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  • The writer had originally planned to have Spiderman follow Madam Web inside portal to a place with the appearance of England. Mary-Jane, having no memory of her past life, was located there, as well as Carnage, who took the role of the infamous "Jack the Ripper." But, due to Fox's poor judgment, they decided to drop the idea, and create the failure of a series "Spiderman Unlimited."

  • While this animated series is generally regarded as being pretty close to the comics, a few major changes were made:

    *One major change is the removal of nearly every reference to radioactivity - in the comics it is a bite from a radioactive spider that causes Peter's transformation into Spider-Man. Nearly every reference to radioactivity is replaced with references to a fictional science called "Neogenics." This includes the spider whose bite causes the transformation, though ironically, Joe Perry's theme song uses the lyric "Radioactive Spider-Man."

    *Most of the changes made to the story were to make it appropriate for younger audiences. As a result, some of the more mature, darker themes of the comics were toned down. For instance, a story arc in the 70s comics involved Harry Osborn becoming addicted to drugs - obviously not the most appropriate fare for a children's animated series. Other similar changes include altering the character of Morbius so he wouldn't suck people's blood in a traditional manner, changing Carnage to suck people's life energy rather than straight-up murdering, and removing nearly all uses of words like "kill" and "die."

    *Many character origins were changed. For instance, in the comics the character of The Prowler was a window-washer who used inventions he made for window-washing purposes to wreak havoc, while in the TV show he used a stealth battle suit invented by the Kingpin (although the appearance of the character's suit was virtually identical in both incarnations.) Other key changes were made to the Kingpin - in the comics he was more-or-less a mafia boss and nothing more, while the TV series gives him a ton of technology and pretty much makes him the main villain.

  • Joe Perry, best known as the guitar player from classic rock band Aerosmith. Coincidentally, after this show ended, Aerosmith covered the theme to the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon series for the 2002 film.

    This is hinted at in joke form in one of the early episodes. After Spider-Man has acquired the Black Suit (episodes 8-10 of season one), he tries out the shape shifting abilities of the suit while sticking on the side of a building. First, he tries his conventional "Peter Parker" look and then he says, "No, wait, how about that guy from Aerosmith?" and as his wardrobe changes, we hear a quick refrain of the theme song.


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