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Sex & Nudity

  • Most of the nudity is not detailed. However, later releases saw a "Director's Cut" version of certain episodes. This version added nipples to certain nude characters. Genitalia were still left not shown.
  • A teen girl is in love with an older man (her guardian) and sometimes makes subtle sexual advances to him, which he always declines.
  • An offscreen sex scene where we hear several moans. We see the man and woman before and after they do the deed shortly (a couple of brief shoulder-up shots and their arms locking).
  • Three characters (one boy, two girls) walk naked into their robots shortly due to an experiment.
  • A sort of aquarium containing naked girls is seen momentarily, nudity is not detailed or sexual. There is some more nudity of a similar nature in the series.
  • A girl floats naked in a tube shortly, mostly censored by metal rods.
  • A timid boy accidentally falls on a towel-clad girl, and his hand ends up on one of her breasts (brief) while she is nude (we only see arms and legs shortly). She then stands up and dresses herself, so we see her back shortly.
  • A man forcefully kisses and gropes a woman in an elevator in a short scene.
  • A boy is implied to have a morning wood, and gets discovered by a girl.
  • Female characters appear nude during the intro.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman briefly chokes a young girl, but then regretting her decision, commits suicide by jumping off a ledge. The act is not seen, but plenty of blood and a crime scene outline of her body are seen.
  • Most of the early episodes are less bloody, but the later ones can get pretty graphic.
  • An Eva is shot through the face with an Angel's weapon, spraying massive amounts of blood.
  • An Angel's face is destroyed by a punch from a berserk Eva, briefly splattering blood everywhere. Blood is then shown on the surroundings.
  • An Eva attacks another Eva, bloodily crushing it's head and tearing out it's internal organs and eating them. We see the intestines fly out, as well as the crushed brain matter and eyeball of the Eva.
  • Blood gushes out and rains down after an orb-shaped Angel is killed. An essentially dead Angel is also eaten by a berserk Eva (mostly offscreen), we briefly see it tearing out a fleshy chunk.
  • The metal limbs of Evas are occasionally ripped off, with blood spraying out.
  • Due to their synchronization, the early teenage Eva pilots feel pain from all the battle violence, including burns, losing body parts, etc. There a few instances of them being injured afterwards from unexpectedly bad runs.
  • A few dead people have some blood splatter surrounding them from a gunshot wound or two. Conventional human violence is fairly rare.


  • Occasional uses of 'bastard', 'damn', 'goddamn', and 'hell' in the subtitles. 'Bitch' is used more rarely. There is a single use of 'Fuck'
  • The dub has around the same amount of profanity, though with the occasionally added use of "shit". Asuka, a main character, will often say "scheisse", the German equivalent to it, also in one episode she says "Dummkopf" which means 'Douchebag' in English.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 4 or 5 instances of casual beer drinking from a female character, as her house is cluttered with beer cans. We see her drink heavily a couple of times later on.
  • Very occasional smoking scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An appropriate rating would probably be: R for graphic violence, bloody and disturbing images, some strong sexual content, nudity, and language - all involving teens.
  • Mature themes are prevalent throughout the series, mainly towards the second half of the show.
  • The series is becomes unpleasant and/or disturbing in the later episodes, and it contains intense violence.
  • A few characters are off-putting, with Ritsuko being the biggest offender. The elevator kiss can be seen as uncomfortable.
  • A protagonist has recurring mental breakdowns and there are a couple of implied suicide attempts.
  • Grotesque imagery is shown infrequently, with most of it being in the final episodes.
  • A small child is briefly strangled to death near the end of the series, after she gleefully taunts the attacker.
  • The last few episodes could be mentally distressing.
  • Characters can be dysfunctional/disturbed and some go through mental trauma in a handful of episodes.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • We see battles between the protagonist Evas and antagonist Angels (both biological beings), with blood spraying frequently.

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