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Donald Pleasence's farewell
BlueSkies76525 November 2019
Halloween 6 the bad memories the fans have. Loathed, considered one of the worst in the franchise, the weird Halloween movie. I liked it however! Maybe not for the best reasons but I still liked it.

First reason is this is the last movie with Donald Pleasence aka Dr. Loomis. He's an integral part of the Halloween franchise. The soul of Halloween is simply not the same without the original Dr. Loomis. He understands Michael when few do and is one of the few who can somewhat tame him. He's noble and brave and almost like the comforting father figure in the madness called Haddonfield on Halloween. No matter how absurd the plot gets when he gets on it always captivates me.

Second reason is nostalgia. Halloween is one of the first horror movies I've watched. Michael always scared the heck out of me somehow. Always being able to catch up to his prey all while calmly moving around. I can't remember seeing Halloween 6 as a kid. It was always part 2, 4 and 5 on television. I discovered part 6 years later. The nostalgic value for part 6 is that it takes place in 1994/1995. 2 of my most favorite years of the 90s. So seeing the fashion and settings just gives me a good feeling.

Third reason is that Michael is big and bad in this one. Terrifying as the unstoppable bogeyman. I can see how fans dislike part 6 because they feel this movie is far removed from the original. Some of the scenes require suspension of disbelief as things happen that are clearly impossible. But if we want to be honest every Halloween movie had some of these scenes. Ultimately I felt there were enough scary scenes that captured a bit of that frighting Halloween vibe which makes me like part 6 and makes Halloween my favorite horror franchise.
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Not as bad as people make out.
Sleepin_Dragon31 October 2018
By this stage the franchise had really gotten tired, the previous few had been very poor, almost an insult to the fabulous original.

Of the first six films I would place this third overall, after one and two. It doesn't deserve its reputation as a bad film, because it isn't bad, nor is it great.

On the plus side, it has some scary moments, Michael's character is well used. The acting in general is rather good, it's quite slick, in a nineties way. On the debit side, the story is a little far fetched, and I didn't particularly like the cult element, it's like they tried to rewrite the show's past. It's a bit silly I guess, but....

At least it has Paul Rudd and the wonderful Donald Pleasance.

Not that bad. 6/10
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thepunisher-3194530 October 2018
Michael Myers has never been more frightening than in this film. This film is completely misunderstood and I can't believe it has such a low rating. Some of the kills in this are terrifying!
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Must see the Producer's Cut
deadb0y24 April 2003
This movie is pretty good as it is, but the unreleased Producer's Cut is my favorite movie in the series after the original. Jamie's story is handled differently, the death scenes are done 10 times better, there's more footage of ritual type stuff giving more story about Micheal, Jamie and her baby. There is also an alternate ending which is also better. Why they didn't release this version instead I have no damned clue. If you can find this version, see it.
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Some good ideas emerged
hellholehorror1 October 2017
Some great moments of violence. The problem was that the great concept was poorly executed. The story progression is often slow and confusing. Some good ideas emerged though. I just couldn't help but think that this film could have been so much better. Turn it on, sit back and let it happen, it's fine.
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It Was A Really Good Film, It Could Have Been Better
WTH_MovieFan11 July 2003
This was a really interesting Halloween film. I wasnt to thrilled with the whole Thorn theory but it still makes for a good film. I liked getting to see Tommy Doyle back but sadly Donald Pleasance died right after shooting. The film had a really REALLY bad director who didnt give a flip about the series, from what I heard treated Donald bad, and wouldnt let Danielle Harris come back as Jamie. Its like he was just trying to bring down the film, but I still liked it. There were alot of cuts and music changes and if you're lucky you can get the Producers Cut which features over 40 min. of never before scenes. With those scenes it turns into a whole new movie. Check it out if you have the chance.
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Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel of the Halloween Franchise!
Gresh8541 July 2018
This is it! We've officially hit rock bottom with this franchise! Not only does Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers feature cheap jump scares, but it also features even more cheap jump scares, followed by even more cheap jump scares! Okay, but in all seriousness, this film truly was atrocious. It's quite disappointing considering the beginning of this film was actually somewhat interesting. I'll admit it, I was hooked! I had hope! Unfortunately though, what followed was an abundance of muddled plot holes, an uninspiring storyline, and predictability at an all-time high. Funny enough, some of Michael Myers's kills were hilariously absurd. There was also a handful of hysterically bad moments in terms of character decisions that certainly had me laughing. The film additionally feels highly unfocused in the predicaments it presents which can majorly create confusion among viewers like myself. Overall, the film's attempts at being horrifying usually comes off as comical, and it's strive to revitalize an already dying franchise feels substantially inconsiderate. (Verdict: D)
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A mystery best kept under wraps
jaws1fan17 February 2003
What made Myers so scary was the fact that you didn't know what drove him to such insanity or made him indestructable. Trying to explain his origins would have been a tough thing to do right, and this doesn't come close. Does this film bore? no, but had they kept the producer's cut instead of this version it might have been worthy.
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This film is completely underrated not only in the Halloween franchise but also in the horror genre. Michael Myers have never been more terrifying than in this film, some of the kills in this film are horrific! 8/10
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Before studio interference, this is a great sequel
Eraser8116 December 1999
After years of unused scripts and studio limbo, Halloween 6 finally began rolling in fall of 1994. The legendary Donald Pleasence returned in what would be his final role, as did George P. Wilbur who donned the mask in Halloween 4. Alan Howarth also returned to score a Halloween film for the final time. Characters from the orginal Halloween also return, in the form of Tommy Doyle and Dr. Wynn.

