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Natalie Simard11 June 2007
The main actress is no Aileen Quinn, but she gets the job done in an average sort of way. It's not a musical, but there is a reprise of "Tomorrow" though I don't think it's sung by the actors themselves. I'd say the actress who played Molly and Joan Collins were the best actors in the entire thing. The story is a basic kid adventure story with surprisingly little predictability. The good news is that it's hardly ever slow so almost anyone can sit through it. If you're a die-hard original Annie fan, however, you'll probably be disappointed with the entire thing. It doesn't feel "Annie. An example of the movie: "He showed me how to change an unimportant element so that the substance can no longer be used for evil purposes."
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Not Bad
rahero24 March 2002
As a TV movie, Annie 2 is funny and the actors did great jobs. Ashley Johnson look very cute. Sorry to see Joan Collins gets much older than her Dynasty days....I thought she knew the way to eternal youth. But she is still elegant and in good shape at the age of 60's.
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A disappointing "sequel" to the original
Mike-DD25 August 2000
This version is a sad and disappointing return of Annie the orphan-no-more. Silly plot and sub-plots, combined with an under-par acting by most of the actors, and woeful characterization makes this Annie film a real let-down. The antics that Annie get into are downright silly at times, and comic timing is absent at times. The bad guys in this case are so inept that they might as well turn themselves in instead of trying to escape. At least the crooks in the original Annie had much more brains and intellect than most common criminals.

