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Dead Weekend? Well, at least they got the title right.
TheMovieMark14 June 2004
It's Friday evening. You decide that you'd like to rent a good Stephen Baldwin movie. Unfortunately, when you get to the video store you find that "Usual Suspects" is checked out. "Oh well," you think to yourself, "guess I'll have to settle for a *bad* Stephen Baldwin movie instead." The video store is your oyster, my friend, and who knows, you may find another pearl amongst Stephen's work. It's worth a shot.

As you're roaming the aisles, life's cruel hand of fate guides you to "Dead Weekend." Sadly, you decide that you'll give it a chance, and you don't find out until it's too late that the title of the movie is a fitting description for any weekend spent watching this tripe.

The only thing going on in this movie is Stephen gettin' it on with five different female forms of an alien. The alien changes forms randomly, and sometimes she doesn't even know she has changed. Luckily for Stephen, she always shape shifts into a hot babe.

In the end, Stephen decides to leave the planet with his alien lover, but his former soldier colleagues feel he's a traitor and try to hunt him down. Oh the tension. Do you think Stephen would've still wanted to flee the planet with this alien if she started morphing into a Roseanne look-alike with a severe back-hair problem? I doubt it.

It's no bold prediction to say that I'll never watch this movie again. I have no problem watching movies that are so bad they're entertaining (Troll 2, a good number of Michael Paré movies), but this movie is so bad it's just BAD. The only way it could've been worse is if the alien shape shifted into Rosie O'Donnell every time. The acting was wooden and just horrible, there was no real story or action, and the music sounded worse than the midnight jam sessions I used to have on my $20 Casio when I was thirteen years old.

I was bored the entire movie, and I had to fight the temptation to hit "fast forward" harder than Mike D fighting for his right to party. But I can be a stubborn guy at times. I taped this movie, so I was bound and determined to watch the whole thing.

Watching the movie wasn't a total loss though. Yes folks, I actually learned a valuable lesson from this experience - I have really got to learn to be less stubborn.


I suppose if you enjoy the cinematic equivalent of a hammer repeatedly bashing you upside the brain for 82 minutes, then you might want to check out "Dead Weekend." Otherwise, avoid it at all costs. Literally. Spend money to AVOID seeing this movie if you have to.
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Manos has it about right
amos-274 March 2007
Yeah, well... where to begin. All apologies for those viewers who wasted precious moments of their otherwise entertaining lives to view my miscreation. Like all movies, it started with an idea, (to create an Ed Wood like-masterpiece) and then of course... spiraled downwards. My writing partner at the time, Joel Rose (a marvelous novelist) cranked out the screenplay in three weeks of uninterrupted laughter (fueled by a recently arrived kilo of Nepalese hash, flaky & pungent). Lo & behold, our erstwhile agent (Gaby) at the William Morris Agency soon had hooked a producer for this confection. Mind you, we were not wholly unaware of these guys' reputations as liars and thieves but... having my head on backwards, due to a certain addiction to a young Polish actress, I decided to proceed none-the-less. Fearlessness is often a positive thing, but in this instance, it was cause for more suffering than I'd had. In retrospect, my favorite part of the experience (and folk, it WAS a nightmare) was the fun Stephen Baldwin and I had under what I hope is the worst conditions to make a picture. If you can let go of your expectations, and check out Mr. Depp in the brilliant "Ed Wood", who's various concoctions inspired this, you may see the fun of this "awful" movie. Peace.
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Sledge Hammer in a much bigger dog than Bingo
movieman_kev21 November 2004
The least talented Baldwin falls in love with a shape shifting alien (the only vaguely interesting girl she turned into being "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" TV show mom, Barbara Alyn Woods). His partner, Sledge Hammer is naturally against this. They both are members of the TWF & that military unit is after this alien under the public guise of looking for looters during an earthquake evacuation. The movie is horrid. Tough to believe that the year it was made Tom Kenny had the worst movie of his career, being this, and the BEST gig of his career, being on Mr. Show.

Eye Candy: Afifi Alaouie, Jennifer MacDonald, Blair Valik, and Barbara Alyn Woods all provide boobage

My Grade: D

Where I saw it: Showtime Beyond
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remember that this
"Manos!"8 December 1998
The people responsible for this masterpiece knew EXACTLY what they were doing! I can almost picture it: "What? No budget? Oh, well, let's have fun anyway!" It's as if the director used this flick as an opportunity to compile a resume' of styles (hence the random Homicide: Life on the Street camerawork in one scene), and the actors were just there for a good time. It's great.

