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How can anybody NOT like this movie??
Till Noever22 June 2004
A truly funny piece. It's the one we get out of our collection when we just want to sit down and watch something familiar, funny and just NICE.

Meg Ryan reveals herself as a true comedienne and Kevin Kline is the funniest Frenchman you ever loved to hate. So what if we know exactly what's going to happen? That's the way with romantic comedies, as it is with most 'genre' movies. Even after having seen it at least a dozen times, we still laugh when Ryan sneaks up on her absconded fiancee and his new girlfriend and in the process causes major havoc in a posh French cafe; or when Kevin Kline tells her how the uptight nature of the Americans makes his 'ass twitch'.
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Charming and often funny, very romantic tale
trpdean31 January 2002
This was one of the best comedies of the 1990s - with While You Were Sleeping, There's Something about Mary, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Flirting with Disaster, perhaps When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle.

It's a charming movie. I'm not particularly a Meg Ryan fan - (funny that I just named two of her movies in a top comedy list!). She's at her best here.

The movie is funny but has more heart than most comedies - the scenes with Luc's family are lovely and memorable - not at all overdone, just right. The movie's at its best when the principals are all together at Cannes - it becomes less humorous but very warmly romantic. The characters are so well written - there is even sympathy for Timothy Hutton's character. The chemistry between Ryan and Kline (which I wouldn't have believed before I saw it) is very much there. By the time Kevin Kline is singing La Mer over the last of the closing credits (after Louis Armstrong has sung La Vie en Rose), you'll want to see it again.

Kevin Kline is just magnificent - a quite real,interesting, amusing person is created. The Meg Ryan character's primness is irritating - but then one must see why Timothy Hutton found her so (comically, the movie's idea of primness is that she was deflowered at 18 not 13!).

You'll like it.
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Delightful romantic comedy, this Frenchman's a charmer
roghache8 April 2006
This is a really cute little romantic comedy. The story revolves around a young history teacher, Kate, who's afraid of flying but forces herself to hop on a plane for Paris to try and win back her fiancé, Charlie, who has dumped her for a gorgeous French woman. However, her seat mate on the plane happens to be a charming French crook named Luc, who uses the unsuspecting Kate to smuggle his stolen diamond necklace for him. Then, casting himself as an expert in affairs of the heart, he resolves to help Kate win back her man, later complicated by the fact that he falls for her himself.

Their adventures across France, from Paris to Cannes, in pursuit of the fiancé and his new girlfriend, make for some pretty amusing scenes. The plot is livened up by the repercussions of Luc's larcenous tricks, little sub-plots with a fellow con artist and a cop who owes him a favour. My sole complaint with this movie is a couple of unnecessary f-words and a fair bit of profanity, especially on Kate's part (taking the Lord's name in vain), reflective of the screenwriters' laziness in avoiding clever dialogue in these scenes.

Meg Ryan is her usual cute, bubbly, rather ditsy self in the role of Kate and Timothy Hutton is suitably obnoxious and despicable as Charlie, the fiancé who dumped her. However, the real star of this film is Kevin Kline, who puts genuine charm into the role of this rakishly endearing thief, Luc, and demonstrates an extremely credible French accent, in my opinion. His entire persona here makes it difficult to believe that Kline isn't really French. He must have had a fantastic language coach! Also, there is great on screen chemistry between Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.

