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WAS One of the best series on TV
LouBlake16 February 2002
This series sticks out as one of the best sci - fi mystery series ever aired. Unfortunately it aired on the UPN network during it's early years, and died in the ratings.

Not since THE PRISONER has a series left me saying "What the F..." every time I saw it. Imagine a world where you're identity, career, family, and finances disappear in the time it takes to go to the bathroom. Then imagine there's no one in the world you can never truly trust. (Especially if they smoked cigars).

Part of the story revolved around a photograph Thomas veil took as a war photographer. The picture of 4 men, executed by hanging, was about to be displayed to the public as part of Veil's first major photo exhibit. The photo had a lot of hidden meaning. It's origins weren't ever what Veil thought they were - Even though he took the photo himself. (Or did he?)

The pilot movie was directed by Tobe Hooper, and was considered by many reviewers to be a minor classic.

The series had an ending of sorts - Which I won't reveal that made some sense. But all in all the series could have lasted longer than the one season it ran. I, for one, miss it.
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An Emmy for Greenwood
skoyles17 June 2005
While all of us who were hooked by this series probably still mourn its passing almost all the plaudits are, directly or otherwise, in reference to the concept or the writing. Both of these were indeed superb; however one aspect seems to have been overlooked. I doubt if there is another actor alive who could have brought to the character of Thomas Veil the precise qualities brought by Bruce Greenwood. He was simply perfect for the role. Combining appeal, intelligence and a certain "je ne sais quoi" of seeming a quarter of a bubble off, a semi-tone out, a tiny percentage off the beat and yet also perfectly normal. While everything else was terrifying, strange and unfathomable Greenwood was the sympathetic Everyman caught up in peculiar events and yet he himself is also peculiar. The audience can thus identify with Thomas Veil both as just like us and also as like us when we feel slightly bent. Greenwood conveyed this as probably no one else could. Should he not have won a Best Actor Emmy?
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too good to be allowed to remain on TV
MartinHafer5 July 2005
This was one of the most brilliantly written shows of the 1990s. Unlike the vast majority of shows, it did NOT hold the audience in contempt and therefore dumb down the show, but created a captivating and surreal treat for those ready to watch something different. It was similar to the British series The Prisoner (early in season one only--after that, The Prisoner lost it's brilliance and momentum very quickly).

The problem is that in nearly every case like this, this is sure proof that the show will not last! Another excellent case was Brooklyn Bridge. The network also had no faith in this program because once again it was not mind rot--it was exquisitely written and engaging. Years ago, well-written shows for people who think were possible--the original Mission: Impossible is a good example. However, I fear that we are in an age where schlock sells.

PS--This GREAT series is now out on DVD! Get your copy ASAP!
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the greatest TV show never seen
Money_is_Flesh30 March 2004
Nowhere Man has to be one of the best "unknown" television programs of recent memory. If there were martians, it would have been a hit. Actually, X-Files fans would (and probably did) love this program. It's dark. It's all about a conspiracy. No one can be trusted. Like the X-Files, some shows were crucial to the main storyline, and others were somewhat more light-hearted. Somewhat.

The story goes like this: Thomas Veil is "unveiling" some of his photographs at a local art gallery. A particularly interesting one features a US soldier hanging several people. Afterward, he celebrates with his wife at a restaurant. He briefly goes for a smoke in the washroom, and upon returning to his table discovers that his wife is gone, and the owner acts as if he doesn't know who Tom is. And that's where the series takes off. It seems that his photo of the military man hit a nerve. Every episode sees Tom either running from people who want him dead, or trying to re-establish contact with his friends and family. Of course, they all act as if he is a stranger, or worse yet, if they do side with him, it is only in the interest of later double-crossing him. Basically, The Fugitive, but with a twist. My fellow countryman, Bruce Greenwood, is always excellent in the lead role.

Unfortunately, the show lasted only one season, making the final episode seem somewhat rushed, with some ends needing to be tied up (or so I think).

