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Oh my lord i think i'm in heaven
management-259 December 2006
As co-founder of Nicko & Joe's Bad Film Club Show here in the UK, all I can do is stand on my chair and applaud wildly. A true, true instance of a great bad movie, it's come a very close second to Shark Attack 3, which is of course THE BEST bad shark movie EVER.

The best thing about the film though is being able to see all of my favourite shark movies in the one film! Genius idea. So many times I've been stuck watching a movie like Star Wars and thought, jeesh, this movie is great, but it could do with a few Star Trek cut aways.

There are moments of true hilarity and you have to admire the balls it takes to put a film like this out there

Bravo, no, really, BRAVO.
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great eurotrash
white pongo22 February 2001
"William Snyder" is aka Bruno Mattei, the hack behind Zombie 3 (replacing Fulci), Strike Commando, Shocking Dark, Rats and other celluloid atrocities. As many pointless hours of "entertainment" as this guy has given me, i can't hate him,if just for his sheer audacity. And true to form, Cruel Jaws is the king of bad Jaws xeroxes. Most people will feel severely ripped off, but if (like me) you're a conoisseur of this form of twisted, inverted crap worship, you should have a ball (have some beer as well). My favourite part is the slight alteration of the classic line of dialogue from Jaws, feel your jaw hit the floor as a character actually remarks "We're gonna need a bigger HELICOPTER"!!!
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Am I almost unique?
mtc2002200013 June 2003
Am I almost unique? I had the sheer joy of seeing Cruel Jaws in a cinema, when it was shown in the 95 or 96 Cannes film market, not the Film Festival you understand, but the commerical side of it you don't need a tux for. I was buying movies for a video label at the time. Oh, what sheer joy! I too was shocked at the line about the helicopter, but was more amazed at the huge chunks of Enzo Castellari's superb Great White chopped up and dropped into Mattai's pic. It was definetly made on 35mm widescreen for theatrical release. It isn't a TV movie. Just didn't seem to play cinemas anywhere. The funniest thing to me was the hero, Richard Dew, who is an absolute clone of Hulk Hogan, even down to the moustache, beanie hat and vest. But he's the smallest man in the cast by at least three or four inches, looking up to everybody else! The effect of this is hilarious, making you think you are watching 'Hulk Hogan Goes To The Land Of The Giants'. I loved it, and Mattei is a genius. We didn't buy it for the video label though, we'd have lost a fortune! And for sheer brass neck how dare they credit Peter Benchley! Obviously his lawyers haven't seen it. If you can find it, do watch it, journeyman filmmaking unhampered by budget, originality or talent! MC.
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Bruno Mattei is my hero
spetersen-79-96204422 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
You have to admit, it takes balls of titanium to film an entire shark-attack film without ever using a single original frame of shark footage. Also, it takes Bruno Mattei. A lot of comments on the film mentioned that the shark changes species from scene to scene - well that's because it's a different shark from entirely different movies, of course. Bruno even cribs a scene from Jaws! Really, Bruno? You didn't think people seeing your cheap-ass shark film might have seen Jaws? Wow.

Features a little cripple girl whose legs seem to work fine when she's swimming. Her Hulk Hogan lookalike dad, while she is smiling sunnily, mentions, "I lost my wife, my will to live, but most of all, Suzy's smile." Well her smile is back dude - how about the rest? Also features my favorite Evil Rich Guy of any movie. Listen to his horrible crimes. When Hulk fails to pay the rent due on his penny-ante aquatic theme park, Evil Rich Guy threatens to ... foreclose? Nope ... sue? Nope ... he offers to PAY Hulk enough money to "set him up for life", and forgive the debt. Despite this he is clearly portrayed as the boo, hiss villain. (Hulk nobly refuses to accept this gift.) Later, Evil Rich Guy out of his own pocket pays for shark nets and armed patrol boats to protect the obligatory regatta that has to happen every year or the town goes bankrupt. Then Evil Rich Guy offers a $100,000 reward to catch the shark, and his own son dies in the attempt. Really, he's the nicest Evil Rich Guy I've ever seen in a film. He even pays out the $100,000 reward to the good guys when they earn it.

You can always tell when someone is about to get killed, because they change outfits to something different, so they'll match the stock footage Bruno has of a shark attack.

