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Way More Than You Would Believe
Rochound13 January 2001
Here's the thing, see, about XENA - the fantasy action show telling the tale of the formerly evil Xena, now a force for good, and Gabrielle the Amazon Queen, her warrior/bard partner.

You have two really beautiful women dressed in impractical leather goods flitting about the Ancient World wielding shiny weapons with great skill and nary a thought to chronology or historical accuracy. You have the relentless modern American speech. You have the over-discussed, over-analysed and highly subjective element of "lesbian subtext". You have campy humour, sly winks at the audience, over-the-top fight sequences, and more dialogue limited to the screaming of each other's names than the second half of Titanic.

You have re-used extras, recycled sets, a bikini-clad Aphrodite spouting Valley-girl speech, a penchant for killing off popular guest stars, TWO man-free pregnancies, high angst levels, a range of episodes that swing madly from dark violence to Andrew Lloyd-Webber style musicals and from intense drama to slapstick comedy.

You have strong female leads who accept responsibility for their choices and their actions, good and bad. You have really beautiful scenery in the form of New Zealand. You have great chemistry between the two stars, and you have enough smarts to know how to combine all of these things into a show that succeeds more than it fails.

Give it a chance. I promise, ten episodes and you'll be hooked. In short, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is smart TV pretending that it's dumb. Which is just fine by me, thanks.
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Battle on, Xena!!!
Cathy Young12 October 2003
One of the best TV shows ever.

Xena: Warrior Princess is the thinking person's fantasy/action show. A perfect mix of often dark drama, wacky/campy comedy, action, angst and romance, it was poignant, thrilling, funny, suspenseful, sexy and much more. Set in the fantasy world of a creatively reinvented antiquity, X:WP offers us the ultimate female hero: strong and vulnerable, tough and soft, brave and caring, heroic and deeply flawed, she's all warrior and all woman. We follow Xena's journey on her quest for redemption as well as Gabrielle's growth from a naive peasant girl to a reluctant warrior. And there are other fascinating characters: Ares, the God of War who is determined to lure Xena back to the dark side but is eventually changed by his love for her; Callisto, Xena's victim and nemesis who manages to be sympathetic even at her most evil; Joxer, the bumbling warrior wannabe with the heart of a lion.

Of course the show had its weak moments, especially in the last three seasons. At its best, however, it featured smart writing and creative directing, enhanced by the wonderful acting of Lucy Lawless as Xena, Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle, Kevin Smith as Ares, Ted Raimi as Joxer and Hudson Leick as Callisto. (Alexandra Tydings' Aphrodite, Paris Jefferson's Athena are worthy of mention as well; so are Karl Urban as Julius Caesar and Marton Csokas as Borias, Xena's lover in her days as a warlord.)

I have to comment on one of the reviews which mentioned Xena and Gabrielle being out for revenge against men and complained that the heroines beat up men all the time but never get hit themselves. Hello? Did this person even watch the show? I suspect not. Some of the most prominent villains on the show were women (Callisto, Najara, Alti), and many of Xena and Gabrielle's allies were men. In fact, the episode "The Dirty Half Dozen" explicitly repudiates hostility to men. X:WP's feminism was never anti-male or heavy-handed.

Bottom line? If you haven't seen this show, get the DVDs (or VHS) and give it a try. Start with the premiere, "Sins of the Past." The first half of S1 wasn't all that great (the show had yet to find its footing) but watch "Hooves and Harlots" and "The Reckoning." If you're not hooked yet, try "Ties That Bind," "The Greater Good" and "Callisto." You'll probably want to stay on for S2.
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Stop bitching about "historical inaccuracies" & enjoy the show
MariMcCabe3 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Due to an overwhelming sense of idiocy after reading a few reviews, I felt it necessary to put them on blast a little. One thing to keep in mind though, if you do not find this review helpful, it doesn't bother me either way because now I know you at least read it.

1. X:WP is a fantasy show. 'Fantasy' being the operative word. The show never claimed to be a creditable source regarding history and/or mythology, so please folks, let it go. Now, if they claimed that what was presented in the show was indeed true or credible, than it makes sense to complain. Otherwise, indulge yourself with a textbook, or try the watching the History/Discovery channel.

