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As Good As The Original
daveym496419 February 2003
Some people see this as an inferior sequel to the first movie "Grumpy Old Men". I don't agree, i love the first one but i think this one is every bit as good and in some ways..even better than the original. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are my favorite comedy team. The Fortune Cookie is a classic and i also love "Buddy Buddy" and "The Odd Couple Parts 1 and 2 but the Grumpies hold a special place in my heart. I was personally hoping for another Grumpy movie but sadly we've lost both of these wonderful stars so that will never happen. At least we will always have these fine films to enjoy and treasure. I have them on Dvd and watch them regularly..they never fail to touch my heart and make me smile.
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Our Second Visit to Wabasha, Minnesota
theowinthrop25 July 2005
Sequels are rarely half as good as the original film. Matthau and Lennon would prove this at the tale end of their film partnership with THE ODD COUPLE PART II. But it has happened. ANOTHER THIN MAN is as good a film as THE THIN MAN. Vincent Minelli's follow up to FATHER OF THE BRIDE may lack the satire of weddings the original had, but FATHER'S LITTLE DIVIDEND is well made and entertaining in it's own right. And then there is this film. Of the first movie, GRUMPY OLD MEN, I have made a comment elsewhere. GRUMPIER OLD MEN is a neat follow-up, as we find how Max Goldman (Matthau) finds his new mate, Maria Ragetti (Sophia Loren). It also settles the future of Max's son Mayor Jacob Goldman (Kevin Pollak) and John Gustafson's (Lemmon's) daughter Melanie (Darryl Hannah), and gives a bitter-sweet farewell to John's father (Burgess Meredith).

I think the reason the sequel works is that there is a sense of time and continuity here that is not usually found. In GRUMPY OLD MEN, the reactions of Lemmon and Matthau to the death of their close friend Chuck (Ossie Davis), who had only recently been their rival for Ariel (Ann-Margaret) showed them to be human beings - not just two good comic actors trading insults for yucks. Here, it is watching the final scenes of Grandpa Gustafson (ironically Burgess Meredith's final role - and a fittingly good one for that fine actor). In the first film Meredith was always acting like a wild authority figure: over ninety years old, but threatening to tan the hides of the middle aged Matthau and Lennon like they were still kids when he stops them fighting. Here we see him in several guises. He is a loving grandpa - he is seen telling Allie (Katie Sagona) the story of Goldilock and the Three Bears (with his own modern interpolations), and then singing "Dream a Little Dream of Me" to put her to sleep. He is vulgar, but in a loving, sensible way. When Allie swallows a quarter, he suggests that it is normal - all kids swallow or try to swallow coins - and one only should worry if the kid excretes two dimes and nickel. He loves sexual encounters (in the first film he suggests that if Lemmon and Matthau can't get Arial he can!). Here he meets somebody to romance (Anne Gilbert), and they have a nice time together. But it is a brief one. Having reached 95, God finally comes for Grandpa, and his death manages to bring the other characters from cross purpose quarrels to sanity. It also brings the sweet image of Gilbert depositing a rose over the spot that Grandpa's ashes are scattered.

The continuity theme is also in the portion about "Catfish Hunter" the local lake legendary catfish. Grandpa tells John, at one point, that the catfish was old when he was a boy (which begs the question, why did they name the catfish after a major Yankee baseball player of the 1970 teams? - long after Grandpa's youth). The locals all hope to catch the fish and mount it on their walls. We see it at one point jumping late at night, alone, into the air and back into the late in the glorious moonlight - the monarch of the lake. But at the end, when the catfish is caught by Matthau and Lemmon together, Lemmon (probably influenced by Ann-Margaret, who did the same thing in the first film) gets Matthau to agree to return the catfish to the lake, where it can join Grandpa's ashes. So the legend is returned to it's base.