There is one brief moment of originality - an event I've never seen before in a shark movie - when it turns out that none other than the Mafia itself is putting pressure on Evil Rich Guy. But it all works out when the two goombas are killed by the shark, because apparently they were the whole Mafia.

Go go Bruno! Also watch for the moment when out of the blue he steals the Star Wars theme!
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infamous rip off
fleischwolf5 October 2002
i am in awe, that the makers of this piece of trash aren't ashamed about their "work". most of the shark scenes are taken from the jaws movies! and those sharkscenes with a real shark are that of a white skark, not a tigershark! that aside, the whole plot and the "actors" (if you would call this untalented bunch this way)are beyond bad! watching this movie makes you angry for wasting the energy to keep awake during this fiasco!
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A poor man's "Jaws"...
paul_haakonsen29 December 2015
It was really difficult to believe that this movie was made in 1995, because the feel of the movie and the production value was way under even the original "Jaws" movie from 20 years earlier than this.

"Cruel Jaws" even borrowed so heavily from various movies in the "Jaws" franchise that it was embarrassing to bear witness to. It even had some music that also was blatantly taken from "Star Wars".

This movie was boring, uneventful and just downright ridiculous, and if you enjoy killer shark movies then you should stay well clear of "Cruel Jaws". I suffered through this poor man's version of "Jaws" so you don't have to.

The acting in "Cruel Jaws" was as stiff and rigid as everything else in the movie, and there weren't a single familiar face in the entire movie.

You would get more enjoyment out of covering yourself in blood and fish remains and jumping into a shark tank than you will get from this movie. Take heed and don't waste time, money or effort on this abysmal shark movie.
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Pile of Donkey crap
iansmom9930 July 2009
This is the worst shark movie ever produced and no one can deny it. Every shark appearance is stolen footage from Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, and The Last Shark. Good thing they didn't steal footage from Jaws 4: The Revenge or this film would've sucked even more. Also it is so low budget, the DVD didn't even have a main menu for god sakes. Nothing against Bruno Mattei, but he claims this movie to be Jaws 5. It's not Jaws 5, I repeat it's not Jaws 5. Unbelievably the acting was actually; not bad. The most pointless thing in the movie is, its in Englsih, but it has damn Japanese subtitles. This movie is BORING, BORING, don't even bother renting it because you won't find it any video stores.
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inky_8526 November 2007
Firstly, I have to thank the guy who posted the 1st comment on this film(the one with about 20 points of how absurd this film is); I was p1ss1ng myself laughing, and now I'm desperate to see it since I love appalling, rip-off Eurotrash cinema with camp music, non-existent acting/budget/originality/plot and I want to hear the infamous 'HELLICOPTER!!!' line.

Also, is Perry Pirkanen from Cannibal Holocaust really in this in an uncredited role? If this came out in 1995 and CH 1980, why wait 15 years to appear in a disgustingly s*** film?

Got to hand it to the Italians for having the balls to completely rip something off.
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I'd Rather Be Eaten By a Shark...
Lebowskidoo19 May 2019
The most ripped-off wannabe movie I've ever seen!

Scenes, characters, even entire lines of dialogue are lifted whole or in part from the Jaws series, The Last Shark or Deep Blood. How the makers of this floating turd were never sued into oblivion, I will never understand.

That being said, curious fans, like myself, will no doubt seek this out in the future. It's fun to see how badly it was all assembled. But as a cohesive movie on its own, just forget about it making any sense whatsoever!
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This is why I love Bruno Mattei
BandSAboutMovies20 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Cruel Jaws has been released as Jaws 5 in many countries. It has nothing to do with the Jaws series of films other than ripping off footage from the first three films, as well as Deep Blood and The Last Shark. In fact, it goes so far to be Jaws that it rips off Hooper's dialogue about what we know about sharks with some minor differences: "All they know how to do is swim and eat and make baby sharks, and that's all."

This one comes from the demented mind of Bruno Mattei, who also brought us crowd pleasers (if you consider me and my dog in the middle of the night a crowd) like Shocking Dark, The Other Hell and Rats: Night of Terror.

Dag Soerensen looks like Hulk Hogan, but he's really the owner of the worst Sea World ever. His wife died in an accident and his daughter is in a wheelchair as a result, but even worse, he's now behind on the rent. Greedy mobbed out real estate dude Sam Lewis is ready to shut him down, but Dag thinks he can capture the shark and save his little dolphin and seal mom and pop (well, until mom died) attraction.

