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The butterfly tattoo
jotix10010 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Director Fernando Colomo, working with Joaquin Oristrell and Anna Klamberg, created a movie that tries to tackle a serious theme, the passion between an aunt and her nephew, into a screwball comedy that doesn't go anywhere. Never having seen it before, since we don't think it was ever released in this country, we decided to take a look that frankly, didn't pay off. The film is cliché laden and doesn't show an ounce of originality.

When young Luis decides to go to London to finish his studies, his mother, Noelia, asked her sister Olivia, who is living there, to find him a place to stay. When Noelia and Luis arrive, the mother is horrified by where her son will have to stay, but since she receives an urgent phone call to return home because her husband has been involved in a financial scandal, she leaves.

It doesn't take long for Luis to get attracted to his aunt. Olivia, who has been living with Duncan, an aspiring actor, finds out he is cheating on her. Her sadness makes her turn to her nephew, who has been secretly lusting after her. The result shocks Noelia when she learns about it.

Don't expect anything new or original from this comedy. Maria Barranco plays Olivia. Coque Malla is Luis, the nephew. Rosa Maria Sarda has the best opportunity as Noelia. Peter Sullivan and James Fleet complete the cast. One gets a fleeting glance of Penelope Cruz at a party, but she has no speaking part.
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