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8 Sep. 1996
Kale makes a deal with the ancient dark sorceress Morgana to work with her against the Jewel Riders.
15 Sep. 1996
Tamara is separated from the other Jewel Riders and finds herself in another world, where she meets a strange unicorn.
22 Sep. 1996
Fashion Fever
There is a grand fashion parade, but Lady Kale is up to no good.
29 Sep. 1996
The Wizard of Gardenia
Searching for a Wizard Jewel in the strange world of Gardenia, the Jewel Riders meet a mysterious gnome who claims to be a wizard.
6 Oct. 1996
Vale of the Unicorns
The Jewel RIders journey to the land of unicorns after it has been attacked by Morgana.
13 Oct. 1996
Prince of the Forests
Gwenevere becomes romantically involved with a mysterious young man she meets in a magical forest.
20 Oct. 1996
The Wishing Jewel
Gwenevere and Drake get lost in the mists that surround Avalon and cross over to a weird land beyond it.
27 Oct. 1996
The Jewel of the Sea
The Jewel Riders search for a Wizard Jewel that has been lost in the sea.
10 Nov. 1996
Mystery Island
Tamara makes the Jewel Rides to go and rescue a crying creature in the wild magic. On their way, the Jewel Riders find a lost island. t turns out this island is known to Morgana, who sends Kale there. The Jewel Riders find a giant creature who only responds to the baby animals.
17 Nov. 1996
The Fortune Jewel
The girls go see a fortune teller and discover one of the jewels they need, but Kale and Morgana also want it.
24 Nov. 1996
Lady of the Lake
The Jewel Riders and their evil rivals race for supreme magical power.
1 Dec. 1996
The One Jewel
The forces of good and evil face off the final showdown that will determine the future of Avalon.

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