Wait till it comes to free-to-air unless you are really an Annie-fan.
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Mixed Feelings
TheLittleSongbird30 April 2009
The Aileen Quinn version was one of my favourite movies when I was 10, and still is to some extent. The remake with Kathy Bates was very good, but just lacked the charm of the original. Now this TV movie, is good, but it isn't great. In fact, I have mixed feelings for this-I liked some bits, and disliked others. The acting was a mixed bag. Ashley Johnson gives a spirited performance as Annie, however if you compare her to Aileen Quinn and Alicia Morton she may be too old, and I think because of that, she lacked the innocence that both girls gave to their performances. I liked the actresses of Hannah and Molly(Camilla Belle is adorable), but not Carol Cleveland as Miss Hannigan. You don't see her very much, and compared to Carol Burnett and Kathy Bates, she isn't the Miss Hannigan we grow to love, with the love of gin, and control, and I felt both were absent here. George Hearn doesn't do too bad a job as Daddy Warbucks, and Joan Collins, looking as fabulous as she did in the 50s-60s, has a ball playing an otherwise pantomime character. I didn't care very much of the supporting characters though. The main flaw with the film was the plot. It was fast moving but it was also predictable and a little too silly at times, especially the scenes with Murphy and Rupert. I wasn't crazy about the music either. And the script is weak a vast majority of the time. In conclusion, an acceptable movie. Is it the worst movie ever? No far from it! That dishonour goes to Home Alone 4, which made me vomit when I saw what they did to two comedic near-masterpieces, and an adequate second sequel. 5/10, but that doesn't mean I hate it at all. I've just seen better. Bethany Cox
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Are You Kidding?
dramaqueen0046912 June 2007
Unfortunately there was not a 0 for a rating or else I would've chosen it. This movie lacks the star power that the original movie had in such abundance. Carol Burnett, Albert Finney, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters, Edward Hermann, the innocence of newcomer Aileen Quinn, and expert directing from seasoned pro John Huston (father of actress Angelica Huston)is what made this film so charming. Even the 1999 remake with Kathy Bates, Victor Garber, Alan Cumming, and Kristin Chenoweth had more to offer than this sorry excuse for a sequel. Before she did this movie all Ashley Johnson was known for was her role as little Chrissie Seaver on the prime time show Growing Pains. She had a few bit parts in movies but I don't know who thought she had talent enough to carry a movie on her own. And adding Joan Collins as Lady Edwina Hogbottom, ridiculous! They couldn't get good enough actors to play the major roles like Daddy Warbucks, Miss Hannigan, and Annie but they will sign Joan Collins to play some British lady? It doesn't surprise me that this movie was as bad as it was. The critics were right to have not agreed with this movie, even if it was only made for TV, it was a poor sequel to an otherwise lovable movie.
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This is actually a Famous Five adventure.
morrison-dylan-fan26 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I read IMDb comments before I saw the movie,and was rather put off it by them. I have to agree that Annie herself looks like a refugee from 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane',but wonder if many viewers are missing the point about what this film really is? Consider: from 1942 on,British author Enid Blyton released a set of children's novels about 'The Famous Five'.In them,four children-the fifth member of the team is a dog-do things such as preventing Uncle Quentin's professor guest from being kidnapped along with his formula.Uncle Quentin is a sort of father figure,and looks after a girl 'George',actually Georgina,who's a tomboy.George and her friends live in a 1940s-50s world,even in most recent adaptations,and are constantly being menaced by heavies a escaping via secret passages in ruined castles.What is this,if not the basis of 'Annie: a Right Royal Adventure'? Viewed as such,it's a lot of fun.though I can see how it would disappoint 'Annie' fans. For more info on the Famous Five TV series,films,and musical check out IMDb.The musical is an adaptation of Mystery Moor',the thirteenth book of the series.
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Annie 2: A Royal CRINGE
Kelly Russell10 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I remember watching this movie when I was young, and 7 years later I question why. In all honesty, I have never come across a sequel so bad. The storyline was terrible, and the cast were too cringing to listen to after a while. My favourite character was Sandy, that was how challenging I found it to watch the movie. Yes, the cast members were talented actors, but they just weren't right for this movie. The first Annie movie was extraordinary, incredible, and breath-taking. But 'Annie 2: A Royal Adventure'? I have no words. I appreciate the effort everyone must have gone through to make his movie, but It all seemed too predictable, and the actors were so patronising and enthusiastic that it was cringing to watch. Throughout the movie things didn't seem to make any sense. At an instant you were curious why Annie got a job doing paper-rounds yet she was adopted by the 'Richest man in the World'. In summary, don't watch this movie unless you want to waste 90 minutes of your life. Although, it would have been hard to make a sequel of one the best musicals of all time, but I just couldn't bear to watch any more.
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TeganRhan11 February 2013
Why is it when a American film company gets to make a "part 2" they always go "I know lets base it is London!".....or Paris. Asides from that cliché this film is awful because if you have seen the original or even the 1999 remake of Annie, you can forget there endings. Remember Mrs Hanigan? Carted away to the nut house in 1999 remake and taken away with her family by the cops in the original?Basically caught out as a horrible woman who would never be in charge of minors again? Well she is back owning the orphanage. Remember the president saying "I promise you girls we will find you all new and loving family's"? Seems he lied,as Molly is still in the Orphanage. The "plot" and the rest is not even worth mentioning, but the above really bugged me.

If I could give it -10 I would.
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Where is the "0" rating?
ascheidler2 January 2012
My daughter picked this out from the video rental place, and it is absolutely dreadful. Irritating characters, annoyingly awful "plot" (note the quotes), shameful "acting" (quotes again!)... this movie is totally devoid of redeeming qualities.

Do what you can to fool your kids into picking ANYTHING else. My daughter also picked out an American Girl movie that same day (the one about Kitt during the depression), and contrary to my expectations it was very good. A decent story that weaves in a historical lesson as well as a good example of being honest and kind.

