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Michael Bay: The Next Big Thing
Casa200024 February 1999
I had no high hopes when I walked into this film. I like Will Smith, I like Martin Lawrence, so I figured this film will at least be funny. And it was funny, and then some. It was action packed, thrilling and a helluva good time. I came out of the theatre thinking that the guy who directed that movie is going to be huge.

Michael Bay, former music video and commercial director, has made an incredible directorial debut. The film never stops. When it isn't action-packed, it is funny. It is sexy, fun and always moving. Christian Wagner's editing is phenomenal. I love action movies that really try to be action movies. A lot of action films know that they are action films so they try to incorporate other genres to make the film more complete, but they often fail miserably. They try so hard to be something they are not that they forget what they are in the first place. The essence of the action film is the action. It is a necessary component, it needs to be there otherwise it loses its edge. "Bad Boys" doesn't just throw in the occassional action sequence to meet the expectations of the genre, but instead uses the action to help tell the story. It is this use of filmmaking that allows an action film to remain an action film and still go beyond.

Watch "Bad Boys" again and every time there is an action sequence, ask yourself why that was there and what did it accomplish. You will find that each sequence took the film to another level; it introduced an new conflict, it increased the present conflict, it eliminated a key character, it introduced a new character, and so on. There are a lot of action films out there that sacrifice story for spectacle, and the audience notices this. At the centre of all films lies the story and if it comes to a halt so does the interest of the viewers.

"Bad Boys" of course isn't the greatest story on film, or even in the action genre, but what is so appealing and memorable about "Bad Boys" is that it is just as entertaining with its story as it is with its action by combining the two without sacrificing either. Michael Bay understands the importance of the story within the structure of the film. He tells a visual story, entertaining and complete, and leaves you very satisfied. Watch for Michael Bay because he is here to stay.
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Pretty entertaining buddy comedy
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews25 July 2004
The 'buddy comedy' genre is fairly well-known, there have been plenty of them, all of them primarily based on the basic idea of having two main characters who are, well, buddies; they act like friends to each other, they get in fights, they help each other out, they compliment each other. It's a fairly easy genre to master, and an easy way to make a good movie. This is one of the best examples, since Smith and Lawrence really do compliment each other so well; Smith's the sleek, cool one who is popular with the ladies, while Lawrence is often nervous, and pretty much a direct opposite of Smith. They have pretty good on-screen chemistry, too; you believe that these are good friends and partners. My only real problem with the film is the way the comedy almost all is generated by stereotypes, and, worse, the age-old complications that arise from certain situations. I think that's a little unoriginal, but, hey, that's the only complaint about it, and the film does have some very entertaining comedy parts. The plot is pretty good, it keeps the film going and supplies every single scene with comedy, action, or both. It takes off immediately, and keeps a good pace throughout the 2 hour duration. The acting is all pretty good. The characters are well-written, well, for stereotypes at least(because, lets face it; they are). The comedy is well-done and often made me laugh out loud, and, believe me, I am not, in any way, shape or form, a Will Smith fan. The action was well-done too, intense and exciting. The film, all in all, was pretty good, very entertaining. For a buddy comedy, it's good. For an action comedy, it's good too. I recommend it to all fans of action comedies, and buddy comedies. 7/10
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Bad Boys, Good Film.
tfrizzell6 July 2002
Detectives Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have three days to find $100 million worth of heroin from a crazed drug-dealer in Miami in this fast-paced and comedy/action thriller. The witness to a murder (Tea Leoni) of one of Smith's best friends is also along for the frantic ride that is fun, clever and highly entertaining. Watch for then-NBA star John Salley in a great cameo as an imprisoned computer hacker. A rare winner from a sometimes trivial cinematic genre. 4 stars out of 5.
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Finally, a successful marriage of comedy and action/thriller
David Downing12 August 2002
This high-action crime drama stands out for me because it succeeds at doing what other movies* have tried and, in my opinion, failed to do -- integrate genuinely funny comedy into the mix. The success is attributable partly to the comedic talents of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence -- who have the ability to deliver crude, rude dialog such that it's funny nevertheless -- and partly to a story that combines suspense and humor into a believable whole.

Our two heroes are police detectives Mike Lowry (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), who are a kind of tough-cop variation on The Odd Couple . Lowry is suave, slick, self-controlled, well-to-do, heroic, and a real ladies man. Burnett, on the other hand, is an ordinary guy who manages to stumble reasonably effectively, if somewhat ineptly, through his work and his married life.