If the series is, or becomes available on DVD, I highly recommend you pick it up!
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Class Act
shellemk10 January 2004
I was lucky enough to be able to get the whole series on VCD and am utterly hooked. More than halfway through the series and every episode has a different flavour. Like everyone else whose comments appear on this site, I really don't understand why it was cancelled - it's one of the best shows I've ever watched.
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The best show that was ever cancelled.
HyperPup14 August 2004
Quite possibly the best show in age of modern television that was cancelled before it could shine. The concept of the "man on the run" and the conspiracy that invariably drives such events has been done before, but what made Nowhere Man a more effective, if not evocative story was the idea that Thomas Vail quite possilby fabricated the events that caused him to go on the run. Everything he was running from, he may have created. This plus the many turns and twists the episodes took made the series irresistable to many, maddening to most and unfortunately fodder for dismissal in the pantheon on UPN. Its really too bad SciFi hasn't sought fit to continue the series or at least pick it up for rerun. They did some good fan service when they picked up other slain series like "Prey" and "Burning Zone" for replay, and you would think this one would come up for the running. Shame really.
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A worthy successor to "The Prisoner"
Mulliga7 July 2003
Tom Veil has the opposite problem of Number Six on "The Prisoner." Instead of being placed in a world which suppresses his individuality, he is placed in a world that doesn't even acknowledge his existence.

This is an excellent show. I am thankful to have seen it. How UPN cancelled this and kept "Voyager" (especially when Voyager started getting bad with Seven-of-Nine-a-thons and The Rock) is a mystery to me. A combination of "X-Files" and "The Prisoner" mixed in with "The Fugitive," and stuffed into the "Traveling Angel" format of shows like "Quantum Leap" and "The Incredible Hulk."

A minor classic.
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Far too good for UPN
NightTrekker30 August 2004
I started watching Nowhere Man, like many people here, because it came on after Star Trek: Voyager, and my interest in the former soon began to eclipse my interest in the latter. I didn't catch every episode (given its obvious quality I assumed I would have ample opportunity to watch it in reruns) but the ones I did see had a huge impact on me and I was lucky enough to see the final episode.

Nowhere Man is the kind of show you need to discuss with other viewers, but I can count on one hand the number of people I've met who remember it and inexplicably none of them cared for it. I was totally nuts for the show when it was on the air but I was much younger at the time. Truthfully, over the years I had worried that it would not live up to my memories.

Finally, Nowhere Man's single season has been released in a great 9-disc DVD set, and after 10 years I've truly enjoyed the chance to rediscover each of the 25 episodes. It's just as good as I remembered (and even better in some cases), with only a few episodes that don't quite measure up to the rest. Bruce Greenwood's performance is incredible. There is literally nobody else who could have made Thomas Veil more human. He makes even the silent moments a fascinating pleasure and basically carries the entire series. That's not to suggest that there aren't great performances from other actors, but Greenwood is the keystone of the show and he handles the weight effortlessly. You don't see acting of this quality on television very often. The writing is consistently solid and smart (though as I mentioned there are some "off" episodes), and Mark Snow (of The X-Files and Millennium fame) provides a wonderfully varied, appropriately moody soundtrack.

The bottom line: if you're a fan of The Prisoner (which strongly influenced the creator of the series) and/or The X-Files, you owe it to yourself to give Nowhere Man a chance. It's hard to believe that a show this good was canceled and it's harder to believe it graced a channel like UPN. At least we got one great season out of it.
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I weep to think of what might have been...
Krakn3Dfx5 May 2002
Thomas Veil was a masterpiece of television characterization. A man who, in the blink of an eye, had lost everything that meant anything to him, a statistic is a cunning game played by unseen puppetmasters. Whether or not the gruesome photograph of 4 men being hanged in Vietnam was the true reason behind his situation, we will probably never know. What we do know is that by limiting this show to one season, UPN has deprived us of something magical, something thought provoking. In a world of yuppie trash shows like Cops and Seventh Heaven, few can appreciate, or even remember Nowhere Man and the mark it made on those of us who followed Mr. Veil from one waypoint to another in search of the truth.
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over too soon (spoilers included in 2nd part!)
LordElfstone19 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, this was one of the very few shows I tried to watch every episode of. I missed one or two, though. Tom Veil's search for truth was a perfect mystery. Some episodes were somehow creepy, the mysterious force behind the scenes appeared to be alien or supernatural...and then again, it did not. Nothing was clear until the very end, which was a rashed-up conclusion. But it makes sense and here's why (some of you mentioned parts, but not the whole picture):

