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Written and directed by Steve Oedekerk, the latest "Ace" has a little more of everything than the first: more special effects, goofy props and "Airplane"-like sight gags.
Carrey is in top form here, giving a wildly confident, physically draining performance with all the stops pulled out.
Carrey tries hard but the success of his excessiveness has always been down to pegging it to good plots and good partners.
Yet, there is also little doubt that when it comes to extreme physical humor, Carrey is remarkably gifted, a throwback to the vintage antics of Jerry Lewis or even the slapstick gang of silent comedy.
It's the worst Carrey movie yet, but it has a handful of inspired moments in which his signature wackiness is so funny it hurts.
Carrey's style is to keep the jokes moving so quickly and with such force that you can hardly stop to consider how stupid they are.
As always, the verbal comedy is nonsensical and vulgar, and the physical humor is rigorously thought out and really vulgar.
The New York Times
Instead, Mr. Carrey turns up in a sloppy second Ace Ventura film that's little more than an echo of the first. A two-minute trailer wouldn't miss many of its highlights.
There's nothing worse than a film which mistakenly believes it's the comic event of the year. For no legitimate reason whatsoever, When Nature Calls is full of itself to the point of being offensive.
Christian Science Monitor
Youngsters may enjoy it. But the humor is generally of the genre heard in the boys' locker room at the high school gym.

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