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The best
Anthony Nardelli9 July 2008
Really, this is my favorite cartoon of all time. Growing up as a small kid watching it everyday when coming home from school i quickly became a huge fan of the series and Spider-Man himself, if i hadn't had seen this series i would probably never had been a Spider-Man fan. Every episode was amazing they always had a great cliff hanger, great story, great characters, great voice actors and great animation. The Venom Saga was easily my favorite storyline i remember watching all the time on VHS after receiving it as a Christmas present, the storyline was amazing, i didn't read the Spider-Man comics to know the origin of the Symbiote but this TV Show told it better as far as staying in Spider-Mans world.The Storyline was very dark and scary if only the Spider-Man 3 film had followed the symbiote story it would have made more sense and been better but the storyline was pure incredible, Peters dark side was unique and scary. Venom quickly became one of my favorite villain to ever step into the Superhero world. The series didn't have the character of Gwen Stacy but i was totally fine by, i didn't discover her character until years later. The Green Goblin was always my second favorite character of the show his design was perfect and his character was perfect as well and he delivered one of the most amazing evil laughs i have ever heard. The series didn't feature much Electro so that disappointed me because he is my favorite villain ever believe it or not. I always enjoyed The Black Cat and Spider-Man episodes mainly because i enjoyed the love relationship storyline a ton, i enjoyed it more then the Peter and MJ story lines likely because Black Cat was like Spider-Man a lot fighting crime. If you are now in your teens and are a die hard Spider-Man fan it is likely because you grew up watching this series, like myself. This series is very special to me and it will always remain my favorite cartoon series ever. 10/10
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the best representation ever
smint13 July 1999
I've seen all those other Spidey cartoons, and as hilariously bad as they are, they're painful to watch; however, this version of Spider-Man has the most accurate representation of the character Peter Parker/Spider-Man and all his friends and enemies.

The animation is interesting to look at, the story is quick-paced and exciting, and the dialogue has corny jokes and puns which are hilarious. They've even used the lesser-known villains, such as the Spot! Now THERE's an indication of a really good cartoon show.

It's a shame they had to end it due to legal problems. Will the world ever learn?
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"Spider-Man" - A loyal fan's review
dee.reid6 June 2008
This is probably the best animated series of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man during the 20th century. I saw "Spider-Man" whenever I could on FOX Kids during its short run on television during the mid-1990s. If you've read the comics since "Amazing Fantasy #15" (Spidey's August 1962 debut), then there's no need to retell the story, but I'll do it anyway: Peter Parker is a shy high school student who gets bitten on the hand by a radioactive spider at a science exhibit. The spider-bite gives him a vast array of spider-like abilities, which he then uses to fight crime after the murder of his beloved Uncle Ben by a burglar. Fans also know that Parker's life wasn't easy, as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man: his relationships with the people he was closest to suffered (like with best pal Harry Osborn and - eventual - wife, Mary Jane Watson), and he became desperate for cash after Uncle Ben's death so he had to take a job as a photographer for the Daily Bugle to help support his widowed Aunt May - all this while fighting crime as tights-wearing wall-crawler Spider-Man.

Anyway, the animated series "Spider-Man" is fantastic, a more-than-faithful adaptation of the comics. A lot of classic villains appear here, my favorite of which is Dr. Octopus, as well as my favorite Spider-Man character (other than Spidey himself), Venom - he's just the coolest anti-hero in the Spider-Man Universe!

I just wish this show would hurry up and come to DVD soon.

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Best Spidey series ever!!
jschroeck9216 July 2012
I grew up watching this series and I loved it. I was always looking forward to watching this when I came home from school back in the 90's. Its perfect with great story lines, well-based off of the original comics. The only thing that was missing was Gwen Stacy but I was perfectly fine with that. The creators did a great job. I only wish someone could make a new Spiderman TV series, just as good as this one, with well drawn characters (not the stupid Japanese anime crap) that the children of our generation today could love Spiderman as much as I did.

