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Sex & Nudity

  • Frequent nudity shown in sex scenes, full frontal female nudity shown at times, along with bare breasts, buttocks in several episodes throughout the seasons.
  • S1 ep2 In another scene, the female android removes her revealing nightgown. Full frontal nudity is shown, as well as her butt. The man is shown touching her bare breasts.
  • S1 ep14: There are two scenes where an engaged-to-be-married couple engages in sexual intercourse. Glimpses of breasts and buttocks are visible.
  • S1 ep16: A woman, while possessed by an alien, seduces and has sex with several men through the course of the episode. Full frontal female nudity is displayed many times.
  • Season 2: There are several sex scenes with full frontal female nudity. A woman undresses to seduce her brother-in-law.
  • A completely nude female appears in another scene.
  • S3 ep1 There are several sex scenes with full frontal female nudity.
  • A woman poses nude while a man paints her on a canvas.
  • S3 ep4: A woman is strapped to a table half-naked and experimented on by a mad scientist. After being rescued, she and her hero have sex.
  • A woman lifts her shirt to show a man her birthmark. The man's wife and son walk in on them and mistakenly believe that they are having an affair.
  • S4 ep8: A woman is stripped of all her clothing and she caresses and kisses a man until he apologizes and leaves.
  • A woman attempts to breast-feed her baby before being interrupted.
  • S4 ep23: At one point the breasts of five women are explicitly shown.
  • S5 ep9: Throughout the whole episode you see paintings on the wall of naked women. They show close ups of the breasts. Women in their underwear are also frequently shown. A couple has sex against a washing machine. her breasts and his butt are visible. .
  • Other episodes in season five show nudity and sex scenes.
  • Season 6:3 Female nudity during sex scene.
  • Season 6 and 7 have sex scenes and nudity throughout.

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