It turns out that the shark in this one is a tiger shark engineered by the Navy to be a superweapon, yet it is now killing people all over Hampton Island. Dag and his family team up with Bill Morrisson, who desperately wants to be Hooper (even getting the stolen line mentioned above), to take out the shark with - you guessed it - explosives.

Most of the shark action - including the windsurfing scenes and the shark getting blown up - were ripped off completely from The Last Shark. Mattei also rips off Deep Blood and shark footage from the first three Jaws films, turning this into more of an exercise in sampling than an actual film. Yet I love it - where an American film would only hint at the bodies that wash up from an attack, Mattei revels in showing us gory bodies. I also adore that Mattei used the mafia subplot from the original novel that Spielberg took out of his movie. I'm certain he didn't even realize what he was doing, which makes the end results even more entertaining.

There's a windsurfing battle scene here - again, like I said, it's all ripped off from The Last Shark - where one character says to another, "You're vomit. You're nothing." while synthesizer beats bleat out of the screams of the crowd. Between that dialogue, the obvious cuts back to Castellari's film and the fact that the two main windsurfers aren't even moving as they race, I don't know if I've ever been happier with an action sequence in a movie.

As part of this week of shark infested cinema, I tried to watch modern films that came out in the wake of Sharknado and couldn't finish a single one of them. They all ape the Troma style, letting you in on the fact that they're basically comedies. Screw that - I'd rather watch an inept film like this, with amateur American actors being unleashed upon dialogue stolen from other films while an Italian auteur (never has that word been applied to someone who exemplifies it less) barely puts together a coherent film.

Let me state my case one more time: Bruno Mattei used the music from Star Wars in this movie. Is this a hidden comment on how blockbusters destroyed the art and promise of the New Hollywood? Of course not. That said, I was so happy when the John Williams refrain played over dudes chumming the waters that I poured a drink over my head.

Shout! Factory almost released Cruel Jaws on a split blu ray with Exterminators of the Year 3000 in 2015, before realizing how much of the film is taken from other movies. "It came to our attention through several of our fans that Cruel Jaws had several scenes in it of unauthorized footage from Jaws 1-3 and other Italian-made shark films that makes it impossible for us to release this in the U.S. & Canada without risking legal ramifications. We gave serious thought about editing out the material of course, but it's quite a bit of scenes to remove and we knew ultimately that doing that would not satisfy the film's fans or new ones we wanted to attract."
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Shapeshifting sharks, the mafia, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and more battle it out in this fight to the finish
KingFilmsCo11 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Reading the other reviews on this page will acquaint you with Cruel Jaws' director, Bruno Mattei. Suffice to say that the man is an infamous director of stolen schlock. Cruel Jaws lives up to his reputation.

This film really has it all. Some of the douchiest-looking surfers known to man. Hollywood Hulk Hogan desperately searching for his daughter's missing smile. A navy-trained super shark, described as "a locomotive, with thousands of butchers' knives" preying on hapless douchebags. The mafia, who are equally proficient in real-estate speculation, aquarium espionage, and shark hunting. A little girl whose mouth might be scarier than the shark's.

The ineptitude is overwhelming. The abrupt editing creates lightning-fast tonal shifts from horror, to slapstick comedy, to vaguely-sad goings-on. The script is cartoonish, with characters pushed into extreme archetypes of "total dick" and "perfect girl." The Star Wars theme is used in the movie - a jaw-dropping moment. The shark changes forms, from a tiger shark, to a great white, to dolphin, to what I think is a nurse shark. This truly is the ultimate shark.

Which is funny because the film steals so much footage from L'Ultimo Squalo, or The Last Shark - which is a technically-superior, slightly less trashy shark film riding off of the Jaws craze. Watching Squalo first, it struck me as hilarious seeing the same exact footage used. Not to mention all the footage stolen from the Jaws films.