1.5 What is the definition of Mythology? A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, as by explaining aspects of the natural world or delineating the psychology, customs, or ideals of society. Or in other words, a fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology. But most importantly - a myth is a FICTITIOUS STORY, PERSON OR THING. Who cares if it is changed or modified? It isn't history...its only a story, so let it be.

If we all repeat exactly the same story as it was originally told, it would be boring, idiotic and downright sophomoric. American culture takes the old and reinvents it while blending it with moral values and ideas that are unique to the American mentality. Its the same process that all stories go through over a thousand years old. If you retell a story a thousand times, it changes, it takes on new characters, names change, motivations change from nation to nation, each culture adapts a story to fit into its mold. But most of all - you do realize that the Hercules story itself is simply a fictional myth to begin with... so essentially, those who complain are arguing that its not write to make up a fictional character into a classic story which is fictional in itself? Its the equivalent to a producer ntroducing a new character into the classic Cinderella story, and make a television series based on that new additional character. Blasphemy, isn't it?

2. Contrary to a few disbelievers, the acting IS good. Very good, in fact. Lucy Lawless (Xena) is by far the best, but there are many others such as Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle), Kevin Smith (Ares), Hudson Leick (Callisto) Ted Raimi (Joxer), Bruce Campell (Autolycus), Marton Csokas (Borias) and Michael Hurst (Ioluas) just to name a few. If you caught a few random episodes from the first season and base the acting solely on that, chances are perhaps the acting WAS a little hokey! But by Season 2 (and undeniably by Seasons 3&4), the portrayal of these characters are amazing.

3. In addition to the two main characters, all the supporting characters are yes, multi-dimensional! The titled character alone is proof of that. Lawless is an extremely capable actress, who is very versatile. While playing various different characters in addition to Xena, she often plays off those characters with her own self. She has shown that she can perform a range of emotions & themes (rage, anger, pain, comedy, etcetera) all equally believably. And no, she fooled ya - she's not American. If you haven't heard her native Kiwi tongue yet, it'll surprise you.

4. Please, don't critique this show if you haven't watched it (and when I say watched it, I mean watching the WHOLE episode). How can you properly criticize something you've never watched thoroughly? And to than be presumptuous and state what the show "is"? Unbeknowest to you, it could be the complete opposite of what you initially 'thought' it was - and to whom who gave it a change after skepticism, it is.

5. The main character of Xena is enough to draw you in. She is like no other, so any attempted comparisons fall short. She's nothing like Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Elektra (or like any other female hero for that matter). She stands alone as far more complex hero - male OR female - and could kick any their tails with a broken leg and a frying pan for a weapon. No, she does not possess any super-powers; unlike most female heroes depicted, she doesn't need any of that to appear 'strong' or intimidating. She's amazing all on her lonesome, and that is what makes her admirable.

6. In addition to the well casted, unique story-lines and episodes, the music is too, a important part of what makes the show enjoyable and memorable. Composed by Joseph LoDuca, the music is exotic, 'tribal' (if you will) unique and full of rhythm. One prime example, that the general public will even recognize too, is theme song. The video montage that goes along with the musical score are perfectly matched, and would alone get me interested in watching.

And with that, nothing more need be said - You cant keep The Warrior Princess dead. :)
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TheLittleSongbird8 August 2010
I know there may be those who either agree or disagree, but I love this show, ever since I was a kid I loved it. The scenery is excellent, the music is rousing, the dialogue is witty and fresh, the choreography kicks ass and the stories are entertaining with plenty of adventure. And I love Xena herself. She is a strong, spirited heroine, the sort of heroine I like, and I have to say Lucy Lawless is just perfect for the part. Garbrielle is a nice character too, in fact I like all the characters in this show they have a great likability about them and it comes through crystal clear.

