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An Absolutely Hilarious Anime Classic.
Crunkenstein22 August 2001
The Slayers: The simply HILARIOUS adventures of 4 typical fantasy (almost right out of Dungeons & Dragons) characters, but each has some frightening physical/personality "difference." Of course, this equals fun and laughter.

Lina Inverse, the main character, is a fiery red-head sorceress whose one goal in life is to run around the world destroying just about everything in her way so she can have LOTS of money, and get cool stuff.

Gourry Gabriev, her sidekick, is a blond-haired "warrior" type guy who just happens to have no intelligence at all. He means well, but he's just plain stupid.

Zelgadis, the "serious type," is a sorcerer that happens to have his body gnarled into that of a golem. His skin, hair, etc...all made of bluish-green metal and stone.

Amelia begs her own category: a dark-haired "Justice Freak" whose obsession with Heroes and Justice is...well...disturbing.

The four journey about, and nothing but the most bizarre, clever obstacles stand in their way: Being forced to act in a bad play, Lina's forced making-out with a fish, Gourry always changing the subject to the flatness of Lina's chest, or even fighting the Devil himself, the four have it rough.

For the best viewing, it's recommended to watch the show in Japanese, because the voice actors have professional training (it's like actual on-screen acting there), and thus portray their characters PERFECTLY. The English dubbing is O.K., but it's just a good idea to watch it in the original language, because it's meant to be that way.
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"Lina... could you consider MY feelings a little next time?"
DarthBill17 August 2004
Probably the best of the three "Slayers" TV seasons, this one has Lina Inverse, the short, scrawny, bad tempered, feisty red haired sorceress with an unquenchable appetite, Gourry Gabriev, her big blond idiot swordsman friend, Zelgadis the cranky man of stone, and bouncy, justice loving princess Amelia going out on a quest to find a legendary book called the Claire Bible, hoping that it can save the world from a threat from the demonic monsters who wish to destroy our lovely little world. Along the way they are dogged by the mysterious (and obnoxious) Xellos, the obsessive Princess Martina who wants to destroy Lina because Lina blew up her home town, and once again they are eventually joined by Sylphiel, Gourry's fan-girl like admirer.

Better animation than the first season and far less obnoxious and self-righteous than the ensuing "TRY", "NEXT" comes closest to balancing the nuances of the characters with lots of slapstick humor and drama. The English dub track is actually pretty decent (and keeps closer to the original Japanese dialogue than most English dubs) with Lisa Ortiz (Lina), Eric Stuart (Gourry), Crispin Freeman (Zelgadis) and Veronica Taylor (Amelia) giving their all, but what would essentially be one of the better English dubs is ruined by the crucial casting error of David Moo as Xellos. I don't know what the casting people were thinking, but David Moo is badly miscast as Xellos, making the character sound most annoying, borderline stereotypical nerd, when he should sound smooth and slick; unless the original and proper Japanese interpretation of Xellos IS an annoying little nerd.

But for those of you who don't listen to the English dub, it's all good. Favorite moments include the oxy-moronic attacks of Amelia's dad Prince Philionel of Seyruun and Gourry being turned evil and unleashed against the other characters. Lina's unexpected attraction to Gourry is also funny along with nice opening and closing theme songs.

LINA: "Just how long do you plan on protecting me?"

GOURRY: "I dunno... the rest of my life?"

LINA hing & incredulous]: "The rest of your...?"
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Nonstop laugh riot
Dot-chan29 January 2000
To paraphrase the introduction on the video box: "In ancient times, stories abounded of brave warriors performing heroic deeds...this is not one of them." :)

Slayers makes fun of not only RPG/D&D anime, but everything else--including the kitchen sink. Jokes, gags, and rampant violence aside, though, this story also has quite a bit of drama and character development.

Personally, I felt that the subbed version was much better--Megumi Hayashibara is perfect as the cute but slightly underdeveloped (but don't say that to her face :) Lina Inverse.

Definitely a series worth watching.
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"Light come forth!!!"
SoulfulFX28 December 2003
While I would not consider this the greatest anime of all times, it sure is a fine series.

Lina's magic, Gourry's swordsmanship (not his brains), Zelgadis's cool head, and Amelia's hyper-active sense of Justice make this a fun cast of characters to follow on their adventures.