Even in the final moments of the film, with another marriage and a joke reminiscent of the first film's conclusion, suggests continuity. So there is a type of structural vigor in the two films, that strengthens their stories and increases the viewers pleasure watching them. Yes indeed, this is one sequel that works very well.
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Lemmon and Matthau are at it again!
jhaggardjr9 July 2000
"Grumpier Old Men" is the equally funny sequel to "Grumpy Old Men". Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau return as John and Max, the longtime neighbors who in this movie have reconciled their friendship. Ann-Margret is back as Ariel, John's new wife. So is Burgess Meredith as Lemmon's horny dad, and also returning are Daryl Hannah and Kevin Pollak as Lemmon's daughter and Matthau's son who are now engaged to each other and their fathers help them out to plan their wedding with some bizarre ideas. But the real scene stealer in "Grumpier Old Men" is the wonderful Sophia Loren as the new Italian woman in Wabasha, Minnesota. Loren plans to turn the grumpy old men's beloved bait shop into a 'ristorante' as she puts it. The grumps don't like that one bit and try to drive her out of town, but ends up falling for Matthau. It's great to see Loren get an opportunity to do comedy, and she gets her share of big laughs throughout the film. This film and it's predecessor once again will remind you of what a great team Lemmon and Matthau made.

***1/2 (out of four)
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The Geezers Are Back
bkoganbing23 October 2012
If you watched Grumpy Old Men and know the ending there, you can't imagine how these two curmudgeonly old geezers could get a feud going again, especially after what Walter Matthau did for Jack Lemmon when Lemmon was really down. And in point of fact the boys seem to lose a step or two from the first film.

Still Grumpier Old Men finds Lemmon and Matthau in their superbly timed best just fighting for sillier reasons. In the first film the rivalry heated up a bit because the two were panting hot and heavy for Ann-Margret and Lemmon got her. Now it's Matthau pursuing and what an object of pursuit he has in Sophia Loren.

In the first film Ossie Davis owned a bait shop where everyone bought bait, but also liked to hang around, just like a barbershop. Davis dies during that film and now we find out that Sophia and her aunt Ann Morgan-Guilbert have taken it over and want to make it an Italian restaurant on the lake. Well when the senior citizens of this small Minnesota town hear about this they're up in arms. Fishing is close to a religion there and Matthau is leading the charge. That interferes more with romance than anything else.

And the Holy Grail of that religion is none other than the largest catfish known to humankind, the legendary Catfish Hunter. Returning as Lemmon's father is Burgess Meredith who has been on the quest for most of his 95 years. When Lemmon's daughter Darryl Hannah finally ties the knot with Matthau's son you won't believe what's going on with our two leads on the wedding day of their kids.

Grumpier Old Men was the farewell performance of Burgess Meredith ending a career that spanned six decades. The man was close to perfection in his performance as the oldest of the old geezers in Grumpier Old Men. This is man who has lived so long he really doesn't feel the need to be subtle and discreet. His courtship of Ann Morgan- Guilbert is a combination of geezer and caveman.

Grumpier Old Men, keeping the Lemmon-Matthau standard of comedy high.
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Funnier than the first!
This movie is downright hilarious with tons of good one-liners. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon (may they both rest in peace) are two of the funniest actors in history. No one else could have played Max & John. Sophia Loren is still one of the most beautiful women in movie history! One of the funniest scenes is when she says "Holy moly" after being kissed by Max. Watch this movie. You will enjoy it, if you have a sense of humor!
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A Sweet Film, with Lively Performances...
namashi_124 June 2015
A sequel to the thoroughly enjoyable Grumpy Old Men, 'Grumpier Old Men' is A Sweet Film, with Lively Performances. The sequel has the spirit of its prequel & the amazing cast, led by the impeccable talents of the Late/Great Jack Lemmon & the Late/Great Walter Matthau, are in full form!

'Grumpier Old Men' Synopsis: John and Max resolve to save their beloved bait shop from turning into an Italian restaurant, just as its new female owner catches Max's attention.

'Grumpier Old Men' works well as a romantic-comedy, as it has moments of humour & subtle romance. I loved the prequel & I must say, the sequel doesn't fail to deliver. The film has sustained its energy & wit, that one would expect from it.

