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Season 3

14 Sep. 1996
That Mustache Feeling
The Tick wakes up with a full-grown mustache that has its own agenda. The Tick is pleased with the change and adopts a new, hipper attitude, but a group of specialists are tracking the mustache and cause problems at the bachelor party for Dinosaur Neil's upcoming nuptials. The mustache changes hosts and escapes the party, only to meet its destiny.
21 Sep. 1996
The Tick vs. Dot and Neil's Wedding
Dot and Dinosaur Neil are to get married, but Chairface messes with Neil's medication, so he becomes a dinosaur again.
28 Sep. 1996
Sidekicks Don't Kiss
While on a date with Carmelita, Arthur is kidnapped by "Aztecs". The Tick teams up with Carmelita to find and rescue Arthur and, in the process, gets a pet.
5 Oct. 1996
The Tick vs. Arthur
Arthur confiscates a belt from a new super-villain which allows him to become bigger, stronger and not so nice.
12 Oct. 1996
Devil in Diapers
An old enemy hides in the Tick and Arthur's apartment while working on a super-weapon.
26 Oct. 1996
The Tick vs. Filth
The Tick and Arthur gain a newfound respect for the Sewer Urchin, who shines beneath the streets of The City as a super villain unleashes an army of intelligent filth.
2 Nov. 1996
Tick vs. Europe
The Tick is sent to Antwerp, Belgium on a superhero exchange program to sip flavored coffees, dance until dawn and... oh, yeah... contend with Octopaganini and the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy while his Belgian counterpart Eclair helps Arthur deal with the Breadmaster.
9 Nov. 1996
The Tick vs. Science
The mad scientists have a science fair to show off their work. A personality swapper is used to cover a theft. Arthur manages to kiss Carmelilta, only to find out that The Tick is still in Carmelita's body.
16 Nov. 1996
The Tick vs. Prehistory
The Tick and Arthur travel back in time over 3 million years, join a tribe of Australopithecines and work in a restaurant for time travelers from the distant, distant future.
30 Nov. 1996
The Tick vs. Education
The Tick and Arthur become teacher and teacher's aid at an Extension Class for people who want to become Superheroes. While on a field trip, they encounter Mr. Creamy, a disgruntled former employee of an ice cream company on a mission.

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