In summation, this is a good time. There are slow moments, but that is what fast-forwarding is for. The story is so awfully delivered that it becomes its own perverse pleasure, and watching the insanity build up to the movie's exciting anti-climax is a fun ride while it lasts. Mattei does it again.
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Jaws rip-off. Badly acted and loud.
pausche24 January 2002
The only curious thing about this movie is that most of the shark footage was taken from another shark movie L'Ultimo Squalo aka The Last Shark. Another Jaws rip-off. The actors are worse than the movie. Their acting something to beware off. I've seen bad movies, but this one really wins hands down. 2/10
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boring, dated, FUNNY
d4m4xl7 May 2003
This movie is so boring and dated (I mean just look at the hair!!!! THE HAIR!!!! AHHHH!!!!) that you got to love it. Just never ever think about taking it serious. It´s a blatant rip off (big surprise) BUT you can get a lot of fun out of it by counting the clichés.

Favourite scene: The chick that sets herself "on fire"...very convincing.
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Jaws 5
Michael_Elliott26 February 2008
Cruel Jaws (1995)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Italian director Bruno Mattai is probably known for being the biggest hack of the past thirty years. He made a name for himself by creating some really strange horror films that borrowed music scores, scenes and direct dialogue from whatever movie he was ripping. His most famous film, Hell of the Living Dead was a rip of Romero's Dawn of the Dead and with this film he goes after Jaws. A tiger shark, created by the Navy to kill our enemies, is loose in the ocean and killing everyone. The (sound familiar) nice sheriff wants to close the beaches but the Mayor doesn't want to lose the summer money. People get eaten. I've seen quite a few Italian rips of the Spielberg film and this one here is one of the best actually but there's also the classic Mattai moments where he rips off scenes and dialogue. All four Jaws films have scenes and dialogue redone here and I even noticed some dialogue from Porky's. The attack scenes are done very well even though it's obvious that the shark isn't real. The film drags on a bit too long at 97 minutes but if you don't mind cheese then you might enjoy this.
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Another trashy Italian Jaws rip-off.
BA_Harrison19 April 2019
With Cruel Jaws, director Bruno Mattei not only takes the Michael with his cheeky 'Jaws V' alternative title, but also borrows liberally from Steven Spielberg's 1975 killer shark classic in terms of plot, padding his film out with footage from other Jaws rip-offs. Mattei's movie takes place in Hampton Bay, where a tiger shark (trained by the navy to attack!) is chowing down on those who venture into the water. Needless to say, the local sheriff wants to close the beaches and postpone the town's regatta, but influential businessman Sam Lewis (George Barnes Jr.) insists that the show must go on, his decision resulting in an all-you-can-eat buffet for the hungry fish.

Bruno Mattei's trademark inept direction, a lousy script, terrible action and zero excitement make this bottom-of-the-barrel-scraping movie-making at its most awful, which does, of course, qualify it as essential viewing for fans of really bad rip-offs (you know who you are). Frequent scenes of extreme tedium are thankfully interspersed with unintentional laughs, just about making the film worth the effort if you absolutely must see every bad shark movie ever made.

Guaranteed to raise a few chuckles are aquarium owner Dag, who looks like he's been taking style tips from Hulk Hogan, his wheelchair-bound daughter who is not only disabled but rather stupid as well (some of the things she says are priceless), and a scene in which a helicopter is pulled into the sea by the shark, which is hanging from the chopper's winch. Viewers might also be amused by the music, which sounds suspiciously like the Star Wars theme at times, and, during the regatta sailboard race, is almost identical to The Race by Swiss electronic duo Yello.

Those looking for a little gore to help pass the time will most likely be disappointed - all we get is a mouldy mangled corpse and some blood in the water - but Mattei compensates somewhat by chucking in lots of hotties in bikinis (although, rather surprisingly for a Mattei movie, there is no nudity).
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Bruno Mattei does Jaws.
MonsterVision998 September 2016
Bruno has been called "the Italian Ed Wood" and I disagree, hes definitely not a great director but his films are always very fun and he knew that, he knew that he was making B movies and in this movie it shows, so this movie its a Jaws rip-off, they even called it Jaws 5 in many places, the characters are likable, well for the most part, the shark scientist guy clearly doesn't know anything about sharks which leads him to say some of the most stupid preposterous things about sharks that I have heard of, there's not enough gore in the movie to keep you entertained, but there is a little, the shark its still there sometimes, funny thing its not even a tiger shark in some scenes, in many scenes its a great white, but that's mainly because the movie uses a lot of stock footage from other movies, everything from the Jaws movies to the Last Shark, since they use stock footage from sharks all of the deaths are just cleverly edited to make it look like the shark its killing people, if you like shark movies give it a watch it has some of the cheesiest dialogues and off acting you'll see in a shark movie, its funny enough.
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A shark attack flick without a shark
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki22 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Here is yet another film which begins with the titles superimposed over point-of-view shots of someone driving. making it look as though the film really is just home movies taken on holiday. It is tacky and reeks of cheapness, and it attempts to sell the location the movie was filmed in. Why do some filmmakers think that looks good?