It's a delightful, light hearted film, a good date movie, and not necessarily just a chick flick as my husband enjoyed it too.
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Beautiful, simply beautiful
hawkeye4077th6 September 2004
I just watched this and fell in love! Everything about it was entrancing! Superb acting, fantastic scenery, and you have got to love that soundtrack! I absolutely love Kevin Kline, and he nailed it again in French Kiss. Can I help it if I like him as a French man? Meg Ryan was astoundingly funny. Comedic performances were perfect and the romantic side was so sweet it will break your heart! If you get the chance to see this, whether it be on TV or whatever, watch it. It will make you laugh out incredibly loud (ahem, like me) and cry at its ending (again, like me). I give this a 10 out of 10. But, then again, that is just me. You'll have to check this out to be the judge of that yourself.
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One of my Favorites!
Binkyboo134 August 2005
I would basically just like to say that every woman that loves a good romantic comedy should see this movie. I have seen this movie probably over a hundred times and it never gets old. I have it on DVD and yet every time I happen to catch it on TV, I just have to watch it. I know most of the words by heart. Kevin Klein plays the perfect guy you almost love to hate because he makes you so angry for the dumb things he does then turns around and makes you swoon. And then of course Meg Ryan is always the perfect pick for these kinds of films. What can I say other than opposites really do attract in this fun-loving completely romantic movie. This is definitely a classic movie in my mind and a must buy, not rent.
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A fantasy fulfilled....
jax71310 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have to believe that any woman who is honest with herself would get happily swept into the fantasy of French Kiss. What female in her right mind wouldn't want to end up like Meg Ryan's character, standing on a hillside in France with a fascinating, funny, smart, gorgeous hunk of a man kissing her like no other woman exists on the planet? I also have to believe that any guy who can appreciate the feminine mystique and the happiness of a love found would not also enjoy this fast and highly entertaining story.

To me, this is one of the best 2 romantic comedies ever made because it never gets sappy, sugary, or full of gimmicks. I deplore love stories in which one or both of the two leads 1)see the other in a situation that leads them to misinterpret something to the detriment of their relationship; and 2)there is some awful or stupid or tragic circumstance that they must overcome to be together. These kinds of plot lines always disrupt the flow of endorphins that should be free-flowing when watching a romcom. French Kiss has such a pureness of two personalities fitting together at the right time in the right place that it makes your heart soar.

Kevin Kline is simply killer as a French rogue, full of street smarts and macho but with the soul of a poet in his ambitions. Meg Ryan literally sparkles in her role with her shining smile, shining hair, and - thanks to a good script - her shining wit. The contrasting cultures of the French man and the all-American woman is what sets this story apart from others in this genre. And it is why I can't decide which movie I prefer between this and When Harry Met Sally. They are both triumphs. And both can be viewed repeatedly without loss of interest.

The soundtrack matches the perfection of the film, and the only shortcoming is that Van Morrison's zenith of love songs "Someone Like You" is left for last, coming near the end of the credits which means many people might miss it. It would have pleased me more if it was used during the last scene.

Do not hesitate to buy this movie if you like romantic comedies. It will prove to be a true gem in your film library and likely will become even more of a treasure as time goes on and we fully realize Hollywood very rarely produces this kind of undiluted joy.
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Hey, I loved it!
artzau10 April 2001
What's wrong with Kevin Kline's accent? My mother's family are from France and they talk like that...sort of. Well, who cares? This is a fun, fun film and I enjoyed it from title to credits. Meg Ryan in her low key but hyper way (now, if that seems like an oxymoron, watch her performance) is wonderful. BTW, I've set next to her character on an International flight... The story is great. Kline's character is lots of fun and Meg Ryan just melts you. Jean Reno is wonderful as the cop who helps Kline redeem his soul. Also, good work by Timothy Hutton and others. This is a fun film and I'm at a loss as to why the critics slammed Kevin Kline's accent... I found it believable because there are many French accents, depending on the region of origin and Kline is a good-- non, très, très bon acteur.
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Cute film
bodhisattva1319 July 2003
A Francophile will probably like this film. I did. Meg Ryan plays a woman who's on the verge of marrying a Canadian, so she's denounced her American citizenship. She's also afraid of flying so she stays home while her fiance goes to Paris on business. Things take a turn for the worse when he calls, saying he's met the woman of his dreams and he's staying in France.

Frantic to get back her man, she boards a plane. Next to her sits a French thief, beautifully played by Kevin Kline, who has problems of his own, most notably how to smuggle a diamond necklace out of the country.

