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Not for millennials
acedj12 February 2020
I just read a review by someone that called this movie offensive and disgusting. She also listed all the groups of people that it offends. More on that later.

This is the story of Billy Madison, a twenty-something man that is essentially an idiot because his wealthy father shielded him from failure as a kid. His father bought him good grades and so Billy never learned. He now spends his days in a drunken stupor with his two best friends. Billy's father announces that he will be retiring and because his son lacks the mental maturity to run a business that he will be turning over control to Eric, one of the upper management employees. Eric is kind of a douche and Billy is upset at his father's lack of faith in him. So Billy re-enrolls in elementary school to prove to his father that he can pass each grade, through high school. He is given two weeks to complete each grade. Eric launches a plan to see Billy fail.

This movie is hilarious, though it does scrape very low on the bottom of the maturity meter. The acting by Mr. Sandler is also not the best as this is his first staring role. It even has some heart warming moments. As I say all the time in my reviews, know what you are getting into before watching a movie and then leaving a bad review. If you are looking for a movie with deep meaning and Oscar worthy performances, then avoid anything by Adam Sandler. If you are under thirty and offended by the world, you too should not watch these movies.

To the person who wrote the review I mentioned at the onset of mine; you said this movie was offensive to teachers. It is a well known fact that Adam's mom was a teacher and this is her favorite of all his movies. Stop taking life so seriously and stop getting offended, Life is too short.
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Stop looking at me, Swan!
mattymatt4ever22 May 2001
What can I possibly say? This is no "Citizen Kane," but this is one of the movies that sticks out in my mind the most. It's a twisted, crude, tasteless comedy but never ceases to bring out extreme laughter, even after I've seen it approximately 200 times--give or take. I just cannot get tired of this movie! There are things in this movie that cannot be understood, like every Sandler flick. What the hell was the deal with the penguin? However, it's a memorable moment. There are so many memorable quotes from the film. It's one of those movies I can quote line per line off the top of my head.

Here's a share of my favorite quotes:

(singing) "Suntan lotion is good for me. You protect me. Tee-hee-hee."

"O'Doyle rules!"

"It's too damn hot for a penguin to be just walkin' around. I gotta send him back to the South Pole."

"You're giving the company to Eric? He is a bad, bad man."

Adam Sandler has that brand of comic genius in which you don't know what you're laughing at, but it's damn funny! You can't help it! I can't rant and rave about anything artistically brilliant about "Billy Madison." Yet it's one of my favorite movies of all time.

It's funny, it's original, it's Sandler! Nuff said.

My score: 8 (out of 10)
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"I'm one of the GOOD guys, Penguin!"
La Gremlin5 March 2002
This is one of those lucky cases where the opening sequence of a movie gives you an excellent idea of what you are in for.

If you do not enjoy Billy's sunblock song, or the bit with the penguin, then you must turn off the movie and stop being such a nag about it.

But for those of us who happen to enjoy movies that are silly and stupid, this is one of the best ones out there.
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Such a funny movie, it never gets old
FrankBooth_DeLarge30 January 2005
If you want to see a movie that is fun, puts you in a good mood, and never gets old, then see Billy Madison. All of you Sandler haters will think this is stupid, but everyone who likes Adam Sandler, or doesn't mind humor that is kind of stupid will love Billy Madison.

This is one of Adam Sandler's first movies, and it's one of his best also. This is a movie that I've seen so many times, but I still enjoy it every time. This is good to watch when you're in a bad mood, or if you're stressed out, because it will perk you up quicker than any coffee you can name. Other movies that put you in a good mood are Happy Gilmore, Beavis and Butthead Do America, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, and Tommy Boy.

Overall, Billy Madison has a somewhat stupid sense of humor, but it does make you laugh, and it's such an entertaining movie. If you haven't seen this yet, see it now and see what all the laughing is about.
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So stupid, but so damned funny!
SourGreenapple427 October 2007
The great thing about "Billy Madison" is you're not suppose to take it nor judge it too seriously. They knew while making it that it wouldn't be an Oscar winner, nor would it be the next "Citizen Kane", nor is it suppose to be some intriguing and involved plot, but it in return has rightfully earned itself a major cult classic status among youth and film lovers since it's release. It has also become one of the most quoted and memorable films over the past 12 years.

It's about a 27-year-old man who makes a bet with his dad that if he repeats and passes grades 1-12 (Where is K?), he will take over for his dad's hotel company, instead of his dad's obnoxious and sociopathic friend Erik (played to perfection by Bradley Whitford; despite Billy not having any experience in the field at all...). The film from there follows him in each grade.