Anyone who likes magical characters, goofy quests, or red-headed heroes will like this series.
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A very amusing and fun series.
moussegirl1 May 2002
Slayers Next shows you that maybe sequels can be better than the originals. The series of Slayers gave us a not-so-typical leading female and continued to add more amusing characters. Slayers Next throws us a couple more fun characters and an interesting and fun storyline.
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Get Along, Try Again
SoulfulFX27 January 2004
While not quite as good as Slayers Next, Try does seem to have a slightly more serious undertone in the story line than the previous two Slayers seasons. There are still lots of comedy moments, but nothing quite like what Next or the first season pulled.

Try seems to have more of a moral story to it than the other two, and that may make it seem bogged down at times compared to Next, but if it is watched in the context of having seen the other two series, understanding those first two seasons will make Try more accessible.
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Go to Next, and then Again
SoulfulFX27 January 2004
Of the three Slayers series, this perhaps is the best. The comedy moments, the action moments -especially Lina and the Lord of Nightmares-, and the story in general are all great.

There are no shortage of times where the characters get chances for embarrassing moments but come right back with an awesome fight scene.

Next can be a stand-alone season, but some parts of it viewers may not understand unless they've seen Slayers.
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So, what happens NEXT?
SSJAniFan24 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Contains some spoilers

I haven't seen the original series/season, but I was able to catch two of the episodes of Next on the International Channel, and they interested me. After I earned enough, I bought the Slayers Next DVD box set.... and believe me, it's great.

The main plot for this season is Lina and co. are reunited when annoying whiner Martina and her father capture Amelia during some negotiations. Let's just say that Martina and her pop's plans soon fall apart. Afterwards, Lina learns Zelgadis is searching for the Claire Bible, so they team up to search for it. Martina, who wants revenge, but can't honestly think of a plot to really threaten them, follows. They meet Xellos, who is also searching for his own reasons, and form a somewhat uneasy alliance with him. And things just go more crazy from there.

When they're not searching for the Claire Bible they're fighting evil monsters and stuff, in some stories that can take up to seven episodes. The great blend of action and humor make this a must-see. While some stories are more focused on humor(the one where they try to cook a dragon is HILARIOUS), some are a bit more serious(like when Hellmaster kidnaps Gourry).

The animation is great, the music is great, and the voices are great... well the Japanese ones anyway. The English dub is okay, at best, and though some of the voices are somewhat tolerable, some, like Xellos, really get on my nerves. Only watch the English dub if that's the only format you're able to get your hands on.

BOTTOM LINE: If you get the International Channel, watch it. If you see ANY of the old videos, get them. If you have enough cash, buy the DVD box set. Just see this series, or you will be missing out on something great. P.S., Cartoon Network, if you're reading, add this to Adult Swim!!!
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Auryn-422 March 2001
This is... beyond words! I was pretty impressed with the 1st series, but this one outdoes it in every aspect. We've got more chemistry between the characters, more powerful badguys, better animation and even funnier jokes. And best of all: the mysterious priest, Xellos! I absolutely adore that guy! "Sore wa himitsu desu. ^_^" He's so evil and sadistic, while at the same time handsome and charming with a classy style. Every time he opens his eyes it makes me shiver... they have really managed to caputure his age, wisdom and wickedness in that glance.

And the finale of the series! WOW! It really had me on the edge of my seat, heart pounding the whole time.

See this... you won't regret it!

Just one piece of advice though: see the subbed version! The english dub absolutely SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS and doesn't at all manage to capture the charm the japanese voice actors created.

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One of the best anime series..ever!
I was actually -forced- to watch Slayers at first, but I fell in love with it and have rented the entire series at least four times. I've memorized most of it and have even dedicated a website to it. Zelgadiss is one of my favorite all-time anime characters, and I love Crispan Freeman's voice. The sub are okay, but I love the dubbed versions, Eric Stuart is perfect for Gourry, I think.. If you do get the dubbed versions, watch out.. Ameria/Amelia's dubbed voice at first is horribly, terribly, nails-on-the-chalkboard annoying....
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Good, but not "Next"
Auryn-422 March 2001
While I enjoyed this series, I found it to be a little anti-climatic when seen after "next" and still having that series fresh in mind. In "Try", the plot is more complicated (I got totally lost at times), the filler-episodes are somewhat less good than the previous fillers, and I was very disappointed in that Lina cast the Giga-Slave after what happened last time. There was no chemistry between Lina and Gourry this time =( , but on the other hand, Amelia is starting to get hooked on someone (hehe...). Also, I totally adored the interaction between Filia and Xellos. And I loved Valgaav! He had that sad, pained air about him that just makes me want to be on his side instead...

But what's up with no Drag-queen episode? ;-) I missed that. Would have loved to see Zelgadis in drag again... ;-) The closest they got in "try" was dressing Gourry up as a mermaid to make a virgin sacrifice out of him for a dragon.