Mark Steven Johnson's Screenplay is entertaining, although initially the pace is slightly slow. Howard Deutch's Direction is top-class. Tak Fujimoto's Cinematography is good. Editing also is ably done.

Performance-Wise: Lemmon & Matthau shine all through. Its their sheer on-screen chemistry, that alone is worth watching the entire film. Sophia Loren is top-notch. Ann-Margret is impressive. Kevin Pollak & Daryl Hannah leave a mark. Late/Great Burgess Meredith is memorable in his part.

On the whole, 'Grumpier Old Men' is a smooth, relaxing watch.
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Grumpier Old Men
Coxer9923 March 1999
Nothing's different in this lovely follow up to the sleeper hit original. Lemmon and Matthau still jab at each other while Sophia Loren practically steals the film with her still astonishing beauty. Things only get better with age.
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Not As Good As The First
slightlymad2229 January 2015
After the success of "Grumpy Old Men" a sequel was inevitable. The fact that it's also inferior to the hilarious first movie was also inevitable.

Plot In A Paragraph: John and Max are still on good terms following the events at the end of last movie. They still greet each other in the same way, but now with affection. They join forces to save their beloveds bait shop from being turned into an Italian restaurant by its new owner (Sophia Loren) who has just took over.

Almost all of the cast from the first movie return, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are their usual brilliant self, with their usual awesome charisma. Ann Margaret isn't given much to do this time around. Sophia Loren is certainly still a sex bomb. Burgess Meredith is back, and is as smutty if not smithies than the first time around. Daryl Hannah and Kevin Pollack both return too, and are both as reliable as you'd expect.

Sadly, Grumpier Old Men was Burgess Meredith's final film. He looks in bad shape here, but still puts in a good fun, full of life performance.
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Better than the first one.
Chromium_524 November 2004
While "Grumpy" was enjoyable, I think "Grumpier" is the better overall movie. More attention is given to the supporting characters, the plot is slightly more complex, the lines are better, the jokes are better, and Lemmon and Matthau once again give excellent performances. Granted, this still isn't as good as it could be, but I think it's a noticeable step up from the original. I really don't get all the negativity toward it... come on, people, it's just a silly comedy. Lighten up.

Speaking of negativity, another reviewer, whom I won't name here (oh all right, it's John Ulmer), seems to think this movie is nothing more than a "shouting match," and is concerned about the age difference between the Old Men and their lady friends. I disagree on both points. The dialogue doesn't have as much shouting this time around, and Matthau's girl is most certainly NOT "fortysomething." Believe it or not, she was 61 at the time, and I must say it's quite amazing how good she looks for a woman her age (Matthau was 75--a pretty big age difference, true, but I can't imagine there's a lot of men to choose from when you're single and in your 60s!). I hate to chastise another reviewer like this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

So in conclusion... it's a good movie. Doesn't deserve its bad rap.

7/10 stars.
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charming and funny light romantic comedy
LesHalles23 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It may be just me but I found Grumpier Old Men way way better than Grumpy Old Men. I laughed more and got involved in the plot much more. That it is totally 100% predictable every step of the way is only one of its charms... its how you get there where the fun is. And these actors turn in surprisingly memorable performances for such a slight film. I thought Sophia Loren turned in one of her most charming and funny performances, as did everyone else. The story was just more interesting and three dimensional than the first film and flowed more organically.

The story line is simple ancient classic romantic comedy that these veterans had done so many times, it seemed for them like doing a well-known dance. The fun is not in surprises but in going through the old steps with joy. The actors move through their paces with simplicity and enthusiasm and the film actually captures very well the effects of love.

The whole film hangs together and works in a way that, for me, the first one didn't. It gets airborne. It deserves a higher ranking than my seven except the story is a little too well-worn. It also allows the two protagonists to get a little more real with each other.

Even the three charismatic animal actors get caught up in the spirit of fun.