So imagine what happens when Burnett has to convince a key witness, Julie (Téa Leoni) that he's Mike Lowry -- not just for a few hours, but for a few days. Furthermore, this is no pre-planned, well-orchestrated masquerade. A large stash of confiscated heroin has been un-confiscated right from police headquarters, and both the heroin and the perpetrator must be found within four days, or Internal Affairs is going to take some big-time disciplinary action. Lowry and Burnett are called in because they were the ones who captured the heroin in the first place, and because of the one trait they share -- a renegade approach to police work, which may not have their boss's approval, but which does get the job done (and at one point, causes a store owner to think they're out to rob him). The various twists and turns of the investigation lead to Lowry getting knocked out of commission at the same time that Julie witnesses a murder and refuses to deal with anybody but Mike Lowry. But Marcus Burnett is the only one available to deal with her, and since waiting for Lowry to recover isn't an option …

Subsequent events include Lowry's bachelor pad being invaded by Julie and her dogs, while Lowry stays with Burnett's wife, Burnett trying to keep his wife from finding out what's really going on, and Burnett and Lowry trying to find the heroin and keep Julie alive.

For all you action movie fans, plenty of cars, plenty of buildings, and plenty of people get blown up along the way. (Looking over this review, I see that I've belied the high level of violence, which I definitely should warn you against.)

BAD BOYS kept me both amused and on the edge of my seat throughout. I'm afraid I did have two small complaints, however. First, I wish the resolution of the Burnett-pretending-to-be-Lowry story had been timed to coincide with the resolution of the main plot.

As it is, the comic subplot ends, leaving the rest of the movie to proceed in a rather formulaic and pedantic fashion. Second, I wish more time had been spent on Lowry's problem of stepping into Burnett's shoes. The swinging bachelor having to play family man would have been good for a few laughs that we never got.

Aside from that, however, this is an action movie that stands out among the rest.

One final note concerning the DVD "Special Edition" release. BAD BOYS was a movie in which the music was particularly effective, and the DVD actually lets you listen to the music track by itself. I wish DVDs of other movies with great music had this option.

* Three examples that come to mind are 48 HOURS, KINDERGARTEN COP, and another Michael Bay film, ARMAGEDDON. 48 HOURS was grim enough to seriously stifle the humor, even with Eddie Murphy in the lead role. KINDERGARTEN COP made me laugh, but the crime drama felt like an unwelcome intrusion. In ARMAGEDDON, I felt the stakes were high enough that humor didn't seem appropriate.
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Although Full of Clichés, An Excellent Action Movie
Claudio Carvalho16 November 2004
The honest and efficient Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) is a married cop with three children, having difficulties for the payment of his mortgage and for having sex with his wife. His partner is the also honest, efficient and wealthy Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), who inherits a large amount from his family and although living like a playboy, has not resigned to his position in the police department. After a daring robbery of heroin from the police department stores, the two detectives try to find some clue about the gang. The chance appears with the hooker Julie Mott (Téa Leoni), the witness of the murder of a 'working girl' friend of her. The detectives are assigned to protect her and chase the killers. Although full of clichés, 'Bad Boys' is an excellent action movie, in the same line of 'Lethal Weapon'. There are lots of funny parts, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are excellent as the two partners with different behaviors and Téa Leoni is gorgeous. I saw this movie a couple of years ago, when Will Smith was an unknown actor, and now I saw it again on DVD, with the intention of watching 'Bad Boys II'. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): 'Os Bad Boys' ('The Bad Boys')
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A funny, thoroughly entertaining action comedy
LG723877 August 2003
Bad Boys is a great action comedy from producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. It features Will Smith (in his breakout performance) and Martin Lawrence, an unlikely pair who quite simply are the best movie duo I've seen since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. The film features incredible action sequences (i.e. the Ether truck chase scene featuring massive explosions and pervasive gun fights) which all lead up to the film's action-packed climax which could only be done in a Jerry Bruckheimer film. The film also stars Tea Leoni (who is pretty good in playing the damsel in distress), Joe Pantoliano (whom we all know as Ralphie on The Sopranos, as a police captain) and Tcheky Karyo as the villain. (He was also the French officer opposite Mel Gibson in 2000's The Patriot) The movie features comedic one-liners from Smith and Lawrence as well as a few by Leoni. It also features a few sex jokes and just plain "disses". However, the characters are so underdeveloped that all we are left with is action and comedy. This formula is also seen in the recent summer blockbuster Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, in which we could care less about the characters and just look for the action. However, Simpson and Bruckheimer's Bad Boys succeeds where T3 does not. By the end of the movie, we care about the heroes because they are fun to watch. In T3, the great Ah-nuld is just a figurehead for a movie romped with action-packed sequences and jaw-dropping stunts. This is one of only three good Michael Bay films (right next to Pearl Harbor and The Rock) and should seen by any action movie fan.

