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Abhimaan meets Kramer vs. Kramer, and somehow succeeds!
Peter_Young30 August 2009
Akele Hum Akele Tum is a very entertaining and charming film. The film seems to have been inspired by two films, Abhimaan and Kramer vs. Karmer. Abhimaan showed the rise of one spouse in the music industry to another's fall, and Kramer vs. Kramer showed two separated parents fighting over their child's custody. The film has bits of both films, though it's much more similar to the latter. There are actually several sequences which are copied frame-by-frame, which is annoying, but I did like the fact that it was like an expansion of the Kramer vs. Kramer plot. It's like showing the motives behind Meryl Streep's character's decision to leave her husband, giving a larger view of what could probably have happened in the middle, and ending it up with a more complete ending. That's why this is one remake which is easier to forgive.

Mansoor Khan's direction is very good and it is aided by a very memorable soundtrack and great casting. Anu Malik's music is exceptional and every song stands out (even though some of them, like the film itself, are unoriginal). "Raja Ko Rani Se" is very melodious and romantic, "Aisa Zakham Diya" is youthful and catchy, "Akele Hum Akele Tum" is a great song showing the loving relationship of a father and his son (and the fact that it's actually sung by Udit Narayan and his real-life son Aditya makes it even more convincing), "Dil Mera Churaya Kyon" is beautifully melancholic, and "Dil Kehta Hai" is another amazingly exciting and romantic gem. All the songs are extremely well pictured in the film.

Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala have a fantastic chemistry (I also loved their collaboration in the 1999 film Mann). This is one of Khan's best performances - very mature, very natural, at times restrained and at times temperamental. Koirala is both beautiful and convincing. She is first a young dreamy girl who wants to become a singer, then a married woman, then an angry mother/homemaker whose inferiority complex and dissatisfaction from her life and marriage cause her to try to find a new life, then a reigning singer, then a suffering mother whose determination to get her son back looks almost selfish. She is credible in every shade her character goes through. Tanvi Azmi also gives a very fine performance.

Overall, Akele Hum Akele Tum is a very enjoyable family drama. It has bits of everything and is generally well made, although it does tend to be melodramatic at several sequences. It did bother that some scenes were copied frame-by-frame, but as a whole, it is a decently Indianised film and as already said, it updates and expands the Kramer vs. Kramer plot quite effectively. I'm not saying it's a great film, but it is one of those films which show the magic of Bollywood's 1990s, which may not have had the great technical advances of today, but were much more simple, naive and alluring thanks to their very profound Hindi film style, extremely melodious songs and great human and family values.
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simply fantastic display of emotions
jassi28198418 June 2004
the movie very rightly shows the various problems that may arise in a love marriage and how the life starts getting tougher and tougher.the performances by aamir and mainsha are simply great and aamir deserves an award for the effort.he really brings life into the movie and makes you feel what he is going through.the child actor is also good.all in all a very good movie.one of the aamir's best.this movie gets very emotional when the couple move to court over the possession of the child and here aamir is simply superb.

the director mansoor khan does very well with emotional movies and literally makes you cry and he is fully supported by his nephew aamir. i would rate this movie 9/10 and a must see movie
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Great movie with out english subtitles!
ILuvLB9204 April 2004
Although there weren't any english subtitles I totally understood the movie because of the wonderful acting! The story was good and I like the last song Aamir Khan sang " Why did you break my heart? Why did we fall in love? Why did you go away,away, away..." Aamir Khan is a very skilled actor that did a great performance all through the movie, he expressed the characters' emotions perfectly. Whether the character be mad, happy, or sad. Manisha Koirala was absolutely beautiful, she did a spectacular job. From the beginning of the movie it caught my attention, that I remember there were absolutely no "dull moments" ever! Everyone should see this movie with or without English subtitles!
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Kramer VS Kramer Meets Bollywood
liakot_a18 June 2006
Akele Hum Akele Tum is a emotional family drama. A remake of Hollywood Classic Kramer Vs Kramer with Dustin Hoffman. Aamir Khan plays the struggling father who has to look after his son and work at the same time, after his wife suddenly decides to leave the house. Aamir Khan delivers a Powerful and Brilliant performance. Manisha Koraila is the women you will hate in a average role. You hate her because her character is so selfish, that she walks out on her kid. Akele Hum Akele Tum is longer then Kramer Vs Kramer, with more added story lines. Some great scenes between the father son relationship. One great scene is when the kid request's a present a little expensive. Aamir tries ever so hard to get the money, but ends up arrested. His son waits hours and hours, till Aamir comes home, to tell his son he failed. The kid understands and Aamir starts crying. Great direction from Hit Director Mansoor Khan of Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Josh. A must see
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its about ego conflict
pramitm_n19 April 2005
AHAT is a dream movie. Director Mansoor Khan was in full form and he gifted us a movie of lifetime. Though the movie was inspired from Hollywood flick "Kramer vs kramer" it had its own way of conveying thought.Watching Aamir and Manisha is a treat for every cine-goers.The young artist did reasonably well. Aamir effectively delineated the situation of an estranged father.He looked quite dashing too.Manisha too conveyed every thought through her eyes.Performancewise the movie is first rate.Music is outstanding. especially "raja ko rani se","aisa jakham kiya hai"can be picked out of the lot.On the whole AHAT is a apt example of good cinema.A must watch.
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Underrated movie
silvan-desouza15 January 2010
There are several films which flop but actually are good films and the vice versa

