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31 Jan. 1996
Meter Maid
A disgruntled meter maid gets Jack to face the music for Jennie's parking violation. In jail. With a cannibal as a cellmate.
21 Feb. 1996
The Agony of Victory
More mid-life crisis for Jack. He doesn't want Ryan to beat him at basketball for the very first time. Because then he's an old man. Plus, Mr. Floppy spells out what is wrong with America.
28 Feb. 1996
All About Jennie
Jennie lives vicariously through Tiffany being in the school play, 'Romeo and Juliet.' Childhood dream of Jennie, to be Juliet. And a scheme hatched to realize this. The bard is gonna turn over in his grave.
15 May 1996
Leaving Van Nuys
School's out, Jack works the night-shift, and Ryan gets fired from his first day on the job. Home for summer. The kids drive Jennie crazy, and she turns to liquid support. In her drunken state, Mr. Floppy reveals Jack's alter ego to her, in more ways than one.
8 Sep. 1996
Tiffany's Rival
Smart, blond, tall and long-legged, not to mention equally devious, Sable hits the scene, and Tiffany is worried about having competition that is going to keep her on her toes. Dark secrets are exchanged in a game of detente. Only to get spilled. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star gets a whole new meaning.
15 Sep. 1996
Beach Party
Senior Ditch Day, and they're off to the beach. Tiffany has to hold her own against blond rival Sable as they compete for the attentions of a boy.
29 Sep. 1996
The Temptation of Jack
Om a mission for Tiffany, Jack puts on his party pants as he tries chasing after Sable's Mom.
6 Oct. 1996
Lightning Boy
Ryan is delusional after getting struck by lightning, and expects to have superhero powers. Behold, alter ego Lightning Boy prances about the kitchen in underwear that is outerwear. Jenny wants the experience to boost Ryan's confidence in himself. Everybody humors Ryan as he sets himself up for a confrontation with an earth-bound meteor.
13 Oct. 1996
Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!
Inexplicably, out of character, Tiffany gets bitten by the bingo bug. Hooked as she is, she is now Mom's girl, and Jack falls out of favor as the parent of choice. How to win her back? And how will Mr. Floppy make unattainable Hollywood vixen Drew Barrymore jealous?
30 Oct. 1996
Halloween XXVII
The Mad Hair Hacker goes after Tiffany, Sable, and Tiffany's friend Amber, to chop off their long hair. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennie look forward to terrorizing the neighborhood kids and giving them candy cigarettes on Halloween.

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