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MPAA Rated PG for a brief scene of mild violence

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • There's a scene where one young man walks into a room and abruptly slugs another in the face, giving him a nosebleed.
  • A man loads a gun and plans to shoot a horse. The horse is saved when his new owner jumps on his back and takes off on him, but the man shoots after them both anyway. No one is hit.
  • A man grabs another man's gun and hits him in the face, knocking him down, which leads to a brief scuffle.
  • Three different women fall off their horses, and one gets badly hurt and ends up in a neck brace because she fractured her neck.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • An under-aged young man both smokes and drinks inspite of the rules where he works, and at one point he and some friends go to a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A small boy rides off on his horse alone at night, and a fierce wolf scares the horse. The boy later nearly gets hurt on a ledge, but is saved.
  • A horse is shown to be starved thin because his owner blamed him for an accident that hurt his wife. The horse is saved however.

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