Does that sound like much of a plot? No. It is inept, idiotic, unrealistic and bizarre, but it is one of the funniest movies ever made. It has endless amounts of memorable gags that will make you laugh over and over again, it has the type of sense of humor that makes you laugh because it is so damned strange and nonsensical. Most of its gags rely on a hybrid of black humor and slapstick that produces hysterical results.

I feel like I'm 10 years old quoting the movie to all of my friends, but it's the type of movie that will make you do that. If you are in the mood for a very good and thought provoking movie, this isn't your movie, but if you are in the mood to laugh your ass off and not pay attention to how good it actually is... here is your movie.

But that aside, "Billy Madison" isn't just awful like many other goofball comedies of the 90's and 00's, it is very entertaining and memorable... because it just manages to really make you laugh. And it's not dumb characters making stupid mistakes (like Black Sheep for example), just very weird characters making "What the hell was that?!" situations.
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Not ashamed to say this was really funny
rams_lakers29 September 2004
Looking at some of the reviews here reinforces the fact that there are certain people that like different types of humor. If stupid humor makes you laugh, this is your comedy. If you like stale British cerebral humor, maybe you should stay far away from this. I'm sure we all have our favorite and unfavorite comedians. I happen to like Sandler because he is immaturely funny. I think Dave Chapelle's show is pretty damn funny too. I never thought Sam Kinison was funny (the screaming is annoying) nor do I care for Chris Tucker.

I saw Billy Madison at the theater, a friend and myself and the 8 other guys randomly scattered around the seating area found this to be pretty damn hilarious. I laughed at about 8 different scenes and that is a lot for me for any one movie. I still laugh at a few of the scenes when I see repeats and yes I have it on video.

Those of you who dislike this movie are more than likely too old and stuck on your Bob Hope type era comedians and refuse to admit any others. Sandler isn't the greatest comedian who ever lived but his shtick was fresh and original when this movie came out. I have a video of him back when he did stand up and the guy is brilliant.

Again, people who get easily annoyed and upset with the stupid type humor steer clear of this movie and save yourself the aggravation that these sad negative reviewers subjected themselves to.
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6.4 overall rating is a travesty.
agentzero-626-22602728 March 2019
One of the greatest "stupid" comedies of the 90s. If you were a teen when it was released you've probably quoted this movie at least 1000 times. Enough said. And writing this review was tough for me, so back off!!
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Some of you take life so seriously!
jonny-pears21 August 2021
So there are a lot of bad reviews for this movie and although we don't all have to agree with the same thing, I feel some reviews were made out of spite. Is it a stupid movie? Yes. Is it immature? Yes. Did some of the reviews take this too seriously? Yes. It's a movie about a man-child who goes back to school in the hope of getting grades so he can own and run his fathers business. There is a cast of children. Why did anyone try to take this seriously??? Look it's not the funniest movie ever and it's really silly in places but it's enjoyable and harmless enough. There are some random but funny acts and some strange scenes but all in all it's not that bad. I first watched this 26 years ago and I still giggle at some of the stupidity. Especially a random song.....
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One Of Adam Sandler's Best
vince2000020001 October 2007
As a comedian, Adam Sandler does great on all of his comedy films but this one will always stand as one of his best most funniest films. The plot is very ridiculous, but in a way that makes it truly hilarious. Billy Madison must go back to school in order to prove that he is responsible and mature enough to take over his fathers hotel business. The fact that Billy is totally incapable of running a hotel, and can be a total idiot at times makes the whole idea of it so funny. All of the other characters are funny in their own unique ways. This movie will always have a special shine as one of the funniest movies of the 90's and one of Sandler's best in his career.
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Probably the best movie ever made
briant223 June 2020
Every scene is hilarious. It's a movie that was so well written it's even better the second and third time. From penguins to an old man in his boots it doesn't get any better than this.
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Darren McGavin may have left us, but this movie never will.
lee_eisenberg28 February 2006
The 10/10 rating of course only applies if you like goof-ball lowly humor; if you don't, then avoid this movie like you would the Ebola virus. As the title character, Adam Sandler does what you might expect. Also starring are Darren McGavin (RIP), Bridgette Wilson, Bradley Whitford, Josh Mostel, Steve Buscemi, and Chris Farley. All in all, "Billy Madison" is stupid and funny at the same time, just like "A Night at the Roxbury" and "Dude, Where's My Car?".

And one more thing. Darren McGavin, wherever you are, I'll not only remember you for "The Night Stalker", "A Christmas Story", and your "X Files" appearances, but also for this one
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straits_dylan_clapton23 October 2004
I'm quite surprised at the number of people who found this movie funny, but I suppose we all have different tastes.

Sandler's whiney voice and stupid faces are annoying, unoriginal, and done better by many others (e.g JL Lewis). His character is unlikeable, the plot is boring, and I just cant believe that this script was ever written.

I can identify the jokes but fail to understand why they are funny (like the clown with blood out of his mouth).

