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Well done, entertaining Crystal movie
PAL-920 May 2000
For married couples of at least 10 years and/or over 40, this is an entertaining and intelligent movie. Billy Crystal captures the emotions and angst of a certain age and time in one's life, when looking back and forward is done with some trepidation, and the results are, if you're honest, mixed. Put the kids to bed, tell the teenagers you're busy and see this one with your spouse. Well worth the video rental.
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You asked for it got it...Toyota
theowinthrop5 March 2006
FORGET Paris is a sweet romantic comedy which Billy Crystal made after his best romantic comedy, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. This time, though, it is Debra Winger rather than Meg Ryan who is opposite him. But Winger does nicely in the Ryan part and Crystal does nicely too.

Crystal is a basketball referee who is accompanying his father's dead body to Normandy for burial. The airline sends the body to Switzerland accidentally, and Winger is the airline official who smooths Crystal's ruffled feathers. She even attends the funeral, and soon the two of them are exploring the sites of Paris together. They get on well, but Crystal has to return to the U.S. But he returns and proposes marriage. After an initial delay, Winger accepts the proposal, and we watch the resulting marriage.

It is an intensely felt love affair, but it isn't smooth. She does not like losing her high paying job in Paris to return to the U.S., nor that he is going around the country most of the time as a referee at games. He tries to work at a different job, and finds her father (William Hickey) driving him batty with his senility (he keeps repeating the Toyota automobile slogan from the 1990s). And there are more serious problems about infertility, including a funny routine when Crystal is repeatedly delayed running to a fertility clinic.

The story of their love affair and marriage is related by Joe Mantegna, Richard Masur, Julie Kavner, and John Spencer, at a dinner party in an Italian restaurant. The personalities and marriage situations of the friends of our hero and heroine get exposed too during the dinner. All of the friends give good performances as does Hickey and Robert Constanza as the world's most philosophically charming waiter. Listen to him describing various drinks.

The film is a feel good movie, and does well as such.
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Utterly charming
danjamz5 December 2004
Forget Paris is admittedly a film carried almost entirely by Billy Crystal, but with such witty delivery, he's perfect. Having said that, the whole cast look to be having a ball and it really comes across on-screen. Rose-tinted views of Paris, alongside near slapstick sketches in the States, makes for a fast-paced tale that you can just sit back and enjoy.

Mickey (Crystal) travels to France to bury his father, only to find that the airline has accidentally sent the body to the wrong airport. Ellen (Winger) is the airline official sent to assure Mickey that everything possible is being done. Despite meeting under such an awkward situation, soon enough they are walking the streets of Paris together and romance blossoms. But with lives on different sides of the Atlantic, there are going to be a lot sacrifices...

And if the movie ever begins to feel as though it might be getting bogged down in the romance, it steps out to the "present day" restaurant scene where friends are sharing the story, each telling a different part and eager to find out what happened in the end.

An entertaining, funny and above all, charming story.
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Loved it!
adelaparpala7 July 2018
I have genuinely loved this movie! I've seen it many times, I rewatch it every time I need something sweet to soothe my soul...realistic, romantic, funny! Plus...let's NOT forget Paris...seeing the beautiful city really adds up to the movie charm! If you ever come across this one and aren't sure if it's worth watching, I hope my review will help you to just leave everything aside and press 'play'! Beautiful romantic comedy!
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This comedy has its sad moments but even in tragedy this movie can be very funny
macpherr22 April 1999
Multi talented Billy Crystal directed and wrote the screen play with Lowell Ganz. This comedy has its sad moments but even in tragedy this movie can be very funny. The cast in superb. Mickey Gordon, played by Crystal is a referee (When Harry met Sally, The Princess Bride) who has to go to Paris because his father wanted to be buried in France. The airline mishandled the corpse of his father. By the way this is a Tort in the US he could have gotten a lot of money because of that. He then meets Ellen Andrews, Debra Winger (An Officer and a Gentlemen, Terms of Endearment) who works for the airline. The story is told in a very creative fashion using a group of friends which meets in a restaurant and each tells part of the story. It starts with one couple and more friends keep coming and they do not know whether Mickey and Elle will show up and whether they are still together. Nice story telling! Just look at the names: Joe Mantegna (Up Close & Personal) is Andy; Cynthia Stevenson is Liz, Richard Masur (none other than the director of SAG himself) is Craig; Julie Kavner (Jake's Women, This is my Life) is Lucy who is on diet; William Hickey (I) is Arthur; Robert Costanzo, is the witty waiter his very funny lines; John Spencer (I) is Jack; Tom Wright (I) is Tommy; Cathy Moriarty is Lois; Johnny Williams (I) is Lou. Then there are all the athletes one can come up with. The Lady who plays the organ is so stuffy and funny! She loves to live in Paris, but she has follow her husband who is always traveling. I have seem this happen to many people.They tried to compromise but it does not work at all. Her father comes to live with them and that created more tension. Funny lines: " you asked for it, you got it Toyota!".