Overall, just a terrific, fun show. In fact out of Hercules:The Legendary Journeys, Adventures of Sinbad and Xena:Warrior Princess, Xena is my personal favourite of the three for especially the choreography and its heroine. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Take some time to watch a Xena episode, you'll be glad you did.
MootziDiner2 May 2003
Xena was one of televison's greatest shows. Encompassing in it, action, drama, humor, love, relationships, and life lessons. Xena had it all, even had sexy costumes for the 'lower class' viewer. But, this was more than beautiful women running around in 'appealing' costumes. This was a show about the strength of women, the power of friendship, and that even the smallest of us can become something great. Skilled actresses and actors took us all over history bringing the past alive. For many, Xena was an escape from our everyday 'normal' life. The main characters Xena and Gabrielle were easy to identify with. Over the course of six seasons, you see them grow as they learn what their truly made of and what their morals and beliefs are. Ultimately, it was a show about good triumphing over evil, but more than that, it was a show of groundbreaking themes and memorable characters. Take some time to watch a Xena episode, you'll be glad you did.
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Awesome! Ay-Yi-Yi-Yi!
Shari8 March 2003
I loved this show from the first time it came out. The concept of a strong willed woman being able to beat up bad guys and smart was unheard of, until Xena. She seriously had many skills. I loved the direction the show took the two characters, but the final episode was disappointing. I lagged on watching it during the 7th season. It got too weird, but it's still my favorite tv show. Possibly of all time. Lawless gave Xena dignity and balance that was intriguing to see. I loved how they delved into Xena's past and the show wasn't always about kicking butt. It really did something for female heroes on television. This show pioneered that idea since Charlie's Angels on the 70's. However, it was way better. RIP to Kevin Smith as Ares. You'll be missed. Everyone whoever was on the show did a great job and made it worthwhile. Joseph Lo Duca, you're music was awesome. I miss this show alot and I don't have the Oxygen channel, so it sucks. Watch this show!
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How Refreshing!
reb-warrior27 November 2011
Xena, a spin-off from Hercules, surpassed it's predecessor in ratings and popularity, becoming a humongous hit, and achieved cult status.

They covered thought provoking themes such as redemption, the greater good, moral dilemmas, grief, anger, betrayal, relationships, friendship, and the power of love. It was heart-wrenching at times and hilarious other times(the comedies). It was immersed in fantasy(mythology) with stylized Hong Kong martial arts action and a wink, Xena and Gabrielle both had growth as characters and you literally got to see it happen. Xena, multi-skilled, thanks to her amazing infamous storied past, wasn't a typical boring hero(Hercules, yawn) type that we've seen a thousand times in fiction and on the screen. She changed her ways and kept her badass edge

Lucy Lawless is a true find. Her range as an actress is outstanding. An underrated actress, I believe she is one of the best actresses out there today. Her current work on Spartacus is blowing me away. Her facial expressions are the best I've ever seen in an actress. She really knows how and when to use them. Whether it be a quiet subtle moment or more extreme. She's not afraid to scream or yell or snarl. Most Hollywood beauties would be worried about it making them look unattractive or ugly. But not the ballsy Mrs. Lawless. She sinks herself into the role and gives it her all!

She plays a tough warrior woman with a dark past whom changes her ways and now fights for the greater good, and yet she still keeps her badass edge. Renee O'Connor is sweet and cute. Perfectly cast as Xena's partner, Gabrielle. She brings a lot of comedic moments into Xena's much darker life. She also somewhat becomes Xena's conscience as the series progresses. Xena and Gabrielle's charm, banter, and depth of their friendship was more enjoyable and touching than anything I've ever seen on other shows.

Yes, there's subtext. Heaps. One might be under the delusion that this show is only for lesbians, and that's why it became a hit. I'm here to tell you not so at all. Over the many years, I have come to know for a fact that there are a ton of straight male and female fans in addition to gay and lesbian fans. All around the world! In all age groups! The stories and charming lead characters were riveting, and that is a great draw for anyone that appreciates richly done show.

The most important thing: was I entertained? Because in the end that's all that really matters. The answer is yes. It was....it is, a very thought provoking and satisfying experience. Imo, it fulfilled something that was missing on TV, an empowered female. She could take care of herself and didn't answer or take orders from anyone.