This Halloween is known for having two versions, the original cut, known as The Producers Cut, and the theatrical version. The Producers Cut is more coherent, has better music, and features more of Dr. Loomis. The theatrical version is incoherent, has a pumped up Halloween theme, and more gore. This being a Halloween film, I'll take more Donald Pleasence as opposed to more gore.

This Halloween installment is dark, weird, well shot, uses different camera angles, and an improvement over the troubled Halloween 5. Where they went wrong however, is they listened to 14 year old boys after a test screening, and butchered the entire film. Reshoots took place in late July 1995, after much footage had already surfaced in trailers and on tv horror specials, making it confusing to whomever saw the film in the theater expecting to see those scenes, as I did. Luckily, after years of dark blurry bootleg copies of The Producers Cut, Dimension Films finally released it in high definition Blu Ray discs. My favorite Halloween films include John Carpenter's original, the underrated Halloween III: Season of the Witch, and this one.
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The second best sequel in the series.
marcfantozzi17 April 2001
Wow, "The Curse of Michael Myers" what a great film. Suspenseful, entertaining, creative and a clever plot which I love. Many hate the 'Thorn' concept, I love it. I think that it gives the Halloween series some plot. Marianne Hagan is a wonderful actress and turns in a excellent performance, especially for her first film and Paul Rudd and Donald Pleasence are great also. My only complaint is that why wasn't Danielle Harris in this film as Jamie? She wanted to return, but the producers said no. I thought J.C Brandy was great, but I love Danielle Harris. Still, I love Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. I think The Shape's mask looks the best in this film and George P. Wilbur is the best Michael Myers ever. Incredibly creepy and suspenseful, Halloween 6 rules!

I adore this very violent, but immensely enjoyable film. The Halloween horror series - by far the best in the Genre.

10 out of 10.
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Scariest in the series
jasonstarwars28 October 2018
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers has the best atmosphere in the entire series and the most badass Myers out of all. With great music and scary moments this movie is never boring and has the most creeps out of all movies in this franchise.
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lukem-5276012 July 2019
The Curse of Michael Myers gets alot of hate & i get why people hated it because of "Thorn Cult" angle but i don't look into that!!! I just see that as a sicko-cult that worship evil like most Religions!!! RELIGION is full of evil so to me of course this would happen,a weirdo cult worshipping serial killer Michael Myers.

The movie itself is full of gorgeous Halloween imagery,it's one of the best looking films in the franchise!!! The cinematography is colourful & slick looking. This is a pure 90's film & i love that as i grew up in the 90's watching Horror movies so there's a nice comfort in seeing the fashion from back then, nice Nostalgia.

Paul Rudd is really good playing the now older,rugged & disturbed Tommy Doyle from original night of he came home from 1978!!! Another great little role & performance is from veteran Donald Pleasance (R.I.P) back for the last time ever as Doctor Loomis,a nice rugged & bitter aging loomis who ia retired but comes back to haddonfield. The cast is all good. There's some excellent suspense in this exciting Horror Thriller,the opening rain soaked scene is spectacular!!! The main reason we all love these Horror franchise's like Halloween,Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm street is because they're entertaining & fun & that's what The Curse of Michael Myers was another fun & gory entry.

