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4 Mar. 1998
After Cybill's mother dies, she finds an unsent letter and decides to track down its intended recipient.
11 Mar. 1998
Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady
Cybill gets a visit from and old boyfriend who happened to be her first time. Just as she thinks everything is perfect with her visitor, she gets a nasty surprise and it turns out Mr Perfect isn't so perfect.
18 Mar. 1998
Cybill Sheridan's Day Off
When Maryann and Dr. Dick resume their war, Cybill is mistakenly drugged, kidnapped and dumped at the bus station in a nightie.
25 Mar. 1998
Fine Is Not a Feeling
Maryann seeks therapy when Justin gets a job in San Francisco.
1 Apr. 1998
Oh Brother!
Cybill's niece comes to visit and the ladies decide to kidnap Ira for his birthday.
25 May 1998
Whose Wife Am I, Anyway?
Oblivious to their divorce, Jeff's grandmother arrives to celebrate their 25th anniversary, but complications arise when the waiter introduces Cybill as his own girlfriend to his parents. Meanwhile, Maryann delivers a calf.
1 Jun. 1998
Dream Date
Cybill's obnoxious blind date saves Ira's mother's life.
15 Jun. 1998
Farewell, My Sweet
Cybill discovers she's allergic to chocolate. Meanwhile, Maryann's parents drop in unannounced.
22 Jun. 1998
Cybill's father orchestrates a morning show interview for his daughter, but he has ulterior motives.
29 Jun. 1998
Don Gianni
The first man Zoey slept with arrives from Italy to visit her.
6 Jul. 1998
Cybill in the Morning
Cybill gets a job hosting a morning show, but she soon finds herself at war with both the co-host and producer.
13 Jul. 1998
Dr. Dick swindles Maryann out of her life's savings, so she retaliates by blowing up his property. Meanwhile, Cybill's morning show gets canceled.

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