It's a character-driven plot that Cary Grant would have loved - two people who are seemingly so "repelled" by each other but all they need are the right elements to fall in love. I'm generally not a fan of the romantic-comedy, but the French setting sucked me in as did a supporting role played by the always excellent Jean Reno.

As for the authenticity of Kline's accent, I had a good friend from France who claimed it was "formidable." So there.

Very entertaining and worth a watch.

Want more French choices? Try "Frantic" with Harrison Ford, it's Hitchcockian; "Green Card," who can resist Depardieu?; and my all-time favorite Meg Ryan film "Addicted to Love." It's a great black comedy and it has the sizzlingly sexy Tcheky Karyo. "C'est magnifique!"
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Fantastic Movie
dea_00710 October 2004
I absolutely LOVED and adored this movie! Seriously, its a funny romantic comedy, plus there are so many fun lines that you can quote--"All men are bastards!" My friends and I have made a habit of watching it every year! Its about a woman, Kate, who has her whole life planned out. Then, her fiancée goes on a trip to France, meets another woman, and calls home to break up with Kate. She decides to go win him back and gets on a plane. On the plane, she meets Luc, a french thief. She ends up going after her fiancée and everything seems to go wrong. Anyways, I would recommend it for just a funny, light hearted, fun with the girls type of movie.
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Book me a flight!!
butterflyqueen14 September 2003
If there is a Kevin Kline in France, that is. This film is one of the better romantic comedies, maybe just because Kevin and Meg are perfect together. Both with excellent comic timing, and a chemistry that was quite wonderful.Jean Reno and Timothy Hutton round out a wonderful cast.

The soundtrack is fantastique-I own and listen to it often.

Hey-if my husband the NASCAR addict will sit,watch,laugh, and enjoy then I say guys can enjoy this too.

The ending scene is inspired, WHAT a kiss!

Definitely one to add to your DVD collection. I can't understand the low voting scores since I see so many positive comments here....
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Charming screwball comedy
Servo-1115 November 2001
I'm not a Meg Ryan fan because I just haven't seen much of her work, just Innerspace and this one. So unlike some other people who are saying that Meg's doing her same old ditzy schtick, I think that her character in this movie is funny and charming because I haven't seen it in other movies. So needless to say, I enjoyed this movie. It reminded me of all the screwball comedies from the 1930s I adore about 2 people who hate each other and are perpetually frustrated with each other, but by the end are madly in love. Bringing Up Baby, Nothing Sacred, and Twentieth Century come to mind.

Kevin Kline is one of my favorite performers and I love his French accent and rakish charm, kind of like a subdued Pirate King! That he can be in so many different types of roles and do them all equally well, speaks volumes about his talent. The scenes between him and Ryan are hilarious as he tries to draw her out of her shell and she indignantly stick to her "American puritanism." In the end, the French joie de vivre of course wins out.

Jean Reno has a good supporting role as the amoral cop who lets friendship take precedence over the law. Too bad we didn't see more of him!

Exquisite locations and a fine cast make this a viewing delight!
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Funny, romantic, clever. One of the best of it's kind.
insomniac_rod15 November 2007
A fantastic romantic comedy that will truly satisfy fans of this sub-genre. I really liked the movie because I expected a light comedy with a solid, clever plot and charismatic performance. To date this may be my favorite romantic comedy.

I've seen it many times and all I can say is that I can recommend it for those who enjoy funny, witty, and entertaining romantic comedies.

Also, if you are a fan of Meg Ryan you might enjoy this movie a lot. Jean Renó steals the show with his excellent performance.

A movie that shouldn't be missed for those who watch occasionally a romantic comedy.