Despite all I've heard about the troubled production of this film it's still one hell of a fun atmospheric & gory as hell Halloween film. The Curse of Michael Myers is one of my favourite of the great Franchise.
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sam_aj_013 October 2008
I planned on watching all of the Halloween movies after enjoying the first so much but what the hell did this one lead to? It would seem like a good idea having Tommy all grown-up after the event in the first film but instead it was a desperate attempt to write-up another sequel. Michael returns to finish off the remaining Strodes living in his very house where he killed his sister. Little do they know, Michaels hot on their trail with Loomis in the lead! Overall there was a good lot of gore, a fair few jumps and a better looking Myers mask but it still doesn't make up for the cheesy storyline.

A good Halloween fan should watch this, otherwise avoid at all costs!
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Not the best in the franchise, but definately not the worst.
berts14043 November 2003
If your a fan of the Halloween franchise, then see this film! Pay no attention to the other negative comments on this site, 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers' is a great film and worth seeing. Personally, I think the poorest (excluding the obviously naff 'Halloween III: Season of the Witch')film in the franchise is 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers'. I'd give it 7/10, not the best, but definately no the worst in the franchise.
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I Liked it!!!!
somswimcats3 February 2000
Confusing.Yes. But I still liked it. I did not like the person they got to play Jamie I think that they should have gotten the original person to play her.I even liked the way it ended it made sense since the guy who played Dr.Loomis died in real life.It is definitely not better than the origanal.but I even liked the 5th movie.
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It was Alright
Devil_Boy_8018 June 2005
When i watched Halloween 6 , i was prepared for a good sequel...but i quite disappointed. it was alright...but the horror wasn't there really. Yes It was chilling and only a few scenes that were scary i don't know something about this Halloween film seemed not right.

TheActing was a bit dull but Donald pleasance as usual was great and he sadly passed away a few months after the movie came out, The man in black and thorn plot was explained and worked out nicely.

And Michael finally kills his "little niece" finally with machine farmery, George P Wilbur was Michael Again so that was good...an fairly good Halloween film.

Halloween 6 Is My sixth favorite Halloween film
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Avoid the real film but LAUD the Producers Cut!!
Jason_Norcross9 August 2002
Many people have written this off as the worst sequel to date and I'd probably be the first person in that line... in fact, I was. I never saw this in theaters but when I got it on video I was highly disappointed because it didn't explain anything that happened in the previous films, or maybe it did and I just didn't understand what they were getting at with all of this "Rune" stuff...

It was then that I began my search for the rumored "Producers Cut" which featured what should've been shown in theaters... a GOOD MOVIE! The Producers Cut features a clean cut, workable plot that intrigues me to no end... they actually took what was a hopeless film and turned it into a believable Halloween film that was actually scary...

If you'll notice that in the Theatrical Release the entire Halloween theme has been cut from the movie... how did they do this, you ask? They cut all of the eerie back round music that was included in the Producers Cut. I have no clue why it was cut from the movie because we all know that a Halloween movie isn't the same without that eerie music that builds the suspense and makes us jump out of our seats when it gets scary.

After Kara jumps out the window and is captured by the cult members, the movie takes a completly, never before seen path that takes you into the deapths of the true mystery that is Michael Myers and takes you on a rollercoaster ride all the way to the exciting and somewhat clever ending instead of locking the main characters in a room and letting them beat the heck out of Michael with a lead pipe...

I won't give away too much but I'd recommend that you get your hands on this video because it's a true gem that any Halloween fan should have in their collection.

If you have any questions, E-Mail me
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Halloween 6-The movie that could have been....
Penhall12 February 2000
This is a terrible film. It makes little sense and was incompetently directed by Joe Chappelle. The main problem with it is the director. See, the ORIGINAL cut of the movie was far superior to this version. It's amazing that in the original version, dubbed the "Producer's Cut", we actually get a suspensful, well written Halloween film that (in my opinion), ranks up there with Halloween 2 and 4. See, in the Producer's Cut, there is more characterization. Jamie is actually in the movie a lot more, and she does not die by being impaled on some farm equipment. Even more amazing is the fact that Dr. Loomis actually serves a purpose in the Producer's Cut. He has tons more scenes, along with Dr. Wynn. In fact, it actually doesn't feel like a cheat in the Producer's cut when the man in black is finally revealed. And although the ending is arguably less climatic, it is ultimately a million times better than the theatrical cut ending, which has hands down the WORST replacement for Michael ever(A. Michael Lerner, who actually RUNS while chasing the doctor at the end!). It is truly amazing to compare the two films. Director Joe Chappelle actually took almost every strong, clever, and suspensful scene and completely edited it from the film or cut it down. Although the Producer's Cut is a great film, it still is not what it could have and should have been. Because of Joe(and Dimension Films), Danielle Harris was replaced as Jamie because they did not want to pay her the mere 5,000 dollars she was asking for! Also, the Producer's cut still suffers from some tampering by Joe, who actually put in the "We were drugged scene", and scaled down the original ending. It is still superior in every way to the theatrical cut, and with Anchor Bay now owning the rights, hopefully fans will be able to see this version on DVD, with great picture quality over the poor bootleg copies that I own.
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A Mess!
pizowell14 August 2001
Halloween 6 is simply a mess, what it has in style it totally lacks in substance. It just feels as if its incomplete and it is. Upon seeing The Producer's Cut, which I reccomend you find, it is a different film. While the theatrical version has more slash and less story The Producer's Cut is far superior. The suits behind H6 wanted to make an MTV style slasher to attract the teens, but they insult the viewers intelligence with an inane story and a wasted finale. Track down The Producer's Cut and avoid this version.
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I knew what he was, but I never knew why.
lastliberal1 November 2007
I haven't seen all of the Halloween films, but this one was definitely worth watching.

