the negative/hard drive yourself, and leaving your own assets exposed? Utter lunacy.

Not that anyone told this lot...

The Passion Of The Christ Paid for by: Mel Gibson

For some time, Mel Gibson had, alongside his acting roles, been heavily invested in his production company, Icon. As such, he had two significant ways to earn money, and he needed both of them when it came to making The Passion Of The Christ.

This is the kind of film that studios run a mile from. All
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Kenneth Branagh interview: Jack Ryan, In the Bleak Midwinter

Interview Simon Brew 22 Jan 2014 - 05:47

We catch up with Kenneth Branagh to chat Jack Ryan, In The Bleak Midwinter and paying Joan Collins in postal orders.

It's a very quiet, calm, polite and considered Kenneth Branagh we meet in the midst of a posh hotel in London. Outside the door of the allotted room there's a buzz of activity. Behind it? There's Branagh, hours away from the premiere of his latest movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, enjoying the simple pleasure of a cup of tea. Which is when we hit him with our bombshell...

I fear somebody didn't give you the handover notes when doing a Jack Ryan movie and playing a Russian character. That you either have to approach it by getting in Sean Connery, and not bother with the accent at all, or you have to get in someone like the late Richard Marner from 'Allo 'Allo.
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Watch Susan Boyle perform 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' on 'Today'

  • Pop2it
The 2009 "Britain's Got Talent" superstar Susan Boyle was on "Today" Tuesday (Dec. 3) where she performed a piece off her latest album.

Boyle's new album is called "Home for Christmas," which features her favorite Christmas songs from growing up. She also tells Matt Lauer that her fondest holiday memory from growing up is "going to church and coming home and having a nice Christmas with the family."

Her song today was "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and it's just lovely. Susan's album is available now and includes both secular and non-secular favorites, from "The Lord's Prayer" to "The Christmas Song" to "In the Bleak Midwinter."

In fact, the first track on the album was done in association with Save the Children and The Elvis Foundation. It features Boyle and Elvis dueting on "O COme All Ye Faithful." Video below. You can order a personalized copy of the album from Boyle's
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Looking back at the films of the 1990s

News Den Of Geek 20 Sep 2013 - 10:37

Our lookbacks at an assortment of 1990s movies, all gathered together in one place!

Here's a page that should take you straight to the lookback of a 1990s movie of your choice. Let us know if index pages like this are helpful, and we'll pop a few more together if they are...

Alien 3. David Fincher's big screen debut... 

Alien Resurrection. Not the franchise's finest hour... 

Beauty And The Beast. Disney's finest animated movie? Simon thinks so... 

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. An article we wrote celebrating the film as it hit its 20th birthday. 

The Boondock Saints. The infamous film, and its equally infamous behind the scenes documentary. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Much maligned, but is it actually any good? 

Captain America. Not the recent version. The cheap version. 

Carlito's Way. Featuring one of Sean Penn's best ever roles. 

Contact  The
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Top 50 underappreciated comedy films of the past 30 years

Odd List Simon Brew 20 Sep 2013 - 07:14

They don't make funny movies any more, right? Wrong. If you're looking for a laugh, then here are some you may have missed...

For this list, blame The Hangover Part III. It was whilst walking out of that film that I got into a chat with someone, who was bemoaning the lack of genuinely funny movie comedies. Certainly, big budget Hollywood comedies have no end of problems right now - with the occasional exception - but I couldn't help thinking of the many neglected gems that had gone through my DVD player over the past decade or so.

As such, I started to put this list together. It's inevitably subjective, as one person's comedy is another person's snore fest. But I've tried to dig out a mix of comedies from the past three decades that have either flown under the radar completely, or
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Richard Briers: the sweetest of men

Genial star of the sitcom The Good Life who impressed in a range of roles on stage

When he played Hamlet as a young man, Richard Briers, who has died aged 79 after suffering from a lung condition, said he was the first Prince of Denmark to give the audience half an hour in the pub afterwards. He was nothing if not quick. In fact, wrote the veteran critic Wa Darlington, he played Hamlet "like a demented typewriter". Briers, always the most modest and self-deprecating of actors, and the sweetest of men, relished the review, happy to claim a place in the light comedians' gallery of his knighted idols Charles Hawtrey, Gerald du Maurier and Noël Coward.

"People don't realise how good an actor Dickie Briers really is," said John Gielgud. This was probably because of his sunny, cheerful disposition and the rat-a-tat articulacy of his delivery. "You're a great farceur,
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Richard Briers: 1934-2013

News Simon Brew Feb 18, 2013

The wonderful Richard Briers has died, it's been announced.

We've got some really sad news to bring you: the mighty Richard Briers has died, at the age of 79.