Lenny's Grade: B
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The last great buddy cop action movie!
hnt_dnl6 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm pretty sure that BAD BOYS is the only film of Michael Bay's that I like. Well, technically, while it is the only Bay flick that I like, I can also say that I LOVE it, too! I know that it's supposedly a mindless action buddy cop flick, but it is hugely entertaining and extremely well done. THIS is the type of movie where all of the Bay trademarks work: the driving musical score, the quick jump cuts between and within scenes, funny dialogue (which actually is funny in this film!), strong leads, some seriously sexy females, and characters that sweat all the time (and there's a reason for it here: there in Miami!).

Actually, the jump cuts are a big part of why BAD BOYS works. They move the story along nicely and are perfectly placed during the film. Also, Bay does a great job with the camera angles, accentuating the scenes. You don't have time to think or analyze the action, just enjoy. The movie moves at a speedy pace, but not too speedy. And the scenes where the film slows down are all very well done. A really solid action film.

The main reason to love BAD BOYS is the ideal pairing of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as Detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry, two of Miami's finest undercover narcotics cops. Lawrence is especially impressive as Marcus Burnett with his hilarious stand-up routine being a part of his character, but that's a good thing. He's a laugh riot throughout. But his stand-up act is actually toned down, believe it or not, perfectly to satisfy the constraints of a film; they could easily have screwed up his character, but Lawrence is extremely likable and funny, without being too over-the-top. Smith is very good also as Mike Lowry. He is so comfortable in this role that you could foresee a star in the making based on his performance here. Both actors give really solid performances and do a great job of carrying this film. I find Smith (just slightly) more believable as a cop than Lawrence, but still I go with it b/c the 2 have such great chemistry.

The story is moot: some bad guys confiscated drugs from the police station. The cops have to catch the bad guys and get the drugs back. That's the plot! Main reason to enjoy is the humor, fast pace, and chemistry of the leads. Typical cop buddy stuff. Been done before and to death, but it still works in this film. We've seen it in LETHAL WEAPON, 48 HRS, STAKEOUT, etc. In fact, this may be the LAST really good film of its kind.

Also of note are sexy Tea Leoni as an important witness the guys need to help catch the bad guys (she and Smith should have gotten together in the end!), Joe Pantoliano as the basic-always-in-a-foul-mood-yelling-cops-boss, Tcheky Karyo as the big bad guy himself, and a host of great supporting characters, most notably Sanchez and Ruiz (the funny sidekicks to the 2 main cops), Mike's doorman Chet (who almost steals the film!), and JoJo (Michael Imperioli of SOPRANOs fame).

The film also has working in its favor great cinematography showcasing the sights of Miami, catchy 90s music, and a memorable score, all driving the story along. Bay can hang his hat on this one! It's a keeper!
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The Best Buddy - Cop Film....
jmcgee32119 March 2005
This is the best Buddy - Cop Film to me, although only two it seems to have a variety of different moods like others sequels. The second one Is the LETHAL WEAPON Series and the RUSH HOUR Films come in at a good third.

Mike Lowrey(Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett(Martin Lawrence) are your average buddy cops, you know one's married and the other is a player, but one thing they have in common is their bad altitudes for solving cases and a lot of body bags. When one million dollars in heroin has been stolen by a evil Frenchman named Noah(Tcheky Karyo)in their prescient, a close friend of Mike dies and the only witness is named Julie(Tea Leoni). The boys get set to handle this case with some very violent and hilarious outcomes.

Now this movie has one of the best introduction to the main roles ever. The action scenes are greatly handled and never blown out of proportion. The acting is top notch and Martin and Will have what I think is their best roles to date. Michael Bay may have also delivered he's best film, next to CON AIR. Now part II is also great, not better, but funnier.
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Ultra-stylish, intense action movie
Sublimaze10 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Bad Boys is one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie oozes style. Stylish good guys battle stylish bad guys in the stylish, sizzling city of Miami. I just can't say enough good things about Bad Boys.

This is a film that works on many levels. Before Bruckheimer and Michael Bay became famous and lazy and made disappointing flicks (think Pearl Harbor and Armageddon), they made excellent movies like The Rock and Bad Boys. First off, directing is top notch. From the get-go, this movie moves along at a furious pace, and Bay's trademark slow-motion, close-up sequences are amazing.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence give first-rate performances as the supercool Miami Narc good guys. The villain Fouchet is also well-played by Karyo. Of course, there is the beautiful Tea Leoni. The assortment of smaller characters like Sanchez and Ruiz, Jojo, the Captain, and the goons add flavor to many scenes. Everyone is just so cool and stylish. I love Jojo the tire-man!

Action sequences are some of the BEST ever filmed. The lobby shootout, Club Hell, and all the others. Even the soundtrack in this movie is awesome. Mancina's score fits this movie like a glove. And in between the action, there is hilarious humor and some quite moving emotional scenes. As for style...just watch. Miami, Miami Beach, Lowrey's black Porsche, the clothes, the bad guys, the women...its all there.