***SPOILER*** Tom Veil is not a real person. His whole identity is faked and was brainwashed into his mind. Some of you speculated who he had been before the brainwash. My simple answer is: he has never been someone from the start. Remember that episode in which people were manufactured in a company? I think that's the origin of Tom Veil. He has been produced. They can produce adults, never mess with childhood. After this they gave him an identity, set up some conspiracies and simply tested their object. How intelligent can a clone get? How much of an identification can he achieve? Is he able to develop feelings or a conscience apart from what has been brainwashed? I think that's the solution. I'm pretty sure the picture would have become larger if there had been another season, but after all it makes sense as it is. And since we will never see more than this we should accept Gemini to be the truth of Veil's existence. Meaning the agenda was a setup, sort of a treasure hunt. And I can't help but like this solution. It matches the overall mood of the series.
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JMcClane0229 September 2002
This show was one of the few shows that I made a point to see every episode. The acting was scrumtralesent. One could totally get lost in any one of the episodes. To cancel it was a terrible choice. It saddened me when is was taken from my weekly viewing schedule.
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Some UPN execs should be "erased" for canceling this one!
Asteri-Atypical14 September 2001
One of the real tributes to the mediocrity of the TV industry.

Not for the creation of this show but the cancellation thereof.

It was one of the most interesting and captivating shows I'd seen in years. It should, at the very least, have had a second season to see where it was headed. Yet this show was pulled and we saw shows like "Home Boys from Outer Space" and other tripe given a shot.

The show was not perfect but it had elements clearly beyond most other shows. A true crime against our culture that it was canceled so soon.

Perhaps it reminded too many UPN execs of themselves. Sigh.
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Dial a cliché with profound...
culturshoklewis2 May 2005
You read the summary of the show only to see another Net, Matrix, Prisoner blah blah blah. Yet Nowhere Man was in fact one of the most original television shows in 1995. Yes it had all the trappings of a man on the run without an identity, but it told several stories which delved into the human condition more than Twin Peaks or X-Files or the three previously mentioned stories. It dealt with a number of seemingly unrealistic situations in an everyday manor and vice versa.

Touchstone Television produced this series, and industry sources tell us Buena Vista has licensed it to Image Entertainment, who will produce the DVDs along with Davis-Panzer Productions for release by year's end. Look for all 25 episiodes, digitally remastered, plus extras like deleted scenes,and interviews and/or commentary tracks from Creator/Exec Producer Lawrence Herzog, Co-Exec Producer Joel Surnow, star Bruce Greenwood and more.

Remember, this is all "rumor mill" stuff right now, and none of the companies involved have made any announcements. Stay tuned and we'll have more for you as time goes."

Link to this page:
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Never missed an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jinjes15 July 2004
This was an awesome show!!! I had always liked Bruce Greenwood,but I adored him as Thomas Veil!!!My friend & I could not wait for Mon. nights,then we would discuss it at work the next day.I would even watch the second running at midnight on Sun. just to be sure I did not miss anything(like maybe a hidden clue or hint).Never was I so addicted to one show or one actor.Even my then husband would be sure he was home to watch,we never talked during the show, just watched & analyzed.I did have all episodes on recorded VHS, but we all know how well those last. Would love for it to come out on DVD!!!! It has been gone almost 10 yrs.,but I swear I remember every episode & would recommend it HIGHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Excellent Cross of 60's spies and 90's paranoia TV series
The Avenger30 January 2002
When this was first shown in the mid 90s I was studying at Oxford, and was the first show of the 90s to really grab my attention.

Others here have explained the plot and wonder touches of intrigue, but basically the show was an update and mix of the classic 1960s TV shows of The Fugitive (US) and The Prisoner (UK).

An excellent show with much deep meaning and mystery to keep you thinking... What had he done or seen? Who was after him, what did they want to find, what did he know? Who was a friend and who was a foes, who could he trust? Many intelligent questions and concepts to play on everyones paranoia.

Does this happen...

Why this excellent series was taken off - I should never know, but in some way its sudden ending fits well with the overall concept of the show. At least it went out with a bang.

To me it must rank as one if not the best SCI-FI/FANTASY DRAMA of the 90s.

If you liked this series I really suggest you also watch The Prisoner.
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One of the best Tv series ever
Annie-3727 November 1998
I miss it. I loved it. I want it back. Without a doubt one of the best Tv series ever. The plot is superb, and Bruce Greenwood is terrific and very convincing in the part.
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My favorite TV show of all time!
Catswalk26 May 2005
I don't make it a point to watch many TV shows as most shows are terrible. I caught the very beginning of the Nowhere Man pilot completely by accident back in 1995 and before the intro was finished......I WAS HOOKED! I was completely devastated when it didn't return and the fact that the show has NEVER been in reruns in the United States, completely evades all logic.