The two movies couldn't have been more different...
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Annie goes to England.
JMSchmidtty28 June 2011
this movie does not compare to the original, and it is one of the worst movies ever made, but i give it a 3 because of how unintentionally funny it is, for instance, when Annie says "it sure is big" and Michael says, enthusiastically, "it appears to be a stoner missile, used to wipe out entire villages!". Annie's hair looks really fake and Sandy doesn't even look like Sandy from the original movie. Ian McDiarmid (the emperor from star wars) must not have been getting any acting jobs back then. If any you tube poop makers are viewing this page, i greatly recommend using it for your you tube poops. Unfortunately it's hard to find on DVD but you can probably get it on amazon.
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OK Annie sequel
Taylor9 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK So I Love the 1982 version of Annie.I watched day and night.So when I got Annie 2:a royal adventure Iwas very excited.Ashley Johnson did an OK job as Annie.Camilla Belle was adorable as Molly.AndEily Ann Lyod did good as HannahThe movie was kinda predictable and dumb.But it had it's funny moments.Still I think the whole plot with the fortune teller was stupid.And you could just tell Lady Hogbottom was evil.It just irked me.I like unpredictable movies and this sequel was predictable.Oh and 1 more thing,Why sing ''Tomorrow'' when Daddy Warbucks gets knighted?It's all about looking at the bright side of things and it was a happy moment.I just didn't get it.It would've probably fit when they were in the dungeon.I mean,really? Well,all in all i liked Annie:A royal adventure.
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Very Disappointed
charlotte-pethers17 September 2009
Well where do i start? i think it's very insulting to the original Annie with Aileen Quimnn. I love the film Annie, and i was expecting this to be a brilliant film, but i was so disappointed! the acting is awful, the original Annie came out a few years before i was born, I'm now 25 and Annie is still one of my favourite films, So i was really excited to see Annie 2. The acting was awful in the film, were any of the characters original? very badly written, directed and acted. This is not a film i wish to see again, and any Annie lover i recommend that you don't watch this film because it will only leave you very disappointed. The young girls singing isn't bad but still doesn't compare to the original
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One of the funniest disgraces to humanity I've seen . . .
orphic_okapi6 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film is absolutely awful, but nevertheless, it can be hilarious at times, although this humor is entirely unintentional.

The plot was beyond ridiculous. I don't even think a 2 year-old would be convinced by the ludicrous idiocy that the film-makers tried to slap together into a story. However, on the positive side, some of the horrifically inane plot twists provide a great deal of humor. For example, "Wow, Lady Hogbottom has a giant missile hidden in her back yard!" It gets worse (and even funnier), but I'll spare you.

The acting is generally laughable. Most of the kids' roles are sort of cute, but not very believable. On the other hand, Annie is pretty awful all-around. The adults don't take their roles seriously at all, but this is largely a good thing. If they'd tried to be believable, the film would've been even worse. Which is difficult to imagine.

Once you get past the overall crappiness of the movie, there are actually a few standout moments of almost-not-crappiness. The scene where Lady Hogbottom's son runs away with the maid is surprisingly hilarious, though it's an annoying letdown when they get caught by the police. The butler character, while very minor, is a ray of sunlight that almost, but never quite pierces through the gloom.

Watching this movie actually caused me physical pain. Nevertheless, there were a few redeeming parts that made it almost watchable without beginning to hemorrhage internally. Judged on its good parts alone, the movie would be about a 5; unfortunately, the rest of the movie hardly deserves a 1. Thus, I give it a 3.

That's being pretty generous, I'd say.
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orangeprincess_em29 December 2006
Not even worth watching this tacky spoiler ruins everything about 'Annie'. The characters seem almost cheapened by the poorly written storyline and they low quality feeling to the production. It was very clearly made for TV, yet if I found it on my television, I would flick it straight over. The children in the film do an alright job, yet the adults acting is unbelievable and so the movie fails to really draw you in. This film lacked the music/dance numbers thats made the original brilliant and truly does take the shine of the Annie we all love. Johnson, as Annie is at times annoying and over cannot convince yourself that she truly is Annie. The differences in character appearance continued to irritate me throughout the duration of the film. Sad to say this sequel was a total flop.
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Annie is two thumbs down
audrey29200323 August 2005
Annie's wig does not look good. she is not cute and pretty enough to play Annie. Annie sticks out in the movie, as her outfits look like Halloween costumes. terrible acting and terrible plots. This movie is such a change from the 1982 version. I think that a younger and smaller girl should have had the lead role. Ashley Johnson portrays a very boyish Annie. Not appealing at all. At least the casting director got it right with Daddy Warbucks. Ms. Hannigan was also miscast. Camilla Belle played Molly alright. "Warning" this movie might insult your IQ so you might just want to only show it to very young children. 8 and younger. Some of the plots are too fictional and could hardly take place in the real world.
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