See it!

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The greatest anime I know!
E102y31 October 2000
"Where monsters rampage, I'm there to take them down! Where treasure glitters, I'm there to claim it! Where an enemy rises to face me, victory will be mine!"

And with those words from Lina Inverse, we enter the world of Slayers.

I'm only new to Slayers, having seen the Motion Picture and the Special OVAs. However, the TV series is pure excellence.

The dubbed versions are pretty good, with Lisa Ortiz as Lina, Eric Stuart as Gourry, Daniel Cronin and Crispin Freeman as Zelgadis, Joani Baker as Amelia and Stacia Crawford as Sylphiel.

The subbed version is cool, with Megumi Hayashibara as Lina. She's great.

On the whole, this is one of the best anime shows I know, and I strongly suggest it to anyone who's interested. I can't wait to see Slayers NEXT.
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Dragons, spells, and comedy!
slayersmartina4 March 2004
Slayers Next is a follow-up to the popular Slayers series. It follows the loud and brass sorceress Lina Inverse and her not-so-smart but muscular sidekick Gourry on another adventure. Lina and Gourry meet back up with familiar characters, Amelia and Zelgadis, and the newly introduced Martina. Our heroes also encounter the new villains Gavv and Hellmaster, giving them new challenges to overcome - and giving Lina a chance to learn spells not yet seen in the first series. The voices are great as usual. Most of the original cast from the English version of Slayers has returned. Or if you prefer the subtitled version, you'll most likely be familiar with popular Japanese voice actress Megumi Hayashibara lending her talents to Lina Inverse once more. I highly enjoyed this series, even more so than the original or the follow-up to this one, Slayers Try. Slayers Next is a hilarious adventure with a great deal of heart.
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Keeps getting better!
S. J. Lewis10 April 2001
"Slayers" was the funniest anime series I'd ever watched...then I saw "Slayers Next". The series just kept getting better, especially with the introduction of Xellos, a character whose motives, means and intentions are always in doubt until the last minute. He makes an excellent addition to the funny, familiar team of Lina, Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadis.
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Hilarious Sequel to the original!
Valgarv12 June 1999
Anime fans who have enjoyed the first series of Slayers will not be disappointed with it's hilarious sequel! It is the best in which I give it a 10. For those who have not seen the first series, the story stands on it's own so don't worry. I highly recommend people who are new to Anime to go and pick this title up as a must see!
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Almost Died Laughing!
SPJunkie4 August 1998
The greatest Anime ever to come out of Japan. If you're looking for something serious go elsewhere. This is non-stop comedy at it's finest. A 10 out of 10! A must see for anyone who loves Anime. Get the dubbed versions over the subtitled. The American voices are better than the Japanese original.
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Dead-set hilarious stuff!
JohnnyJohnHildegaard20 June 2000
This is my first introduction to the Slayers series, and believe me, it has been great. The series is outstanding in quality and fun. Action easily blends in with slapstick anime style comedy with many interesting things in between. In some terms, this series uses action as comedy. There's nothing more hilarious as blowing up stuff for the heck of it and laughing at it in between. I love the English dub and the Japanese dub the same way and I suggest you buy this series even if you haven't seen the original.
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My recommendation is...
marumari8 November 1999
Rent or buy this anime! Especially if you are a fantasy/comedy fan! However, be sure to get the subtitled tapes, as I found the English voices to be highly annoying. Whereas the subtitled ones feature Megumi Hayashibara, one of Japan's most famous voice artists / pop singers.