Now I'm reading about rumors that the show might be available on DVD soon. I must say that this is the best news I've heard all year! I'M THRILLED! I'm looking forward to having Nowhere Man on DVD and I'm also hoping that a release of this fine show will cause many people to get as hooked on it as I have been since that fateful Monday night back in 1995.

***************** NOWHERE MAN UPDATE---September 2, 2005

FINALLY!!!! MY FAVORITE TV SHOW OF ALL TIME! "Nowhere Man" is slated to be released on December 27, 2005 on DVD. This will be a first time release for this program in ANY format.

It ran the 25 episodes in 1995/1996 ONE (1) time and has NEVER been seen again (in the USA that is, it ran in reruns overseas). There is a cult following of this show and we've followed news (very scant news since most people haven't heard of this show) for years since it went off the air. We just knew it was a real conspiracy trying to keep our beloved "Nowhere Man" from us.

This show will knock the wind out of you! The absolute best I've ever seen! This is a very CEREBRAL and smart show......we think that's why UPN pulled the plug after only 25 episodes. UPN was a brand new network in 1995 and "Nowhere Man" came on TV on Monday nights at 9 p.m. The combination of brand new network and the unique intelligence of the show spelled D O O M.....the general public for the most part didn't see it....(who watched UPN then?) and a lot of the ones that watched it.......well, let's just say it went directly over their heads. But there are a few of us that fell in love with the show, and tried real hard to keep its memory alive on the internet. When I first got my computer and got on the internet the first time, guess what I looked up? You are correct! "Nowhere Man" was my first search.

You MUST check out "Nowhere Man". You will be as hooked as I have been since 1995. Finally! It's going to be available. HOORAY!!!!

Signed, A Very Happy Fan

p/s: Now if some guy from Image Entertainment pulls out a cigar and pricks it with a pencil................... ;)
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Before 24 and Lost there was Nowhere Man. A masterpiece that never should have been canceled.
dgranger1 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show had it all. Intelligent script, well defined characters, brilliant directing, fine acting, action, suspense that carried you in it's grip from week to week, a clear vision of where it was going to lead to. Each show built on the one before it in a clear storyline with a piece to the puzzle in every episode. Yet each episode was individual and can stand on it's own. This show was well conceived from beginning to end. Bruce Greenwood's acting in this is so fine, I became a fan of him for life. To me, he can act anybody under the table if he wants to. He was the quite common intelligent fast thinking Everyman with something not quite right about him that the character Thomas Veil needed to be.

As we first is it, we see it through Thomas Veil's viewpoint as we see him being the happily married veteran war photographer who was going put on His first major show of his work and made one photograph the centerpiece of it. In the space of a few short hours, his every existence of totally wiped out, marriage and all. And it all centers around that photograph to which he doesn't know why some high powered and well connected covert organization is trying to get their hands on all the copies of it and the negatives. He goes on the run. He starts to investigate every detail he sees in the picture. He eventually learns that what he thought was his real life was nothing but a fraud that involved brainwashing. He slowly starts to realize he had another life. A shadowy life. He starts to question, "Who am I? Who am I really?" And the mystery deepens.

You will get no answers here. Watch the show.

The intrigue, mystery and suspense is so well plotted throughout the episodes that I can rate this on par with an early 60's show that did the same with intelligence, "The Fugitive" and a well qualified succor to it. It is a shame that the UPN network, which aired it didn't see fit, to keep the show running and canceled it while going with the sure cash cows of "Star Trek Voyager". I am not going to belittle Voyager because it makes no sense when there were so many other UPN shows that were far worse than Voyager but they canceled Nowhere Man while they kept shows like "The Sentinel", "Malcolm & Eddie", and "Moesha". Some of them were brain dead series that couldn't reach one quarter of the quality of Voyager, never the less bother to comparing them to Nowhere Man's. But they were low budget, low non-confrontational, safe money makers. In fact, I remember that Nowhere Man was the highest rated show one week. So I ask why was it canceled?????? And yet, I have my answer too.

At least, Nowhere Man had a clear concept and direction from start to finish and did not lose it's direction as "Lost" did or "Twin Peaks" did. "Twin Peaks" was the worst crime because it was a mystery that was made up as it went along. No self-respecting mystery writer today does that. They always write the end goal and solution first and then create the mystery and place the clues throughout. Nowhere Man was clearly constructed like that. Solution first. That is what places it above "Twin Peaks".