I enjoy most comedies but not this one. I would like to note that I am a teenager (not old like someone said most people who dislike this movie would be) and I found Happy Gilmore to be an OK film.
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It's hard to imagine a worse movie
glazed_doughnut12 December 2005
Let me say before anything else that I like Adam Sandler and I like goofy comedies. There is however a difference between a goofy comedy and 90 minutes of letting the kids run loose. This movie is so bad on every level, the script, the lame humour, the bad acting and horrible cinematography that it is hard to fathom how anyone over the age of 10 walked away from the final cut thinking they had accomplished something. Clearly based on some of the other reviews this movie more than found an audience, so anything I might say will only appeal to certain movie goers.

Lesson 1 in any movie is that the viewer has to identify with at least some of the characters, most importantly the lead character. Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting, redeeming or funny about the character of Billy Madison so there was no desire to watch him succeed. Unlike the Happy Gilmore character, Billy Madison is nothing more than a driveling idiot from the start of the movie to the end.

I had avoided watching this movie for years because I figured it would be rather bad, but I figured that my kids, after watching and liking Happy Gilmore, would get a kick out of it. After 30 minutes, my 6 year old leaned over and said "I think this must be his first movie". 'Nuff said.
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Interesting Premise for a Comedy has some very funny moments but a sharper script might have helped.
hu67530 August 2005
An rich nitwit by the name of Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) bets with his father (Darren McGavin) with a smile ball worker (Bradley Whitford), who could win Billy's father hotel business company but Billy has to go back to school starts from the bottom to high school.

Directed by Tamra Davis (Crossroads, Half Baked) made a watchable dumb comedy, which it was a Box Office Hit in the winter of 1995. This crude comedy has some funny moments but Sandler got better and funnier in his other movies. The movie really did needed a sharp writing but you can't always have it all. The late Chris Farley and Steve Buscemi appears unbilled. This film is mostly for fans of Sandler's only. (*** ½/*****).
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Total rubbish. Just excruciating. You actually LIKE this??
b3n9ray10 April 2004
This was on TV last night, and I watched it on the strength of the reviews here at I am AMAZED that so many people liked this pustulent, fetid, rancid discharge of a film. Its lack of comedy is only equalled by its immaturity and pointlessness. There is no acting, no humour, and a plot so thin I can only wonder how it survives holding the weight of its own rancid patheticness. I was literally slack jawed with shock at how bad this film is. I was frustrated with sorrow for the people who actually liked this - one reviewer says that he / she was laughing out loud. At what? How films like this ever get released? How Adam Sandler still has a career after this moronic turd of a film? Just awful. Dont say I did not warn you. By the way, this is only the 2nd review I have written on Generally I feel little need to, as previous posters sum up (generally) the pros and cons of a film very well, but I feel in this case, the public should be warned. I cannot BELIEVE there are so many good reviews for this film, and the truth needs to be told. I am actually offended that this rubbish got greenlighted, made and released, where actual (would be) decent films never see production.

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The worst movie ever made!!!
vikif15 March 2014
DO NOT WATCH THIS! EVER! There was only one funny line in this movie, although not remotely fresh or innovative, and it perfectly describes the whole experience: "Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." Please save yourself this hour and a half and don't watch it. It's just plain bad, and not because it's just another Adam Sandler movie. His other movies are Oscar worthy compared to this thing.
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Historical Feat
w_irwin265 June 2006
This film is just short of being to film making what Jackson Pollock is to painting. Like Pollock's paintings, everything is on the surface. There are no deeper issues. It is just funny. Unbelievably funny.

Purely funny films have been made before, but no movie has such well-timed idiotic exchanges like when Karl and Eric spat about Triscuits. Who would have known moments like these would be so brilliant? Some classic lines include:

"I kind of feel like an idiot sometimes but then I am an idiot so it kind of works out." "Ta-ta-Today Junior!" "The C is silent!" "I am the smartest man alive!"

I thought this was one of the dumbest films I have ever seen the first time I saw it. It wasn't until I watched it about 10 more times that I realized that I must have been searching for a deeper meaning. There is no deeper meaning. That's the funniest thing about it. The main character deserves absolutely no consideration as our hero, and his plight is not the slightest bit virtuous. Then just when you think there should be more to it, there isn't. Unparalleled and impossible to duplicate, Billy Madison is a name and a title that will live forever. It is unbelievable how many people love this movie.
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Puerile and base in the Sandler tradition, but without the redeeming humour...
Howlin Wolf23 April 2003
Expecting too much sophistication from your bogstandard Adam Sandler comedy is kinda missing the point, right? In fact, the whole basis for characters and movies like "Happy Gilmore" is that the titular person is hopelessly unsuited to the civilised world.