Set in the "not-too distant future", martial law has been declared in The City in leu of a looming earthquake. However, the earthquake is merely a ruse, a story fed to the public so the TWF (True World Forces) can capture an alien spotted over the city some few days earlier. A TWF agent runs into the alien (a *hottie* who can change her apperance, while always remaining - of course - a hottie), and the two go off and, um, compare their respective physiologies (yeah, that's it). Other things happen, too, but who pays attention to plot nowadays?

The effects are poor, but it's the *little* things that really made this film. The chalk outlines. The phone book. The beautiful rooftop view of The City. The officer's club/strip joint/medicenter. These minute details were handled (fondled, even) with the utmost care, thus making this film the cinematic treasure it is. Don't be confused: this flick is BAD. But that's okay. It's as if the director & stars agreed to make as entertaining a film as they could with the $5.63 budget they had. I loved every minute of it!
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Avoid this non-sexy movie
zaju24 July 2000
The text on the video jacket lured me with false claims of a story of an alien who shapeshifts her female form at will. The film was a complete waste of its potential. The story: a crash-landed alien spends a weekend on earth while waiting to be rescued by her own species. She switches form several times, never at will, and once she doesn't even realize that she's changed. She never repeats her form (except once, briefly). She never impersonates anyone. Her shapeshifting isn't used to conceal her identity, and plays almost no role in the plot. Basically, several times in the movie the role of the alien switches to a different actress, who says, "Hi, I look different now but it's still me." You wonder if maybe the actresses couldn't make it for the entire filming so they had to time-share. Despite the low budget, there could have been a lot of promise with the film, such as having the alien use her shapeshifting as a disguise. Instead, we have a tag-team of women who come and go, confusing the viewer and leaving him wondering as the credits scroll up, "Has this movie started yet?"
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A bizarre B-grader.
DigitalRevenantX726 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In the near future, the successor to the US National Guard, the TWF (True World Force) declares a state of emergency in a US metropolitan city due to impending earthquake & declares martial law, stating that anyone found on the streets without permission will be considered a looter & shot on sight. But there is no impending earthquake – a female alien has arrived on Earth for a vacation & is being hunted by the TWF, who are seeking to establish themselves as an authoritarian force. Two TWF soldiers, Weed & Payne, discover the alien, named Amelia, who looks human but has a genetic condition that causes her to change appearance every time she has sex, which she must do often since her species use sexual intercourse as nourishment in the same way that humans need food & that they are practically immortal. Weed falls in love with Amelia despite her polymorphic nature & being physically drained from the continuous sex, but the TWF's troops are getting closer to finding her. At the same time, a pirate DJ running an underground radio station discovers the TWF's plans for the alien & decides to marshal up all of his listeners – the street gangs prowling the city – to stop them.

Dead Weekend is one of the more obscure entries in actor Stephen Baldwin's career, during the time before he became a born-again Christian & retired from this kind of schlock. The film also stars Tom Kenny as an underground DJ who acts as a sort of narrator (of sorts) on the situation & Nicholas Worth as the brash leader of the TWF.

Dead Weekend is, when you come down to it, a softcore erotic drama / comedy / action thriller with an underground vibe that makes it interesting of sorts. But the film's script is frustratingly vague. We never learn what city the action is taking place in or even the exact time it is supposed to be occurring in, only that it's in the "near future". Joel Rose's script is also full of some howlers in the plausibility department – there is no humanly way that the National Guard would be replaced by some silly outfit calling itself the "True World Force" – the name alone would be laughed out of existence. It is also never clear how the TWF's scientists could detect an alien spacecraft entering the city or even what the alien looks like (I also found it hilarious that an underground radio station could accidentally hack into the TWF's communications network & overhear their leader's orders). Instead of displaying any superhuman abilities, the alien (named Amelia) only has the ability to feed off sexual intercourse & change her appearance every time she makes love. There is also a badly fumbled ending where Amelia carries her wounded lover to her spaceship before returning to the TWF soldiers standing in front of her & making some grand speech of how her people gain power from pleasure instead of destruction (which, if handled right, would be the closest the film gets to being profound).