The villains in this series are amazing, my favorite is Carnage. If you actually compare this series to the original comics, it is actually so close to being exact. That's what people want! They want a classic Spiderman based off of the original comics. Not like the crap movies that have Toby McGuire in them. He is a terrible Peter Parker. This series is totally worth it. Check it out on Netflix.
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The best action cartoon ever!
gamerzach715 January 2012
I woke up early pretty often to watch re-runs of this show, and cutting a little sleep was definitely worthwhile. This show is a perfect edition to the spider man universe. Every episode has strong animation,a clever and compelling story, suspense you will enjoy, plenty of action, and often a twist you don't see coming. Character emotion is a little weak, but gets the job done. The show usually leaves off in one episode to continue in the next, and this is surprisingly fun. Guest stars from other marvel stories are sometimes brought in to stir things up. When a kid grows up, this is something they will look back on.
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Amazing show, Even if it's for kids
Alex Wardlaw23 September 2007
I watched this show every Saturday morning along with X-MEN in the early to mid 90's. I am watching season 1 through 5 now, and watching it brings me back to being a preteen again. But, watching it now makes me think how good of a show it was even if it was marketed towards kids. I think if it had a little darker tone and more violence it would be a perfect comic book to animated comic book series/show. I'm just saying, if it wasn't a kids show.

Anyways, I like how they take all the original stories from the original Amazing Spider-Man comic books and they do a very good job with bringing the stories to life. Even the new Spider-Man movies don't capture Peter Parker and Spider-Man like this show does. In the movie, they need to make Spider-Man more sharp and witty like he was in the comic books. But, for the show, it kicks ass. I think if you like Spider-Man, adult, kid, or whatever age you are. You will probably enjoy it.
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The Greatest rendition of Spider-man there Ever will be.
Rett Mikhal17 April 2005
Spider-man and X-men. There was nothing more a kid needed in the time of the 90s. Between Uncle Ben's sage-like advice and Nightcrawler's Piety, it's a wonder we all didn't revert back to the 1950's.

This show was a marvel of animation when it came out. In the spirit of Hollywood, cartoons coming out now are much blander and boring than what once was good, like this. The blended CGI which it was famous for was unique, and really helped to show New York in a "real" fashion (to us kids.) The story line can't be beat. While the comics go much deeper and have much broader character ties, this cartoon does the same thing as X-men and brings it to a realistic level that you can watch, and understand, without having to dig through comics to see what the hell just went on and who's who. Whereas the movies of both franchises have simple stories and characters (but big special effects), and the comics have HUGE stories and unlimited characters, the shows are a perfect zen of the two.

The best part of the whole series is easily the voices. The voices brought this show from the comic pages to the small screen. Christopher Daniel Barnes will always be Spider-man to me. Edward Asner (JJJ) and Jim Cummings (Shocker.) The absolute best is Roscoe Lee Brown as the Kingpin. The role was made for him.

The end of this show was really perfect, they redid the clone saga (which caused a HUGE upset in the comics) and gave it a much, much happier (and plausible) ending. Scarlet Spider is still there and he still kicks, along with Madam Web and the Beyonder. Spider-Carnage is also there, as evil as ever. Spider-Carnage's character represents a lot of hatred and malice that can be found in each and every person. The end of the series always gives me a sad/happy nostalgia.

This is one of the greatest shows ever made. Hands down.
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TheLittleSongbird19 April 2010
As a 17 year old female, I really love this series. Then again, I am very fond of Superheroes, and I consider Batman:The Animated Series as one of the best cartoon series ever made. This Spiderman series is simply brilliant, with great voice acting, good writing, above average animation and gripping and faithful story lines. And I also love the characters, Spiderman is always likable, but I loved the villains, Kingpin, Dr Octopus, Green Goblin and Venom were all great. Plus the theme tune is very memorable.