Shark attacks occur (via the excessive use of stock footage) and three hammerheads go out on a boat to kill the creature. So much for originality. The local authorities go up into a helicopter to search the water for the shark, but spend a lot of time hovering over parking lots, before a Hulk Hogan lookalike (even balding and with a nearly white handlebar moustache) and Moron 1 and Moron 2 all get on a boat and go shark hunting, familiarly, in the third act.

This looks like a high school production, with abrupt edits, even in mundane scenes of dialogue. The filmmakers resort to the sad gimmick of shaking the camera violently, and quick-cut editing to conceal the barely-there effects, and scenes lifted from Jaws, Jaws 2, and The Last Shark, which I had just watched, so they were all clear in my mind, and easily recognisable. At least a third of this film was footage lifted from those earlier movies. Furthermore, coming from various different sources, the shark changes size from one source to the next, and even appears to be a dolphin in some scenes. The "So bad it's good" highlight is when yet another moron decides to throw gasoline on the shark, while still another moron fires a signal flare at it, thus causing an explosion which kills everyone except the shark! I watched that scene twice and laughed both times.

Film stock looks more like it was made in the late 1970s, rather than 1995, with day-for-night filming through dark blue filters.

Film's bizarre cast, and heavy use of stock footage sharks and dolphins give this an occasional "so-bad-it's-good" vibe, but the remainder of the film really drags.
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grkamerican198413 September 2007
this is probably the worst excuse of a film i've ever seen since Freddy Got Fingered. The creators of this piece of garbage didn't even make their own shark for the film, they just used stolen clips from other shark movies (Jaws, L'Ultimo Squalo) and used this obviously fake CGI shark that moved around like it was being controlled like a four year old. the acting is just awkward, i mean no character in this movie looks scared, and...i just can't continue. this movie is just so BAD, it's a wonder Universal Pictures didn't sue. And they thought L'Ultimo Squalo was a Jaws rip off! L'Ultimo Squalo had it's own scenes filmed, and (even though some were taken from JAWS), they made their own scenes, their own mediocre shark and their own dialogue. In "Cruel Jaws", however, the characters recite their lines like robots, and i'm actually surprised that this film actually has the nerve to call itself Jaws V. if this were Jaws 5, Jaws fans (myself included) would be so ashamed that Hollywood made a worse sequel than JTR.
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This is an awesome movie!
insitu9819 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OK so this movie is a rip off! Is this the real problem? Does anyone think that if the "actors" had their own lines instead of stolen ones, much would change? If the shark was more real rather than this papier mache pile of crap, the film would go up one category?

Still I think that the level is so extremely low, that everything in the film is so badly made, the actors, the lines, the footage, the music, the editing, the shots, that is is actually extremely enjoyable to watch with friends simply in order to pause, rewind, and laugh again at the unbelievable crap one sees. That's what we did.

One thing to note though, that no one seems to have noted so far...

1) Don't you have the impression that every after shot they took, they got rid of the female actors, and started filming some serious gay porn? I mean, all the actors seem completely out of gay porn sensitivities, their clothes, their style of acting, and I can swear that even the director must have some experience in the field, considering the sensuous close-ups of all male actors.

2) I am convinced that the extent of the rip-off of the film goes beyond everything. I have the strong suspicion that even the credits of the film are taken from another. In this version that we just saw in europe, the film credits list more than 70 people in all possible positions such as 9 carpenters, endless gaffers, and, best of all, about 25 make-up and special effects crew. Make up and special effects? In this film? What where they doing? And it also has quite a few people in charge of sound mixing, re-recording and re-mixing. Sound crew?