Some people may complain that their favorite actor was missing, and that the director really must have hated the franchise, but I feel that Joe Chappelle did a good job of keeping the story moving. And, there was a story. It wasn't just slash, slash, slash. There was actually something going on and it made it more interesting.

Paul Rudd did a very good job as Tommy Doyle and Marianne Hagan was a string Kara Strode. I like the fact that Donald Pleasence is still around.

Looking forward to seeing the rest.
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Scariest Halloween movie
tampaaries3 May 2021
This was without a doubt the scariest Halloween movie, Michael was straight vicious in this movie. The only thing I hated was the plot with all that cult mess, I never understood what all that meant but as far as the movie being scary they succeeded in that part.
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"An Underrated Installment of This Franchise!" - Theatrical Cut
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is one of the most hated films in this franchise, and understandably so. The performances are awful (sorry, but that goes for Paul Rudd as well) except for - of course - Donald Pleasence. The characters are all either doll and/or uninteresting, and most of them are there just to expand the body count. If you don't believe the fact that this is a very hated movie, just read some of the other reviews. In short, this movie is miles away from being a great - and some would even argue good - movie. But let's focus on all the good stuff this installment has to offer:

First off, Michael Myers is really awesome in this movie and among the best portrayals of the character in this entire franchise. The kills are among the best in the entire franchise. The movie has a really unsettling and creepy atmosphere which undeniably is a plus. As mentioned above; Donald Pleasence is great playing Dr. Loomis his last time (Rest in peace).

Even though this movie is very much flawed, the positives really make up for it. This is might not be a great movie, but it's a great Michael Myers movie and one of my favorites for sure! I really think it's an underrated installment of this franchise.

Horror: B (Creepy Scenes, Good Atmosphere, Kills are Very Brutal)

Entertainment: A- (Very Entertaining for Fans of the Franchise)

Acting: D+ (Pleacense Stands Out, Sadly Nobody Else)

Suspense: B+ (Some Very Suspenseful Moments, Good Chase Scenes)

Characters: C (Loomis, Myers and Tommy are Interesting, Others are Quite Doll)

Script/Story: C+ (Nothing Special, Some Good Elements)

Overall Rating: 6.66/10 😱
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Was This Edited With A Chainsaw?
jamiemiller-0761124 June 2019
By the time you get to the sixth entry in a horror franchise, things like subtlety and character development are usually thrown out the window and replaced with ridiculous plot twists and endless gory set pieces. Some of this can be fun, but it still needs to make sense. The Curse of Michael Myers apparently didn't get that memo.

The film begins the way it intends to go - with an array of annoying flash cuts that make no sense. We never feel like we know where we are or what the story is really about, because it seems like every scene at least has a button involving a flash cut and loud sound effect. Maybe they felt like they needed them to keep the audience awake.

Poor Donald Pleasance seems lost, but Paul Rudd shows up and still looks the exact same as he does now. Whose blood is he bathing in?
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Extremelly Underated......Deserves ALOT more!
Stealth-514 September 1999
I Dont get it...??Why was Halloween 6 SO underated...What were you people thinking??This film SHOULD HAVE BEEN PART 3....H20 is extremelly over-rated...H20 was alot worse than this... Halloween 6 had alot of great gruesome killings...Good acting and a better plot than most Halloween movies.This had alot of suspense,and deserves so much more..The intro is great,theres no 60 minute waiting for gore (like H20)This starts off right,and ends even better...Look at Michaels mask...Dark,scary and mystic..Look at the mask in H20,his eyes are so visible,the mast looks terrible...This film was third best...it was EXCELLENT! 8 out of 10
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