Overall, I love Spiderman. It is a great series to watch, and it is great as an adaptation as well. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Spider-Man for the 1990s
Terryfan22 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Spider-Man The Animated Series came at the time when comic book superheroes were getting well done well told animated shows.

True believers will agree that this series did Spider-Man justice for not only it's impressive animation style but for staying true to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Marvel had many shows based on their comics on Fox Kids and the two that stick out the most to me are Spider-Man and X-men.

Many of the series episodes were inspired by the comic books like Venom saga and the six armed story line.

So props for the makers of this show for making it where kids can watch it but adults can enjoy it as well.

They really got some good voice actors to play the characters like Christoper Daniel Barnes was the right choice for Spider-Man and his alter ego Peter Parker.

Jennifer Hale, Sara Ballantine, Edward Asner, Roscoe Lee Browne and many more did very well with their characters as well.

The Animation for the show is very impression for the the 90s with hand drawn animation and some camera tricks where you get the feel of actually swinging with Spider-Man.

The villains for the show are many favorites from the fans like Kingpin, Scorpion, The Lizard, The Green Goblin, Venom, Carnage and many others.

The voice acting helps with fine writing tell the story of episode as they play into the next one.

Marvel hit a home run with one of the flagship characters for their brand.

Overall if you're a True Believer and a fan of Marvel you will enjoy this classic
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adonis98-743-18650320 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show Batman: The Animated Series & Batman Beyond are 3 of my favorite animated TV shows from my childhood the characters are amazing, the fight scenes are memorable and the acting also directing is good. But what i loved the most were those Opening Credits when you see the Spider and you hear that Spider-man Theme Song i mean that was it the show dragged you inside the world of Peter Parker and his adventures as Spiderman. This is definitely a show that you need to check out because it truly shows respect to the character of Spidey and the villains he had to fight. Final Rating i give it a 10/10 and an A+ for sure!!!
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Greatest Animated Spider-Man Series!
btimmfan23 September 2015
This is the best Spider-Man animated series ever made. It is also one of the best superhero animated series ever. The story arcs were epic and unpredictable, Spider-Man had the perfect personality and voice in Christopher Daniel Barnes, and nearly every major character in the Spider- Man mythos made an appearance. Also, the majority of the character designs were great to look at and had a very realistic look to them.

It is not a perfect show. There was a lot of reused animation (scene cuts from previous episodes reused in later episodes). Sometimes it would fit and look alright, and other times it was pretty obvious. Also, even though some things were toned down for being a children's show, I never got the feeling or impression that anything was lacking (even in later viewings as an adult). Anyway, I seriously doubt there will ever be another Spider-Man show that comes close to the quality of this one. This IS Spider-Man.
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best cartoon ever.
whofandom23 April 2015
I love this series, I loved it as a child and I finished re-watching now and it still holds up. This version of Spider-man is by far the best, it takes everything from the comics and brings it to reality, the action is great and the dialog is even better with it's superb cast of voice actors that bring characters like Spider-man all the way down to the spot to life in such an amazing way, if you are a fan of Spider-Man then I guarantee you that you will love it and miss it once it's done. The only gripes i have with the series is the digital animation but to be honest it didn't bother me and all superhero cartoons have bad digital animation at least once or twice.From the characters to the stories it can make you cheer and make you tear that's why I'm giving it an 10/10.
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An excellent Cartoon, my very favorite.
Sabbather13 September 2013
This show has been a significant part of my childhood, as it has been probably for most of the 90s kids.

I like the beginning 2-3 seasons more than the rest, maybe because after a few seasons, they went too Sci-Fi.

Speaking for only myself, this show has been so much more intriguing, attractive, interesting, emotional and educational, than any other cartoon I've ever watched, including X-Men, even though that one's got 0.5 more weighted ranking, than this one.

Any superhero is smart, strong or both of them combined, but the most special thing about Peter Parker was his famous opinion, about what it actually meant to be in power (With great power, comes great responsibility), oh and I almost forgot, his humor was magnificent.