Among the best romantic comedies of the 90's; if not the best.
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An indulgence a la francais!
Lee-1076 June 2002
This movie is sheer unabashed indulgence...indulgence in romantic comedies, in Meg Ryan, in France and a whole lot of other things and people!! I've seen this movie in parts lots of times, never really got to sit and see the whole film at one go. The dialogues are witty enough and the acting credible enough to make anyone want to sit and watch it again! Kevin Kline is superb in the role. For him it was more than just a matter of knowing French and then putting on a French accent. He seems to have undergone a transformation of sorts to really look credible as a French wine-maker cum a very convincing con man! Meg Ryan seemed one the whole more made-up than any other movie I've seen her in. But her expressions were as usual capital, really hilarious! Her reaction after eating too much cheese on the train left me in splits! There she is praising the French for having 452 types of cheese and the next instant she can't even bear the mention of cows! Some of her angst-ridden outbursts against men were totally understandable!

Timothy Hutton is one of those underrated actors who seriously deserves more challenging roles. The only other films I've seen him in are 'Ordinary People'(in which he was really brilliant. Thoroughly deserved his Oscar) and 'Mr. and Mrs. Loving'(in which her did a good turn as a Southerner in the 1950s-60s who gets married to a black woman against the law in South). He's a treat to watch in 'French Kiss' as the basically confused, prone-to-chauvinism Charlie! It would be an understatement to say that I liked the locales. France is one THE most beautiful countries and I'm glad they didn't restrict the location to Paris. I enjoyed more the part in Luc's village, complete with Ryan's witty sarcasm: "Fester, Fester, Rot, Rot. Poor you, you live over here"! This movie is not for the wine buffs('A Walk in the Clouds' with its mixture of wine and romance is recommended). It's for those who like romantic comedies and France! C'est irresistible!

Oh, and the song 'Dream A Little Dream' in French is one more sure selling point!
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Can Kate overcome her fear of flying to hop the pond and bring her errant boyfriend back to Canada? Only with Luc's help!
psmoviemaven25 January 2002
Meg Ryan as Kate, an American schoolteacher living in Canada with her Dr boyfriend Charlie had their future all planned, but fate steps in and says "HA!". Kate's fear of flying keeps her from going with Charlie to Paris for a Doctors convention, and thats how Charlie finds himself in the arms of a "Goddess"! Now Kate has to overcome her fear of flying to try to get him back. Luckily, Kevin Kline as Luc, a Franco rascal, is more than willing to help Kate win Charlie back; however his motives are not as altruistic as he claims. This film contains one of the funniest film "take-off" scenes in film history. The plot is written for mega laughs and Meg and Kevin's comic timing is superb!!! The Eiffle Tower even has more than a cameo. And this movie soundtrack is one you will want to own. Add this to your personal film library for laugh therapy!
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Don't Ever Say
Rick Blaine29 November 2004
Don't ever say all writers are hacks. The writer of French Kiss, sitting next to Kline on the plane, has done a job from a perspective most people will not catch, and you have to give him credit for doing it. I am fairly sure both Ryan, Kline, Reno and the rest were aware of what was going on, but I am equally sure this flew totally over the heads of 99% of the US audiences. For this movie, amongst other things, is a sometimes not so subtle and other times very subtle cut-up on US tourists in Europe.

There are so many scenes which have this double entendre - if you get them it's hilarious and heart-warming, if you don't get them, then explaining them will help nothing and serve only to enervate the narrator.

And the puns - I've witnessed people seeing this movie over and over and over and not getting them. After half a dozen viewings they suddenly go 'ah' and get it. This is good screen writing.

Kline's Parisian sounds spot on. Suspicion is he was coached - and excellently - in the unique 'gutter' accent found in the city of light.

This film has everything. It's not your classical 'meets cute' but - where does one begin? Can one ever end?

This mini-review has gone on for several hundred words already and the iteration has not started.