I could go on and on about every single thing that is so great about Bad Boys, but I will stop here and invite all the action junkies out there to definitely see this!

I give this movie 10/10. Action does not get any more stylish and cool than this.
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good action/comedy movie
mdago8818 July 2003
"Bad Boys" is an buddy cop action film loaded with comedy. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have good chemistry on screen and deliver good preformances. The plot is simple, and is followed through until the movie's end (which is very action packed). Bay does well directing the picture and Jerry Bruckhiemer heads up another good film. 10/10. Can't wait for the sequel. It looks amazing; hopefully as good as, if not better than, the first.
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Great Comedy/Action Movie
mjw230514 February 2006
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence form the 'Bad Boys' cop duo that have to trade places with one another in order to protect a key witness (Tea Leoni). Bad Boys is crammed full of action from start to finish, it has a slick script and plenty of laughs.

As action comedies go, i can only think of the Lethal weapon films that top this one, and that's a high standard live up to. The chemistry between Smith and Lawrence is strong and the rest of the cast are all good.

Overall Bad Boys is a movie that everyone should enjoy, it's adrenaline fuelled fast paced action throughout.

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Absolutely Horrible
sbrobin6 September 2003
One of the worst action movies of the 90s. The dialogue by Lawrence and Smith is so God-awful that I had to turn this film off halfway through. Given how great of an actor Will Smith is, it hurts me to be so negative, but his acting is almost as bad as Lawrence's, even for a Bruckheimer production.

If you like completely ridiculous movies with plots that are extremely far-fetched, but have lots of crap blowing up, and the sound on your TV is broken, you may enjoy this film.
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How Bad Could it Be?
quantum8612 January 2003
That's what I asked myself BEFORE I watched this "movie". It had been playing on cable about 4 times a day for the last month so I finally decided to watch it. OH MY GOD! Why people like Joey Pants, Will Smith and Tea Leoni ever signed up for this piece of trash is beyond me. I hardly know where to begin.

First, we all know that movies are shot scene by scene, but rarely is it so apparent as it is with this movie. Note the instantaneous switch from broad daylight to night as Tea climbs the stairs to escape the bad guys before jumping off the roof into the pool. Huh? I don't think even creative editing could have melded these disjointed segments together.

The dialogue is so bad that the writer should have been ashamed to put his name in the credits. With the caliber of people in this movie I KNOW they could have add-libbed the entire thing and done a better job. And when Will and Martin go into their "spontaneous" arguments every time they are in trouble it just gets old very fast.

The only reason I kept watching beyond the half hour mark is that Tea Leoni looked SO HOT in this movie. But even that couldn't keep me from pulling the plug after around the 1 hr 15 min mark. I could go on and on but then I'd just be wasting more of my time on this train-wreck of a movie.

If you like action/comedy movies and or "buddy" movies you'd be better served by walking through that aisle in Blockbuster with your eyes closed and picking one at random. Few movies (with the possible exception of 8 Million Ways to Die) could be any worse.
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A good idea but a terrible script
jplentini7513 August 2001
I like a good action comedy. I loved Martin in Blue Streak, Big Momma's House, loved Rush Hour, Men in Black, etc. These kinds of comedy's usually are very entertaining and do very well at the box office. I was very disappointed with Bad Boys. The script was horrible. The dialogue was either cliched, strained or cheesy - mostly a bunch of mindless bantering and arguing between Smith and Lawrence that makes you want to fast forward to a good part (but except for some action sequences - their aren't any). The characters were cliched as well, but what was really bad was the plot itself- horribly deficient and full of holes.

Near the beginning of the movie, Martin Lawrence's character, Marcus Burnett, has to assume the identity of his partner Mike Lowry (Will Smith's character) in order to protect a witness who saw her best friend murdered by some drug kingpins. Mike Lowry is the only cop she trusts, (and only knows him by name). Marcus arranges to bring her into protective custody, and claims to be Mike who is indisposed at the time. In the process, Marcus saves her life numerous times but yet for some reason doesn't tell her he is really not Mike. Later she meets Mike and the both of them save her lousy hide several more times. She obviously trusts both officers, but they still can't reveal their true identities for whatever reason. She is beautiful but other than that, her character is annoying and if they had just shot her, it would have really helped the film.

The two officers get into all sorts of problems attempting to pass of as the other, and the longer the charade goes on the more you realize how little thought went into developing believable characters who react logically with their environment and situations. The film is an insult to anyone's intellect who has more than two brain cells firing.

Don't waste your time watching this movie! It's not worth the $2 at Blockbuster.
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How do you spell garbage? B-A-D B-O-Y-S
clydestuff7 August 2003
Bad Boys, unlike Bad Boys II, that spawned from the loins of this film, runs less then two hours, coming in at 118 minutes. The reason I mention this is because I wanted to start my comments by saying something positive about this film.