AKELE HUM AKELE TUM was a remake of KRAMER vs KRAMER but yet is a good film

The film however was rejected by audiences and the same audiences loved the overrated RAJA HINDUSTANI(1996)

AHAT was released in 1995 when Aamir gave 2 flops like BAAZI and AATHANK HI AATHANK and a hit RANGEELA This film is a nice movie and realistically displays problems of marriage and how the couple fights for the kid something rehashed in RISHTEY(2002) which flopped too

The movie is well handled, there are some song and dances in between but mostly the focus is on the story The film moves on a gentle pace and touches your heart The courtroom drama is brilliant and less over filmy then most court scenes The climax is good too Mansoor Khan does a great job as a director Music is very good

Aamir Khan acts his part brilliantly, he is simply superb and understated Manisha too performs well and suits her part Amongst rest Mushtaq Khan is good(for once i saw him in a non funny role) Paresh too excels as the lawyer while Neeraj Vohra leaves a mark rest are good
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Sensitive and Beautiful *Possible Spoilers*
rajivgill17 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
A remake of "Kramer vs Kramer", AHAT tells the story of Rohit and Kiran, a couple drawn together by their strong ambitions of wanting to be singers. Despite protests from Kiran's grouchy parents, the two get married. As Rohit is busy pursuing his dreams, Kiran feels that she's being given a raw deal, stuck at home with household chores and their only son, Sunil. Tempers flare and before you know it, she walks out on Rohit and Sunil. The rest of the film is really about how each survive after that, with the couple both wanting custody of Sunil. Let it be known that this is a tearjerker, with scenes that will surely bring a lump to your throat. There are many tender moments between Rohit and Sunil. Kiran comes across as being rather selfish at times, but watch closely and you'll realize her pain, too. The music is passable, but the treatment given to the film is stylish. I wonder why it flopped. Perhaps the Indian audience is simply not ready for a mature love story.
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Rohit is a perfect example of selfishness
sweetdoct24716 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I must confess, this is one of the best Indian films I seen in a long while, I saw it yesterday and thought I should comment on it. I've not seen Kramer vs Kramer so I cant really compare it's however similar to "Double platinum" where a woman(Diana Ross) left her daughter(Brandy Norwood) and husband to follow her singing career because the husband wouldn't support her although in this case the husband was not a singer. My view of the movie is however different from that of most commentators here. I don't see Kiran as selfish at all. I think she did the best for herself at that time or else she could turn nuts. On the other hand I however see the man as selfish, what brought two of them together in the first place was their singing and Rohit himself said they could climb the ladder of fame together but after marriage? He became concerned with himself alone and even refused the chance to give her demo to a music director. It shows that all he said before marriage was just a plot to get her. The woman loving and believing in him married him even against her parents' wish, she even stayed in the marriage for 7years believing one day he would change. The way I see it I feel Rohit should have repented of his selfishness too, even though they tried to show this when he was talking to his son about why his mother left (Acknowledged his own selfishness) but later scenes showed he didn't change, when Kiran got him a job as a music director(showing that all this while she never stopped thinking about him) he clearly told her that he wanted his success to be his own alone without the help of the woman and refused the offer, that's an outstanding show of selfishness and it is clear that that was what he wanted all along, remember before they were married it was "we could do this and that" and after marriage it became "I want to achieve this and that" the movie never showed that he repented for this and I believe he should. The only consolation was the fact that he had to sell those songs and he never became the man of his dreams fine that's what should become of a selfish man but he didn't regret it. One outstanding thing however was that unlike the movie "Double Platinum" he made sure the son always loved his mother. I give him kudos for that. The court scenes were absolutely wonderful and despite been a man I was moved to tears myself but what I would like to say here is that even though Rohit's lawyer was only doing his job and has to use every weapon in his arsenal it must be clear that both of them failed in the relationship. A husband should support his wife's dream too but he became engulfed in only his own. Another thing is that saying Kiran has failed in all her major relationship was very unfair of Rohit's lawyer putting in mind that she left her parents to marry him showing how selfless she really is. Even though at the end of the day she came to realize that it is the relationship that really matters. I do too but one thing should be clear she would have remained a very unhappy woman and probably driven to suicide if she had stayed. Rohit must also come to understand the right of every woman to a career too and also learn to think about others along with himself too.. On the whole the movie is an excellent one and a must watch for every couple.
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A shameless ripoff of Kramer Vs Kramer
anshul2001anshul27 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i watched Kramer vs Kramer yesterday and that forced me to think about akele hum akele tum which I had watched years before. AHAT copies the Kramer vs Kramer sometimes scene and even dialogue by dialogue while at other times to give things Indian touch they play havoc with main story line so Manisha's parent have to be devils and she has to be super talented to garner public sympathy as to why she separated. Amir has to meet this villainous music director duo from film industry to jutify his negligence towards manisha. This shows that main story is not strong and i.e. why director needs this 'doping' of story. While copying story director forgot that with 5,000 salary in Mumbai Amir can't possibly afford the flat he is shown living in and not treat his child with costly icecream everyday. This struck very odd to me when I saw AHAT but after watching Kramer vs Kramer I know the inspiration !. Court scenes are more subtly handled in Kramer vs Kramer but maybe to sell movie in India all this was needed.
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Poor performance
steve-51227 December 2002
The film could have been much tighter. The characterization's are very poor and the director doesnt give a proper build up for Manisha's passion for her career and for her leaving the family. The only saving grace is the kids performance. He's definitely the scene stealer. Aamir khan and Manisha renders a mediocre performance.
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