My favorite scenes: them driving around Paris; the bird glued to her face; when she shows up at the game and at the restaurant. I liked the movie. The music is nice. It made me laugh. I recommend it, it is an enjoyable movie.
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A Poignant Romance with Comic Flourishes
krdement11 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't read all of the comments, but none of the comments I have read give a very accurate impression of this film. It has some great comic scenes, however, I would never call this movie a Romantic Comedy. If you are expecting a real comedy, then you are likely to be disappointed, because it doesn't play strictly for laughs. To me this movie seems more like a lighthearted version of "An Affair to Remember" (or its superior predecessor, "Love Affair"). I watched it with my wife, and I held her hand and wanted to hold her in my arms while we watched the movie. During an argument scene, I remarked, "This is real," and my wife readily agreed. Admittedly, we both laughed hysterically at the pigeon sequence!

I confess that I am a romantic. I hoped that Mickey and Ellen would get together, but I was not certain they would. That lack of certainty was maintained until the end for me. Even so, I have nothing against predictable movies. In film, as in life, it is the journey that is important, not the arrival at your destination. This movie provides a journey that is creative in the device it uses to convey the story, as well as in the unexpected plot twists. Is the climactic scene a little fairy-tale like? Maybe, but so what? I liked it, especially when the basketball reunion scene is followed by the arrival of Mickey and Ellen at the restaurant. The final scene is funny, clever, poignant, and romantic. It brings this delightful tale to a well-deserved and equally delightful end.
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Overlooked, but shouldn't be missed.
giofrey27 August 2003
This funny, quiet film has really been overlooked. Debra Winger's reactions to Billy Crystal's Ad-Libs are priceless. When you add in a supporting cast of Cynthia Stevenson, Julie Kavner, Joe Montegna, Cathy Moriarty, etc... Even the guy who plays the waiter is great!

Billy's Referee character goes to Paris where his father is to be buried. Debra Winger works for the airline that has "misplaced" the coffin. They are attracted to each other and a relationship is born.

The story of their relationship is told through Joe Montegna, who's character is engaged to Cynthia Stevenson, as all the old friends gather together at an engagement dinner.

This is a warm, funny, engaging comedy and shouldn't be missed.
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It's like me: witty and engaged
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews10 January 2009
Is there a specific reason why Crystal has not directed more often? I'm feeling like starting a petition and sending a copy of this to anyone who would potentially sign it. He, Mantegna, Kavner(the three reasons I gave it the much-deserved chance), Winger and Stevenson are fantastic. Their performances and the timing, spot-on. This is incredibly funny, in the clever, dry, not trying too hard kind of way. The humor does have a few gross moments, however, apart from that, it's all hilarious, if you're into the sarcastic, at times cynical, type of material. Hardly any gags or jokes fall flat, throughout it. It's well-acted, and the characters are good. In addition, it's highly involving, and you find yourself caring, not just laughing, during this. Part of the emotion comes from the honesty of this, that it isn't your usual romantic comedy of "boy who looks like a male model meets female lead who appears to have stepped right off the train from Glamourville", and so on and so forth. This has ups *and* downs, and goes beyond the superficial level of the Hollywood pap that we all know, without forgetting what genre of film it is. The story is imaginative and holds surprises. The writing is top-notch. Do note that this is not for kids, the rating the MPAA gave it makes sense. There is language and themes herein. I recommend this to any fan of anyone who was part of creating it, Billy in particular. 7/10
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Certainly not just a one time watch...
Pookyiscute7 November 2005
There are those comedies that are a good watch once, and that's it. However, there are those few romantic comedies that capture your attention and the humor is able to stay with you for a long time. This is one of those films. Narrated by several of the characters in the film, it has a special quality one can never forget.

From beginning to end, the narrators tell the love story of how the two leads meet, fall in love, and have troubles. Around four or five years is covered in the whole two hour piece. It's comedically written, but then, Crystal is the genius behind that, and it was well executed acting and directing wise.

