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John Klaxon: Can you imagine how I must feel, knowing that I'm striving to create a world in which no Beethoven will ever be born? But it has to be, not just because of some words in a constitution. It has to be.

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Harrison Bergeron: Anyway, I don't think you're all that stupid.

Alma Starbuck: Thanks! Well I don't think that you're all that smart.

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Reynolds: Mr. President, I believe it to be critical that an extension be given to this particular situation.

President McCloskey: [via videoconference] No. No way.

Reynolds: But Mr. President, the Premier is only asking for another 24 hours. He wants the approval of the Moroccan parliament. He fears a civil war if he acts without their backing.

President McCloskey: Fuck 'em. I told them two weeks ago-if they didn't agree to dismantling that factory under our supervision-we'd bomb the shit out of it. They got one hour to agree-otherwise, bombs away.

Reynolds: But Mr. President, the installation is only five miles outside of Rabat. The nuclear fallout could be apocalyptic.

President McCloskey: Well that's what they get for building a T-bomb when we told them not to. Those cocksuckers got to learn not to fuck with us. Fifty-nine minutes...

[Video conference ends]

Newman: [to Reynolds] Inform the Premier. Tell Missile Control to make final preparations for the strike.

Reynolds: You've got to be kidding me. Shouldn't we get Klaxon down here?

Newman: You know his motto. "The will of the people."

Reynolds: This isn't the people. This is some steel worker from Scranton... WE picked as president.

Newman: I'll remind you, Mr. Reynolds, that since that nasty Canadian business, American policy, brutal and unsophisticated as it is, DOES work. The rest of the world, it seems, has learned to use the President's stirring words... that they "can't fuck with us."

Reynolds: This Moroccan business is different. The Premier is in an impossible situation with the border dispute in Algeria, and the unrest in his military. The President does not understand the complexity of the matter. Now he may be an average person, but I can assure you

[that the]

Reynolds: leaders of other nations are NOT average. They are subtle, sophisticated men, and dealing with them takes great skill, patience, and diplomacy.

Voice over intercom: Sir, the Moroccan Premier has agreed to the terms of the President's ultimatum.

Newman: [sarcastically] As you were saying...

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