Mina Inerz
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Could this get any funnier?
JayKeith13 August 1999
If you want to laugh out loud then quickly picked this and the original Slayers series up. There isn't a moment where it gets boring. In fact it gets funnier as the show progresses. The movies Slayers Perfect, Return, and Great are also as hilarious as the TV shows. See this now.
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memoemoelmo5 November 2004
Lina Inverse is basically a "little girl" and The Slayers is an anime even not-so-serious anime fans would like. I love it. Mix up Amelia and her annoying justice gig along with Gourry and his true blonde stupidity sprinkled with a ferocious and easily angered Lina and pour in a cup of Zelgadis who is a determined guy, and you pretty much end up with a riot. There are plenty of unexpected twists in this show that make it entertaining. The middle-ages / magic background makes it something filled with action and adventure. Although it's not all laughs, it is pretty funny.
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It's awesome ! Love it !
dira*^^*1 January 2000
Another adventure yet for Lina, Gourry, Zelgadiss & Amelia ! This is the best Slayers episode yet ! It's twisted, full of evil things, new enchanting characters, cool plot. yup, definitely a must see. It's related to the other two series and this one is the best in my POV. I love the new characters and also old ones. It's gruesome and sad at the same time...anyway, it you're a fan of Slayers, don't miss this !
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Kept me laughing for hours
BabyKosh30 October 2000
It takes a lot to get an emotional reaction out of me when I watch something alone. This is one of the few things which makes me burst. Non stop fun which keeps me enthralled for hours as I roll all over the floor.
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DarthBill9 April 2003
A real insult to anime. After "NEXT" this was just more of the same but without the same charm and spunk, regardless of whether you're watching it dubbed or in the original Japanese language. Lina still has fire and an erratically whimsical nature, but she has lost much of the girlish charm that made her a winner with the audience in the first place. Here, she's just an annoying, spoiled, selfish, and self-righteous little bitch. Gourry, after his swan song moment at the end of "NEXT", has little or nothing to do here except standing around, looking befuddled, and saying or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time (and how could he give up the Sword of Light like that, after all he's been through?). Amelia is still Amelia, thank goodness, but Zelgadis... well, he's lost something. Filia was okay, but I never really liked Xellos. And after a while, I found I couldn't even like the bad guys. This is like the M*A*S*H of anime, and not in a good way. This season is so self-righteous and full of itself and its own bloated message of tolerance that it's more annoying than fun.
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Why does everyone like Lina so much?
pinkarray8 March 2017
I saw the first episode of this and I thought it was quite one of the most mediocre anime I've seen next to Serial Experiments Lain. The character of Lina had such a bad temper that I couldn't stand her. Which is unfortunate because she seems to have a hidden heart but there is not enough moments for her to show her sweet side in order for me to care. She seems to have no hidden backstory to explain her behavior, she just seems to be the opposite of my much sweeter friend of the same age, Amy. Lina is just not likable!

Lina curses, shows aggressive and combative behavior which I would never have been fond of, not even as a child. I don't know if this is true, but I've never even seen her show redemption nor consequences for her behavior. If I was with her, I would slap some sense into her.

"But she's a teenager!" No. Do not make that excuse! I know some much sweeter teenagers around her age that has never shown such aggressive behavior nor say bad words. They are very sweet and laid-back! If you think Lina's likable, look at characters such as Cecily King from Avonlea, I swear to God, they are easier to care for!
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Awesome old anime
Angels_Review13 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This episode keeps the same feeling as the one before with a little extra comedy in it. Comedy brought on by the ex-princess Martina. She's supposed to be the protagonist but shes more of a comedic relief that I think was put in when people wanted Naga back. Her outfit is slightly less scandalous then that of Naga but it's got the same sort of feeling. I always wonder how the hell those types of clothing stay on a character when her body is always moving around the way it does. Anyway, she is completely out of control, even to the point that she orders her father around. How the hell a princess becomes a spoiled little brat I… OK, never mind. I answered my own question.

It is here that you sort of learn more about who's side Zelgadis bats for. I have to admit that when I said he was chaotic good in my last review of the first series, I was a little wrong. I believe him to be chaotic natural rather then good. This is because he goes to whatever side he thinks he has more of a chance to get his body back to normal, a feat that always seems to screw up in the end. We also have the normal Lina, Gourry and Amelia as in the last season.

Some of the stuff does seem repetitive, Evil guy wants to take over the world and what not, but there is enough that doesn't repeat itself that kept me interested. I loved when Xellos ended up showing up out of no where with no reason except for him to get some screen time and give a little more comedy! Next to Zelgadis, Xellos is one of my favorite characters! Now I should also bring up the character Xellos. It is unclear a lot of times weather he is on the side of good or the side of evil but one thing is clear, he is chaotic in nature. Everything he seems to do is to make chaos in the world. He also seems to be rather interested in Lina in somewhat of a romantic way.

The artwork keeps the same feeling as the first one, showing all our favorite characters in rather interesting predicaments although there are times that the art style looks like the animators got a little bored.

We have the same voices as what they had before, including Crispin Freeman as the voice of Zelgadis. No one else's voice changed lucky for us and so we don't have to worry about the same problems that would arise like say… in Pokemon where we hear the cute little boy's voice change into a crazy puberty voice. David Moo did a rather splendid job catching the witty voice of Xellos, keeping him playful and charming without destroying his overall intention to his voice. After the voice actors got down the personalities of there characters in the first series, they kept that going throughout the next and kept it as fun as it ever was.
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