There's no single part I actually dislike about this cartoon, except the fact, that they never exactly ended the story in a respectful manner.
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Great adaptation for the famous Spider-man!
CSGarfield14 April 2005
Spiderman has many cartoons throughout the years, and this is among the best ones made. I've also like this along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and perhaps also X-Men once I've seen more of it, and many other action shows with some good amounts of comedy. Luckily this is on the Family Channel for the weekends and even on Toon Disney during the Jetix block, which will later have Fantastic Four and The Tick.

So if you can find this series of the world's most famous wall-crawler/web-slinger, go ahead and watch it! Hopefully this will satisfy any Spiderman fan or anyone else of the other audiences. Catch it on Jetix!
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An intact representation of one of my childhood heroes
Nick Scheetz22 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably by far the best cartoon to represent the early Spider-Man universe, while it may not be as good as Spectacular Spider-Man it definitely deserved its applause it got. Although first lets talk about what falls flat: 1. instead of focusing on Spidey's personal life as Peter Parker and how it clashes with him being a superhero, the focus goes toward a new villain being introduced, or a crossover between the web-head and another superhero. 2. The pacing is s--t, it throws so many new concepts at you with such frequency, you don't have time to digest it all. 3. (This is a nitpick it doesn't affect the story and show as a whole) The HobGoblin is introduced before the Green Goblin and in the comics it's supposed to be the other way around 4. Every time a villain does something bad Spider-Man is the first person they blame for it, they clearly seem too dumb to live. 4. Mary-Jane Watson's Aunt Anna is by far the most annoying character in the show, every single scene she's in has her insulting Peter, literally every scene she's in, she will never ever say anything good about Peter, she's even insulted her in front of Mary- Jane and Aunt May, how is it that J. Jonah Jameson, Peter's boss, can create the Scorpion to kill him not knowing he's Spider-Man, run several campaigns against him, put a bounty on his head twice, and still be more likable than Anna Watson? 5. the voice direction and dialogue is lame, everyone over-enunciates, points out the obvious, and states what they're gonna do out loud before doing it. For example, Spider-Man always has an inner monologue in every episode that never stops, when half of what he's babbling about could be established visually, if Samurai Jack and Batman: the animated series could do it so could this. OK on to the good stuff 1. The show knows how to stay true to the original stories from the comics while also adding some new and unique twists to them. 2. Even though Spider-Man's mono-logging is annoying they make up for that by giving him some very funny one-liners, in fact Spider-Man was lucky enough to have all the best dialogue compared to everyone else. 3. Jameson happens to also be very funny to listen to, him and his clever insults towards the web head are one of the many highlights. 4. The theme song is great, the lyrics are trash but the instrumental part rules, just listen to those awesome guitar riffs and you'll see what I mean, and that's my review for Spider-Man: the animated series, yes there are major issues with it but the stuff that's good is really good so get together with your fellow Spidey fans and give it a watch
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Great Show, regardless of bad animation in spots
AndytheDirector2 July 2003
Alot of people complain about the animation in this show. While it was rather poor in spots, it had some good CGI backgrounds of cityscapes, which looked neat. And then there's the story: AWESOME!! So what is the animation is spotty, people read Lord of the Rings even if the edition is 25 years old, water stained, and smells of dank basement. I loved the stories about Venom, they showed real moral dilemmas. It was on par with the spectacular X-Men show of about the same time. Fox should put a definitive DVD collection out of this, X-Men, and maybe EEEKstravaganza.
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Best Spidey Ever!
Jesper Brun31 July 2017
I have watched a lot of animated renditions of Spider-Man and this is the only one which still holds up to this day. The Spectacular Spider- Man (2008), which is a great show too, captures a lot of this show's strengths, but not all of them. The voice acting, the animation, the characters, everything is well executed. Perhaps you can point out some flaws yourself, but I can't find any. Okay, honestly, the frequently occurring CG backgrounds can be distracting at times, but aside from that nothing sticks out.
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The show that got me into comics
Zackery Burgess18 July 2011
This is the first superhero cartoon I ever watched and I will always remember it. As I mentioned in my Justice League review when I was a kid I was into superheroes. This is what got me into. This was the reason I am a comic book fan. It introduced me not just to Spider-man,Mary Jane, Aunt May and other characters, but it introduced me to Spider-Man's rogues gallery. Villains such as Doc Ock,Mysterio,Shocker,Rhino,and the Green Goblin would be part of my childhood. When my friends and I would play Spider-man I would always be the villains and since no one else wanted to be the villain I had to pretend I was all of them and it was fun! The show also did a good job of introducing other superheroes like Blade,Dr.Strange,and the Punisher. Overall this is a classic. Even though I was only a baby when show was still going on, I saw re runs of the show which was a big impact on my childhood. And made me into the person and I am to say. All I have to say is with power comes great responsibility.
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This show takes Spiderman to a new level.
In spite of the fact that this is an animated series of Spiderman, both the characters and the plots are quite adult in their development. As a result, I would say this series is more suitable for teenagers aged over 14. We have a series which explores the Peter Parker/Spiderman character, along with his cultivating various relationships and friendships. These include the likes of Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson amongst others. We are also witness to Spiderman confiding in himself, over the various trials and tribulations of being a superhero - just like in the comics. We have a good idea of how lonely an existence it can be, having the life of a superhero. During this series, he tends to take some time out from crime-fighting so he can have some solitary time. There is a whole gallery of villains to enjoy: The Green Goblin, The Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Shocker, Rhino, Mysterio, Venom, Carnage, The Hob Goblin and others. My favourite encounters that Spiderman has, are the ones against The Green Goblin and The Kingpin. There are also a few superheroes to be seen: Daredevil, Doctor Strange, The Punisher and Iron Man. It is great to see Spidey team up with them. Lasting a total of five seasons, "Spiderman" became immensely popular and easily rivalled the success of "The X Men" show that was being made at the same time.
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Better then any kid show that is on today....
Angelus213 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I remember waking up early to watch this show. Looking back it had some of the best story lines and a great voice cast, the characters and story lines were true to the comics; I grew up watching all the Marvel animated shows and this could easily rip apart all the other rubbish shows that are aired today.