One thing about the film that gave me trouble was that all four women being courted in the film are talented, accomplished, strong and magnificent while all four of the men are hamstrung. I found it mysterious that these women, dropped by some miracle into this tiny town, would be so strongly attracted.
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The "Grumpier" the funnier!
yddsp@aol.com2 October 2007
This movie just happens to be yet another installment of an endearingly hilarious story. The chemistry between Messrs Matthau and Lemmon has been obvious since their earlier days in "The Odd Couple" and seems to have gotten even better as the years ensued. The acting is superb, the direction impeccable, the entire cast is phenomenal and with the addition of "Maria" and her mom it simply completes the entire storyline to make for one whale of a good time. The innate beauty of both Ms. Margret and Ms. Loren is timeless. Burgess Meredith's role has been stepped-up from his previous one, as the cynical, openly opinionated, Lothario wannabe, lol, a resounding achievement for a gentleman of his longevity, yet he pulls it off famously. There is some really hilarious banter between him and Maria's mother "Mama Ragetti", I laughed out loud. I must confess, I laughed out loud at so many of the scenes in this film, I can't even begin count them. There is a real synergy to this movie, a compilation of comedic moments. I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't enjoy this movie. I'm "hooked"...
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Pretty Dang Funny
gavin69429 September 2016
John and Max resolve to save their beloved bait shop from turning into an Italian restaurant, just as its new female owner catches Max's attention.

We often expect sequels to be weaker than the original. But sometimes we may be pleasantly surprised. In this sequel, the "grumpy old men" are still up to their old tricks, going after each other and teaming up to close down a restaurant. Some of it may be a bit far-fetched (in real life, a store owner would get the cops involved) but it's good fun.

Sadly, the film has the distinction of being Burgess Meredith's final film. On the plus side, he really goes out with a bang. His acting and delivery of witty lines is top notch, and the film does a great job of hiding his Alzheimer's. You can really feel the talent in his character.
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"Good Lemmon & Matthau Comedy Sequel!"
gwnightscream20 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret, Sophia Loren, Kevin Pollack, Daryl Hannah and Burgess Meredith star in this 1995 comedy sequel. This takes place about 6 months later where John (Lemmon) is now married to Ariel (Margret) and he and Max (Matthau) are sort of getting along. This time, Max finds romance when he meets Maria Ragetti (Loren), an Italian widow who moves into town and opens a restaurant. Jacob (Pollack) and Melanie (Hannah) are also engaged and things start to get a bit difficult for them which makes their dads feud with each other, but only temporarily. The late, Meredith (Rocky) also returns as John's father and this was his final film. This is a good sequel and like the first film, it provides laughs and a bit of heartfelt moments as well. I recommend this.
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Mini Ha Has In Minnesota
writers_reign18 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's just possible that the intention was to shoot four Grumpy Old Men titles featuring the four seasons because after the Winter setting of the first one we are now in Summer though theoretically such a cycle should have begun with Spring and ended with Winter so maybe the cyclical thing was an afterthought. Whatever we have virtually the same cast doing virtually the same thing with one absentee and two replacements one of which, Anna Guilbert is actually a native of Minneapolis adding a touch of authenticity. If it was unrealistic that Ann Margaret - who, after all, was teaching English at university and would by definition have access to dozens of eligible males - would marry Jack Lemmon in the first film it is equally unrealistic that Sophia Loren would wed Walter Mattheau here other than for feelgood reasons. On the other hand it's probably churlish to nitpick in this way when the film is only intended to entertain. Which it does.
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Close to the original
CKCSWHFFAN12 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
At my age, I had not seen most of Walter & Jack's previous films together.

It was this film & the original were great.

Great fun seeing the Max & John characters going after each other.

Daryl, who I am NOT a fan of, dull in the character.

The down point to the film was this side track story on getting the 2 adult children to marry.

Scenes you can replay is always a plus to me in a film.

"Catfish hunter".

Sophia's character was good, at least smart, but the OVER marriage story line too much.

The death of the "Grandpa" character was sad. His character was funny in both films.

