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Season 6

15 Jun. 1999
Sissy Boy
Ben is called a sissy by an old bully, Jimmy Solaray, and his son. Ben wants to join the military (mainly so he can learn how to kill Jimmy), but Dr. Katz eventually talks him out of it.
22 Jun. 1999
Pullman Square
Ben stages a protest to save Pullman Square from renovation, as many of his childhood favorite stores are closing because of it.
29 Jun. 1999
Wisdom Teeth
Ben gets his wisdom teeth removed. During recovery, Dr. Katz accidentally gives Ben the wrong pills; instead of pain killers, he gives him antibiotics.
24 Dec. 1999
Past Lives
Dr. Katz and Ben get into "past life regression", believing they are reincarnations of various famous people from the past.
13 Jul. 1999
Ben's Partay
With the call that Ben's old friend Bruce will be in town, Ben decides to throw a party in the apartment, but doesn't want Dr. Katz to be there. He invites Todd the video store clerk, who also invites the entire cast and crew of a play he went to see. While staying out of the apartment, Dr. Katz bumps into Laura at the book store.
20 Jul. 1999
Walk for Hunger
Laura is going on a hunger walk and asks Dr. Katz to sponsor her. Ben catches wind that she'll be doing this, and wants to do the walk as well, greatly underestimating how long 20 miles really is. He gives up at the 15 mile mark and Dr. Katz and Laura have to carry him the rest of the way.
24 Dec. 1999
Used Car
Laura is going to buy a new car at a dealership. Dr. Katz insists on coming along to make sure she doesn't get scammed, and Ben tags along as well. During a test drive, Ben and Dr. Katz get on Laura's nerves, so she tricks them into getting out of the car and abandons them in a dangerous neighborhood. Meanwhile, Ben tries to convince Dr. Katz that they should take a trip to The Mall of America.
24 Dec. 1999
Ball and Chain
Dr. Katz begins dating an author, Alice Webber, and Ben overreacts, thinking he will get married again. Katz, however, has no intentions to do so, as he wants to break up with her due to petty reasons (i.e. she lacks a chin). Katz and Ben eventually make up, especially since they realize they're basically like a married couple anyway.
24 Dec. 1999
Snow Day
Ben tends a neighbor's pigeons and Laura arranges to go on a vacation cruise, while the city prepares for a massive blizzard.
24 Dec. 1999
Dr. Katz begins to take an interest in gardening, though as Ben discovers, it's not so much the gardening itself that has his fancy, but a woman his age named Greta who is also into gardening.
24 Dec. 1999
Big TV
Ben panics when the TV dies. Impatient, Ben buys a new, big-screen TV without Dr. Katz's permission and installs it in the living room. Katz refuses to talk to Ben until he returns the TV and gets a modest-sized one. However, Katz is so used to the big screen that the new TV looks downright puny, causing him to want the big TV back again.
24 Dec. 1999
Vow of Silence
Dr. Katz and Ben make a bet: Dr. Katz must refrain from reading the newspaper, and Ben must not talk. Whoever goes the longest wins. In the end, it's basically a draw, as both admit to cheating during their competition.
24 Dec. 1999
You're Belinda
Ben hears about a concept called "brief therapy" and thinks Dr. Katz should practice it. Katz refuses, contesting that someone's complex problems can't be solved in ten questions. However, he thinks about attending a brief therapy seminar in Yorba Linba, California by himself, which irks Ben, since he was the one who told him about brief therapy in the first place. In the end, though, he decides not to attend the seminar, as it's too expensive.
24 Dec. 1999
Radio Katz
Dr. Katz agrees to fill in for radio therapist Carlton Campbell on his show "Campbell's Couch", for one night. Laura acts as his co-host. Ben is concerned that nobody will call in and that Katz will sound like a fool, so he convinces Todd the video store clerk to do so. During the broadcast, Ben calls, disguising his voice, and says the show, and Katz, suck. He eventually makes it to the studio and joins Katz live. Dr. Katz decides to switch things up, so he calls Dom Irrera, a patient of his, on the air.
24 Dec. 1999
Expert Witness
Dr. Katz is asked to analyze a teenage boy named Roger and testify to the court whether or not he's sane enough to stand trial. Dr. Katz's sole response while on the stand: "No."
13 Feb. 2002
Bakery Ben
During a morning trip to the local bakery, Steve, the owner of the business, offers Ben a job as his assistant. Not only did his previous assistant quit, but he sees potential in him and rationalizes that he comes in here all the time anyway. Dr. Katz is overjoyed that Ben is finally employed. Ben is less than thrilled, however, because it requires getting up at 4 A.M. Also, he thinks Steve is a nut. On his third day, Ben is fired for being four hours late. When Steve goes leaves the counter, Ben steals a bunch of baked goods in retaliation for Steve refusing to give ...
13 Feb. 2002
Uncle Nothing
Laura announces she's engaged to a musician. Ben tries to be mature about it and wishes her the best. Laura eventually calls off the engagement. Unaware of this development, Ben bursts into the office to tell Laura she's making a big mistake by marrying that man. Additionally, Ben visits Dr. Katz's bar for the first time and meets Julie.
13 Feb. 2002
Dr. Katz tells a joke to patient Conan O'Brien, which he subsequently uses on his talk show. When Katz confronts Conan about it, Conan says it was a subliminal slip. Katz feels he should get credit for the joke, which Conan thinks is absurd. Ben tries to sell some jokes to Conan, who ignores him.

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