Get it!
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An Offbeat Story with Outstanding Performance by Kevin Kline
clotblaster2 September 2007
Certainly the most underrated movie of the 90's and perhaps of all time. This is the only movie (excluding 30's comedies and few other pic such as The Wild Bunch and Lawrence of Arabia) that I have seen more than 3 times. The story line is spot-on. The arc of the film manages a difficult feat: two plots, one involving Meg Ryan and the other focussing on Kevin Kline, maintain their integrity and also merge together. This is the kind of romantic comedy that makes sense and nonsense at the same time. Kevin Kline performs perfectly. Meg Ryan is very good--much better than in Sleepless in Seattle. This film has a high believability quotient. Kline's charisma matches that of Peter Falk in the Columbo series. Which is quite a compliment. See this film
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What a magnificent movie!!!
anagal15 June 2006
I've never seen Meg Ryan or Kevin Kline play better - they had a fantastic chemistry and it was a roller coaster ride of fun the whole way through - I just wish the film were longer! I was really impressed, every scene produced stomach-aching laughter! It is definitively one of the best movies America has ever produced! Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline make such a cute couple - very mignon!!! I was astonished when, after further researching on the then enigmatic Kevin Kline, I discovered he is not actually french!!!! I have gained such an incredible respect for him now! I loved everyone in the movie, except for Charlie (what a moron!!) Juliette's portrayal was extremely well done - she is so beautiful!!! This is undoubtedly a MUST-SEE movie for all the dreamers out there!!!!
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The best movie you will ever watch
laticiavigil14 March 2006
You could not ask for a better movie about love. And how it can surprise you. And where you find it. Meg Ryan is a wonderful actress. Kevin Kline could not be better. If you want a love story this is it. You will want to watch this over and over again. I know I have. And so has my mother. And my husband. Please watch this. And let Meg Ryan know what a great actress she is. And how great her and Kevin Kline are together. Meg needs to do a lot more movies like this and Kate & Leopold. They are romantic. They let you dream. Things aren't like this in real life. But in the movies she makes it seem as if it could really happen to you. She is the greatest actress. There can be no better.
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Lovely jokes in the cinematography
CeeAdams30 August 2005
I love this film. The scene in which Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline first hop in the stolen car in Paris tickles me every time. While she is berating him for involving her in his (mis)adventures, she turns to look at him and misses what would be a wonderful tour of Paris as all the major landmarks of Paris go by on the passenger side of the car. Love the director's sense of humor. As for Kline's French accent, I have studied in France and have a good ear (if I do say so myself), and was very impressed with Kline's regional accent ("way", for example, rather than "we" for 'oui'). As for it being a pat romantic comedy, well, of course - suppose it had been Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, would anybody have complained?
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Wonderfully fun film...a must see!!!
lilishka86528 April 2013
The story revolves around Kate (Meg Ryan), who is a school teacher living in Canada and engaged to marry Charlie (Timothy Hutton). Suddenly, Charlie travels to Paris on business and announces to Kate that he has decided to stay in Paris because he has fallen in love. Although Kate is extremely fearful of flying, she hops on a plane to Paris to get her Charlie back. On this flight, her seat-mate is Luc (Kevin Kline) who uses her to smuggle in a stolen diamond necklace. Upon arriving in Paris, Luc follows Kate because he has hidden the jewels in her backpack.

The adventure continues when Luc proclaims that he can help her win her Charlie back. The duo travel from Paris to Cannes as Luc provides specific advice on how Kate should handle this situation and confront the Charlie and his new girlfriend. The dialogue is witty and fun as the film continues with a stop to visit Luc's family in the scenically appropriate French wine countryside.

The banter between Luc and Kate throughout the film is clever and cute. Kate fills the movie with witty lines that become memorable because of her frustration with Luc. One of my favorite lines is when Kate tells Luc, "You'll become one of those hunchbacked, lonely old men, sitting in the corner of a crowded café, mumbling to yourself, 'My ass is twitching. You people make my ass twitch'".

During their escapades, Luc becomes quite fond of Kate, even with her constant sarcastic remarks. This is a perfect romantic comedy about boy meets girl while trying to win another boy back. The scenes used in the film are vibrantly beautiful with locations which include Paris, Cannes and Provence regions.