Bad Boys is without a doubt one of the more insipid, tasteless, humorless comedy/action films ever to be put on celluloid. Bad Boys is so bad it makes a film like Smokey And The Bandit look like Academy Award stuff in comparison. At the beginning of this film, we get a group of criminals, led by the evil head criminal Fouchet(Tcheky Karyo), who are intelligent enough to steal $100 million dollars in heroin from a police vault. Unfortunately for them, they get away with the heroin, but leave their brains back in the vault as they then become the stupidest criminals to pull off a heist since Peter Falk concocted The Brink's Job. They kill stupidly and randomly, starting with a girl friend of Mike Lowery(Will Smith), then one of their own guys, all in front of a witness, Julie Mott (Tea Leoni). So of course instead of going into hiding, getting their job done and selling the heroin, they decide it's a better idea to chase down Mott and shoot at some cops, shoot up the city and make themselves as conspicuous as possible. Compared to the actions of Marcus Burnett(Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowery though, these drug dealers are Einstein.

Burnett and Lowery are partners, who must find the heroin and the crooks, protect Mott, their only witness, and do it within three days time so their department doesn't get closed down and they are out of a job. We know this because their boss Capt. Howard(Joe Pantoliano)keeps calling them in to yell, scream and holler this point several times during the film so that they couldn't possibly forget let alone the audience. As if all this wasn't enough, we get this totally ridiculous side plot, having to do with mistaken identity, that is straight out of an old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie. Why they put it in this film is beyond me and totally unnecessary. It does give Martin Lawrence a chance to do mug for the camera, act stupid and annoying, sort of like Jerry Lewis in some of his worst movies.

The only interesting worthwhile actor in this film is Tea Leoni, but they give her a case of the stupids along with everyone else so her performance is wasted. Martin (I never met a four letter word that wasn't funny) Lawrence seems to have most of the screen time, and it is excruciating to watch. Will Smith isn't quite as bad, but he just phones this one in and appears disinterested throughout. The so called "banter" between Lowery and Burnett, is never funny just forced. There is no rapport at all between them.

Michael Bay might know how to stage an action sequence, he just doesn't know how to film one. He seems to think that action sequences are the same as a music video, filming them with quick cuts, shaky camera, incomprehensible close-ups at crucial moments, slow motion of Burnett and Lowery firing their Weapons, so that when there is something going on it's unwatchable to the audience.

It is incomprehensible that this film did as well as it did. It's amazing what star power will do I guess. Worst then that, and even more astonishing, is that this mess bred a more inept sequel. At least we had eight peaceful years before Bruckheimer and Bay dropped the second bomb. Be thankful for small favors.
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Disappointing and ridiculous
El Cubico11 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
And yet another movie no one really needs. These comments do not contain spoilers. Feel free to read on.

The first third of the movie started out very well. Okay acting, humourous and not too bad action. But as soon as Mike and Marcus started swapping their roles it got so bad - really bad. The story went nuts and made absolutely no sense at all - there are so many storyholes and ridiculous scenes, the acting got absolutely worse throughout the rest of the movie, and in general nothing made sense anymore. Why the heck can't they simply tell the truth? For example when Marcus got the witness in Mike's appartment - what the heck did he still play Mike there? And why can't this looser Marcus tell his wife what's really going on? Who the heck wrote this cr*p? I'm sorry. This is too sad. And what about that fact that two regular cops are driving a Porsche there? A bad joke? Was Porsche sponsoring this movie? Tea Leoni was horribly miscast. In the end where everything's over already you have the whole cavalry coming there. I've counted 8 police cars and one (or was it two?) helicopters. My god, this whole movie is oh so wanna-be Lethal Weapon, it made me 1. feel disappointed (since the movie started out very well) and 2. puke (when the movie was over).

My ratings: cast 3/10 (bad bad... including Lawrence), action 4/10 (wanna-be 'we is teh cool' type of brainless action), story 1/10 (oh my...), directing 6/10, camera 8/10. That's all I can rate because the rest was simply ridiculous. Oh well, there might also be that one thing to mention: I liked the overall colour tones -- nice and intense warm colours in some scenes (eg. club at Max in the beginning) and cold sterile ones in other scenes (eg. drug labour). One thing for sure: I am definately not looking forward to see Bad Boys II.

Overall: 4.5/10 - NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL!
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one of the best action/comedies around
Dan Grant26 July 1999
There is something about black humour that I love. And I don't mean humour that is gross or dark, I really mean humour by black actors/artists. Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor were funny in their day. Whoopie Goldberg has me in stitches when she is on stage or in a movie. Chris Rock is an up and coming comic genius. And the two guys in this film have me in laughing almost every time I see them on screen. Martin Lawrence was the best part of Boomerang and in Bad Boys he is hilarious as the married side kick to Will Smith's bachelor playboy. And of course Will Smith launched his career with this movie. He is very funny in The Fresh Prince television show and he shows here that his propensity for comedy is excellent. Together these two are brilliant, one of the best cop buddies since Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh.