Anyone who enjoys beautiful cinematography and great lines in a film, you'll enjoy Billy Crystal's "Forget Paris".
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It's very clear, their love is here to stay
btm119 May 2009
"Forget Paris" is a feel-good romantic comedy about the on again off again relationship between Mickey (Billy Crystal, who also directed, produced and was one of the writers), an NBA referee, and Ellen (Debra Winger), a customer relations trouble shooter for an airline.

Friends of sports writer Andy (Joe Mantegna) are gathering at a restaurant to be introduced to Liz (Cynthia Stevenson) before their wedding. Liz comments that how she and Andy met must be the oddest ever (a fax had one digit off in the fax number and went to Andy by mistake). Andy says no, how Mickey met Ellen is the weirdest. They met because she helped him bury his father. That starts the friends telling the story of Mickey and Ellen.

Some critics consider this way of telling the story and the plot stale and schmaltzy; but it is so well done that I could care less.

The film genre is romantic comedy; this film's strength is the comedy part of that term. I could give examples but comedy is best when the punchline (or its visual equivalent) is unexpected. Let me just say that one of my favorite bits starts with the focus on an organist going through the motions of preparing to play serious music.

Billy Crystal is known to be a serious basketball fan and in part the film is like a documentary about refereeing NBA games, with a huge number of basketball stars playing themselves. I was bemused at the end of the credits when the standard disclaimer came up saying that all the characters and names in the film were fictitious. Not hardly in this film.

I should mention that Cynthia Stevenson's hysterically tearful performance as Liz listening to Mickey's and Ellen's highs and lows was great.

I also loved the sound track. Ella Fitzgerald singing "April in Paris" is so great; also, Billy Holiday doing the opening "Our Love Is Here To Stay." David Sanborn's saxophone version of the "Star Spangled Banner" is also particularly great.

My one quibble is that I found Debra Winger's voice very sexy in 1982's "Officer and a Gentleman" and she didn't sound the same in 1995's "Forget Paris." I probably don't sound the same as I did 13 years ago either.
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Not great, but good for what it is: an entertaining romantic comedy.
MovieAddict201621 August 2005
This movie is interesting and unique, in the sense that it focuses on love AFTER marriage, and not before.

Billy Crystal plays a basketball referee who travels to Paris in order to bury his recently-deceased father. However alone the way the casket is lost and he's stuck in Paris, where he meets another single woman (Debra Winger) who's under similarly unfortunate circumstances.

They go out, have a fun time, and then resume their normal lives. Crystal goes back to basketball in the US but soon finds he can't concentrate and keeps thinking about his relationship.

Eventually they reunite and get married but it's an uphill struggle.

The movie kind of reminded me of "GoodFellas" (!) due to its structure and how it focused on the downfall of the marriage. Like Ray Liotta's marriage in "GoodFellas" it's not all peachy like most Hollywood films portray them as being.

My favorite sequence is when Crystal is transporting his semen to a hospital and gets stopped by a traffic cop. Some very funny moments like this, as well as good chemistry between the stars and an interesting narrative structure, make it a worthwhile - if not particularly memorable - romantic comedy, better than many others in its genre. At least it's entertaining and believable.
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When Billy met Debra...
moonspinner558 May 2007
Sadly lackluster romantic comedy, co-written, directed and starring Billy Crystal, is told in deadly flashbacks. A group of friends recount a colleague's courtship (and eventual marriage) to an unfulfilled woman, resulting in comic disasters. French locations and a bright cast do help a little bit, but the screenplay isn't very funny, instead becoming weighed down with cheap, lousy sentiment that doesn't play (and has more than a whiff of "When Harry Met Sally..." besides!). Only a minimum of laughs surface, particularly when William Hickey is on-screen as Debra Winger's aged father. Otherwise, Crystal and Winger are not well-matched and their marital ups-and-downs have a depressive feel, with an uneasy give and take full of failed wisecracks and pregnant pauses. Forget it! *1/2 from ****
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Let me see...
giovannifalcone20 April 2002
On date 5 November 1998, IMDb user "OffYear" from Chicago wrote:

>Billy Crystal: The poor, stupid man's Woody Allen.

>Crushingly bad. Crystal, having already ripped off 'Annie Hall' with the vastly overrated 'When Harry Met Sally' now rips off the lesser 'Broadway Danny Rose'.