How refreshing!
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Likeable Show About Redemption Mixed With Great Comedy
AP-Project3 September 2002
This was an amazing show that switched from comedy to high drama to tragedy to sword-fighting action and mayhem. All of this usually happened in the same episode. A great show for students of mythology, although the writers did incorporate their own ideas (into the mythological settings and characters) to give the show more texture and layers. The best part of the show was Xena and Gabrielle's intense affection, friendship and respect for one another. They are truly partners in everything they do and always willing to sacrifice for one another. However, there's plenty of comedy as well to keep the show from getting too serious. The more episodes you watch, the more you'll like and understand the concept of the show, and how it works on different levels simultaneously. Very highly recommended.
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this show rocks!!!
angie-274 April 1999
I love this show. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are fabulous as Xena and Gabrielle. Xena is a former warlord trying to atone for her past by traveling the world doing good. Gabrielle is her sidekick, a bard writing the stories of Xena's adventures. The show is packed (usually) with action, realistically, and breath-takingly, performed by Lawless and O'Connor. And when the show ventures into comedy, it is capable of being the funniest show on television. Did I mention that I LOVE THIS SHOW!
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A Dynamic, Adventurous, Great Childhood Thrill Ride!
Tristan Phoenix21 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When you're young, there are many faces that you may look up to on television. As much of a boy as I was, it wasn't Spiderman, Superman, Batman or even Wonderwoman that I looked up to, it was Xena Warrior Princess that inspired me and made me respect strong woman from so young an age. After all, it was the first time a woman got such a strong leading role on television. It paved the way for women on TV, that's for sure.

Xena Warrior Princess was my childhood heroine. She was everything to me when I was a kid. At home and during recess at elementary school, I was so obsessed with her portrayal as an exceptionally skillful warrior woman that I began doing her battle cries, flipped myself to perform cartwheels and threw frisbees pretending they were her signature chakram weapon. I just loved this woman so much.

The show itself, based in an historically ancient time in Greece, taught me values about the importance of strong relationships, respect, will power, forgiveness and perception. What made it even more intriguing were the well composed soundtracks, the implementation of a bit of Indian culture and of course, all of Xena's abilities were fun and spectacular to see depicted and played out.

Here was this extraordinary unearthly warrior woman looking to make amends for a sinful past and as a result, she is betrayed by her own army. From there, she finds and bonds with her best friend and bard girl, Gabrielle, and they evolve as characters and head off for a sometimes wacky, but heavily dramatic, war-filled and emotional roller coaster ride, dealing with some friendly but many threatening forces along the way.

Callisto has to be the single greatest female villain on the show and arguably of all time. The character's back story of surviving a village fire that barbecued her family because of Xena and her army was heartbreaking and it fit greatly with reminding Xena about how heinous her actions of the past were. Put that together with how unstable, psychotic, cold and vengeful Callisto is in the show and you'd agree. Also, Xena's fights with Callisto were some of the most heated and amazing girl fighting sequences.

The show did have some challenges in the special effects department in the early seasons, but I was glad they enhanced it a ton as the seasons carried on. The only season I was barely fond of was the final 6th season. It just didn't live up to my fondness of the past seasons and felt like a departure from the true essence of the show. The ending was realistic in that anyone that lives by the sword, will die by the sword. It was just unfortunate Gabrielle was left lonesome instead of dying along with her soul mate, Xena.

Rating: 9/10
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Awesome show
king14910 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Xena is a great great show! It provides humor along with a lot of drama. I watched one episode and I was hooked from then on. First and Second Season are mainly humorous with some dramatic elements, but it really isn't until the Third season when there are a lot of dramatic episodes. Xena and Gabrielle are best friends, and in the third season their is a rift between them. I am not going to say, for any of you who has not seen the show, and want to start watching it. It is a major rift though. Season 4 still has a lot more dramatic elements to it, along with Season 5 and 6 and season 6 being the final season. I think this is one of the most brilliant shows ever, with some of the most talented actors and actresses on television. Lucy Lawless and Renee O' Connor work well off of each other. Hudson Leick who plays Xena's nemesis Callisto for the first five seasons, only starring in a handful of episodes per season is pure genius. She plays evil very well.