I absolutely loved the theme song and the 'spidey sense' was so cool;the action sequences were very entertaining. This show however was different to the other 90's Marvel shows, it had guest appearances from every heron in the marvel universe. For those who don't want to read the comics to find out about the characters; just watch this show; the best episode is probably the Captain America episodes it has great character development; the voice actors do a fine job.

My first exposure to Spiderman, great times.
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Started off good, but kept losing its way and trying to find its way back
DarthBill7 February 2004
This show started off good in its first season, even if it did take liberties to introduce Venom so early on. The 2nd season was a bit of a mess as Spider-Man/Peter Parker fought with a pesky mutation that turned out quite lethal before curing himself and THEN took the liberty of introducing Madam Web as a kind of female Obi-Wan to pester Spider-Man about this big destiny he had ahead of him. The 3rd season was okay except for that device that could transport people through alternate dimensions. After a while you'd have a few bright episodes here and there and then none at all, as they tried to do their own variation on the clone storyline. Spidey himself actually got pretty annoying after a while as the show became increasingly redundant with Spidey quitting every episode or every other episode, only to realize that he was being selfish and tried to go back on course. Christopher Daniel Barnes did a decent job of making Spidey a wisecracker and loveable underdog, but whenever Spidey had to give a speech or started whining about his Aunt May or Mary Jane, I wanted to smack him. The other voice actors were okay. Particularly worthy of note Neil Ross as Norman Osborne/the Green Goblin, Mark Hamill doing his Joker routine on the Hobgoblin and the guy who voiced J. Jonah Jameson.