And, on date 13 March 2002, IMDb user "Movie-Robot" from New York agreed:

>The guy here who called Crystal "The poor, stupid man's Woody Allen" has a point.

On the other hand, on date 2 March 2002, "The Movie Buff" from Nyc had written:

>This movie holds the record of earliest advanced screening before being released of all-time, 18 years. The film was shown at an advanced screening back in 77 when it was under the working title ANNIE HALL!!!

Does it mean that Woody Allen, when directing "Broadway Danny Rose", ripped off "Annie Hall"!?

Ok, I apologize to these users, whose comments I found anyway very interesting, and suggested me a point of view I had not taken. That's the point! I was not able to see any unforgivable pillage from Allen's movies.

I think Billy Crystal did not want to Explain The Mystery Of Love neither to portrait New Characters Of Modern Times. This is mostly Allen's trade.

Forget Paris is essentially a light comedy, and Billy Crystal is a brilliant guy. Debra Winger is amiable and graceful and many funny dialogues are as original as unforgettable (as the one when he asks her to marry him).

There is actually a scene which irritated me, the one where they lie by the fireplace, I found it kitch, it does not fit well with the rest. But the movie is a must-see for all lovers of the genre.

What about the soundtrack? Well, it just picks up some of the most beautiful songs by Cole Porter, the Gershwins and some other great american composer. If it is lawful, well, it is a beautiful soundtrack!
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Downbeat look at two career childless marriage in light of former romance
trpdean28 March 2002
I wanted to like this. It does not shirk from showing the real difficulties marriage has - or the anti-climax marriage can prove after the romance of courtship.

I also applaud its realism - many matters don't prove right in the end in real life - nor in this movie - no matter how much they try. Reconciliations fade in light of fundamental issues that exist from the beginning of the marriage.

However, as comedy, the movie usually seemed lame - it had its moments but they were too few. And as drama, there weren't enough moments of real suspense. As a romance, it fails - it's too realistic and I never felt any magic in Debra Winger's character. She was fairly nice, fairly attractive, but rather humdrum in personality. We are taken down a lane familiar to married couples - with all the aggravations real life produces and an occasional chuckle.

The movie is the rather tedious alternative to "happily ever after" - and though the movie rings more truly than "happily ever after",it's not as satisfying. Very little would be needed to darken this movie into "An Unmarried Woman". I preferred Mr. Saturday Night for its dark look at the life of a Milton Berle sort of character - at least it was unfamiliar and interesting territory - this isn't. I do wish I could say otherwise and again think well of Crystal in one respect: he doesn't sugarcoat his tale.
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Hilarious, sweet comedy
fleagles16 March 2000
Hilarious romantic comedy with Crystal (one of my favourites) as a NBA ref who meets cute with Winger in Paris, and their assorted romantic travails. One of the great strengths here is the supporting cast: John Spencer, Richard Masur, Julie Kavner, Joe Mantegna and Cynthia Stevenson. Priceless moments: The entire pigeon sequence and the late, great William Hickey.

Vote: 9
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Always loved it
brian-lockhart-66-403261 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of my all time favourites since the first time I saw it. No one is shot, blown up,, run over. No digital effects. No bombs, no explosions. Just a nice story, good cast, and fun script. Always been a big Billy Crystal fan as well as Debra Winger. The rest of the cast are also all well known actors who do a great job in a unique story told by flashbacks. It's one of the few films I can pull out every couple of years, sit back and enjoy.
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"A bird may love a fish, but where will they build a home together?"
rooprect25 January 2012
This is possibly the worst date movie since "I Spit on Your Grave". But I loved it.

As only the charmingly cynical Billy Crystal can give us, this is the story of what happens AFTER "happily ever after". It exposes all the warts & blemishes & dirty socks that plague an average dysfunctional couple but does it in a funny way that never feels upsetting, disturbing or depressing. Still, don't see it with anyone you're remotely romantic with because it will certainly dispel the charm.

On the other hand, if you are already in a dysfunctional relationship, maybe on the verge of a divorce or breakup, then definitely SEE THIS MOVIE. It can be cathartic, better than any $200/hr marriage therapist. After all, what do you have to lose, you miserable schlep?

Told in an interesting, non-linear, "Citizen Kane" way (i.e. told in flashback through the subjective interpretations of different characters), it carries a mounting sense of mystery and suspense that keeps you guessing until the very end. That's what separates it from the standard dysfunctional rom-com (romance on the Orient Express?). Agatha Christie would be proud.