Like seeing the bloopers at the end of the film.

Those were very good.
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forget the fussing
juliabarnes19 November 2006
As a 50++ female who married again only 2 years ago, the romance between senior cits hit home with me. It IS possible for us older folks to find companionship, friendship, and fantastic SEX. This movie was absolutely hilarious! I know what it is like to have a child (college age) driving me insane, plus family pets underfoot, while also falling head over heels in love. I also know the pain of a parent dying with me right there. Jack Lemmon and Walter Mattau hit it all right on the mark. Grief, laughter, and love. It is hard to beat this combination.

This movie made me laugh harder than I have in years, and that at 7 AM!!! Enjoy it folks!!!
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Who would have ever guessed that it's the same place?
lee_eisenberg3 June 2006
For the most part, "Grumpier Old Men" is pretty silly. Max Goldman (Walter Matthau) and John Gustafson (Jack Lemmon) are still at each other's throats when Italian immigrant Maria Ragetti (Sophia Loren) arrives in town and throws everything into flux. What actually struck me most about the movie was how different the town looked in this one from the original. Obviously, it was a different time of year, but maybe the different look was meant to show how everything might be changing in the town.

Other than that, Ann-Margret returns as Ariel, and she's still as free-spirited and vivacious as she was in the original. Burgess Meredith - in his final role - is still the grandfather who can exercise absolute authority over the youngsters, although he now has the hots for Maria's mother (Ann Morgan Guilbert, aka Millie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show"). Kevin Pollak and Daryl Hannah also reprise their roles from the original...ah, and there's that fish.

All in all, a fairly interesting movie. Not any kind of masterpiece, but it showed that Lemmon and Matthau still had it.
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Simply Wonderful!
Mike-53618 January 1999
Grumpier Old Men is one of the cutest movies I have ever seen. It is a fitting follow - up to Grumpy Old Men. Matthau and Lemmon shine in this great film. My favorite performance in this film would have to go to the wonderful actress Sophia Loren who plays a feisty newcomer in town. Burgess Meredith is marvelous in his role, and he had me rolling! This film is excellent, and I am proud to own it. I suggest that anyone looking for a lots of laughs, and a cute romance story see this movie.
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Snoozing sequel with the leads in need of some No-Doz
moonspinner5527 July 2006
Woeful, disappointing sequel to 1993's hit "Grumpy Old Men" is more retread than follow-up. The two crotchety neighbors--Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon--bicker over their children (who will soon be making the sparring oldsters in-laws!) and, of course, who has the better fishing skills. They stop trading insults long enough for Matthau to begin irritating a new woman in town, a fiery Italian who has just opened her own restaurant. Sitcom humor with a sometimes-raunchy twist that is no longer fresh. Almost worth-seeing for Sophia Loren's funny, lively performance, but everyone else looks a little sleepy. Ann-Margret (who married Lemmon's character at the end of the original) must've dropped in for a day and a half to complete her work. As the youthful couple, Kevin Pollack and Daryl Hannah are also under-used. ** from ****
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not much fun
SnoopyStyle30 January 2015
Max Goldman (Walter Matthau) and John Gustafson (Jack Lemmon) are still combative while maintaining their truce. John is married to Ariel (Ann-Margret) now and his father (Burgess Meredith) is still spry. Everybody is chasing after the big fish Catfish Hunter. Meanwhile, their children Melanie (Daryl Hannah) and Jacob (Kevin Pollak) are planning to get married. Newcomer Maria Ragetti (Sophia Loren) arrives in Wabasha to buy the bait shop and turn it into an Italian restaurant. It's a continuation that's missing much of the fun. It is contrived. It's great to see these great actors working together but that's all I got out of it. I found very few laughs.
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hornypimp7712 July 2000
This sequal is much better then the original Grumpy Old Men (which in most cases is not so with sequals).The jokes are better the plot outline is better the drama is better, this is not even comparable to the 1st one.Walter Matthau is exceptionally funny in this one and Burgess Meridith is just laugh out loud hilarious.You gotta love it.**** out of ****.
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Equally as good as the first
amytudorin28 September 2019
The concepts are pretty much the same as the first but it does have a good story line. Following John's marriage, it's clear that Max feels even more lonely than before and finds himself falling for the new girl in town. The only problem, neither one is more stubborn than the other.
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Funny, but at the wrong time
fuerstma28 November 1999
It's a bad sign when the credits of a film are funnier than the film itself (especially when said film is billed as a comedy). Grumpier Old Men suffers from this condition. If you sit through the film, be sure to treat yourself to the credits, which contains some of the funniest outtakes I have ever heard. The film itself isn't perticularly bad or good. More of the same from the first. The relationships aren't really explored, it's just more kooky hijinks from some old guys.
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after you have seen the first there is no point seeing this one
lagudafuad25 February 2013
After the fun of watching Lemmon and Matthau act like kids for less than 2 hours (i.e. from the first movie) I was satisfied, but then due to the success of the first movie the producers decided to give it another twirl, this time the story had the two starting off as friends thanks to the incidents that happened in the ending of the first film, but then some really really idiotic stupid reason, they were at it again.