Ted Raimi who plays Joxer...he is just awesome! He does comedic so well, and honestly he is the funniest actor I have seen. Some people may not like this show, but do not knock it until you try it. Once you watch a few of the episodes you will be reeled in...

I will say this, the season 6 finale is a shocker, and will make you cry...but you must watch all of the episodes from season 1 through season 6 to even get what the last episode is really about.

May the Journey of Xena and Gabrielle live on forever!
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The finest bit of entertainment since 1975
Taram14 November 2000
The six years that Xena appeared on American television and then in international distribution was the most marvelous ride on the entertainment merry-go-round since "Wonder Woman" premiered in 1975, twenty years earlier. This show had camp, pathos, mystery, intrigue, intricate character development and the invention of a magnificent new world through which the viewer was able to judge and measure his or her own living situation. If you ever get a chance, at least take the time to watch either the entire first or the entire fourth seasons of Xena (which had the most developed plots). It is a show that actually changed the world into a better place and that can be said of only a few shows in history.

If you like "Xena" you might also like "Queen of Swords", "Wonder Woman", "Supergirl" (maybe....), "Chameleon 1,2, &3", "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" or "Andromeda". You may also want to watch the direct to video cartoon release "Hercules and Xena: the Animated Movie: the Battle for Mount Olympus".
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Xena: Warrior Princess ( 1995 - 2001 )
lucy_lawless_fan19 June 2006
The Hit TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess Was A Spin Off From Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and proved more popular than Hercules! Xena is a 2 star show the beautiful stunning Lucy Lawless plays ass kicking beauty Xena and Renee O' Connor Plays Xena's Best Friend Gabrielle this action adventure fantasy drama series has got it all drama, comedy, musical episodes! The Guest Stars in this show are some of the best here are some of my favourites: Alexandra Tydings Played Aphrodite Goddess of love, Kevin Smith Played Ares God Of War, Hudson Leick Played Callisto, Paris Jefferson Played Athena Goddess Of Wisdom, Timothy Omundson Played Eli,the list is endless Us Xenites ( wot xena fans are called ) love and support this show with all our love and are hoping to see Xena: Warrior Princess The Motion Picture going into production soon with Lucy Lawless as Xena & Renee O' Connor as Gabrielle Xena is best super heroine EVER.......
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Xena a changer in my life
rib226719 March 2013
This is more of a testament that this show brought into my life. I just watched my close friend bury her 24 year old son. After watching a woman i loved for 10 years die in front of me and a friend of mine die of cancer after i tended him, i thought that emotional part of myself was gone. I actually had ,i hoped it was because it would have been easier to proceed through the rest of my life.

Anyway, I knew i needed to did deep in order to be able to help my friend and support her. I then started hoping that part of me was alive but I no longer knew how to access it. I needed a spark beyond the closeness of our friendship because it was a side of me i buried. I remember ed seeing Xena and Gabrielle and knew if i could see that tenderness i could find mine and i did.

I have held her as shes cried and stayed up with her and discussed her deceased son. It tears me up every time but i would not want to be anywhere else. To Renee O'Connor and Lucy lawless, I thank you Lisa

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Series of my childhood!
kartifos20 August 2013
I grow up with these series! I love them and they are in my childhood dreams! The first three season of the series are my favorite! Especially the humorous episodes! My favorite were: "Warrior...Princess" "Warrior...Princess...Tramp" "Been there done that" "A day in the Life" "A Comedy of Eros" "The Bitter Suite" "Fins, Femmes and Gems" etc. After the 4rth season when the series mixed the Greek mythology with religion, things meshed up. But anyway because if the first 3 season I still love Xena! I have seen everything made a movie, I wonder what may be of a movie with Xena :The Warrior Princess theme. P.S If you try to learn Ancient Greek History from Xena, you are mistaken!
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Epic themes and depth, unique style and irreplaceable romance make XWP #1 show ever
tgflux1 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Xena, Warrior Princess" how do I love thee? Let me count the ways (stopping at a criminally-brief thirteen).