What also sets it apart is the in every episode, there was an well drawn conflict and well drawn characters that are unique to those episodes. That was what made everyone of them fresh and individual while being pieces of a larger story.
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Great TV
tenjln134619 May 2003
This was and still is one of my favorite shows. I followed it from the very beginning and was lucky enough to tape all but one or two episodes. I knew from the start the show was too good to last. At that time they'd rather hit us over the head with one sitcom after another. Monday night at 9:00 opposite MNF didn't help with the male demographic either. The UPN wasn't available in all markets . So this show really had some steep odds . Plus with the way the story was laid out missing one or two shows could really lose you. It was interesting when the notice of cancellation came how the writing changed . All in all though a great show and one I would like to buy on DVD . Anyone out there listening. I had often hoped that Sci -Fi Channel would pick it up and air the show , but so far no luck.
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A good show that should not have been cancelled.
wwjd1983ad8 November 2002
I remember on Monday nights, my dad and I would always watch Star Trek Voyager, and when it was over, my mom and sister would come in and our entire family would watch Nowhere Man. This was one of the few shows are entire family watched together all the time. It was such a good show; full of action and suspense, and did not deserve to be cancelled when it did, just when he was beginning to get some answers. Even just one more season would have been good. I'm pretty sure it was cancelled because of lower ratings, but you have to realize that this show was showed during UPN's first season on the air. If it were showed today, now that UPN is pretty much a mainstay and is becoming more popular, it probably would last longer. I say bring this show back; if not new episodes then at least in syndication!
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Best show on TV
Datalore9 September 2002
This is still to me the best show on TV. Some episodes definitely inspired the X-Files in its midlife. I am glad I am not the only one who misses it, I would love to get the season on DVD. It always kept me interested.
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Still haunts me today.
aerieprod4 September 2002
This show is still in my mind, and here it is seven years later. Every time I think about what excellent, ground-breaking television should be, I am reminded of this awesome piece of work. The plot drove me mad, and kept me guessing until the end. It's an awful shame that it was canceled after a year, but in that sense it sticks with me as if it was a 13 episode miniseries. Brilliant, brilliant. They really should re-air these, or sell them on DVD or something!
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An excellent series that died sadly ;(
J. Dredd15 June 2001
The big problem being that this was one of the early UPN shows. I really wish it had been able to survive the new network's early chaos. This was an excellent modern mixture of the confusing intrigues of The Prisoner with the running theme a'la The Fugitive. Amazingly, this show lived up to its inspirations and was very entertaining. Bruce Greenwood really did a fantastic job with all the plot twists and confusion.

I really would like to see Sci-Fi do a run of these at some point, because I cannot find most of my tapes of it and I would love for my brother to get a chance to see them too.
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Smart, and very well acted conspiracy sci-fi.
zzzzzz12 May 1999
I agree. Bring this show back! What a treat this show was to watch. Its strength starts from the superb camera work. Excellent use of light and camera angles. Beautiful use of metaphoric plots and camera shots. Creepy music is perfect. Plot runs on TWO levels. Each show the main character must overcome a barrier and "win" out over the bad guys (if you can figure out who the bad guys are) - that part is typical, but what makes the show really sparkle is the series to series detective work the viewer must do to put the pieces of each show together to reveal what is REALLY going on. And that work causes your imagination to spin out of control. "What is really happening (or happened) to the main character?" The sharp acting really boasts the show. A shame UPN pulled the series. I guess it was just too smart for TV. One last thing: I found the show perfect for the paranoid conspiracy theory times we live in. The show portrays individualism verse orwellian control so well it sends shivers down your spine.
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Good, but dissatisfying ending.
tr_s19 April 2006
Nowhere Man was a show with great acting, thrill, and suspense. Bruce Greenwood really felt "made" for the role he played. But I have to admit that I was thoroughly bored by some episodes, where really nothing important to the plot happened. This, however, was rare, i thought perhaps 3 of 25 episodes were sub par quality.

I believe it should have been at least 10 episodes longer also. They really cancelled it at its climax... just as he was starting to get some answers. The cancellation might have been because of that this was a series which wasn't enjoyable if you didn't follow every episode. Very hard to "jump into" the plot quickly.
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