So you turn that idea around, and create a character whose immaturity is suited perfectly to his everyday environment(s). It's only a slight alteration, so one would think it shouldn't make too much difference to how amusing the movie is. Wrong. As Happy, Adam Sandler had a few reasonably 'straight men' to play off. Here, virtually ALL the characters are just as stupid as Billy himself is. Plus, Mr. Gilmore had the ability to be winsome, Billy Madison is a one-dimensional oaf.

So, everybody is witless, which explains the quality of the humour that is produced. It's all an obsession with bodily functions and making a mess. OK, that's what grade school IS, but recalling it like that won't make the movie any funnier. Intellectually, you still need to BELONG there to appreciate the boorishness that's on offer here.

This was Sandler's first star vehicle, and he DID get better. It's a testament to the charm he possesses that I was able to keep watching inside two minutes. After my viewing of "Billy Madison", I can understand better the level of vilification that Adam Sandler attracts from some quarters...
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Classic Sandler Movie!
rhiannonfilippone10 November 2019
I cannot express how much this movie is just a cup a tea to a bad day!

If you get sandler's humour you can totally appreciate this movie!

Best pick me up movie one of my go to!! 🤙🤙🤙
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alangalpert12 May 2010
This movie is so bad that everyone connected with it should be criminally prosecuted, or simply shot...after they have been drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered. I used to think that "Nothing But Trouble" was the worst movie ever made, but compared to this stinker, that is a masterpiece. Mind you, I don't dislike low-brow humor, per se - I loved "Kingpin" and liked "Dumb and Dumber". But there isn't an iota of humor or creativity in this abomination.

Maybe it was intended as a movie for kids. If that is the case, there might be some justification for it. I'm sure most five-to-ten-year-olds would find it amusing.

"Billy Madison" should have a reverse MPAA rating: No one OVER the age of 10 (or with an IQ over 80) should be allowed to watch it. The only reason I gave it one star is that no stars isn't an option.
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Very funny! Adam Sandler is hilarious!
movies2u11 June 2001
Billy Madison is hilarious! Adam Sandler had a very funny role (he always does in his movies), and this movie was hilarious! Adam Sandler and Bridgette Wilson did a funny and terrific job. This movie is one of the best comedys. I also like the other movies Adam Sandler plays in (The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, Little Nicky). Adam Sandler brings great hilarity to the film, and the rest of the cast were very funny. I also thought Billy's teacher (Bridgette Wilson) was funny. The movie is pretty funny, and very enjoyable. If you are an Adam Sandler fan (which I am) you should like this movie. Adam Sandler is very funny in this movie. I give it a 7 out of 10, which means, you should see it.
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So bad it hurt
george-rolph26 September 2007
This was so insultingly dumb I switched off the DVD before the credits finished rolling. Sandler has made a fortune out of playing dummies. The problem is that his roles give people around the world the feeling that all Americans are this dumb. (You overseas policy does not help much either) This makes people shudder to think that guys like this have their fingers on the bomb trigger. Let's face it folks, you voted for Bush! OK Seriously... Hollywood does no favours to the people of the USA by releasing this sort of garbage. They seem to have three pet favs at the moment: Sick violence. Sick horror and stupid. On the fringes there are movies playing up to females hate men stereotypes that give feminists wet dreams and gung ho crap about America winning every war since 1914 despite losing over 40 of them. Oh I nearly forgot, the American war on fathers seems to be plodding along in Hollywood too. (Seems you are winning that one so hip...hip!) Why you guys don't speak out loudly until they stop this crap really worries the rest of the world. I guess, if you can eat popcorn in it then it must be good ...right? This movie is screamingly, insultingly, crazily stupid. It is actually beyond goes way past moron and down into 6 year old mentally backward by 5 years country. Now, I want you to know that this is someone who also sat through the Police Academy movies. I squirmed in those but this is gut wrenchingly bad. Do you want to know the worst of it? Every time you people pay your dollars over the counter to watch Sandler it encourages him to make more! Think about it...PLEASE!!! Don't pay to watch this stuff. It rots your mind faster than crack. Unless that is, you don't mind being thought of as America the dumb by everyone else on the planet.
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Makes me feel dumb
dan-kench11 May 2011
Okay first off, I cant stand Adam Sandler, he's an annoying Actor. But to give him credit he has done good movies and bad movies. Good movies such as Happy Gilmore, Click, The Wedding Singer, I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry etc. Because he can do serious roles and also have the comedy. But this film...makes me feel so dumb while watching it and at the end I felt like i had to go back to school to be taught what GOOD films to watch. The jokes are terrible, some scenes are completely pointless. But there have been times when Sandler makes so much noise I really want to punch him in his face. I give this film 2 stars because it's bad but not the worst.
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