1) Female anti-hero on life-mission of redemption: utterly unique in Western fiction

2) Female couple on heroic quest: just about as rare

3) Female hero (later, couple) shown as martial equal of (usually, superior to) males: all without super-powers, or divine status

4) The combined mission of redemption/heroic quest took our couple to most of the "Known World" (plus East Asia), and across time-lines (with a vast array of historical persons, and mythic figures) in order to explore deep issues (and show a lot of fantastic costumes!)

5) The Iconic Figure of Xena (frequently listed on "TV's Best Ever" lists), as irreplaceably embodied by Lucy Lawless

6) The Groundbreaking pairing/teaming/coupling/life-partnering (variously!) of Xena and Gabrielle

7) The Student-becomes-Master story, in her own right, of Gabrielle---combined with the Icon of Selfless-Love, that *is* Gabrielle: both irreplaceably embodied by Renee O'Connor.

8) The virtually always solid, and often heartbreakingly moving (and sometimes gut-busting humorous) performances by Lawless and O'Connor.

9) The non-stop variety (often boldly experimental) of episode themes and styles: often illuminated via excellent writing, and typically quality directing.

10) How the show's turning of "myth into history, history into myth" often made viewers want to explore the older (if less appealing) sources! (Yours Truly read much of the Ancient Greek canon under XWP's inspiration)

11) The evolution of the show through the seasons: sometimes devolving, but building through a fantastic final season, until

12) A series finale which, if upsetting and tragic (in the typical sense), was also tragic in the moving epic sense also (not to mention visually/musically stunning, with great performances and drama)

13) Last but not least, the Most Romantic of Romances: whether one saw them as sexually-involved or not, there could be *no* doubt that Xena and Gabrielle made one of (if not THE) most romantic couples in television history. Their love---declared and displayed in a million different ways---was thrillingly affirming for gay people, true. But just as much for straight fans, this "Even in death, I'll never leave you" relationship made all our hearts beat just a little faster. Even the cynical, the bitter, the "older but wiser" found their souls begin to dream again, when seeing Xena and Gabrielle giving (and forgiving) their lives (often literally!) to and for each other (with the greater good being just an added bonus!). And they did it all while . . . looking like Lucy Lawless, and Renee O'Connor (*together*). No couple (fictional anyway---though I refuse to believe X&G are completely fictitious!) ever looked better than they did! (Can't ignore all that fantastic flesh *g* )

These are only 13 reasons. Given more time, I could come up with 13 (or 1300) more. Sure, not every episode was great. Occasionally a performance hits an off-note. A few episodes make no sense whatever (aren't true to the characters), and at least twice the editing was disastrous.

But what show ever *tried* to do so much? Building on its completely original premise (without any derivation, to speak of, of its parent show, "Hercules"), the show took on, with gusto: drama (stand-alone and serial), adventure, comedy, musicals, present-day/recent past eps, camp, "homages" to/from hundreds of different sources, bringing back established actors, discovering new ones, unpacking history from (literally, and literarily) around the globe and---oh: this should really be number . . .

14) Doing it all in that amazing geographical wonder (that much of the world would have to wait until "The Lord of the Rings" to discover): New Zealand.

Many television series can boast more consistent writing. A few have more dramatically (or comically) superior casts. But no other show reached as high, or explored (history, the cosmos, two very fragile yet incredibly BRAVE human hearts) as far and wide and *deep*. No other show took these kind of chances (with an unknown star, whose American accent--—in a TV show designed for American audiences---was newly-acquired and occasionally suspect!).