Bad Boys is a story of two cops that have to protect a witness that saw her best friend murdered. Her best friend may have had information on some guys that committed huge crimes that involved drugs. Now it is up to the two heroes to try and crack the case and not get into too much trouble in the process. There are so many cliched things about this movie, but sometimes cliches are good, if you have likable actors to carry out the script. As in every buddy cop movie, you have the two partners that are very different but have a mutual respect for each other. You have the police chief that does nothing but tell them how much they have cost the department, how they could be suspended if they are not careful and how they are the best at what they do but a little too care free. You have the bad guy with the foreign accent who is charming and debonair but as deadly as a rattlesnake. Take any good cop/caper movie from Lethal Weapon, Stakeout, Beverly Hills Cop to films like Last Action Hero. They all have the same themes, but what makes them all good, and that includes this one, is how well they are executed. A lot of the credit has to go to Smith and Lawrence, but I also think special attention has to be given to Michael Bay. He was a new comer here and he proved that he has a great eye for action. The chase scene that starts in Smith's apartment and ends on the street where Lawrence almost dies, is one of the most emotionally charged scenes I've seen in a cop comedy. It kind of reminded me of Lethal Weapon 2, when at the end I thought Riggs was dead after his battle with the South African bad guy. That had power, this one is even better than that.

Bad Boys is great entertainment and Smith and Michael Bay have become major players in Hollywood now. This is the start of it all and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It is funny, action packed and likable. You can't go wrong. If you like some of the films that were mentioned in the review, then you'll have a hard time not liking this one. An excellent film.
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if u have time to kill, find better ways of doing it than watching this...
lemoncandy15 February 2004
I started watching Hollywood movies 6 years back, watched some of the greatest classics and blockbusters of all times. Was amazed and awestruck that how was Hollywood capable of churning out such amazing stuff with such amazing consistency...but after seeing "Bad boys" and a few other disappointing movies, I realized that Hollywood too, wasn't perfect. Coming to the movie, the plot was an oft repeated one of two cops pairing up, both different in personas (infact diametrically opposite), and still great pals, one has a wife and kids and other is single and hot, the usual clichés. But that's not all that is bad about the movie..., there is more-the silly dialogues, lousy work by the lead pair, the female lead has no clue what to say or do, she often keeps mumbling and muttering in the background. Above all, the scenes are illogical and can't be attributed to be the actions of sane people. Martin Lawrence does ok in his role, but maybe he could have done better if he hadn't tried to fake that dialogue delivery style which looked very irritating and totally lacking in humor. Comic timing and wisecracks have to be differentiated from silly mannerisms, and this movie is a big example of that. Will Smith, is a little more subdued...but isn't able to emote much or come up with funny stuff. Téa Leoni has no role in the movie, she acts in the craziest, most insensible ways, invites trouble each time(if it was real life, she would have been killed the first time she tried to pull off those stupid stunts of hers), not to mention the male leads who too are guilty of this!!! The wife too is shown as an irrational human being who would make unjustified demands on his apparently busy husband. The movie is about the most irrational and stupid people we are ever going to come across. They do all sorts of crazy and suicidal things at the silliest pretext and dumbest logic!!! I hope there are no people of such kind anywhere in the universe. About the director, he must realize that a movie can be comic even though it has intelligent people in it, everything doesn't have to be so dumb. Besides, showing African Americans in such clichéd roles just tarnishes their image. THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT THE MOVIE is the action scenes, and occasional good comedy. So, my advice is, if u have better things to do in life, don't watch it. If u really have to watch a movie, then rent some old favorite rather than go for it. GOD SAVE YOU.
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Fabulous Opening, But After That.....
ccthemovieman-122 June 2007
Wow, this had a great beginning. The opening credits scene was as good as the best of the James Bond flicks. Those overhead shots of Miami at night were awesome, too. Unfortunately, a few minutes after that great opening, the movie starts to go downhill and then accelerates most of the rest of the way.

The two leads, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, spend most of the film yelling at each other. That's entertaining? No. The action scenes are very good, but these stupid characters are just annoying and wear thin very fast

In this end, all this is, is another overly loud, stupid buddy movie with ridiculous profanity, and a very predictable script which includes an easy-to-guess ending. I am a guy, and I love crime movies and a good action flick....but this is just mindless machismo, led by one of the worst examples of that in the history of Hollywood: Mr. Smith.