When Spidey got married and found out that the gal he thought was Mary Jane was actually a clone, the wheels most definitely fell of the wagon. Now the show is only of interest for guest spots for Captain America, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, the X-Men, the Punisher, Daredevil, and the Fantastic Four. Trying to make the secret wars Spider-Man centered was not a good idea, only leading to an anti-climatic ending that left you hanging/hoping he would find MJ.

The animation was pretty decent, even though it was obvious that they were reusing the same shots of Spidey swinging through the city. The show was never very violent though, as Spidey never really got physical with his enemies except for the occasional kick to the chest.

Here's hoping one day they'll give it a better treatment.
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ronin-590341 June 2018
Love this adaptation of the spiderman cartoon in general considering the fact that im a 90s kid it has so much lore to it and stays to true the comics.
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I take back everything I said on my previous review
DCfan7 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Back in October I reviewed this title and gave it a 5 then later on I watched the entire series then gave it a 7.

But recently I have been debating on whether if this show is really that bad after overseeing and guess what. This show, Ultimate Spider-Man and The new Spider-Man cartoon are easily the best shows. I do like Spectacular Spider-Man but I don't think it is as good as the ones I have mentioned above.

All though Season 4 was a massive disappointment because of the whole Mary Jane is a water clone thing I don't know how cartoon or anime logic works but I am pretty sure if she was a water clone Peter would known the difference for example her body temperature would have felt like a hot water bottle and she would have been more heavier than an average human. However The Six Forgotten Warriors arc and The Secret Wars arc was good. But in my opinion the show should have ended after the episode The Wedding because that episode felt more like an ending then the I really really hate clones part 2 episode because Madam Web promise Spider-Man that they will Mary Jane. But the show was left unresolved because we don't see him actually find Mary Jane.

If they were going to make a season 4 they should have also made season 5 where we would be introduced to Peter's parents, Gwen Stacy, Sandman, more of the other marvel characters like Iron Man's team from his series (Spider-Woman, Hawkeye and the other characters), Ghost Rider, etc. We could have even seen Black Cat and Spider-Man reveal their identities to each other.

But no Marvel threw all of that away for that abomination Spider-Man Unlimited.

However what was stupid was that Electro is Red Skull's son, Herbert England was a ripoff of Two Face, this version of Mary Jane was annoying (to the point where she was dead weight and Ptere should have married Falica instead) and they killed off Mysterio because he was in love with an actress. Also the Madame Web/Anna Watson moments were annoying as well.

But the Sinister Six, the venom and carnage and the hobgoblin episodes were good.

The art style, voice actors, stories were good.

Overall I would recomand this show if you are a hardcore Spider-Man fan.
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A fun show...just don't take it too seriously
telcontar32814 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Until I saw Spider-Man 2 in 2004, I knew nothing about Marvel superheroes. Period. So, I saw Spider-Man 2, then I read the first five or ten years of Spider-Man comics (in B&W), then I saw Spider-Man: The Animated Series. So I knew the backstories of all Stan's characters, but not much about Venom, Hobgoblin or anyone else from the later timeframe.

From that point of view, here's my take on the show:

1. A lot of reviews on here complain about the censorship. This was not the writers' fault, and I don't find it annoying. Sure, whenever anybody wanted to say "kill" they said "destroy" instead, but they didn't say either one often enough to bug me. And the laser guns, though totally unbelievable in modern-day New York, didn't bother me because this is a New York where people walk on walls, J. Jonah Jameson has a TV show, and there's a giant invisible Heli-carrier suspended above the city.

2. The animation was very cheaply done. I noticed particularly in the two-part X-Men crossover, Beast starts out about a foot taller than Wolverine and ends up about a foot shorter. And they re-used their explosion footage till you'd think it would wear out. And I can't stand to look at Captain America's face in the "Secret Wars"--he looks sort of like a plush toy. But most of the villains look terrific; just compare this Venom and the Spider-Man 3 movie Venom, for example.

