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Season 1

8 Apr. 1995
Episode #1/Episode #2
In this series premiere episode we meet Maxx and Julie, and enter the gritty world they inhabit.
17 Apr. 1995
Episode #3/Episode #4
Mr. Gone gets the upperhand against Maxx and Julie, but for how long?
24 Apr. 1995
Episode #5/Episode #6
Maxx and Julie do the best they can to talk Sara out of her gun-wielding confusion.
1 May 1995
Episode #7/Episode #8
Maxx battles Hammerhead, a vicious shark-man, and Julie journeys into the deepest buried levels of her own mind.
8 May 1995
Episode #9/Episode #10
Sara discovers a mysterious block of talking clay while a growing and shrinking Maxx fights to protect Julie.
19 Jun. 1995
Episode #11
After Maxx tells Sara and some neighborhood kids an Outback story, Julie discovers Mr. Gone's rotting head in her apartment.
19 Jun. 1995
Episode #12/Episode #13
Mr. Gone reveals more of Julie's backstory. Julie must make a difficult decision that The Maxx doesn't want to accept.

 Season 1 

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