Why does Smith always have to prove to every audience that he is the coolest, hippest, meanest, nastiest dude on the planet? Is he that insecure? The same, to a lesser extent, goes to Lawrence and to producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay, who never any object that wasn't worth blowing up on screen.
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Wow this is bad!
DearIMDB18 July 2011
This is a great movie for the deaf. If you like a movie where the principal actors spend most of the time shouting - and I mean shouting - at each other about issues outside the plot, then this is the movie for you. I love Will Smith but what was he thinking? Clearly this is a movie for Will and Martin Lawrence, not for an audience. Lawrence is atrocious and so convinced of his prowess as a comic actor that he spends the entire movie stammering (at full volume) in what he presumes to be funny self deprecating and witty confusion. Well it's not. Its so tedious in fact that I thank god for the mute button. There is barely any actual conversation, just shouting. Sadly Wills character is barely removed from the Fresh Prince and in order to wear his clothes and "look cool" the writers invented a device that has him inherit money so he can buy himself a Porche and a cool apartment whilst enjoying being lead fodder for criminals. Will is a better actor than that. I can suspend disbelief so far, but come on! All I can say is thank goodness it was on TV and that I didn't pay to see it.
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Should be renamed bad movie
kirk-4423 June 2003
This is awful! I was so disappointed and I was expecting a terrible movie. Martin Lawrence is always bad Will Smith is not a tough guy, and has made only one good film, Six Degrees
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Worthless Michael Bay-directed garbage...
dwpollar20 July 2007
1st watched 7/20/2007 - 2 out of 10(Dir-Michael Bay): Worthless Michael Bay-directed garbage. After this one, I think Michael Bay has been cemented in my mind as one of the worst directors of all time. As you can tell, I'm not one of his fans. This time, he has taken a couple of pretty appealing movie stars and turned them into worthless action heros with the occasional one-liner thrown in (Aka -Travolta & Cage w/ Face-Off). This time he's done it with Will Smith & Martin Lawrence. He has the unique ability of spending lots of money blowing things up and devoiding the audience of all caring for it's characters. This movie is about a bickering cop due who become involved in a major drug deal and protecting a witness, played by Tea Leoni. She provides some of the only nice moments in the movie with some witty lines despite her weak character. Smith & Martin bicker throughout the whole movie, their cop boss yell at them a few times, things blow up, there are a few car chases, people get killed and the good guys end up winners in the end. That's about it for this mindless action-comedy movie from one of the biggest money wasting directors of our time, who has very little good stuff to show for it. America, please give up on this genre and this director before we all go bankrupt!!
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Boring movie with bad actors
tracolimus11 October 2003
I just watched the Bad Boys and I must say that I expected more. I hoped to see an exciting, thrilling action movie with good leading actors but my wishes didn't come true. The acting of Martin Lawrence is awful. During the whole film he is overacting and a pain in the neck. Will Smith is not much better, he tries to be the super cool, charming black hero who can get every woman.

The story is all the way predictable, after the first 5 minutes you know how the movie will end. So the story is not exciting, it doesn't astonish the audience, it is just boring and you always can easily guess what will happen next.

If you want to watch a senseless action movie better watch XXX because even this crap is better than Bad Boys. XXX has much better action scenes and no tedious leading actors.
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Nice Popcorn Entertainment
It's definitely something to see when watching a film that kick-started a lot of Hollywood's contemporary stars. Although Will Smith was already a popular sensation with his hit TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996), this would be Smith's first entry into the action genre of films, thus having to never turn back after that. Martin Lawrence was pretty much in the same seat except that he didn't have as much notoriety as Smith. However, this film would too have Lawrence jump into the action film typecast role. Then there's the biggest realization of all. Other than directing a number of music videos, this would end up being the first film helmed by action director Michael Bay. It's interesting that there wasn't even a transition for this man. Straight from music to action blockbusters. Not even a TV movie before this, he must have had some connections.

The plot follows a drug heist headed by mastermind Fouchet (Tchéky Karyo) where two cops who grew up together through childhood, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) only have a couple days to figure out where the deal to sell the drugs is going down. The only way these two can get the information is by protecting eyewitness Julie Mott (Téa Leoni), who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. For three writers consisting of Michael Barrie, Jim Mulholland (who both wrote for comedy sketch shows for Dave Letterman) and Doug Richardson (Die Hard 2 (1990)), the script actually has nothing that stands out as something without good quality. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have energetic chemistry and work off each other well. Both also properly emote at the right times and give the right amount of clues to the audience on how each one grew up compared to each other. Will Smith is the smooth, calm and collected one. Even when he's mad, he's still calm. Martin Lawrence plays the opposite; a hyper, loud and rambunctious married man.