Where this movie falls slightly short, and the reason why I'm docking it a few stars, is the chemistry between Billy Crystal and Debra Winger. Though both fine actors, I never found them convincing as a couple, not the way we saw with Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan a few years earlier in "When Harry Met Sally". But sheesh, nothing will ever touch that movie, it was so perfect.

"Forget Paris" is a great movie to watch and remind yourself that love isn't always Valentine's Day & rose-covered mattresses. But love can still be an interesting ride. It's hard to think of many other films that achieve this. But maybe I'd compare it to "War of the Roses", "Singles" and the classic Kim Novak/Dean Martin flick "Kiss Me, Stupid".
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'Mickey' Best On The Court
ccthemovieman-117 September 2007
Billy Crystal was his normal funny self, evoking a number of laughs in here BUT, lest you think this is a comedy, it's more of a drama....much more. I say that because much of this shows a courtship and a marriage. The courtship is romantic and cute, of course, but the marriage are not. Things don't work out between Crystal's "Mickey Gordon-" and Debra Winger's "Ellen" and many of the scenes with them arguing are not fun to watch. It fact, some are downright uncomfortable. I'm not a fan of Winger's low and raspy voice, nor seeing marriages crumble.

Thus, my favorite parts of this film were all in the beginning, especially when "Mickey" was an NBA referee. A few basketball stars got a chance to act, too, showing they should stick with sports. Crystal is a big sports fan so I'm sure enjoyed that segment of the movie.

Also commendable are the nice shots of Paris. I never get tired of looking at that city, no matter what film.
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Not quite as sparkly as you'd want but still amusing
bob the moo11 October 2002
Andy and Liz are due to be married at the weekend and meet up with friends for a meal. During the meal Liz is told the story of another of their friends, Mickey and Ellen who met when Mickey had flown to Paris to bury his father. After a romance in Paris they marry, the story follows their ups and their downs.

Billy Crystal is effortlessly funny when he has good material and a good vehicle. He shows this most years recently by towering over the Oscars with his jokes and one liners. However he cannot totally make an average film worth watching, even if he can make it better. Here the plot is interesting – it strays away from a normal romantic film by following Mickey and Ellen through the bad times and good times in their relationship. However it suffers from a lack of energy – at times it almost feels ponderous. The restaurant interludes help keep it moving but it doesn't quite have the spark that `When Harry Met Sally' had.

Crystal tries hard and has plenty of clever material and witty remarks to mark. However it's not as sharp as you'd hope it to be – some of it feels like the man has mellowed with age. Happily he does bring the laughs regularly. Winger isn't as good and the chemistry between her and crystal just isn't there to the extent it needed to be. Mantegna is solid, as are Spencer, Moriarty and Kavner (Marge!). Costanzo has only a few lines but is very funny as the waiter (`it's like me…etc'). The array of basketball stars is fun to watch and makes Crystal seem more relaxed and funnier.

Overall this is quite witty and fans of Crystal's style will enjoy it, however it lacks energy and spark for most of the film. However there's enough wit and plot to make it a solid if not brilliant romantic comedy.
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Forget this movie.
thedude-315 July 2000
Weak. Uninspiring. Directionless. A good premise faded fast. The retrospective narrative and introduction of new characters showed promise, but the interaction between the stars ended any hope of redemption. Overall, it's a 2/10.
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An Unfortunate Lack of Chemistry Between an Ill-Used Winger and a Battery-Operated Crystal
EUyeshima14 September 2006
I can see why Debra Winger went into a self-imposed exile after this tiresome 1995 studio product, as she looks ill-at-ease as a romantic comedy lead. Here is an accomplished actress who seizes roles with a palpable life force when she is in the right vehicle. However, Winger seems lost playing against the stand-up shenanigans of Billy Crystal, and consequently they never really connect in any believable way. Much of the blame has to be placed on Crystal, who not only starred but also directed and co-wrote the film with Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. He seems intent on doing a retread of "When Harry Met Sally" but this time following a seemingly incompatible couple through marital discord.

Crystal plays Mickey Gordon, an NBA referee who tries to abide by his estranged father's wishes to be buried in France. The airline has unfortunately lost the casket, and their Paris-based customer relations executive Ellen Andrews tries to correct things for Mickey. Of course, they fall in love since it is Paris, and they get married almost immediately. Complications ensue with Mickey on the road and Ellen unable to conceive a baby. The central conceit of the film is its framing device, a dinner where a group of their friends congregate and share their remembrances of Mickey and Ellen's courtship and marital problems. How they are able to relay such intimate details is never really addressed since it's a plotting contrivance we are supposed to accept.