OK I could go on but I just stop here. But I think its worth while collecting all the fantastic lines and shots from this film. First comment with the top 20 list shows the way...
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**CONTAINS SPOILERS*** "…a sort of locomotive, with a mouth full of butchers knifes…"
kyngbee28 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Hmm. Wouldn't it be great if someone re-made jaws? Or better than that, wouldn't it great if they made it on an Italian Straight-to-video micro-budget? Well my friends, here it is. To be honest I thought this film was pretty charming. Pretty much all the shark Footage is sort of lets say, 'borrowed' from other shark films making for a fairly surreal but certainly amusing 'Garth Marenghi' style experience and is as kitch a film as you can make without a government permit. The script appears to be have been improvised, possibly by the amateur dramatic Society members they got to act in it. Another testament of its camp magnificence is the hero, who looks amazingly like cult 80's wrestling champ and occasional A-Team guest 'Hulk' Hogan. You really do need to see it to appreciate this as the likeness is fairly doppelganger like. The editing almost seems accidental at times and the best thing that could be said about the direction is that this film appears to have been created in order to pay gambling debts and contains lines like 'I'm full of love, it's written in my eye's'. And my personal favourite 'You can kiss your aquarium goodbye Dag Sorrenson'

The Cruel Jaws soundtrack has a bizarre faux-prince / Italo-disco / rip off other movies style, playing the theme to star wars in one scene and in another ripping off Yello's – the race (as used on the end of 'Ferris Bueller's day off') which makes the situation increasingly more amusing.

Whilst certainly not citizen Kane… (Or indeed um, Jaws) this is 1st class midnight movie hokum for lovers of truly appalling cinema...
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its so bad its good!
Dry_Wall26 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Cruel Jaws is a 1995 film that was made as a knock-off of the Jaws film series. It features clips stolen from the original Jaws, Jaws 2, Deep Blood and The Last Shark. Musical clips were also stolen from Star Wars. Though there is no official connection between this film and others in the Jaws film series, it is still referred to as Jaws 5 in some territories

Cruel Jaws where do I begin? Lets start out with the plot, its about a tiger shark bred by the Navy as a killing machine is wreaking havoc in the sleepy tourist town of Hampton Bay. Days before the annual Regatta celebration, the townspeople are faced with financial ruin if something isn't done about their newfound shark problem. If that wasn't enough, the owners of the local amusement park have been subject to a hostile takeover from a prospective businessman looking to cash in on their prized property. It's up to the sheriff, the park's owner, and a shark expert to head out and destroy the killing fish before the summer economy is slashed and the park is left for the bulldozer. Well that sums out the plot now lets got to the characters. First off our hero and main character who is only in half of the movie spends time saying "What we have a shark we go to stop it!" Now of course your gonna your going to listen to your sheriff but when he says he got a plan to kill the shark, getting a roast a hook and a helicopter might not be such a good idea buddy. Little girl in the wheel chair tries to be cute at times but almost gets killed by the shark. All i have to say is move your legs when you swim if you wanna survive i mean i saw you do it in the beginning of the "film." Nerdy fish doctor well that pretty much sums up his character on the movie and in real life too. The character of Ronny is some girlie looking bastard. And the most exciting character is hulk hogan. Im not lying at one point he tells the shark " Wudda gonna do shark when hulkamania runs wild on you brother!" allegedly. Other than that this movie is so bad its good! I would not take a kid to watch this if your going to take this as a jaws sequel because they say the F word about 20 times but you watch it as your guilty pleasure.

And Thats my Gut Feeling

  • Greg Gutfeld
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Total copyright infringement. How were they not sued?
watcher1017 November 2020
Ok, first let me say that this movie stole from Jaws in pretty much every way possible. The plot is exactly the same as Jaws from the beginning up to the point where they go searching for the shark. No really, it's literally the same: as shark attack happens, the sheriff wants to close the beach, the mayor convinces him not to because it was just a boating accident and they need the summer tourist money, another attack happens, this time involving one of the main character's kids, they catch a shark but it's not the same shark (straight down to the shark expert saying how the bite radius doesn't match the victims and they need to cut it open to know for sure, but the mayor won't allow it because it's not the time or place), to another attack happening and then everyone goes after the shark (though they do try and force in these ridiculous subplots). They literally took dialogue from the script for Jaws and just reworded it, but it's exactly the same. Hell, there's even a moment where they try to catch the shark from a helicopter, and someone says "We're going to need a bigger helicopter." Even after that, they still copy the scenes, even blowing up the shark. Now, if this was a parody/spoof that would be one thing, but the movie plays it off as serious.