Plus, there's a slew of other casting choices that make each scene worthwhile. Theresa Randle (a popular actress during this decade) plays Marcus' wife named Theresa (oddly enough). Joe Pantoliano plays Mike and Marcus' captain on the force that definitely acts like one. And then there's Nestor Serrano and Julio Oscar Mechoso who play another pair of cops who work along side Mike and Marcus. The only actor who isn't interesting in their role is Tchéky Karyo as Fouchet. Aside from trying to get his plan into action without being caught and speaking with his foreign accent, there's not much to say about his performance. Sure, Karyo is an unfeeling man with no conscious but much of his scenes don't involve him interacting directly with the main leads for the majority of the time. It just feels like there's a disconnect. Other than that, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have some very comical exchanges. Plus, with the film having an R rating, they both can really unleash their thoughts uncensored.

Téa Leoni as Julie also adds some inventive scenes that aren't usually exploited in the buddy cop genre films. Although this film is in that vein, it doesn't feel so much like that here. Does the Julie character act with courage - yeah but does she do it because it's needed - no. It's always good to have a headstrong female character but here, Julie is just there to get Marcus and Mike hot headed. Then there's the action and special effects to this film. From what it looks like, this movie looked like it used no CGI, just practical effects. The action is also abundant as well with plenty of fistfights, shootouts and an occasional explosions. Which again, are all real looking. It's funny to see a movie directed by Michael Bay and see a movie done completely with practical effects and infrequent explosions. It just doesn't feel like the same guy everyone knows of today.

However, the cinematography shot by Howard Atherton (best known for Fatal Attraction (1987)) isn't anything to cheer about. There are some camera shots that capture the Miami setting, but much of it is closed quarters. Whether it be in someone's home or warehouse, the angles from inside just don't suffice. There are a number of slow-motion shots (most likely due to Bay's request) that look good but again don't always stand out. Finally the music was an enjoyable listening experience. Composing the film score was Mark Mancina who had his first successful music release with Speed (1994) and then Fair Game (1995). Here, Mancina thankfully has a main theme for the franchise using guitar and what sounds like islander type drums. Considering the setting and who is starring in the film, it sounds appropriate. The action cues, which sound familiar to that of Trevor Rabin (but not entirely synthetic), are also lively enough to match the sequences that are displayed on screen. It's at those points; more percussion is used along with strings and horns. It is certainly effective. It's a fun watch.

The plot's main villain isn't well defined and the cinematography is rather plain looking but the rest is wholesomely entertaining. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have peppy chemistry along with a number of other cast members. The catchy music and action sequences coalesce nicely too.
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One pretty slick film
david-sarkies14 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a Jeremy Buckanheimer/Don Simpson production, the two who were behind two of the Beverly Hills Cops movies. Now I tend to ignore producers because they tend not to be involved in the actual creative side of the movie, but there seems to be similarities between this movie and Beverly Hills Cops. In a way, Bad Boys is like Beverly Hills Cop with two Eddie Murphies which quite successfully bounce off of each other. As an action movie it is not much but as a movie that focuses on Martin Lawerance and Will Smith it works quite well. Lawrence and Smith add a lot of life into what would be a quite boring movie.

When I first saw this movie it was years ago and I was disappointed. I was expecting an action extravaganza and didn't get it. Now I watched it after a couple of friends spent an entire night quoting Bad Boys and Men in Black rips in a café, and now I have come it appreciate the movie. Bad Boys is not focused on the action but more on the characters of Smith and Lawrence.

What makes the movie interesting is that Burnett (Martin Lawrence) must pose as Mike Lowry (Will Smith) to keep a material witness for a case. Mike Lowrey is a smooth bachelor while Burnett is a married man. Unfortunately Burnett must pretend to be Mike Lowry, who is well known for his smoothness, yet remain faithful to his wife while he looks after a rather attractive woman. It is interesting though that I thought Will Smith played Burnett but rather he plays Lowery. Now that I know I reckon Lawrence was far more entertaining than Smith. Lowery was a very straight person while Burnett was the one that constantly shouted his mouth off. It is interesting that Smith takes on the role of the smart talking cop in Men in Black. This movie's cool. It appeals to the sense of just watching characters simply bounce off of each other and are so comfortable with each other that they constantly pay each other out. That is probably why so many people watched this movie. It also seemed to put Will Smith into a niche.

I can't end this without commenting on the cinematography. It was absolutely beautiful. It caught me when I first saw it and it caught me again. The cinematographers used a very effective dusty light to create a more dirty and run down view of Miami. It wasn't like that all the way through, but it turned away from the glitz that Miami is known for. Other scenes where just awesome, like the boat that moved across the screen behind the car. I also thought some of the camera shots with very well done, such as moving it over the characters. It can be done but the equipment must have been purposely built. Some of the editing seemed to have been cut a little too quick, but beyond that I think the film makers have been severely under praised.
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