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Season 1

2 Mar. 1996
Ex-Navy cadet Chris (Darlene Vogel) joins the force and gets training from Palermo as the squad heads up a search for a ring of carjackers.
9 Mar. 1996
First Shoot
Cory (Paula Trickey) doubts herself when she's accused of using excessive force in a shooting incident. Meanwhile, Chris and Victor play bodyguard to a spoiled actor.
16 Mar. 1996
No Man's Land
T.C. crosses paths with a guy who is openly racist. The guy has a bar and forces all vendors of ethnicity to leave. When T.C. learns they can't do anything about what the guy's doing, he feels frustrated. When T.C. answers a call about a disturbance at the man's bar he goes and the guy has himself beaten up and claims T.C. did it and it's his word and his friend's against T.C.'s. Cory discovers a young man who is spray painting all over the place and let's him go if he promises not to do it anymore but he still does.
23 Mar. 1996
Over the Edge
T.C. (Jim Davidson) infiltrates a team of thrill-seeking bicyclists who may have been responsible for the death of his friend. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor search for a purse-snatching dog.
30 Mar. 1996
Out of the Past
Palermo (Rick Rossovich) decides to circumvent the law when a serial killer resumes his reign of terror, years after the two men met during a tragic standoff.
6 Apr. 1996
The search for a team of robbers begins after one of them brandishes a gun at T.C. (Jim Davidson), then flees. Meanwhile, Chris thinks she has found love.
13 Apr. 1996
T.C. and Chris are called in when a stalker begins killing to attract a radio sex therapist's attention. Meanwhile, Cory and Vincent track a thief who hires strippers to distract his victims.
20 Apr. 1996
A body builder/ waitress at Sheila's restaurant is hooked on steroids and in debt to a viscous, body building steroid dealer and user. An old Naval buddy of Chris Kelly's comes to visit and is interested in striking up a romance. At the same time, McNamara and Del Toro find themselves in the middle of a turf war between a Korean T-shirt shop owner and a weird homeless man who plays saxophone, one song, all day long.
27 Apr. 1996
Moving Target
Things heat up for T.C. (Jim Davidson) when a woman from his past witnesses a crime and he's assigned to be her bodyguard. Meanwhile, Victor faces down his demons in the boxing ring.
4 May 1996
Captive Audience
T.C. and Cory go to the bank to do something. That's when 3 men come in whom Cory makes as bank robbers, and tries to let them go but the security guard jumps the gun and they're trapped. T.C. who wasn't seen stays hidden. When the SWAT team arrives they see T.C.'s bike and calls Palermo who arrives and is told by the others that Cory's with him. The bank robbers only want to talk to Palermo. T.C. somehow gets all the hostages out except for him, Cory and a pregnant woman. Palermo wants to have the bank's security system deactivated so he has Chris and Victor look for...
11 May 1996
The Phoenix
A series of fires has T.C., Chris (Darlene Vogel) and Palermo hunting down an arsonist long thought to be dead. Meanwhile, Cory calls in the experts to catch a mouse running loose in the station.
18 May 1996
The Big Spin
T.C. and Palermo fear for Chris (Darlene Vogel) when she falls for a new recruit---an edgy cop with a death wish. Meanwhile, the squad wants in on Elvis's lotto-winning scheme.
25 May 1996
All Jammed Up
Palermo finds himself working 2 cases at the same time. The first working with T.C. and they're looking for a guy who robs motorists while they're stuck in traffic. And with the girls who are posing as hookers and with him posing as their pimp to locate an arms dealer who always picks some up when he's in town. At the same time Cory's meeting her boyfriend's parents who are in town and things get awkward because his father was in the hotel when they were.

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