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Omar Epps: Malik Williams



  • Malik : As a black man in America, my stress comes from everywhere. Recognize. Take a look around you. Look at this, Columbus, it disgusts me. Fool wasn't nothin' but a thief, mass murder. He done slaughtered millions of native Americans, and we done got a holiday and university named after his honor.

  • [Malik confronts Remy after Remy shoots DÈja] 

    Remy : This is MY world! This is MY country! This is MY WORLD! You're nothing but a monkey. Look at me! I'm the man! I'm the man! You're NOTHING! You can't hurt me.

    Malik Williams : FUCK YOU!

    [Malik grabs Remy by the throat and starts choking him to death] 

    Malik Williams : God, I fucking HATE you! You're gonna DIE! You DEAD! You're gonna DIE!

    [Malik continues to choke Remy until Campus Security forces him off] 

  • [Malik confronts Remy at the door of his room] 

    Malik Williams : Remy is it? Man, I gotta admit you've been really polite by staying out of my way. But you ain't been honest. See I figure, it's not what a person says it's what they think. So in my mind, you've been walking around here calling me a nigger in you head. Am I right?

    Remy : I got nothing to say to you man.

    [Remy tries to close the door, Malik forces it open] 

    Malik Williams : Oh, I think you do! You want to say what you feel don't you? You think I'm a nigger? You be a man and call me one to my face!

    [after a few moments of silence, Malik psyches Remy out] 

    Malik Williams : I thought so. You're just a punk-ass white boy... with a fucked-up haircut. Bitch.

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