That it reached for the stars (and, more often than not, grasped them), all while being true to its heroes (and their HEROIC LOVE) makes "Xena, Warrior Princess" the greatest television show of all time.
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Sucks you in as a fan before you realize it
sensensensability13 July 2012
This series by far was the most groundbreaking in several ways. The greatest being that it represented strong, independent women who weren't afraid to crack skulls when necessary, but at the same time, they were each trying to find their own path in life that they would feel happy about. Sometimes they were on the same path, sometimes they weren't, but they stayed together in their journeys regardless. Another ground-breaker was that Xena's first love was Marcus, an African American man. Later, Xena kissed a transvestite who acted in "Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis." Lucy Lawless wasn't afraid of standing up for the right thing IN the show and DURING the show. The writers became savvy to the fact that Gabrielle and Xena had a great chemistry together, so they began playing that up. The great thing was, they portrayed them as any couple doing chores, fishing, cleaning, haggling prices for items, shopping at market, making a campfire, fetching water, basically doing exactly what any couple of the times would do. Innuendo's were made, but the intimacy between the two came from how well they responded to each other on screen. Theirs is truly unique casting magic. No two people could play this part better. Xena taught Gabrielle the skills to become a warrior and an Amazon Queen, while Gabrielle taught Xena insight and how to calm her rage to act for the greater good. The writers deserve just as much credit, because this show could take you anywhere. And if things got too serious, they would do a comedy ep, or even a couple musical eps. Blend all of that in with some awesome fighting and storytelling and you've got a great show that sucks you in before you realize it. The world today could use female heroes portrayed on the big screen, and Lucy and Renee are still the perfect actresses to do it. Plus, they're great role models in real life. Let's give young people strong female heroes to look up to just like male heroes. Please bring them back for a movie - xenamovienow.com
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Not what you think
loislane-52 June 1999
A lot of people think this show is about lots of flesh and silly fake fighting scenes. Those are the type of people who actually never watched the show. Those that do watch it know its so much more than the cleavage and pretty cool fighting -- all that is an additive bonus to the great characters, great plots, and great actors that make up the show. Touched by an Angel aint got nothing on some of the spiritual topics brought on by Xena and Gabrielle. Battle on...
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Classic Action/Adventure with more to it that meets the eye!
ukxenafan125 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a huge fan of Xena:Warrior Princess, which ran for 6 seasons, ending in 2001. The show tells the story of former bad girl Xena, who was a warlord for years before being reformed by Hercules. She is now trying to atone for her past as she travels the known world with her sidekick Gabrielle. That's the simple synopsis, but Xena:Warrior Princess was a cult hit for much more than that.

It's hard to talk about the show's success without mentioning the lesbian subtext. From about halfway through the first season, there was a real bond between the ladies, that at times seemed to indicate they were more than just friends. The love between the characters, whether platonic or not, was one of the biggest strengths of the show. Xena and Gabrielle saw each other through so many dramas over the years.

Another of the reasons for the shows popularity was the tongue in cheek humour and light hearted action. The shows could go from broad comedy to real child-murdering Greek tragedy. But at its centre, was the amazing Lucy Lawless. Could anyone else have been Xena? Statuesque, with a brilliant Clint Eastwood glare, Lucy throws herself into the action scenes with gusto - although the stunt team deserves a mention.

Renee O'Connor had many fans as Gabrielle, the character who changed the most over the years. Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi and Hudson Leick were welcome guest stars. XWP also helped launch the careers of Karl Urban, Marton Csokas, Kathryn Morris, Gina Torres and others.
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Great timing!
trustry9 November 2015
It is so amazing it was made in the 90s. I believe, we wouldn't get the story 'right', if it was made in earlier, or later decades. We wouldn't even need it, I guess... We got the true values of such things like: friendship, the eternal good vs. evil theme, redemption... well, life itself, really. The last good things our generation learned from TV.

Everything comes in waves. We were lucky to hop on one of those in "our time" and it still carries us throughout our lives. We were moved and affected by such shows, like X:WP. To be honest, I prefer this to the "Twilight", or even "The Hunger Games" generations (mostly, because we know how to kick ass unapologetically - it's the kung-fu with a sword,baby). Joke there - I can't even come close to understanding the purpose of the "twilight".

I mean, Tarantino was inspired by X:WP. Kill Bill was born later. They both shared the amazing skills of Zoe Bell. I won't even mention Lord of The Rings... maybe a looong shot ( I know there was a book first), but do the calculations.