The other problem is that Crystal is not really acting here but performing his comedy routine as Mickey. Many of his lines sound overly familiar with many of the jokes having a forced feeling, and the role is virtually interchangeable with his Harry from the earlier film. Nevertheless, there are some truly funny bits, such as the running gag with Ellen's senile father (played by a befuddled William Hickey) repeating road signs in the car and the scene with the pigeon getting stuck to the side of Ellen's head. But it's not nearly enough. A solid supporting cast has been assembled as the friends - Joe Mantegna, Julie Kavner (particularly funny), Richard Masur, Cathy Moriarty, John Spencer, Cynthia Stevenson - though they act more like a chorus to the proceedings. The inevitable ending feels hollow since the relationship never felt that resonant. Despite some attempts at serious moments during the second half, this is the type of lightweight film that doesn't linger too long in one's memory. The 2000 DVD has no extras.
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Billy Crystal: The poor, stupid man's Woody Allen
OffYear5 November 1998
Crushingly bad. Crystal, having already ripped off 'Annie Hall' with the vastly overrated 'When Harry Met Sally' now rips off the lesser 'Broadway Danny Rose'.

As bad as the NBA players are as actors--they are much better than Crystal.
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The earliest "advanced screening"
The Movie Buff2 March 2002
This movie holds the record of earliest advanced screening before being released of all-time, 18 years. The film wash shown at an advanced screening back in 77 when it was under the working title ANNIE HALL!!!

Man what a rip off. I am convinced that crystal took the script of annie hall, sat down and changed a few things, and then called it Forget Paris. He practically stole everything from that movie. If I was woody allen , I would have filed a law suit or called the cops, cause he was robbed. If you have seen Annie hall, then there is absolutely no reason to waste your time with this horrible remake.
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Mildly entertaining but forgettable tale of newlywed strife
roghache1 April 2006
I'm generally a lover of romantic comedies, but this one didn't really deliver the goods for me. It is unusual in focusing not on the courtship but on the course of the couple's early married life. I guess I objected to the fact that separation seems such an easy option for this couple when they aren't feeling self fulfilled. Plenty enough of that, alas, in real life. The method of story telling is certainly unique, and somewhat effective, as it's done in flashback at an Italian restaurant by their friends, each supplying a part of the tale as they wait for the couple (who may or may not be together) to join them.

The couple meet in Paris when Ellen, an airline official, helps Mickey, a basketball referee, sort out the airline's error in sending his father's body to the wrong destination. They have a romantic whirlwind courtship, seeing all the sights. However, marriage of course proves a big adjustment back in the States, as Ellen misses her successful airline career. Also, Ellen's father, who's a bit senile, comes to live with the newlyweds in their apartment, driving Mickey crazy.

Nothing the matter with the cast. Billy Crystal is okay here, though I prefer When Harry Met Sally (not my favorite romantic comedy either). He seems to have a consistent persona of crazy yappiness. As a rule, I really like Debra Winger, but this simply isn't her best role.

The movie has some laughs certainly (Mickey's veal ordering rut, for example) and a few good points, such as the father-in-law issue and the fact that the pair do honestly attempt to compromise and make it work, with Mickey for a time sacrificing his travels as referee to be at home with his wife.

However, all in all, it's just too contrived and deliberately modern. The young wife who wants her own career fulfillment. Ho, hum. Naturally, the couple has fertility problems. The wild drive where Mickey is racing his semen sample to the fertility clinic is supposedly hilarious but failed to amuse me much. It seemed with its sexual implications such a calculated attempt to elicit a guaranteed laugh. Sort of like the restaurant faked orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally. The old romantic comedies used to manage quite nicely without this sort of thing. They just don't make them like they used to.

At least the film does make the point that marriage isn't just about romance (hence the phrase, forget Paris) but about sacrifice and commitment. So I suppose in a sense, something of a good message.
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Great performance, rich script, explicit story
hackan11 October 2003
This is an excellent movie , I love the acting. Script was rather much real. I think it's pointlessly making a point about post-marriage relationships. Story was totally a give away, could have been little more tricky.

Overall I gave 8 out of 10. I liked this movie pretty much.
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