The movie was not funny as it was like a replay of the first, same pranks, similar plot and screenplay made this movie a waste of time. After getting a mate for John, they (the producers) decided to get a mate for Max, with nothing to write home about but a lame script that just showed no finesse or true plan, just the producers hoping to bank on the success of the previous movie.

The main disappointment in the movie for me was Sophia Loren; her acting was just too weak for me to understand that she is a star. Everybody else in the movie even Burgess Meredith (who had Alzheimer's disease and this was his last motion picture appearance) was impressive, at least that I can give them. The movie is directed this time by Howard Deutch, who later worked with the duo in 1998 for Odd Couple II, Deutch other movies also have not been well received like Getting Even with Dad (1994) and The Whole Ten Yards (2004), which are basically the reason why I will not bother seeing My Best Friend's Girl.

The movie plot carries on 6 months after the incidents of the first, where both John (Lemmon) and Max (Matthau) were getting prepared for the wedding of their children. Then a new arrival in town a beautiful lady by the name of Maria Ragetti (Sophia Loren) came in to change things by turning the towns bait shop to a restaurant.

John and Max join forces to try and run the new lady out of town, but the issues between John and Max's children marriage plan caused both to reignite their feud as both refused to believe that their child was at fault.

Only the ladies are alive till today (February 2013), as both Lemmon and Matthau died like half a decade after this movie release. Grumpier Old Men was a box office success in its own part, but a huge critical disappointment, as the movie cost 10 million dollars less than its predecessor and made like a million more in the box office.

After you have seen the first there is basically no point why you should bother seeing this one, because it will stand in my mind as one movie I credit as a waste of time and talent.
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Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen...
hokeybutt21 November 2004
GRUMPY OLD MEN (3 outta 5 stars)

GRUMPIER OLD MEN (2 outta 5 stars)

I dunno why I even bothered to watch the second one. Oh, I guess because it was on cable TV shown as a double bill with the original "Grumpy Old Men". I liked the original when I first saw it. It was not the best work by the Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau team... but it had its moments... these two actors could probably read pages from the phone book to each other and still make it funny. Unfortunately, the sequel has even FEWER of those moments. Still, I maintain that no movie with either Lemmon OR Matthau in it can be *totally* worthless. This is probably as close as they ever got, though. (Bear in mind that I have not yet seen their last movie together, "The Odd Couple II".) Practically the same plot as the first movie... Lemmon and Matthau play lifelong acquaintances and next door neighbors who are constantly bickering about fish and/or women. Burgess Meredith plays Lemmon's FATHER... and if you find old people talking dirty hilarious then you'll probably love his scenes (especially in the closing credits outtakes). Ann Margaret and Sophia Loren play the women in the grumpy guys' lives... hard to imagine that women as attractive as they still are would want anything to do with these two old dorks but, hey... I guess pickings are slim after 65.
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