Yes, it was cheesy, it was crappy cgi, silly/witty dumb stuff. At the same time, it was teaching us valuable things, if we wanted to notice it. It was ENTERTAINING! It was hot. It was wild, even savage, sensual, sexy thanks to Lucy's performance and the score music(Joseph Lo Duca). And it brought us back to our senses thanks to Renee and the 90s censorship. :)

Battle on Xena, battle on...
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more than you would expect
frickinfrak16 May 2011
The best thing about XWP is that it is honest. Fans of the show know it to be, yes, campy and cheesy, with some over-dramatic sound effects and bad acting here and there. And the show doesn't hide from that. It owns it. And once you get past that, you begin to see more depth than you expected. Getting through season 1 can be a little rough. Its a low budget with mostly green actors, and you can see that in season 1. The trick is to get through that, and you begin to see these actors seriously come into their characters, and an amazing relationship begins to grow. If you are willing to keep an open mind and go on an adventure of love, action, and friendship, then this show is for you.

Lucy & Renee made this show what is was. They are so different but the chemistry is amazing. The journey they made as actors through this series was tremendous. I have said for many years that television has been missing a strong female actress like Lucy Lawless. It is nice to see her as the manipulative & beautiful Lucretia in the Spartacus series.
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Such a great series!
John Doe17 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Xena is a great series, that you must see. Lucy Lawless and Renee o' Connor have great acting chemistry together and do very well on screen. The series never takes itself too seriously and has it's funny moments as well as it's dramatic moments. Xena is a spin off of Hercules the Legendary Journeys but you can start this anytime without having to watch the other series. This is just plain awesome. Go Xena now!

I give Xena: Warrior Princess a 8/10
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Xena: Warrior Princess
HawkHerald1 December 2013
Xena was essentially a spin off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, it was a low budget syndicated fantasy-action adventure that recalled the old fun of movies Jason and the Argonauts or Sinbad the Sailor. It was set in Ancient Greece in the time of Hercules, Xena was a former warlord who was looking for redemption and uses her martial skills to help the downtrodden and weak. She had a sidekick, Gabrielle, who starts off as a naive storytelling village girl and later becomes a formidable fighter in her own right. Xena's introduced an impractical piece of battle wear that many a young man remembers-the armored minidress. Gabrielle, who started off wearing a long skirt and blouse, ends up with a halter top and miniskirt of her own. There risqué costumes and silly story lines made the show a lot of harmless fun, but somewhere along the way the show started to get weird and dark. It stopped taking story ideas from Greek mythology and starting hashing together plots from Judeo-Christian beliefs, Eastern mythology, and skipping back and forth through history. I quit watching after the show starting taking itself so seriously and became more like a bad costume drama.
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Arguably the best TV series ever
silb120811 January 2009
I just watched this series again for the first time since it ended its run in 2001 and felt compelled to offer some comments.

First of all, you will either love this show or hate it. I can't imagine that anybody could have a Luke-warm opinion about it. The historical inaccuracies alone are enough to turn many people away, and the fight sequences are way over the top. But if reality TV is what you're looking for, then the title of this show should have been enough to warn you off. X:WP is pure escapism--a comic book brought to the small screen. As such, it succeeds as no other TV show ever has.

The performances by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor were consistently outstanding. I can't imagine any other actresses who could have played Xena and Gabrielle so well. They more than brought the characters to life--they made us fall in love with them. We cared deeply about them as individuals, as well as the relationship that developed between them. Performances for recurring characters, such as Kevin Smith as Aries and Hudson Leick as Callisto, were also exceptional.

The show's small budget didn't allow for such things as really hi-tech special effects or the use of many "extras", though we see improvements in the later seasons. Instead, we got mostly great scripts which usually included just the right balance of drama and comedy, and we witnessed real growth in both main characters. By series end we knew these women as well as we know members of our own families. We were also treated to some incredible music from Joseph LoDuca, exceptional camera work, and wondrous New Zealand scenery.

I cringe at the thought that this show was ever compared to "Baywatch". That was insulting. There can be no argument that Lucy and Renee are two of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet. What Renee could do for a costume was remarkable. But a show simply about a couple of scantily clad women this is not!

About the "subtext" -- were they or weren't they? The bottom line is that it really doesn't matter. These women shared a love so compelling that we all drowned in it. That's great TV!
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