3. The scripting varied widely. For the most part, it was okay to great, but there were spots where it was just wince-producing. For example, I loved how Venom sacrificed himself to save the world (and his girlfriend), but the girlfriend sounding off about it afterwards--yeesh! That said, Venom himself was scripted much better (I thought) than in Spider-Man 3, with the same totally irrational sense of humor he had in the comics.

4. The voicecasting--wow. I'll just review some of the voices individually. Hobgoblin... This was the first time I'd ever heard Mark Hamill, and he was terrific! My whole family agrees that the Hobgoblin is much cooler than the Joker, mainly due to his voice (and scripting). Aunt Anna Watson... Majel Barrett-Roddenberry was totally perfect. As Star Trek: TOS fans, we think of her as Nurse Chapel rather than Lwaxana Troi, and when we found out who'd voiced Anna Watson we were all like, "My gosh, she's perfect!" Dr. Octopus... He sounds so German, and so Octopussy, it's hard to believe Efrem Zimbalist Jr. has been Batman's butler for years. Venom... This was the first Venom I ever saw or heard, my standard of comparison. The Eddie Brock voice got a little whiny at times, but Venom with that double echo was amazing--even if he never did get to say "spleen".

5. The story lines, while they were never taken directly from the comics, were usually interesting re-interpretations of comic-book story lines that respected the characters and their motivations. Granted, making Electro the Red Skull's son was completely off-the-wall, even if they were in a hurry to get into the whole Secret Wars/Spider Wars thing before they got canceled. But the "Make a Wish" two-parter--based on two comic-book stories, "The Boy Who Collects Spider-Man" and the storyline where an amnesiac Spider-Man teamed with Doc Ock--was a really terrific use of both ideas and neatly overcame the difficulty of putting supervillain fights in a kid-with-cancer story. (Not to mention, Mousie the cab driver was hilarious!)

On the whole, I've enjoyed this show, even if I find it advisable to shut my eyes in some places due to the sheer badness of the animation. I'd recommend it as an introduction to Spider-Man, with the caveat that you'd better check your facts against a Guide to the Marvel Universe before using them in any fan-fic or anything; I'd also recommend it for little boys who are not yet bored of explosions, and for people (like my mom) who are more interested in Peter and MJ's relationship than in fight scenes.

So, if you're only interested in good guys beating up bad guys, go watch a Bruce Timm show. If you're looking for high-end animation, try "The Incredibles." But if you want a fun, family-friendly show about the problems of a teenage science nerd who happens to walk on walls and get beat up by hi-tech lunatics... this is the show you've been looking for.
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One of my favorite cartoon action shows!
SonicStuart21 May 2004
I thought this show was a really good show because Spider-Man is one of my favorite Marvel comic book superheroes and I liked his powers! I remember that me and my sister would watch the reruns of this show when it came on after the Disney Afternoon and then on Fox Kids Weekday Afternoon Block Schedule and when this show aired episodes on Fox Kids Saturday Mornings that were new back when this show was showing new episodes. This show is based on the Spider-Man comic books where photographer, Peter Parker who is also a former high school student who is really Spider-Man that fights web-slinging crime on the streets of New York City! I can't believe this show was canceled right before Spider-Man can start the search for Mary-Jane. My favorite Spider-Man villains are Venom, Shocker, Dr. Octopus, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, Carnage, Kraven the Hunter and The Lizard. Plus the voice acting for this show is very good like Edward Asner who plays the voice of J. Jonah Jameson does a excellent job at providing the voice of J. Jonah Jameson! Plus Edward Asner is a Kansas City native like me! Another thing I liked about this show was that it had great animation along with the computer animation and other of Marvel's famous superheroes make appearances in a few episodes like the X-Men, Daredevil, Captain America, The Fantastic Four and Iron Man. I don't think the Incredible Hulk make an appearance in this cartoon. Plus I also think that Mary-Jane and Black Cat are hot!

User Rating: 8/10

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