I'm not a big fan of Meg Ryan but this film compares to the warm, funny, romantic appeal that Sleepless in Seattle offered. Kevin Kline is this adorably macho French thief whose mission is to use the money from this stolen necklace to buy land to start a vineyard. Kate's goal conveyed since the beginning of the film is for her to "put down some roots and watch them grow". Coincidentally, it appears they have similar goals but do they ever discover this connection? We should also mention how wonderful the music is. After seeing this film, I immediately obtained a copy of the soundtrack. Although there are two renditions of "I Love Paris," they are both equally enjoyable. Kevin Kline sings a beautifully loungy song called "La Mer" in the film. It makes me sway and imagine that I'm in Paris hearing this at a café sipping some wine.
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Excellent.. no questions asked
saintclaudia17 October 2010
This is my favorite movie of all times!!! I love the scenery, photographs, clever dialogs, the performance is superb.... 10 out of 10. An ordinary topic with a twist... I can only congratulate the producer and director for making this movie something to remember for the rest of my days. It is quite funny and romantic, makes a person believe anything can happen. Locations encouraged me to fly to France and the 452 types of cheese will be stuck on my mind forever. Definitely number one on my list. You can watch it with friends or with a date to pass a good time! Also, soundtrack is awesome... ever since I watched this movie, Dream a little dream of me is my favorite romantic song. I wish someone would sing it to me someday. I sincerely don't understand why the low score...
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A good movie to watch...
Nir Sen21 November 2006
'French Kiss' is really a good movie to watch. The most funniest thing is that there is a movie named 'Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha' ( which is the carbon copy of 'French Kiss'. 'Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha' is an Indian movie , Directed by Anees Bazmee . if you understand Indian language then you will find that Anees Bazmee has copied 'French Kiss' line by line .

In 'French Kiss' Meg Ryan (Kate) was looking very beautiful and her expression is just excellent in this movie. And other character like Jean Reno ( Inspector Jean-Paul Cardon ) acted very good. If you want to spent your holidays by watching good movies then this movie should be included in your list
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Shame Kline isn't French
thehumanduvet16 April 2002
This is a pretty decent romcom featuring a typically off-kilter performance from everymouse Meg Ryan, and another lovable rogue from Kline, with some nice little set-ups and lots of fun gags. The only quibble I would have with the piece is that with the great wealth of wonderful French talent available, Hollywood would only accept one of its own putting on a fairly decent but occasionally ropey comedy French accent in the lead. Not that the target audience would worry though, as this is easy-watching no-brain romcom fun done well.
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Funny, charming, educational
Andreapworth19 November 2004
To begin with, Meg Ryan's fear of flying and the procedures she goes through to deal with it are cute. And the relationship with Meg and Timothy Hutton is entirely believable.

Once she is on the plane, going to Paris, Kevin Kline appears and introduces himself and distracts her from the takeoff. Kevin Kline really proves himself in this movie, or at least shows how good he is at accents. I was a French major in college and have been to Paris and seen much of France. His mannerisms are right on.

The things that happen once they are in Paris are 1) funny and 2) move the story along. The train trip that they have to take is another enjoyable section. And Meg learns that she really likes the cheese!

Once she sees the vineyard and begins to learn more about Kevin Kline's character, the story gets under way nicely. All in all, it's a very enjoyable time.
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French Kiss? Yes Please!
gonebaja28 January 2007
French Kiss is the ultimate must-see date movie. Meg Ryan clearly owns the role of Kate as a naive and quirky history teacher who has been wronged by her ridiculous fiancé, Charlie. Kevin Kline is delightful as Luc, a scoundrel of a Frenchman, who befriends Kate in her quest to steal Charlie back from the lovely Juliette. The usual romantic comedy adventure ensues as Kate and Luc pursue Charlie throughout France.

What sets this film apart from the usual date flick is the interaction between Kline and Ryan. It is easy to be swept away by the innocent tenderness that builds between these two characters. And just as easy to be swept away by Kline himself. I found it almost impossible to believe that he is not French! I have seen this film dozens of times; it is my first choice go-to movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone looking for a nice, feel-good film.
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