Having said that, Dead Weekend does have its uses. The film's low budget means that transformation effects are out of the question, even CGI morphing – instead the film simply changes actresses from one scene to another, a move that actually works better for the film since the continual replacement of Amelia's actress has an unnerving effect. The humour is a little on the haphazard side but Tom Kenny's motormouth delivery has its amusements.
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Don't waste your time.
derek-woodlands26 February 2019
Poor story, poor acting, terrible image quality on Amazon Prime. I would have given this movie a zero, but the minimum score is 1.
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I felt dead watching it.
refinedsugar7 March 2000
This movie drained the energy right out of me the moment it came on and never let up until it was over. I really should have just turned it off. Not that I had much anticipation of this movie being any good in the first place, but the possibility of some steamy T&A lured me in. How stupid was I. This has to be one of the lowest budget movies I've ever seen and will probably ever see. Low-budget doesn't necessarily dictate a bad movie, but Dead Weekend is one of the countless bombs people wonder how they got made in the first place.

Although this movie is being sold as a sci-fi adventure all it really amounts to is a low-budget T&A romp through wasteland. The story and cast are horrible with Stephen Baldwin obviously taking this on as a quick paycheck. Believe me when I say everything about this movie is bad beyond belief. Perhaps the ugliest part is even the T&A can't save this mess of a film.
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um, nevermind...
"Manos!"11 November 1999
Have you read the other comment I made on this film? If so, then I apologize. I have since actually done some research on the director's professional history (I know, I know, you can stop snickering), and have discovered that some of my original assumptions were dead wrong. My biggest assumption was that this was his debut film.

Nope. Not even close.

In fact, he's been at the directorial helm many times, shelling out work ranging from mediocre to wonderfully bad time and time again.


Well, it certainly discredits his "effort", but I still really like the movie. It's so much fun to watch! It gets even better after you've seen it twenty or thirty times.
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One of the worst non-films I've ever seen
Leofwine_draca5 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
DEAD WEEKEND is an absolutely pitiful attempt at a science fiction movie about a female shapeshifting alien. The film has a starring role for non-actor Stephen Baldwin who seems to spend most of his screen time in bed. The rest of the production is amateur night throughout, set in a series of dark locations with a jumbled storyline and a distinct lack of cohesion. There's cheesy dialogue, cheesier acting, and a trashy atmosphere with a little nudity thrown in. Bai Ling has a random cameo. Overall, this is one of the worst non-films I've ever seen.
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smatysia5 January 2015
A made-for-cable supposedly science fiction bit of dreck starring the least talented of the Baldwin brothers. (Only one of which has any talent in the first place) We have bad acting, a terrible plot, cheap sets, hokey dialog, bad direction, bad photography, bad editing, well, everything was bad. Even the occasional topless scene could not rescue this clunker. Although some of the women were attractive, the scenes were poorly lit, poorly set up, poorly, well, you get the idea.

The best of the bad lot was Barbara Alyn Woods, and I feel bad for her that this is the only thing I've seen her in. She has undoubtedly done better. Avoid this movie like the plague.
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Braindead Weekend
moonotter195120 July 2004
I simply cannot believe I sat through this whole thing. Talk about blind hope! Why did I think it would get better? I suppose I hoped that Stephen Baldwin would somehow rescue this mess. Not that I've ever seen him rescue any other lousy movie he's been in to date. I keep hoping he'll pick a winner.

This is simply one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Lame, preposterous plot. Wooden acting. Lousy cinematography. I sure hope these actors got paid well for a potentially career ending fiasco.

I hereby formally nominate it if you ever compile an updated "Worst Movies" list!
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Don't Watch, Just Listen
goomba822 April 2002
Great use of Leslie West song 'Sea of Fire' and great music provided by Alice Cooper/Lou Reed guitar player Steve Hunter. Too bad such good music had to be wasted on such a terrible movie. But there is a certain amount of viewing pleasure derived from watching Stephen Baldwin's terrible acting.
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stullcastro26 July 2020
Stephen Baldwin stars as Agent Weed in this Skinamax lite sci-fi erotic thriller about an alien who shapeshifts every time she has sex.

The 4k remastering actually looks good but the movie itself is terrible. Baldwin sucks as the lead and Tom Kenny is extremely annoying. Rasche at least tries.
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