Just last year, we saw him in the big screen, stealing any part of Cockneys Vs Zombies he was let near. We also saluted his wonderful work in Kenneth Branagh's unfairly forgotten festive film, In The Bleak Midwinter, a film that arguably gives him his funniest big screen role. We described his turn in that film as a masterclass, but truthfully, there are all manner of things that he did that the word could be applied to his work in.

Such was the diversity of Briers' career that there's no small number of things you may know him for. Ever Decreasing Circles. The Good Life. His Hitler-esque turn in the Doctor Who story, Paradise Towers. Watership Down.
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Emily S. Whitten: Mr. Antisocial Advisor

  • Comicmix
In the bleak midwinter (or whatever you call this part of January; there’s snow on the ground and it’s super-cold here and the heat’s not working, is all I know) we could all use a little cheering up, and a reminder that there’s more to the world than ice and the howling wind.

In fact, there are people! Friendly, cheerful, sociable (and warm!) people, just waiting to be our friends or date us or possibly some combination of the two. But it can be easy to forget there are other people out there when it’s so cold all you want to do is stay inside huddled under a fleece blanket and a barskin cloak (what? That’s just me? Oh.). And when you do eventually venture out from under your space heater that you’ve hung directly above your bed (to accompany the ones on either side of it,
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Richard Briers

The veteran actor may be jumping out of his deckchair to kill zombies in his new film – but don't, whatever you do, call him cool

Hello Richard! I like your new film (1).

Ooh yes, it's very good, isn't it? (2)

It's better than I thought it'd be.

That's exactly what I thought! I thought I wasn't going to like it at all, but I went with the grandchildren and we had a really good time.

What attracted you to Cockneys Vs Zombies?

Well, I don't often get the chance to play someone of my age. I'll be 80 in January, so I was playing this silly old fool in an old people's home. I was having a very nice time because the sun came out, and I was in a deckchair doing bugger all. And then people started shouting "There's a zombie! The zombie's after you!" It was lovely for me because zombies are very very slow,
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Shakespeare on Film: Five to Watch

The best of this week’s DVD releases is Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut Coriolanus and he translates his fearless embodiment of the battle scarred general shoe-horned into a politician’s role with tremendous effect.

From his lauded stage version to this new cinematic vision he transposes the political discomfort and intense personal tragedy of Shakespeare’s play with ease and the film is definitely one to take the time to catch up with. Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox are on terrific form as is Jessica Chastain and Fiennes proves an intelligent director of actors allowing the dialogue to flow freely and with gravitas without ever distancing us from the modern parallels at play.

From the imagined discovery of The Bard’s muse in Shakespeare in Love and the recent history churning revelation of who actually wrote Shakespeare’s play in Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous there is much stock in the
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The 2012 Oscars Live Blog

Right! It’s another caffeine fuelled night ahead of us as we prepare to liveblog the 84th Academy Awards.

The Artist is the favourite to scoop up the awards tonight, which would round off a grand few days for Michel Hazanavicius and his silent film which run rampant through the Cesars and Independent Spirit awards but we may see Martin Scorsese’s Hugo do well with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Meryl Streep and Viola Davis front runners for the acting awards.

Whether you agree with the relevance and importance of the Oscars it is the one night of the year when a huge amount of people are talking and celebrating movies, and that can only be a good thing. Debate will begin with the first award and continue with every golden envelope opened.

So, join us below, or on Twitter at @HeyUGuys for our take on film’s biggest night.
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Top 10 films of 2011: Thor

Our ninth favourite film of the year, Simon argues why Thor proved to be one of the cinematic surprises of 2011...

Over the past few weeks, Den Of Geek writers have been voting for the films of the year. It's a democratic vote, which inevitably means that things end up in a slightly funny order that not one individual writer is likely to fully agree with. But it's still a fine list. Here's the latest entry...

9th place:


The perils of democracy mean that Thor falls further down our top ten list than it should, in my view, behind other films that don’t deserve to be listed above it.

But then Thor has always been a bit of a movie underdog. Going into 2011, Captain America was the sure-fire hit, whilst Thor was seen as the gamble. And yet, when you examine the worldwide box office figures for 2011, it’s Thor that prevailed,
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Plan B to perform Christmas carol at Jack Daniels birthday gig - video

Plan B to perform Christmas carol at Jack Daniels birthday gig - video
Plan B has revealed that he will perform a Christmas carol at the Jack Daniels birthday gig next month. The singer, who tops the bill at the event in Tennessee, told Digital Spy that he plans to sing the festive number, which he performed last year on Radio 1. Plan B said: "We're looking to do 'In The Bleak Midwinter' that I did on the Jo Wiley show. I always said I'd never do a Christmas song. That's when you've gone pop. "I just took the lyrics from the song and put a brand new melody and chord sequence to it. It sounds like a cross between James Brown and Stevie Wonder." (more)
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