But we're not done with the copying yet. There are literally over a dozen scenes in the movie (I stopped counting after that many), where the footage of the shark is literally straight out of Jaws and Jaws 2. No, seriously, they took scenes from Jaws, and zoomed in a bit, but they are the actual scenes. And then other scenes of the shark feeding are actual stock footage of sharks being fed, like they just took some shots out of Shark Week and stuck them in the movie.

Oh, but we're still not done with the stealing yet. Even the music is stolen. They stole the Jaws theme and gave it a remix. You can so obviously tell that it's still the Jaws theme music (the first 10 seconds of the music weren't even remixed at all, it's the actual Jaws score). But not just Jaws, they also, for some reason, used the Star Wars theme. No, really, they took the theme for Star Wars, did nothing with the first 20 seconds of the score, and then remixed the rest, but even the remixed portion is still recognizable as Star Wars, but the first 20 seconds are the exact score of Star Wars.

And if all this copyright infringement and theft wasn't enough, the movie is absolutely horrible and boring. The scenes with the shark are boring and lame, the acting is atrocious, and none of the characters are likable or believable. Even the scenes with the shark attacks are a joke. It's just people splashing around and screaming, and then they just obviously submerge themselves, and there's not even any blood. Oh, and what more, they keep saying that the shark is a tiger shark, but it's very obviously a Great White they used. The movie is 97 minutes, but it's so dull and boring that it feels twice as long.

So seriously, how did this movie get made, and how were the people who made it not sued for copyright infringement? The plot is so identical to Jaws that it's like a horrible remake, and they have literal stolen scenes and music from Star Wars and Jaws in it. Do yourself a favor and skip this boring trash, unless you want to laugh at the stupidity of it.
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So terrible that it is great
vpalme218 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Just the dialogue alone in the film alone, was enough to keep a friend of mine and I laughing all the way through from beginning to end. The fact that the people playing these roles, do it with utmost seriousness, makes it all the more hysterical.

Not to mention there are so many parallels to Jaws, that it just keeps the laughs coming.

The shark, is referred to as a "homicidal maniac" in one scene. And several lines refer to how dangerous it is. "If the shark sees you, it is not going to leave you alone, it may try to kill you"

Add to that, all the people hysterically swearing at the shark when they are shooting at it, and I can not tell if Mattei wanted to make this a comedy or not. If you love films that are so bad that they are absolutely great, check this one out.
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Somewhat good film.
Elivx8 October 2020
Likes: The opening scene, the regatta attack scene and the helicopter battle scene.

Dislikes: Steals footage from different shark films, poor quality, stupid characters, rip-off plot and the slow pace.

With those, this movie was born. Bruno Mattei's films were always bad like this one too, but in some way this movie is somewhat good film.
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A hilariously horrendous Italian "Jaws" rip-off
Woodyanders27 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Stop me if you've heard this one before: A vicious tiger shark attacks and devours anyone unfortunate enough to be swimming in the sea of the coastal community of Hampton Bay. Naturally, the unscrupulous mayor and an evil greedbag rich jerk want to keep a lid on the shark news because it will upset both the tourist trade and the annual sailing regatta event.

Boy, does this deliciously dreadful doozy possess all the right wrong stuff to qualify as a real four-star stinkeroonie: We've got ham-fisted (mis)direction by legendary cinematic crudmeister Bruno Mattei, a blatantly derivative narrative that unfolds at a plodding pace, stiff acting from a lame no-name cast, tacky (far from) special effects (the shark in particular looks hopelessly fake and unconvincing), glaring continuity errors pertaining to the shark's size, priceless tin-eared dialogue (favorite line: "We're going to need a bigger helicopter!"), cardboard characters, and crummy dubbing. In addition, further abundant unintentional laughs are provided by the insipid Hulk Hogan clone hero, an obnoxiously cutesy little crippled girl who narrowly avoids being eaten by the shark, copious shark footage from that other infamous Italian "Jaws" copy "Great White," and suspiciously familiar music cues that are clearly cribbed from the John Williams score for "Star Wars." An absolute schlocky hoot.
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